My Favorite Year

Well it’s that special time of year again, it’s that time of year that is turned upside down like everything else. One has to ask “who” and “how is everything getting turned upside down?”. It isn’t Rabbi’s with black hats (directly anyway) because they don’t debate or even talk at all to us “goyim”. Goyim means “ethnos”, yes we white folk are the ethnos. Blacks are schvartzer’s etc.

You see Jews can’t turn things upside down on their own, they need OReilly’s, Hannity’s, Glenn Beck’s etc. The internet is no different and there is no way to point this out without being blunt so I am going to be. We have so called white leaders who claim to be Doctors, Professors, Reverends, Chaplains, you name it and not one of them ever debate anyone on what the Bible says, not one of them. The Jews don’t even want them silenced and I know if you are anything like me you won’t even be welcomed calling into these shows.

What I would like to demonstrate is some of the absolute brainwashing these internet talk show hosts pull every Christmas season with names.

Mark Dankopf- We have Reverends with the so called “Ugly Truth” division of the ADL trying to tell us what it says in the Bible about Jews, never do they differentiate among the various Jews and I’m not just talking about Ashkenazi’s and Sephardic’s I’m talking about Indian Jews, Chinese Jews, Arab Jews (Jews are already Arabs- mixed), etc. At the same time these so called Reverends call Jews “ethnocentric” without blinking. How is this possible? This same Reverend says Jesus was Jewish and Jesus practiced Judaism. Folks you have to be a Jew to say this. Its just age old lie after lie. This is coming from someone who has supposedly read the Bible and the truth is most of you don’t know what is true because you haven’t either. You just blindly go along with these fools. Not all of you of course.

David Duke- If you were about to engage in a war and you said “I’m going to be nonviolent” what do you think will happen? Can you imagine if George Washington said “I’m going to be nonviolent”? I’ll tell you what is going to happen if Jews are your enemy, you will be pillaged. When people destroy your country and they keep destroying it you are going to have to get violent and you know what? You will, trust me. Another famous saying of David Duke who wants to run for President (with Jews all over the Supreme Court) is “I don’t hate all Jews”. Well in order to hate someone you must have a reason to, right? I can tell you this, if Jews remain steadfast in their lies and their treachery as a whole, which they do obviously, then I don’t trust them. I don’t trust Jews and if I can’t not trust Jews I can’t not trust anyone including Iraqi’s, Afghani’s, Japs, Chinks, Crouts, etc. all people America has killed FOR JEWS! So get off that crap that if I don’t trust Jews I am an automatic hater. The truth is I don’t trust them enough to make me into a hater.

Texe Marrs- Its Christmas time so we will hear some blubbering and he will cherry pick some verse out of the Bible to make it look universal, yet he loathes the Catholic Church which is duh universal. You see we have a lot of Indians in the truth movement and they cannot accept that the Bible was for one people and that Jews distorted the Bible just like they distort everything else. They will then blame people who tell the truth about the Bible because they trusted their Jew friends as they always claim they don’t hate. They hate them, they love them, they hate them, they love them. Truth is they aren’t even there (these positive negative hosts). You are either hot or cold Mr. Marrs or you will be spit out. I think you know that one at least.

RBN- Almost an entirely Jew network now and calls itself “alternative broadcasting” begging you for money one way or the other every day. “What would we do without RBN?” Texe asks. Probably start a belated war on the Jews that’s what. If you don’t watch the Jew TV and you don’t listen to Jew radio anymore you can see that internet radio whether it be individual or a network it isn’t giving you the facts on who and what JEWS are. All of these people BSing on what Jews do and they don’t know where the word came from and obviously don’t want to know proving that they will say anything without any correcting. Who can spend their lives spreading disinformation without allowing honest debate? Isn’t this exactly what Jews do?

