Im a crypto too.

Im a crypto too.

 If you ask the average Catholic on the street what a Khazar is they wont be able to tell you, but mention the council of Nicaea in any kind of opposition to a Catholic and they are ready to fight you tooth and nail. Does anyone out there see how this resembles an old Twilight Zone episode complete with Jew narrators? I once told G Gordon Liddy that the Ashkenazi Jews were Khazars on national radio and he laughed at this “mythical people”. “Khazars, who are they ha ha?” Lets take a look at some facts.

Leo IV the Khazar (Greek: Λέων Δ΄ ὁ Χάζαρος, Leōn IV ho Khazaros) (25 January 750 – 8 September 780) was Byzantine Emperor from 775 to 780 CE.

Leo was the son of Emperor Constantine V by his first wife, Irene of Khazaria (Tzitzak),[1] the daughter of a Khagan of the Khazars (thought to be Bihar). Crowned co-emperor by his father in 751 Leo then married Irene, an Athenian from a noble family, in December 769. In 775 Constantine V died, leaving Leo as sole emperor.[2]

On 24 April 776 Leo, following the precedent set by his father and grandfather, appointed his son, Constantine VI, co-emperor. This led to an uprising of Leo’s five half-brothers, including Caesar Nikephoros, who had hoped to gain the throne themselves. The uprising was put down quickly, with the conspirators being beaten, tonsured, and exiled to

Did the Jew tonsure you too? I'm tonsure.

Did the Jew tonsure you too? I’m tonsure.

Cherson under guard.[3]

Leo IV was raised as an iconoclast under his father but was married to Irene, an iconodule.[4][5] Realizing the division in his realm he pursued a path of conciliation towards the iconodules, previously declared heretical under imperial policy. Leo allowed monks, persecuted and deported under his father, to return to their monasteries, and he was anointed by some among the clergy as “Friend to the Mother of God” for allowing monks to retain images of the Theotokos. In addition to the concessionary actions Leo also appointed an iconophile sympathizer, Paul of Cyprus, to the position of patriarch of Constantinople upon the death of the predecessor. At the end of his reign, Leo reversed his stance of toleration.[6]

Caution: This is greasy.

Leo’s reign coincided with that of the third Abbasid Caliph, Al-Mahdi, who invaded Byzantine lands on successive occasions from 777–780 before ultimately being repulsed by Leo’s armies, led by generals such as Michael Lachanodrakon. Leo himself set out with his army against the Bulgars but died of fever while on campaign.[7][8]

Leo’s death on 8 September 780 resulted in the accession of his wife, Irene, to the throne. Theophanes the Confessor records that Leo IV died as a result of a fever brought on from the precious stones in a crown taken from the Hagia Sophia;[9] some scholars have indicated that upon his accession to the throne Leo was already sick,[10] while others believe Leo was murdered by persons unknown, though Irene is suspected.[11] Constantine VI was the only son of Leo IV and succeeded him as emperor, ruling jointly with his mother, Irene.[12]

So Irene the Khazar had a bubeleh named Leo and he too married an Irene who ruled jointly with Leo IV’s Khazar son Constantine VI. Oy vey, this is confusing, but the Jew definitely did get inside.

Irene- (sugar Tzitzak)

Tzitzak (Turkish: ‘Çiçek’; died ca. 750), baptised Irene (Greek: Ειρήνη), was a Khazar princess, the daughter of khagan Bihar, who became the first wife of Byzantine Emperor Constantine V (r. 741-775).


extra cream cheese

In 732, the Byzantine Empire was under threat of invasion from the Umayyad Caliphate. Seeking allies, Leo III the Isaurian sent an embassy to Bihar, Khagan of the Khazars. The alliance was sealed with the marriage of Tzitzak to Constantine V, son and junior co-ruler of Leo.

Tzitzak was escorted to Constantinople for her marriage. Constantine was about fourteen years old. She may have been even younger as she would not give birth for eighteen years. Tzitzak became a Christian un

and gave birth to the famous dish Tzitzaki or is it Tzatziki?

and gave birth to the famous dish Tzitzaki or is it Tzatziki?

der the baptismal name Irene. Tzitzak’s wedding gown became famous for having started a new fashion craze in Constantinople for male robes called tzitzakion.

