Killing Bill O’Reilly


Tell them its the Muslims

The pathetic Jewish behind washing fool, Bill O’Reilly (and yes Bill I will say it to your face) has another book out, “Killing Jesus”. This is 3 books in a row he has written named “Killing ?” in the title. “Killing Lincoln”, Killing Kennedy” and “Killing Jesus” and I already know he thinks “we” killed Jesus (meaning “everyone”). This is what Mel Gibson and the fathead OReilly agreed to (I’m not using an apostrophe for the fool again). Oreilly thinks he is a Christian and or Catholic scholar and I asked him some 8 years ago if he had ever heard of Saint Simon of Trent and he was dumbfounded. “Who was he?” the fool begged me as if he didn’t know. I told him to go look it up.

I don’t know if many people actually understand how controlled

JFK starring Rob Liebowitz

JFK starring Rob Liebowitz

this Oreilly show really is. I am not just referring to the obvious Jew after Jew after Jew discussion, but the truth is nothing is even live on this show except maybe the lard heads opening. Even the so called Waters World, the non blushing, Talmudic headed Jew on the street can tape every person he talks to and edit anyone out. So this might as well just be on a stage on 42nd street. If Waters asked me a question I would say “Tell Bill to go get his Jew shoeshine box”. You think they would air that?

The truth is Oreilly makes me be ashamed to be Irish and at the same time makes me glad I left the Catholic church because there is

Father Dick Morris

Father Dick Morris

no way in hell I could ever invite on some faggot priest on a show of mine like Oreilly does. The church invites Holocaust liars in to BS the living hell out of us and not one priest is exposing all the Jew mass murders, not one. You think he (the sold out fool Oreilly) doesn’t see this? If you look at most Irish people like Fr Coughlin, Henry Ford, William J Cameron, etc. you just don’t see any of that in Oreilly at all (when I say Irish I mean all the way back even before it was Scotland). I can only come to the conclusion that Oreilly is a destroyer (Jew blood). The only reason why this guy is still around is because Jews want him around. He is a big tough guy not because he is a fighter, but because he gabs like an old woman. Anyone that could speak on

Jews and marrano priests love Bill

Jews and marrano priests love Bill
“I can get you in the front seat at the Miss America contest”

such an obviously Jew controlled show day in and day out has to be absent a soul. Oreilly and other Jew behind washers in the media will always tell us how hard they worked to be where they are as if selling out to Jews is work. You see if you opened up a dry cleaning place you could press his suits so he could look like a business man while he sells your country down the toilet.

I won’t go on and on about this, but if America doesn’t get together and out these Jewish pawns (all of them) we have all been for naught. Why aren’t people outraged about this? Do people even know a traitor when they see one? These traitors use that microphone for pure evil and nobody does a damned thing about it.


Oreilly wants you to know the truth with all these books just as he does every night defending Jews like Igor in a Dracula movie. He won’t write a book about Saint Simon of Trent now that he knows

Igoreilly, go find me a fresh goy.

Igoreilly, go find me a fresh goy.

who did it “Killing Simon” or how about “Killing Poles at Katyn” or :Killing Hugh of Lincoln”(all the same people that he will never mention) etc. etc. etc. etc. He is reaping all the earthly benefits of selling us out and if you ask him how much he will happily tell you all the charities he has given to. He knows his reward can only be here on earth. Bill is a huge contributor to the Holocaust, another subject he will never touch with an open honest debate on his show. He is 100% Jew certified, Jew controlled grain fed owned.

I try to think of what the word “traitor” really means looking at Oreilly and all the other media fools and that word puts them in a category of soldiers who may have been in a war, but these cowards have never even carried a gun and wouldnt, they carried cameras. They are far worse than traitors; the traitors are the military Generals and officers this pathetic freak of nature Oreilly has on his

Im a Jew, I take it up the rump, Im as dumb as a box of rocks, Jew,  marrano, Baptist buttwasher.

Im a Jew, I take it up the rump, Im as dumb as a box of rocks, Jew, marrano, Baptist buttwasher.

show who don’t say a cotton picking word about Jews.

This is who the Jews want to be our voice so this is who we get. Of course we could do something about it too, but that would mean we would  actually have to get mad first which is the tough part.

End note: We all know the BS about the Holocaust, but most of the Christian and or Catholic world is unaware of the Katyn massacre of some 20 THOUSAND Polish Catholics. They favor this Jewish Jew Ashkenazi Kenite Turko Mongolian BS and disregard the massacre of their own Catholic brethren as if it was not a thing. This is not by mistake and it is not by mistake that Catholics are not able to discover it today. What it is is (not depending on what is means) complacency and denial of truth- period.

