Don’t Cry For Me Argentina


I’m a Jj..

If you have been around the internet listening to the “Anti Zio’s” for the last couple of years you have no doubt run into Adrian Salbucci who used to be an Alex Jones guest and now ping pongs between David Duke and Darryl Smith. Adrian uses several sayings over and over again because I guess we don’t get it the first time. His latest goes like this:

“People in Argentina don’t know that their government is controlled by the United States and the United States is controlled by Israel”

Let me show you how ridiculous that statement really is. Firstly, Israel as most people who have read the Bible know is a people and not a land mass. We let Jews steal that word and turn it into dirt and mud. God made his covenant with Israel and the people of Israel, for the uncteenth time that is not Jews.

Is Argentina really controlled by the USA? Isn’t the president of Argentina a Jewess or a Jew? Yes it most certainly is. So let’s take this from the top… Argentina is controlled by a Jew, the USA is controlled by Jews and Israel (the land mass) is controlled by Israel? No folks that ****hole in the Middle East is also controlled by Jews. To say the USA is controlled by Israel is totally schizophrenic when you really look at it closely. Israel isn’t Jews; Jesus came for the lost sheep, exiled sheep, the redeemer, the kinsman redeemer of the HOUSE of Israel not mud and dirt, not spiritual dirt, but biological people. Get over it.

Can you see how this talk can keep you in a whirlwind of Jew dung? I don’t care if you don’t believe the Bible, you can plainly see how words are turned around because people allow Jews to do so. Why are these people so willing to surrender their own language (in any language) to Jews? I don’t know about you, but if I was headed for judgment day I sure as hell wouldn’t want anyone with a tape recording of myself saying “Israel did 9/11”. That is thee dumbest thing I think anyone could say in any sense of the word. These people all know Israel is made up of Jews and only Jews, not even Israelites. It is satanic twist speak and if your great orators on the internet don’t know this they sure as hell have never read the most basic book in the world pertaining to Jew lies, more to the point that Jesus never called Israel liars he called Jews liars (the Jews who claimed to be of Judah and were not and still are not, but the synagogue of Satan). Read the book!


Beam me up Scotty


Some of these orators praise Benjamin Friedman and Friedman clearly states the Ashkenazi’s from Khazaria are not the people of Palestine ever, but they continue calling them Zionists. Does that make any sense?

When you allow Jews to distort words everything on this earth will become polluted (and just about is). The most important part of any conversation between any people talking about the Jews, whether they call them Zionists, Zio’s, whatever, is to test their knowledge of the basis of those words, from the Bible itself (because that’s where they came from and not from Jews). For instance Israel wasn’t a Jew, Moses wasn’t a Jew, Joseph wasn’t a Jew, Caiaphas and Herod were Jews (they don’t want that particular subject to ever take place). At the very least you will see how Jews have manipulated these words. You can say to yourself “it’s just a word”, but it’s much more than that it is the basis of understanding the truth and uncovering the Jew lies. If you change the definition of a word it is thievery. Just because David Duke or Salbucci are using specific words doesn’t make them correct because they most certainly aren’t. You have to ask yourselves why anyone would allow Khazarians to use the word “Zion”. They are Turko Mongolian Kenites, but somehow David Duke believes the Cohanim stayed a pure race of Levi all the way down from Aaron to Alan Dershowitz. Its lunacy folks to skip right over these words with no knowledge of their original meanings and who they were meant for. They can’t admit they are wrong because certain truths turn all the lies upside down like a wave one after the other. That wave turns Duke, Salbucci and co. into complete amateurs in which they no doubt are. Tell them to have me on their show and I’ll prove it to you. They can’t be bothered with the Bible you see, however every other word they use has been surrendered to the Jews freely. The

How are they any different from these Zio politicians?

How are they any different from these shoeshine boy politicians?

question is if it is intentional or not. With the conversation always closed I think it is. The Pharisees and the Bolsheviks and the Jew media today all hate or hated free speech and want you to listen only and shut up. Why would the media fear these people? They prolong the biggest Jew lies of all. Don’t think for a second Jews don’t have their people in place to railroad the truth as they always do. If you can’t talk to that voice on the radio and put him to the test of truth there is good reason for it.

Have I said too much?

There’s nothing more I can think of to say to you

But all you have to do

Is look at me to know

That every word is true

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It’s time to say goodbye to Jew lies.

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