We are not your enemies the Nazi’s are. Roger Wilco!

We have some so called truth tellers on the internet somewhere out there in the world that claim they have been fighting those “Zionists” longer than anyone. They refuse to call the people wrecking our world “Jews”. You see it’s the Scottish Rite (yes it’s even the Scots now) and Albert Pike that run our media today not Jews. Yes it’s the Masons running our money system, anyone have a pic of Alan Greenspan and Ben Shalong in his Mason outfit? How about those Masons that bombed the Liberty and that barracks full of US Marines in Beirut? Odd how our Jew Marines never mention that particular event.

We even have pros out there who say “Israel” killed JFK. Do you know how many Jews in the Jew state that come from America? Are they saying no American Jews were involved? Would it make any difference if they came to the Jew state via Russia where they killed the Czar and his family? Would it matter if they were Polish Jews or

Who would ever suspect Al Capone a Jew? Me, that's who.

Who would ever suspect Al Capone a Jew? Me, that’s who.

Italian Jews? The Jew state is full of Jews for God sakes! For years I remember Netanyahu telling the lead Palestinians to “call us the Jewish state” so why dont we?

Every radio truther out there, including some Christian Identity pastors must have a Jew to put on a pedestal in some way or another and without knowing this is exactly, to a tee, why this world is in the mess that it’s in. We feel sorry for the disease that is slowly choking us out of life. You can’t solve anything by using a person from a people who have done so much grave damage to this world. It is total schizophrenia or it is controlled opposition. If you cannot comprehend that you must be a crypto.

I want everyone reading this to ask yourselves these questions and then have the gall to claim Masons and The Scottish Right is the culprit:

1.    Who controls our media and decides what we see and do

Why the Masons do

Why the Masons do

n’t see,

what we hear and don’t hear?

2.    What people are able to bomb, and murder others without remorse such as McKinley, Lincoln, Kennedy, 911, Beirut bombing, the USS Liberty, Katyn, the Czar, etc. etc. etc.

3.    Who controls porn, the homosexual and lesbian organizations, snuff, NAMBLA, every perverted entity on the face of this earth they are connected in one way or the other every time.

4.    Drugs, cartels, pill mills, infecting our world ruthlessly with this

We are Masons with curls

We are Masons with curls


5.    Slavery, they brought Blacks to America, all of our outer islands and brought them right into our schools and communities and told us to be tolerant.

6.    Who is antichristian in every possible fashion there is? They want prayer out of our schools, abortion, race mixing, usury……the list is endless.

For the sake of utter monotony continuing on here into infinity one must ask how ANYONE could ever point in any other direction other than THE JEWS. HOW?


What do these people claim to be accomplishing by holding up one

You know Jesus was a Jew bla bla bla

You know Jesus was a Jew bla bla bla

Jew when the other 99% are corroding us from the inside out? What could possibly be their logic? To be fair? We have the Jews

take on every TV and radio channel there is, but somehow we need Jews to tell us the truth on alternative media? I am so sorry, but that is BS (and I’m not sorry).



When is this pollution going to end?


You won’t say. We need to make a shakedown of this entire media and alternative media-both. One has to wonder why you are in the alternative media at all other than to keep things exactly how they are (spiraling down the sewer). There is no passion for saving your own country, let alone your own families. If you’re not starting with the WHO question the other questions are useless (deaf, dumb and blind).

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16 Responses to Tommy

  1. sschmwp says:

    Dear Mel,

    I don’t blame jews for everything. It is illogical to do so. Throughout Scripture God rebukes Israel, including Judah, for their own wickedness. We have a way out, if we so choose, but the jews are doomed. Certainly, our race is not nearly as wicked as the jews. I understand how you feel. But, it is not just jews. More specifically, the non-Adamites are also quite savage and despicable. For instance, the Negro race has comitted unspeakable crimes against our people and continue to do so, hatefully. You might say “jews” are behind this, but the blacks are complicit. If all of the complacent and complicit people, including those of our own race, DIED today I would be grateful to God. I think there should be a certain time limit for the complacent, deluded, and Bible hating assholes to get a life before they’re wiped off the face of this earth. Nothing bugs me more than a White man or woman who has been “turned out” by the jew. And I am strongly against those who reject the truth, even if they’re White. I am thinking that the wide gate and remnant perspective is literal. I feel lonely just being forced to live in this world, because I am not of it. Sure, I sin just like every other man, and maybe I still have a vice or two that I still find myself going back to, but I still love the truth and I am man enough to tell it, unlike 99.9% of the males of our now dead race.