My review on the Bill Oreilly book “Killing Jesus” is “Total Blasphemy”. Every Jew lie about Jesus you could want and more are in the first 2 chapters of this book. No, I didn’t buy the piece of trash either. I thought I couldn’t write, this guy writes like a first grader and lies only like a Jew could. It would take me a year to expose every deliberate lie of those first two chapters and the rest is a fairy tale built on his first two deliberately lying chapters. He doesn’t know what a Jew is, what a Galatian or a Parthian is, he doesn’t know what Jewish means, he doesn’t know who the Romans were, he doesn’t know what he is talking about and says so right up front, yet he had a Catholic priest and a Protestant pastor on his show agreeing with everything he wrote. Even his favorite guest Laura Ingraham has been wearing the wrong cross every night she has been on.

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6 Responses to Killing Bill O’Reilly

  1. sschmwp says:

    I don’t like to knock White Americans, but these Military officers are complicit. We all know who gives them their paycheck, and we should be suspicious of anyone who does get a paycheck for serving the Jew agenda. They’re not about to give that up or put themselves at risk for the sake of the truth. They have been heavily brainwashed and will need to get educated somewhere other than in the universities and colleges in this country. I am more than generous in giving White Americans who supposedly have some kind of “duty” to protect us (as per their job description) enough time to understand the truth and actually do their jobs for once in their lives, instead of getting paid money to be a Jew dupe. But, I’m running out of patience and respect for all police and military personnel, because I do believe many of them have had the chance to get clued in by now as to what the situation is.

    Anyone that is allowed on TV is not of the truth, unless the Jews made a mistake. Anyone of the truth will not be on TV for very long.

    It pays off to be a Jew servant or dupe. This is one of the reasons why the Jews succeed. Take the money and media power away from them and they will be powerless to some extent.

    • melgibstein says:

      Make no mistake, I am after the Jew- period. I know the dangers of flirting off the head of the snake, but sometimes the head of the snake injects its venom into a non Jew making him or her twice the children of hell and have to be dealt with. I dont intend for a nano second for people to take their mind off the jew snake, I only wish to inform them to not only have leather boots on but to have a set of brass knuckles nearby as well. Jews not only breed in with their satanic seed, but they breed in with their satanic actions.

      Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

      Sober doesnt mean alcohol free it means devoid of bullshit. You seek the truth to become sober. I can drink Irish whiskey all night tonight and be as sober tomorrow as I was yesterday.
      Oreilly and many others are DRUNK on Jew bullshit. Pardon the bad language.

      The guy wrote a book about Jesus and he doesnt know the difference between a Judahite and a Judean. How is this so? He is a sold out traitor and being used like a dish towel by the Jews. You wont ever know because all his guests are Jews and Jew sold out scum. Brian Kilmeade- another big money Jew sell out. God hekp him if I ever cross his path.

      • sschmwp says:

        Alright, I’m going “MIA” and will not be on the Internet for much longer to check up.

        I do recall the Bible clearly warning against drunkenness of the literal variety. But, it is not like I have never been intoxicated before. TBH, I have also enjoyed it more often than not, so perhaps I’ll see you in “Hell.” LOL.

        Nice “meeting” you even though it was only on-line.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    The drunkards of Ephraim

  3. Dublinsmick says:

    No doubt you have done a lot of research Mel and you are a very intelligent man. It is most assuredly a bunch of spin.

    You know when I was young, my wife changed dentist, she went to a Jew near where she worked and he bored out her teeth and filled them with amalgam mercury. She went back to the other dentist she had and he said I don’t know why he did that you did not have cavities there. She has some problems with this as you might imagine. We were young and knew nothing of the protocols. This savage drilled out her teeth and inserted mercury and lead for no reason other than she was German and he was practicing the protocols. He even bragged about having property near the Black Forest.

    I worked for the state and had a jewish supervisor, she hated me and the Syrian I worked with. We found more evidence of fraud than the two other workers who were both black but she gave them better evaluations. Once after work my wife showed up with my daughter, my daughter is part German and very light. The Jewess looked at her and began shaking with hatred. I am not exaggerating this.

    If any discussions involving any subject happened at work, she would go to the department head and say my opinions were upsetting the office. It was not true because the black workers always got a kick of how I trounced her. The Syrian I worked with was very intelligent. After a conference with her he would point his fingers at the temples and say …. oh channel of the ancient one.

    In all evaluations, Jezebel would always put her hands in her lap and say……… Now

    The Syrian came to be her supervisor and the first time he gave her an evaluation, he put his hands in his lap and said. Now!

    • melgibstein says:

      The best way to shut up a yenta is to ask her about the Talmud. I like to ask them perfectly logical and truthful questions because I am always curious as to what they will say, not that I would believe any of them. Im not biased, I dont trust Jews, male or female. If I start to trust one I have an upstairs window I can always jump out of.

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