The chronicle of Theophanes the Confessor records Tzitzak learning to read religious text. He comments her as pious and contrasts her with the “impiety” of her father-in-law and husband. Leo III and Constantine V were Iconoclast Emperors while Theophanes was an Iconodule monk. His praise was probably reflective of Irene herself sharing his views.[1]

Whether her mother-in-law Maria was still senior Empress at the time of her marriage is uncertain. Leo III died on 18 June 741. Constantine V succeeded him with Irene as his Empress consort. However almost immediately civil war started as Artabasdos, brother-in-law of Constantine, claimed the throne for himself. The civil war lasted to 2 November 743. The role of Irene in the war has not been commented by Theophanes.

On 25 January 750, Constantine and Tzitzak had a son, Leo, who succeeded his father as Emperor Leo IV. He was better known as “Leo the Khazar”. His birth happens to be the last mention of Irene in the historical record. By the following year, Constantine was already married to his second wife Maria. Lynda Garland has suggested Tzitzak died in childbirth.[2]

The word “Tzitzak” is most likely the hellenized version of the Turkic word “çiçek”, meaning “flower.”



Constantine VI

Constantine VI was the only child of Emperor Leo IV and Irene. Constantine was crowned co-emperor by his father in 776, and succeeded as sole emperor in 780, at the age of nine. Due to his minority, Irene and her chief minister Staurakios exercised a regency over

a pinched Constantine VI gold piece

a pinched Constantine VI gold piece


In 782 he was betrothed to Rotrude, a daughter of the Frankish King Charlemagne by his third wife Hildegard. Irene herself broke off the engagement in 788. In 787 Constantine had signed the decrees of the Second Council of Nicaea, but he appears to have had iconoclast sympathies.[1]

Someone needs to check out Rot rude- has an odor to it.

By then Constantine had turned 16 years old, but his mother did not relinquish executive authority to him. After a conspiracy against Irene was suppressed in the spring of 790 she

 Tzitzak Shamir

Tzitzak Shamir

attempted to get official recognition as empress. This backfired and with military support Constantine finally came to actual power in 790, after the Armeniacs rebelled against Irene. Nevertheless, she was allowed to keep the title of Empress, which was confirmed in 792.

~We didnt need Ben Friedman to tell us about Khazars or Arthur Koestler so don’t try to convince me we owe anything to these or any Khazars. They know we can find the

I'm Darryl Bradford Smith's Daddy

I’m Darryl Bradford Smith’s Daddy

truth on our own. The Catholic church knows full well who the Khazars are and they aint leaking a word of it. Instead you will read about how your white ancestors brought Black slaves here to pick our cotton (as if we couldn’t do it ourselves), read about how the Jew Columbus discovered America, how to thrive in the Jewish controlled Ponzi scheme fiat money system and your churches will bring in Jewish Holocaust survivors to remind us how evil we can be when we want to save our own countries.

The bottom line is you put your faith in the churches where your faith can be stolen out from under you. You put your faith in internet radio hosts who give you nothing but leaven of the Pharisee’s, 2 seed line radio hosts that tell you there are some Jews you can trust, there are white so called professors and doctors who claim they know white history and they have no clue where the word “Scottish” came from or where “Saxon” came from (both the same) and fight amongst each other. You have Christian Identity pastors pushing Nathaneal Kapner and Ben Friedman one minute and telling their listeners to be separate the next. The controlled opposition is in place to derail you at every turn, but the truth is just getting over that hurdle one at a time. Dont try to cross the finish line until you have jumped all the hurdles.