MacDonald and the rest of the clucks in the truth movement will always claim Jews are a race. That one just keeps coming back like a Jew penny. I want you people out there who have read the Bible to understand why these Bnai Brith workers (and they call it work) can pound you with that lie over and over again. If Jews are a race why isn’t there a box to check on your questionnaire for a gun or a job? Why isn’t a Jew identified as a Jew when he commits a crime? Truth is a Jew is always a Jew and something else because they are the most mixed people on the earth. If that’s ethnocentric I’m Barbra Streisand.

I want everyone reading this to start making a list what a specific talk show host like David Duke, Hannity, Marrs, MacDonald, Glenn Beck actually believe. Do they believe Jews were once Gods Chosen? Do they believe they still are Gods Chosen? Do they believe Jews actually had something to do with the revolt in Judea now known as Hanukkah or do they think 95% of Jews weren’t there and the others were? Do they believe Jews are related to Aaron all throughout time, even during the time the Levitical priesthood was overtaken (during Christ’s time especially)? Listen to every word they say and write it down where they deliberately mislead you. You will find that people of truth cannot broadcast lies and continue to without shame or remorse, but with all the different views certainly someone is.

The all time biggest BS I heard all year was when I called Kevin MacDonald and told him the Scotch/Irish were Milesians from the Middle East (among other places of course in the M.E.) and he claimed I was one of the dumb lemmings out there he has been talking about. This is a so called Scottish White leader telling me that the Irish coming from the Milesians is ridiculous. No folks, this guy will not get into it because it isn’t in his (Jew) script. Do you realize how much good information you are being ripped off of? It’s massive! The first thing I sensed with MacDonald is his seething hatred that I could ask such a question about the Milesians, why? Will someone please, anyone follow-up on this? Where does MacDonald believe Scots come from, Atlantis, planet Zorbo?

No folks, he is one of the teachers making sure our kids remain lemmings (him and 95% of the so called truth network- not counting the usual Jewish BS artists). Prove all things folks. If I’m a liar set me straight. After all I am after the truth and the truth is with me, it just keeps getting better. I’m not here for me I’m here for you and the truth.

  Next year looks like another year for the Jew to openly spread its lies, pillage and destroy as the world gets a little more polluted. They aren’t going to quit out of shame and they aren’t going to just up and leave. We are going to have to make them by force. That’s the God’s honest truth! Of course you can vote for David Duke for POTUS too and let me know how that goes. Im sorry you will have to wait a couple more years for that. Happy New Year!


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9 Responses to My Favorite Year

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    They feast in that grey area close to the fence. That’s where arguments are arguable, because arguments are weak. And that’s where the most people are. I even sense some marketing experts behind their schemes. As long as I’ve been seeing it; they never clear anything up. Eventually they work around to right back where they started and the whole merry-go-round starts all over again. Doesn’t that flag flying over that desolation inhabited by scorpions also look like a windmill? Around and around is the wrong direction. They have a hamster wheel going too. It’s microcosms of the Hegelian dialectic. The truth will put them out of business.

    I would expect this ‘explosion of knowledge in the last days’ to figure more prominently in the OT prophets. I haven’t seen it. Is it called something else? At this point, the only other thing I can compare it to is the is the obscuring and confusing smoke from the pit. Like a blob, you can’t punch it, stab it, or shoot it. The elements of it have to be destroyed. The elements will dissolve with fervent heat.

    Are you Elohim? No matter how big your hammer, you just can’t forge a hamster into an Elohim. That would explain a lot. These untethered ballons, tossed by the wind, are just too far out there to reach. The explosion of knowledge doesn’t remove the onus of seeking. Whatever it is, it’s not looking like such a good thing for most, wayward people.

    They point their fingers and talk endlessly about the deluded and stupid pseudeo-christians getting their fuzzy school spirit hormone on in church. It’s the very same thing they do on the blogs. Reach for the palliatives. It’s a titillating show and both do it to amuse their own selves. They whittle down the commenters until there is no judgement, onlypeople who ‘think alike. Then they’re off to build that mutual masturbatorium ivory tower to the sky and beyond! Fertile ground for insanity.

    The fool doth hate correction.