    • melgibstein says:

      Jews in any of our offices of any kind is an abomination. Let’s go from there first.
      Without the Jew around to be a contradiction to us is the key to everything. For instance, if Jews control the red light districts they will gain power from what we would not, so if we let them stay we are doomed (thats just one example of many). It starts with law and order and Jews are not of our laws and never will be therefore will never be of any kind of order.

      An honest money system will not work with dishonest people we all know this, but our honest people are scared S***less of calling Jews dishonest. They have to go!

      • sschmwp says:


        Replace “Jews” with “Non-Israelites” in your first sentence, and then you’re correct. Just a very friendly correction.

  2. melgibstein says:

    This little pussy says its the Nazi’s. Yep the world is indeed topsy turvey and he belongs back in the gutter he crawled out of.

    Babylonian Talmud Tractate Aboda Zarah 2a-2b as follows:

    ‘The basic thesis is identical: the gentiles cannot accept the Torah because to do so they would have to deny their very character… Now the gentiles are not just Rome and Persia. There are others. The claim is, it is natural for the gentiles (not just Rome and Persia) to violate some of the Ten Commandments – specifically, not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to steal- yet these are essential to the Torah. So, the reason that the gentiles rejected the Torah is that it prohibits deeds that the gentiles do by their very nature.

    If that isnt the epitome of topsy turvy I dont know what is.

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Reading those blogs today gave me a headache. Over at Lasha Darkmoon now, they’re celebrating another of their favorite antichrists – Your friend Mark Glenn. And poor Lobro feels as if he’s lost the limelight on the babylonian stage by being shouted down and drowned out by bigger mouths. Poor Lobro can analyze the obstinate ignorance in others but just can’t see his own errors.

    This isn’t about them, just an example. They just love to say jews wrote the scriptures and Jesus was a jew and YHVH is Satan (which is true, if you’re a jew, since satan means ‘adversary’. This is in the talmud).

    So, they find “The White Man’s Bible”, written by the jew Ben Klassen and they just fall all over themselves with praise. “The White Man’s Bible” starts out with a few token and well known clichés about the jews and the rest of it proceeds to bash Christianity, with all the jew’s lies about it. It’s but one of the jews M.O.s. One of their tribe names means ‘softener’. They soften you with something sympathetic, and then they proceed to bash your sacred institutions.

    Curious thing, studying Malachi now, could that be addressed to the phoney preachers of pseudeo Christianity? If you go by the televangelers, most of them are jews anyway. Therefore, I don’t think it is, but also to these vainglorious assholes who have appointed themselves preachers on the internet. They don’t seem to respect the gravity of the situation one bit. It’s the sin of Jeroboam. Do a half assed job and guarantee a perpetual problem and a perpetual office for yourself to keep doing a half assed job.

    Also, I see the Stockholm syndrome kicking in. There are undertones of agape admiration for these jews. When a jew comes forth to save the day, they will hold forth in their admiration with things like “I knew it would be a jew! White people would never do anything!”. They’re set up to love the antichrist every bit as much as the pseudeo Christians are.

    Good post Schwmp, and good questions. Yes, the window will close on these fence riding dabblers. It’s nothing but their new circus, for their own titillating amusement.

    • melgibstein says:

      They have networks like Press TV chock full of Jews and they are somehow against us? They dont take my comments at all. The truth is not one of them could hold out 10 minutes in a truthful debate on anything in the Bible so they throw rocks from afar, the frightened cowards they are. Here we have so called truthers that do the deeds of the lying Jews knowingly or unknowingly without remorse just like a Jew. Why cant they just have an open debate man to man? Their whole skit will be destroyed and they know it. You will never hear these folks, even the ones who claim to be full blown Christian pastors in that arena or their so called professors ever have an open debate. So one can only conclude that they have far more to lose in an honest debate than they have to gain. What is it they gain is the final question in the end by defending so called truth that they cant defend openly? They hate whites because they were sold a load of mularkey by Jews. Thats how the Jew works and why they are the spearhead of all evil.

