The Jugitive


New York – Almost one year to the day after he was freed from prison in Bolivia and nearly two and a half years since his incarceration in South America, Brooklyn businessman Yanky Ostreicher has returned to the United States.


A State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Ostreicher was no longer in Bolivia, according to AP reports, which offered no further details on how Ostreicher left the country.

As of Monday, Bolivian government officials said they had no knowledge of any plans for Ostreicher’s departure.

Bolivian Deputy Interior Minister Jorge Perez said it would’ve been difficult for Ostreicher to leave the country, given the media attention to his case. Col. Edmundo Rivero, head of police in the city of Santa Cruz, where Ostreicher had been under house arrest, said he was checking with immigration authorities to determine whether the American left the

Im lyingk hea!

Im lyingk hea!


Conflicting reports are continuing to emerge about how Ostreicher left the country, where he was jailed on suspicion of money laundering, as previously reported on VIN News.

Family members contacted The Associated Press early on Monday saying they hadn’t heard from Ostreicher in a few days and feared he had been kidnapped. Later, brother Aron Ostreicher called saying his brother might be in the U.S. The brother then stopped answering his phone and email.

One member of the Ostreicher family posted an update on Facebook this afternoon saying

I vill escape andt be a hero. Novone vill know a thing. Dumb goyim.

I vill escape andt be a hero. Novone vill know a thing. Dumb goyim.

that Ostreicher was safe in California, and that he was freed in a rescue mission backed by actor Sean Penn, who had advocated for Ostreicher’s freedom, both in Bolivia and at congressional hearings, on humanitarian grounds.

But in a VIN News interview, Ostreicher’s daughter, Chaya Gitty Weinberger, said that her father had been kidnapped and held ransom by unknown parties in Bolivia.

“He was missing for close to a week,” Mrs. Weinberger told VIN News.  “They contacted my father’s office in Bolivia and they spoke to an uncle, Aaron Ostreicher, who negotiated with them.  They dropped my father in international Pacific waters and from there he was taken to an undisclosed location in the United States.”

Mrs. Weinberger did not know the exact amount of ransom that was paid for Ostreicher’s release and said that while Aaron Ostreicher has spoken with her father, she has not yet been able to do so.

“I am beyond overjoyed,” said Mrs. Weinberger.  “I can’t wait to hear his voice. I know that he is sick but Baruch Hashem he is back here and we will take care of him.”

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who has been an outspoken voice for Ostreicher’s release, expressed his overwhelming joy on today’s events.

“I thank Hashem that Yanky Ostreicher is back in the United States,” said Hikind.  “The family has gone through a lot and as difficult as it is, he will be able to continue living beyond this horrible ordeal that he went through.”

Mrs. Weinberger said that she was unaware of any possible involvement by Penn in her

we made a dveal!

we made a dveal!

father’s release, but details are continuing to emerge on this unfolding story and to date, no one has confirmed that they have seen Ostreicher, knows who he is with or his current


~ Another news source reported that he (Jacob) lost over 50 million dollars in assets on this one venture that he invested in with investors who have yet to come forward. The initial investment was 27 million and Jacob is said to be a flooring contractor in Brooklyn. Tell me, how does a mere flooring contractor from Brooklyn become an overseer of a 50 million dollar rice deal? This is simply another Jew drug deal that the Jewish media has managed to keep silent like they did with 9/11, like they did with the USS Liberty, like they do with the so called Italian and Russian Mafia, like they do with every crime Jews are polluting this world with and always have. No media folks, Jews have a get out of Auschwitz free card because you are an antisemite.

Arent you ready to puke out some payback yet?

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  1. melgibstein says:

    Bolivian Gov Declares Jacob Ostreicher A Fugitive; Alerting Interpol
    Yesterday 1:13 PM by Jacob Kornbluh Leave a comment (0) Go to comments

    Bolivia’s government says it considers American businessman Jacob Ostreicher a fugitive after unknown groups helped him flee across the border into Peru, and will ask Washington to extradite him, AP reports.

    Justice Minister Cecilia Allyon said in a press conference Tuesday she doesn’t know whether the U.S. government played a role in Ostreicher’s escape.

    “He is someone being processed for common crimes and has no immunity,” Ayllon told reporters. “This affords us greater clearance in requesting his extradition.”

    According to Allyon, Ostreicher entered Peru illegally and then boarded a U.S.-bound plane on Monday. She said Bolivia is alerting Interpol in bringing him back to Bolivia.

    “Let’s not forget that this man has made a media show, made himself ill to get out and then as he has achieved freedom, the first thing he has done is to flee,” the minister said.

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