We have Christians who willingly give Jews words that belong to us and they act as if they have read the Bible and know Jews- they are the leaven of the Pharisees. If you believe the Khazars were the people of Judah you are a fool and if you believe Khazars were not of Judah and call them Zionists you are a fool. Think about every word you say because behind every word is the truth. Jews corrupt words like they corrupt the air we breathe and the water we drink. If you don’t know the destruction this species causes by now and claim to be a teacher you are the leaven of the Pharisees. If you are still looking for truth from Jews you are a schizophrenic mental case whether you are a CI pastor, a doctor, a lawyer, a priest, a president or a talk show host. If they carry the leaven of the Pharisees and refuse to correct themselves they are not of us. You have heard the Jew saying “Save a Jew and save the world”, I am telling you “Trust a Jew and you will turn everything upside down in the world” and that’s exactly what you have done. You trust a Jew and the Jew owns you, you went against your own ancestors and Father and sided with their enemy. You wont see me doing that and if I do please straighten me out fast.

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16 Responses to Constantine

  1. sschmwp says:

    I’ve been offline for several weeks, but managed to get on recently. I checked back here because I like to visit.

    I think what many people believe is that if some anti-“Jew” truth comes from a “Jew” this gives the message some more credibility, because it then came directly from the “horse’s mouth.” It is extra special in their minds when these “Jews” spill the beans on their own kind. When it comes from a “Jew,” it is more noteworthy in their simple minds. To me, I do not give a rats “arse” about any of these “Jews” and I do not need to get any “truth” from them, because I can find it on my own. As you have mentioned before, whatever “truth” they do give, they surely do not give you the whole truth. Whatever the case is, none of these “Jews” are going to be getting “saved.” I interpret being “saved” quite differently than most Christians, because I view this “saving” as a literal salvation from our enemies here on this earth.

    I put a few quotes from Ben in my treatise a few years ago, but that does not mean I actually approve of whoever he was if he was not one of us racially. Some folks have claimed that Ben was not actually a “Jew” by blood but adopted by them. I know one thing is that he at least spent most of his own money, which was a considerable amount at the time, in attempting to spread his message. Slime balls like Bro Nate are constantly begging for money. I wonder if Nathanael is actually being funded by someone in secret and has everything he needs without needing to beg for it. I have not actually read up on Bro Nate very often at all because I know that he is a shill, but I have skimmed his website for comments several times. He likes to praise Putin as a savior and hero. One thing I do know about Putin is that he is rich, and he has been to “Israel” to meet with the “Jews” while wearing a yarmulke. There is no politician out there who is worth a damn. I know full well that I would despise being praised by Bro Nate, because this would only serve to damage my reputation.

  2. melgibstein says:

    The key lie all these truthful Jews share is they tell us they grew up a Jew as if race had nothing to do with it, yet a Jew is supposedly linked somehow to Judah or the House of Judah which people are slowly coming to the conclusion that it is also a lie. Cardinal Lustiger said he was born a Jew and will die a Jew. That has to be one of the most all time convoluted lies ever. He is saying or was saying that he is a biological Jew giving credence to all the Khazars in Palestine. We would have to first determine what “Jew” means and every word that slushes through their lips, but they can never be questioned. You simply believe the Cardinal or you arent a Catholic I suppose. Just think of the questions you could have asked him in a 3 hour show like Rivero has every week day.

    Rivero says he is a Jew, but doesnt believe there was a Judah or Israelites- they plucked the word Judea out of thin air. Ben Friedman or Freedmans speeches were seriously convoluted, he made the claim that Khazars were no more related to Judea than the Irish are. Does he know Irish history too? I dont think he does. He also claimed the word Jew or Iou or Giu, etc. came from the word Judean and never once claimed there were or are descendants of Judah or the House of Judah like the disciples who spread Christianity to the House of Israel as they were told to do. It is easy to make the mistake of trusting a Jew when you hear them implicate themselves, but there is always a lie somewhere. If you get 10 Jews who tell different truths about Jews they simply throw in a wrench. Like fishing the duped swallow the hook. Jews can tell the truth, they have to to lure you in. That is the way it always has to be looked upon. Take Rivero again, he started out with Alex Jones and the major duped listening audience to push “Israel did 9/11”. They arent Israel in Riveros book so why does he even use it? Why doesnt he say Jews did it? They arent Israel in any sense of the word even to him- they’re Jews in their own self proclamation. Israel is now a geographical country in this scatterbrained Jew world. Jews, who arent even Judeans or even of Judah have stolen words for a reason, to keep people stalled in bewilderment. They need to be spanked out of their stupor. Then they joyfully throw in the word “Zionist” so they dont have to say “Jew” as if all Jews arent in on the overall lie about being of Judah, which not one of them are.