      • sschmwp says:

        I also refuse to even talk to a known Jew. Pointless to argue with them, pointless to even tolerate them. When they are all gone, I will feel much safer. I’d like to know why you might consider it fruitful to debate with a non-Adamite, considering that we are not supposed to be living with each other, and our faith is not for them. When we see non-Whites occupying our land, this is a sign that we’re in Babylon. And with violence Babylon will fall (Rev 18:21). I support an all White homeland(s) for the children of Israel. I support the destruction of ALL the enemies of God and thus Israel.

    • sschmwp says:

      We all know what the Bible declares about these people. Antichrists (1 Jhn 2:22-23; 2 Jhn 1:7; 1 Cor 16:22) are deceivers, no matter if they appear to be White and are complaining about “Jews.” They take some tidbits of “truth” about certain topics such as “Zionists,” “Jews,” “NWO,” “911,” etc. and make themselves appear to be worthwhile, but the whole Truth is not with them. Many of them have books and other stuff to sell as well, so it serves their financial interests to be a “truther” of some sort, and they also probably enjoy the attention that they might be getting. But, they rarely (never?) touch upon the Bible Truth, and openly shun it or ignore it. Our salvation is not with them. Their vanity and ineffective solutions (if they even have any) do not involve Jesus, and thus the racial matters of True Israel, so they are anathema. You will notice that the vast majority of these “truthers” are not exactly focused on the salvation of the White Race (Israel), and if they are somehow, they often do not admit that the Israel of the Bible is this same race. The “sheeple” (perhaps I could use a better word) who accept them are either Biblically ignorant, or they’re not White Christians to begin with. It is my sincere hope that many of the people who appear to be “truthers” but do not go all the way snap out of whatever cowardice and/or delusion they’re in and get with the program, if they’re really even one of us.

      In this age of multiracialism and multiculturalism, most Whites just don’t feel comfortable about talking about such so-called “racist” issues, especially publicly. Even if they agree with us, it could be risky for them to actually do so in a public manner, depending on who they are. Just typing on the Internet about it is not exactly anonymous. One might be able to use a “proxy” to hide their IP address, but that only goes so far. For instance, their ISP can still spy on them and what they do on-line regardless of whether they use a proxy, unless it is an encrypted proxy that goes outbound to some other location. But, encryption nowadays is not exactly foolproof, and I wouldn’t know myself what certain spy agencies are capable of in terms of breaking the encryption that is used. Also, this kind of technology is not exactly available to everyone as far as I know, and this is especially true for the average individual who knows nothing about this sort of technology.

      Luke 1:74 “That he would grant unto us, that we being delivered out of the hand of our enemies might serve Him without fear.”

      Luke 21:26 “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

      Our enemies have many folks too fearful to even make a stand and speak the Truth. Depending on who they are, I wonder if it is even worth the risk for them to make a stand for it, considering Luke 1:74 and the example given is that once we are delivered out of the hand of our enemies we can serve God and His Truth without fear.

      I communicate about risky subjects on-line because I do not care all that much about what happens to me as I don’t have a family to support, and I enjoy searching for Bible Truth and sharing whatever discoveries that come my way, even if I share it in territory occupied by all of our enemies and it is “illegal” for me to do so.

      I have hope that the Truth of the Bible wins out over the Lies of the Adversary sometime soon perhaps, and that we are protected. Last I checked, the stuff that various folks such as ourselves talk about is not exactly beneficial to ones well-being and success in Babylon.

