They think we are related to Jesus, boy are they stupid.

We constantly hear from the internet media that Jorge Zimmerman couldn’t possibly have been Jewish or more to the point “a biological Jew”.

What is a biological Jew you ask? Well the answer is there is no such thing to begin with because the word is hypocrisy in itself. What we are supposed to believe is that a Jew is a descendant or pure Israelites either of Judah himself through the male (which Jews don’t go through the male) or someone of the House of Judah. The House of Judah was simply Israelites who divided from the 10 tribed House of Israel consisting of Judah, Levi and Benjamin (biologically pure people and not mixed). If Jews are not mixed why do Jews look different?  Why do some Jews look Indian, some whiter and some a mixture of several different people’s? A biologically pure people should all look the same and obvious. They don’t.

Many times we hear internet radio hosts use the word Jew and Jewish as if they are the same thing, they aren’t. Anyone can convert to Judaism as Obama’s wife’s first cousin did and become a Rabbi, but this doesn’t make him a biological Jew and still not someone today that is misconstrued with a person of the House of Judah.

Now that this cleared up briefly we know a Jew is not Jewish automatically nor is a Jewish person automatically a Jew in any sense of the words because it is all pilpilist hogwash. It is like me saying I am Chinese because I lived in China and then convinced my Irish wife she was Chinese and had Chinese children living in Virginia. It is total moo goo dog dung! Paul said there is no more House of Judah (misconstrued as “Jew”) and Gentiles (miscontrued as Israelites and pure descendants of the Hebrews all the way down the line) and so it is. There is simply no other way that can be interpreted. There is no more House of Judah. That isnt spiritual it is physical. It’s like my brother telling me we are no longer divided, but grafted back in to our Father (no more Jew or House of Israel or nations- we are one). It is biological and not spiritual unless of course you believe Jesus had a hooked nose (total blasphemy). He didn’t say they hated the truth for nothing. Sorry if that offends you, but I didn’t start the lie, Jews did (so I take it back).


They killed 6 million Jews and still no sign of an Israelite.

Why do internet personalities claim that Zimmerman isn’t a Jew? How can they prove he isn’t? They can because there is no such thing as a Jew and it is just a word we fell for many many years ago that has come home to roost as it always does. A Catholic Cardinal of France who may have been Pope if he didn’t pass on once said “I was born a Jew and will die a Jew”.  Did this Cardinal of France ever mention what happened to the House of Israel? He obviously believed Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews were the Judah of the Bible even though Jews don’t believe the Bible or the Torah and why they have their own playbook called the Talmud.  Nothing in the Bible goes through the mother as Jews believe; the Israelites all married non Israelites of their own race. The lineage of Judah did not go through his Canaanite wife it obviously went through his Israelite wife all the way to Jesus himself. How can a Cardinal not understand this and why did he not make it clear?

The reason why I know Zimmerman is a Jew is because there were Jews all over the Zimmerman case such as the Sanford police chief, Norman Wolfinger the DA (who both met with Zimmerman’s father the night of the shooting and recused themselves from the case).  I just want you to think of your father meeting the DA and police chief on any crime you were accused or guilty of.  The presiding judge over the Zimmerman case was a Jewess as well. Some will say this is just a coincidence as well.


Im not a Jew Mike Piper, I am an Idumean, not an Israelite and not of the House of Judah. You need to change your book title and entire act. Because you CAN’T handle the truth! Keep those phone lines cut off like your fag friends.

Now the name Zimmerman… First of all I grew up around a lot of Jews and knew a Jew named Zimmerman growing up, at the time he was the only Zimmerman I knew until I heard Bob Dylan, yet another Jew. I live in a town where there are two Zimmerman doctors, the first Zimmerman’s I investigated after the shooting. You can google Rabbi Zimmerman right now and see for yourselves. There are over one meeeelion links for Rabbi Zimmerman alone. Tell them they aren’t Jews (you are right too).

Why did David Duke call Zimmerman white for nearly a month? Why did it take him 10 years to say “Zio’s” did 9/11 after being told by Mike Rivero? Now they are telling us we are fools for even thinking Zimmerman can be a Jew name when we all know that is total lunacy. Gibstein may be a German name too, no doubt, but it is also Jew.  Mike Piper and David Duke, our so called Jewish intellects say because there are no facts that Zimmerman is at the Western Wall wearing a beanie and humping it like Brother Nathanael Kapner says he can’t be a Jew. What are these people feeding you? Gefilte fish, that’s what. I know Zimmerman is connected with the Jew syndicate for those reasons alone, the same folks that said Loughner wasn’t a Jew when the facts about Loughner are locked in a vault for another 50 years.

Gladys Zimmerman hasn’t even been checked out by these professional Jew detectives such as Piper and David Duke who coincidentally don’t know what the Bible says from a bagel wrapper. Anyone with any knowledge of the Jews history knows they have German names and they were all over Central and South America before, during and after their expulsion from Spain.  Costa Rica’s first flag was the Jew star of David (I should say the Jew star; it had nothing to do with David).

Ladies and gentlemen, Columbus didn’t discover America in 1492, you have been BS’d and the Jews aren’t ready to give up their media positions on TV, the newspapers, in the schools, the movies and most importantly ON THE INTERNET as of yet, you are going to have to call them out.

Why didn’t the fact come out that Zimmerman was on SSRI’s?

This is water? He he he he he!

This is water? He he he he he!

That wasn’t relevant? Why did the media all of a sudden go on a tirade against Black crime when the media NEVER REPORTS the massive amounts of Black crime? David Duke and Mike Piper are on the side of the Jew media in this case (maybe every case). Some say the media tried to make Martin look good and Zimmerman bad when only one media outlet reported that Zimmerman was on SSRI’s such as Adderall and Remeron, both which have proven violent side effects. Why have they overlooked this other than siding with the Jew? There is no other reason folks. No, it’s just not there! They say you can handle the truth and you can, it is them that can’t handle it. They are in defiance of truth in many many more ways than this. David Duke says whites are from Edom, Mike Piper doesn’t know a Jew from a Martian and it is deliberate. Piper wrote a book with the title “Caiaphas” in it and he doesn’t know who or what Caiaphas was. Caiaphas wasn’t an Israelite or of the House of Judah, it is simply recirculating old lies, that’s exactly what they do.

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3 Responses to Defiance

  1. sschmwp says:

    One simple rule is “if it ‘ain’t’ White then it ‘ain’t’ right.” But, then we have “Jews” mixed in with Whites who appear to be White to the untrained eye. If we lived in a homogenous society, most of our enemies would be missing. The only other enemies would be the unconverted White antichrists.

    • melgibstein says:

      The reason why whites are clueless is because they arent being taught the truth and have even been taught to hate the truth. They probably think I am a Jew now that I busted on their favorite talk show host. It’s about the truth and not talk show hosts or Jew movie stars. What the disciples and first Christians did was spread the truth. All you have to know is someones misunderstanding of the Bible (the key issues especially) and you know they are talking out their arses deliberately. You simply cannot know what a Jew is if you believe these people and they arent willing to surrender for the sake of being corrected. They dont want correction they want recollection of spinning the same BS. As soon as truth comes out this entire Jew bomb squad is out there to twist the truth right back into a bagel..

  2. well you got that part right on…,0,7741419.story

    so when did the first so-called “Jew” ooze…

    onto the stool sculpture deity cult compound…”playground”….?

    Cain ? ? ??

    I like reading Matthew 13…the gnashing of teeth as the Tares are put in the ovens…

    probably on account of a purification of the LANGUAGE….

    starting with the word “Israel”….a proverb…a byword

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