    • sschmwp says:

      I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons there might be a truth telling kike here and there is because they know what the Bible declares about them and they’re merely making an attempt to escape the everlasting fire that awaits them once they’re dead. There are obviously more sinister reasons for them to be kike “truthers,” but they must surely fear what is going to happen to them.

      It sure pays off to be a kike or a kike supporter in this current age, but it is not going to last very long for them. I am actually glad that there is such a thing as the “lake of fire,” when in before times I thought such a thing was cruel and unjust. Now, I am thankful that these sons of bitches get to be tormented FOREVER in the lake of fire, because they deserve it. Kikes should be afraid to die, because what is waiting for them in the afterlife is pure torment and pain that never ends. Now, whether the kike supporters get the same fate, I do not care if they do, because they should damn well know whose side they’re on here and now. I would not care at all if they get to take a nice dip in the lake as well. I wonder what is worse, a kike, or a White person that is a kike supporter and/or lover even when they have access to the truth. The fact is that money and social status comes before God to the majority. Terms like a “remnant” and a “wide gate” come to mind, so I do not expect any sort of miraculous turnaround to happen.

      • sschmwp says:

        I would also like to add that the kikes should not merely be shot or stabbed to death, but burned alive on their way out of this life. This will give them a taste of what is coming to them for all eternity in the lake of fire before they get there.

    • melgibstein says:

      I checked him out briefly. He definitely isnt short winded. I will get back over there eventually. TY. Its always interesting to hear how others were treated by our friendly Jewish humanitarians of the world. Havent read one story about how Jews did anything good for any people. They either murder people and steal their belongings or the steal their belongings and make slaves out of them. Not much gray area.

  3. Dublinsmick says:

    Constantine the British warlord needed a way to hold a dying Roman empire together. After he killed the Vedic priest in the Vatican, (Vedanta was once a world wide religion or path) Hinduism today simply means the search for truth, anybody can be on board with that. Anyway Constantine called all of his boys together, mostly from Turkey and laid out the new religion. They debated as to whether Alexander would be considered divine as well as Jesus but this was decided against. All of the scrolls with the truth of what Jesus was saying were destroyed, only two copies (Essen Gospel of Peace) remained.

    Few are aware that Constantine had journeyed to India and studied Vedic text under Brahmins. Then he went to work. The Papacy was “a Vedic priesthood” until Constantine the Great killed the Vedic pope to replace him with the head of the hitherto unimportant Christian sect. This instantly ensured the Europe-wide triumph of Christianity because of the “sacred sway of the holy hoary Vedic priest known as the Shankaracharya” There has been debate over the veracity of his faith because he was baptized only on his death bed. See article on the Constantinian shift. He was British born.

    The chief priest (the Pontifex Maximus) was from the time of Constantine forced to call himself a Christian priest. Maximus is the Sanskrit term Mahattamas, i.e. “the topmost”. The emperer Constantine convened the council of Nicaea around 369. He called all the “holy men” of the day who were “under divine guidance” to meet in Turkey as it was convenient for all. Eusebius was the only deacon invited due to his recent war record where brought the sword of the Lord against Arianism. The doctrine of reincarnation was done away with and it was even debated whether or not Alexander would be divine also and equal to Jesus. Books on Arianism would be burned and anybody caught with one would be executed. That is when the killing went into high gear in Europe the Irish and Germanic nature religions would convert or die to the new Christianity of Rome.

    There are also megalithic stones in Italy similar to those of Cuzco thought to be possibly built by the giant survivors of Atlantis as well as bones of giants found in native American mounds. This is almost unknown to many in the west.

  4. melgibstein says:

    I have a feeling Im not going to be able to see the original Essene Gospel and see if they mistranslated words as badly as the KJV did.

