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Killing Bill O’Reilly

The pathetic Jewish behind washing fool, Bill O’Reilly (and yes Bill I will say it to your face) has another book out, “Killing Jesus”. This is 3 books in a row he has written named “Killing ?” in the title. … Continue reading

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Mex and the City

Twenty-Three Defendants Charged in Federal Court with Distribution of Heroin on Milwaukee’s South Side U.S. Attorney’s Office September 10, 2013 Eastern District of Wisconsin (414) 297-1700 The Office of the United States Attorney announced today that 23 defendants were indicted … Continue reading

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 If you ask the average Catholic on the street what a Khazar is they wont be able to tell you, but mention the council of Nicaea in any kind of opposition to a Catholic and they are ready to fight … Continue reading

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