Convoy Vey!

convoyOnly a few dozen independent truckers were spotted on rain-swept highways around the nation’s capital Friday morning at the beginning of a purported three-day “Ride for the Constitution” rolling protest seeking to impeach President Obama and pressure Congress.

There were no signs that the trucks were slowing down traffic any more than normal on the congested capital area highway, particularly during steady rain.

Video cams on I-495, which circles the city, and I-95, which runs north and south through the region, showed normal traffic at mid-morning.

There were reports of scattered groups of trucks making their way toward Washington, D.C. About 15 pickup trucks bearing the official Twitter hashtag of the ride — #T2SDA (Truckers to Shut Down America) — were spotted early Friday near Doswell, about 85 miles south of the capital.

By about 8:45 a.m., Virginia State Police officials said that about 30 tractor trailers left the Dumfries truckers’ scales, about 30 miles south of Washington, heading north in the right lane with their hazard lights on, WUSA-TV reports.

The Virginia State Police reports that at 8:50 a.m., four commercial vehicles began driving side-by-side across all four northbound lanes of I-495 on the Inner Loop in Virginia, slowing traffic to 15 mph. The police says the drivers of the four tractor-trailers were warned not to impede traffic.

“No summons/ticket was issued,” police said in a statement. “The tractor-trailers were then allowed to proceed on their way,” officials said in a news release.

The planned protest was beset by confusion over message and tactics as the holiday weekend approached..

Organizers said sympathetic demonstrations by veterans and Tea Party supporters  Jews were also planned in various state capitals and on highway overpasses during the three-day “Ride for the Constitution.”

A “few thousand” tractor-trailer drivers were expected to converge on the Capital Beltway on Friday afternoon from staging areas on Interstate 95 in Virginia and Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania, co-organizer and conservative activist Zeeda Andrews told The Washington Post.

Drivers planned to occupy three lanes of Interstate 495, driving 55 mph, with the fourth lane kept clear for emergency vehicles and supporters. Only motorists displaying the group’s Twitter hashtag on their vehicles will be allowed to pass, Andrews and other organizers say, adding that the protest would be peaceful and lawful.


None of the truckers interviewed had anything to say about the Jew Federal Reserve (and it is Jews folks) nor the Jew media. Schmuley the trucker had nothing to say about JEW wars or the Jew homo/lezbo run orgs. None of the truckers said anything about Jews deliberately pilfering our country with illegals or that our political sysytem was sold out to Jews. Nobody had a problem with the BS artists such as Glenn Beck, Hannity, OReilly,

Would you trust me with your kids?

Would you trust me with your kids? Loudmouth Levin

Savage, Levin, Schlimbaum etc that allow all this to continue. No talk of our president being the son of a Jewess or that Michelle Obama’s first cousin is a Black Rabbi. No talk of our schools being Jewish BS brainwashing factories nor a mention of our grocery stores completely controlled by Jews. No talk of our medical system completely controlled by Jews or the Jew drug cartels or the Jew pill mills. No talk of anyone in particular, just truckers driving into DC just like the Jews protested against Wall Street or the Tea Parties with Glenn Beck and Hannity at the helm or the Ron Paul movement with Moishe Rivero leading the way against “FASCHISHM” and “Nazi’s”.

Nope, just another Jew propaganda stunt. Same old Jew BS different day.

Nothing is ever going to change until you say theses two words “Jews Out”! That is the only trucker movement I ever want to see.

Hymie “Loudmouth”Levine or Levin. Capone Chicago Loop collector. Son of a Chicago junk dealer, Levin rises in Capone’s organization for his collecting and bookmaking skills. Supposedly big enough in the organization to run things while Capone and Nitti are both in the slammer. Suffers a stroke in the late 40’s, which leaves him paralyzed and wheelchair bound. Although he cannot speak, he still writes his orders on paper for his minions to follow. Levin dies June 19,1951, in St. Luke’s hospital. He refuses any gangland funeral of which he despises and is simply cremated.

You be the judge.

Hymie Loudmouth Levine

Hymie Loudmouth Levine

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2 Responses to Convoy Vey!

  1. ninjajohn13 says:

    If they’re not protesting the global Jewish money scam, or the fraudulent history of the Jews, then they are controlled opposition. Even if they don’t know it.

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