      God bless.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    %We won’t be fooled AGAI….Nnnn% That’s what they all say when they’ve been fooled again, and a jew is leading them in song. Every mob moves on ignorance and emotion and every mob has a collar. That ‘most subtil creature’ is a genius at custom tailoring a leash for each one. They march one mob right off a cliff, they wind up crashed on the rocks, and who walks up with the band-aids and a song “We won’t be fooled again”. The mob reassembles as a new animal. Mobs beg to be fooled. It reminds me of a far side cartoon where a penguin gets up on a rock, among a sea of penguins, and sings “I gotta be me, oh I just gotta be ME!” They want to tap the extra-ordinary in themselves, while in the confines of their special homey mob. Yahweh only makes originals. They make their own selves just another cell in a beast.

    I don’t think those frauds, showcased daily at Lasha Darkmoon, are as popular as they would have suckers believe. I’ll call this one ‘the new York times hypocrisy’. They put books on the new your times bestseller list, not because they’re that popular, but to make them popular. Why is this book important?? Because it’s on the best seller list THE NEW YORK TIMES! Why is it on the best seller list of the new York times?? Because it’s IMPORTANT! The logic hangs on the wind, like so many of their tricks. Their bestseller can’t even sell in the bargain bin for $2.00 three weeks later. Their polls hang on the wind too. They sure are windy.

    HL Mencken said, “I’m one of the few goy to ever take on the Talmud. Except for a few bright spots, it’s rubbish”. This describes these blogs. They throw a few bright spots in there to keep you consuming rubbish. What business does righteousness have with unrighteousness? Does not one fly spoil the whole gallon of perfume? Touching the unclean does not make the unclean clean. Those blogs will put a bleak mojo on your head in the long run. When I read them now, I’m sure to follow it up with some word from Yahweh. The only use He has for them is to put them in a petri dish for study. Their bullshit splatters when it meets that rock. That’s the only use I have for those fucktards too. They’re just signs and reminders of the times we’re in.

    • melgibstein says:

      Its total control and the lemmings are clueless, yes. Jews are set up in a perimeter waiting for them to disperse in their direction. They will go in every direction, but the right one, but if history does repeat that will change. If history doesnt repeat we will have to change the cliche to “History repeats itself except for lemmings and Jews”.

  5. kostalooks says:

    I’m only new to reading your bloggs; and having read a little I dare not take you on, I think I’ll be somewhat unarmed.
    You seem to say that all Jews are the problem;
    Do you think it’s reasonable to say “not all”; or are we to exclude only x-Jews and of those, only those that give us straight talk… I can name one (dare I say) Gillad Atzmon.
    He seems genuine to me.

    • melgibstein says:

      What I liked about Longshanks is he kicked the Jews out of Britain AND Ireland. He obviously had some admiration for the Irish (because they were all related).

      My answer is Gilad goes too. Where is the Jew Moses to lead Jews out of their so called antisemitic lands? There is none because their so called Moses leads them into our lands. Jews are contrary to mankind and not only is that my religion from God himself (and his apostles), but it is 100% truth. Please dont ask me to defy the commandments my God gave. America wasnt for Jews either and look what they have done- period end of story. History teaches that even one Jew can destroy a country. My goal in life is not to deal with Jews in any way whatsoever if possible. The only way that is possible is to have them gone. I could give you 10 thousand reasons or you could just read this site entirely (and much more to come). Im not doing this to save Gilad or and Jews, let them save themselves.

      Jews confuse kindness for a weakness and if you are weak to the Jew youre dead meat. I dont need a termite to tell me I have termites, I dont need termites at all!

  6. kostalooks says:

    ps; I did pick up one good bit from Holywood recently…
    Hegel’s Paradox. “Men learn from history, that men learn nothing from history”

  7. TSmith says:

    J E Ws have NEVER been kicked out of Ireland by any one, any king, any Monarchy or entity, but neither were they welcomed there with welcome arms, either.
    Mel Shillstein.

    Ireland – European Jewish Congress‎
    Jews were never expelled from the Gaelic-controlled areas, but their numbers … Irish Jewry has been experiencing a great decline over the past 30 years’


    • melgibstein says:

      Remember that scene in Braveheart when Longshanks sends in the Irish to fight the Scots? It never happened. Neither did “First Night” with the Scottish women. You cant breed white people out of white people.
      Mel Gibson must not know who or what white people are, like you.

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