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The Tsuris of Mel Murmelstein The life and times of Mel and how one can BS his whole life through without batting an eye lash. Without a doubt “fascinating”. I’ve never had a dead pig left in my driveway. Why would anyone want to … Continue reading

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What Ever Happened to Baby Jared Loughner?

  Mark Glenn and the Ugly Truther’s  beg us to remain calm on the Sandy Hook hoax and there is a very good reason for this (for our own good). Hold on just a second while I stick my head … Continue reading

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My Favorite Year

Well it’s that special time of year again, it’s that time of year that is turned upside down like everything else. One has to ask “who” and “how is everything getting turned upside down?”. It isn’t Rabbi’s with black hats … Continue reading

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The Jugitive

New York – Almost one year to the day after he was freed from prison in Bolivia and nearly two and a half years since his incarceration in South America, Brooklyn businessman Yanky Ostreicher has returned to the United States. … Continue reading

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ISOLATIONIST OR DIFFUSIONIST? Last Updated on Sunday, 25 August 2013 15:47 Written by Gordon Kennedy Wednesday, 11 May 2011 14:07 ISOLATIONIST OR DIFFUSIONIST? By Thor Heyerdahl-(1971)      [with 30 photos at the end of the article] The speculations as to contacts … Continue reading

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