    • kostalooks says:

      Which version do you feel to be most accurate.?
      Are you talking about old or new testament, or the lot?
      Do you read Hebrew or Greek?
      A couple of “Greek” Orthodox priests I’ve spoken to, tell me that in their opinion [biassed no doubt] the KJV is the most accurate translation.

      Please don’t tell me that you subscribe to the Schofield version.!! Which I believe [for now] is the reason for so much Zionism in America today.

      Please be gentle… I know I have a combative nature…. but I’m willing to listen and learn.

      I was taught by my father not to think much of Constantine, (even though we share a “Christian” name, it’s common among Greeks [Κωνσταντίνος or Κωνστα for short]), but I didn’t know about the Khazar angle.
      I’ll have to discuss this with my learned Christian friend, and I’ll send him a link also.

      ps, thanks for engaging with me on the last question I’d put to you on another topic;
      I usually, or more actually “typically”, find that question to be a “conversation stopper”

      Your blogg has “too much” info for me to get my head around. I’ll keep coming.

      Have you seen this..
      warning, I discovered it on Rivero’s site.

      • melgibstein says:

        Constantine isnt a Jew name, although Leo seems to have been completely taken over. One of the first kings of Scotland was a Constantine as well. It probably is a name well worth looking into for its origination and it definitely isnt a Jew (Judean or Khazar).

        Get a concordance and study every word, find a word study group or a Bible study group that knows what a Jew and a Gentile is. Once you find out those two words you will be looking for everything to fit into those words and how they were other words were deliberately mistranslated not to fit those words. You are going to have to do that on your own, it cant be downloaded into you and it takes time to absorb. As you seek the truth you are given a little more and exactly what was written. If you seek delusion and claim James is speaking to the “spiritual 12 tribes scattered abroad” then you will get all the delusion you can ask for and more.
        I dont care if you use the KJV or anything else- go back to the original words used and study why particular words were changed to fit their mistranslations. Its a pattern and you will find it if you seek it. Jews have crapped all over that book so I suggest you disinfect every word before you read it and get that Jew out of it first. The Jew had nothing to do with the Old or New Testaments, they are liars. Trust me or Jesus himself in John. Learn the difference between JEWdeo Christianity and No Jews allowed Christianity. The entire book is about non Jews and how the so called Jews should never be around us. Even throughout time we still cannot get it, over and over and over again the Jews destroy. You cannot blame this on God, he told us a long long time ago.

        Why did God HATE Edom? Was God an antisemite? Go ask a Jew that one.

      • kostalooks says:

        you’re absolutely right I reckon… I’ll have to work it out myself….. truth is, I tend not to “just accept” anyone else’s word anyhow.
        Tell me I beat you to this one…
        It’s pretty big news I reckon… “science based” and all evidently.

      • kostalooks says:

        and ps again..
        I have taken something on board already… didn’t take long..
        I’ve got to say “Jew” when I mean that anyhow… after all, I’ve known for a couple of years already that nearly all Jews are Zionists anyhow. The few that aren’t are statistically “insignificant”.

  5. Dublinsmick says:

    It sho is different from what the boss man tells us! 🙂

  6. TC says:

    America is 230 years old. The Catholic Church is 1900.
    Think about that. Put it into bloody perspective.
    They had 1 helluva a long time to infiltrate, subvert and pervert the teachings.
    Shabbos Goys also helped their cause. But no other entity can claim any credit for keeping Jewry on its heels as the Catholic Church, who also protected the definition and translation of the word Judean / Jew.

    • melgibstein says:

      If Jews see a baseball game with white people having a good time they will get in it to destroy it. There is nothing pure or descent on this earth that Jews have not perverted or dont have plans to pervert. People simply have to say “No” to the Jew, you belong away from us just as you have throughout time. They just get back in with the help of the same old Jew lies and the same old Jew cryptos bred into us to look just like us- or as close as they possibly can. The world doesnt need safeguard from terrorism or finacial aid or food certifications or cancer research, it needs to expel Jews- period. That sounds like utter nonsense to most people right now, but there will come a day that not one white person on earth (or Arab or anyone else for that matter) wont agree with that. Jews gotta go! They are contrary to mankind.

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