    • melgibstein says:

      Im seeing so called “seasoned anti Zionists” pushing the Jew Bill Cooper (aka Miltie). What they do is bash Masons and then come back around a half hour later and praise the Constitution which some Masons contributed to. If Masons were white they were part of that Constitution and if they were Jews they had nothing to do with that Constitution. Jews wreck everything, thats what they do. If they are involved in something it was perverted out of something else. They will tell you their star is the star of David (who was king of Israel not Jews), that the number 6 is always evil, anything shaped like a triangle means its satanic. And the one I love best is, its not the Jews its the Nazi’s (well many of them) even though our Bible tells us who it is very vividly and they want us to pay no heed to it. They dont call the Jews snakes or serpents for no reason, they wind and weave into everything If you are weak the Jew BS will overtake you and they need to get inside to do it. You will know them by their fruits and their fruits are to make us look away from true history (distractions like Fukishima, Cooper, Alex Jones, Rivero, the bankers, etc) and the true overall theme of the Bible that nobody dares teach in the mainstream anymore. Our history makes Jews liars and why we can never be taught our own history.

      Yes they cannot allow any truth in at all because truth is logical and it grows on its own. BS has to be constantly watered and fertilized with more manure from different angles. Thats exactly what these shills are doing. Dont look at the Bible- look this way and if they do point to the Bible they point to it falsely. Dont look at history look at this video, dont look at the Jews in America controlling every drop of info in our media, look at Israel (that place that proves they never read the Bible at all).

  2. Hello Mel,

    I find your blog to be very interesting. You mention a call to Kevin MacDonald regarding the Milesians. Was this during an interview he gave? If so please let me know the host and when it was released. Thank you.

    • melgibstein says:

      Carolyn Yeagers show with the nutty professor. I must have had a slight hangover when I called in or I was simply po’d at never being able to actually confront MacDonald for BSing for so damned long. Maybe a little of both. What I wanted to prove was that MacDonald believes white people are northern Neanderthals that developed out of the Ice Age and Jews, he says are purely related to Aaron even though Aaron was a Levite. Anyone that has ever studied the Bible knows that the Levitical line was done away with by the so called Jews. In other words I had MacDonald sitting in the cross hairs and Yeager obviously went with MacDonald over the truth.

  3. Hello Mel,

    thanks for the reply. I just listened to your call

    It sounded like you had not been able to get a telephone call through to MacDonald for a couple of years and had lots of points you wanted to discuss. I would like to hear a debate between the two of you thats for sure.

    I wish that Carolyn Yeager had not shouted over your first question and given you more time and not cut you off.

    If I had a radio show I would have you on as a cohost.

    Have you seen any of Buddy Tuckers videos?

    Solid scripture as well as revelation.

  4. Hello again,

    Mel I am surprised, why should the speed of delivery affect the content of a message? When did you last check out Dewey Tucker?

    One of many interesting points that Dewey talks about is the fact that from the book of Isiah Israel will have very seperated parts and dry bones before they learn. This theme is constant throughout the Bible, there are so few people with the spirit of Yahweh in them but this is the plan of the Father so I praise him for it. This is a sorrowful situation but it will pass.

    See what you think of the video called “The Interview” thats available on his site.

    Please tell me if you know of anyone else that has researched what Elohim in the book of Genesis means in the Paleo Hebrew (not the later Jew Hebrew) and how that ties into Pslams 82:6 and destroys the Christian “Trinity” nonsense.

    I have read your thoughts on this blog and freedomportal and decided to write to you based on the quality of your posts. I have spent the last three days reading the Jew Studies section on freedomportal and you and Jacob Gold are the best and I thank you for posting.

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont want to get freedomportal into any trouble if you know what I mean.

      I’ll look into “the interview”. He may be a wiz at the Bible, but he reminds me too much of one of my Lts. in the service (you’d have to slap him up the street to get him mad enough to fight), which I would have. I think he’s back home on the farm with Sgt York now somewhere.

  5. melgibstein says:

    Im not sure who freedom portal is, but I do know we dont have a hell of a lot of time.

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