The King and I

It is written so shall it be done.

The Jew needs a white woman to pollute

Anyone that has read what I have written, take heed I did not call it my work, knows I am of truth. Seldom do I have detractors except those that abhor having to submit to me like someone on the freeway in the fast lane suddenly waking up to the fact they are holding  me up. They always speed up behind me after I have gotten by them eventually as if they were going just as fast as I was and use me as a decoy for the Highway patrol trying to push me ahead. Simply admitting they were wrong as I do is somehow showing some sort of weakness I assume (As if people don’t make mistakes in this day and age at all).

Truth is we are all living in a world of mistakes that most won’t admit to. We live in a usurious money system controlled by aliens who make money out of thin air. Just think of that one mistake alone we can’t even rally behind. We made the mistake of allowing Jews to control our media and our free speech has been taken away to expose it. Those folks asleep in the fast lane would follow you all the way from one end of the country to the other to prove they made no mistake, but are clueless of all the numerous mistakes Jews have cornered them into. Why aren’t they outraged profusely?

Why can’t we just admit the mistakes we make for the sake of truth? Why can’t we say our media is an abomination run by Jews ( I didn’t say Zionists, Dr Dukestein) or that our churches have been neutered? Why can’t we stand up against illegal immigration totally wrecking America and Europe (or anywhere else)? Why can’t we say it is Jews who are behind all this mayhem when we all know it is? Instead we have IDIOTS using the word ZIONISTS, a word out of the Bible that was preserved for Israelites and NOT JEWS. Admit that at least! Every time I read a story about the Old Testament outside of the Bible itself it is directed towards JEWS, why? Admit something is not right. How did Jews become Israelites? They didnt folks they slithered in like they do everywhere else.

Some of the white movements most well known orators can never admit they are wrong. They claim to have been born with the truth even though they can’t even pronounce biblical characters correctly and know little to nothing about the Bible. I am sorry folks, but the words used today in the truth movement all come from the Bible, whether they were mistranslated or not. Jews, Zionists, Christians, God, Israel, Gentile, etc. are words that have to be understood by people of truth or you are simply watching the Jew media 2000 years ago today.

I hear people discussing Jews poisoning the water supply and they want you to buy a Burkee water system. The answer to chemtrails is “supplements” sold by well known trusted internet radio personalities. Go live out in the boonies and grow your own hemp etc. etc. Turn off that TV and listen to us on radio try to sell you stag hunting trips in Argentina. It is Jew BS on top of Jew BS and you have to seek the truth.

Admit that you are wrong! You believed this BS radio network like you did Limbaugh and Hannity, before that you trusted the Ten Commandments movie and Ben Hur. You are being BS’d straight to hell!

If they are talking about Zionists they don’t know history and you obviously aren’t a Christian because the Bible isn’t against Zion it’s against Jews (you idiots). Notice how these idiots interweave the word Zionists with the word Jews and do yourself some good and scratch your head and ask yourself WHY? I’ll tell you why because these clowns are more mixed up than you are or they are Jews themselves. ZION doesn’t belong to Jews it belongs to Israelites and ladies and gentlemen, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Jews aint Israelites. It’s why the word Jew was introduced to begin with. Admit it, you can’t or you won’t.

All of these shill websites; all of these idiots that call Jews Zionists are dupes or Jews. DO YOU GET IT? Hopefully one or two of you do, but it’s a start. What it means is these idiots don’t know what the Bible says or won’t admit it. Some of these people are Christian pastors who don’t see it (or clearly do and wont and you will never know do you know why? They have their phones cut off).

Want to debate in an open forum let me know. Most of these so called “legends” are full of dung folks, working for the Jews. You can’t go into this ordeal and not know the Bible, you can’t say the Bible is trash and continue to speak as some kind of historian; you have to go to the origin of words and figure out who to trust. The number one wrecking ball of Jews is to make you trust nothing. One simple thing changes everything and that is elimination of hypocrisy. Admit you are wrong, tell the truth and the truth will come to you. Open up the lines. If you aren’t straight with your listeners you cannot be straight with God. If you claim to be a leader and you can’t even take phone calls you are not of truth (and I don’t mean 10 minutes of calls in an hour show either). If you don’t take calls you will never admit you were wrong because nobody will ever prove you were wrong. I can without a doubt be wrong because the lies are thick, but lets start out with the simple words we use first. Only people of truth will do it.

The people who use the word “Zionists” you will find all have their wires crossed, they allow words to be stolen in fear of the Jew. Others use that word because they need an excuse not to say “Jews”. They have no problem using the word “whites” or “blacks” or “Catholic priests”, etc. Only Jews can have specific words designed to make them look harmless and dangerous at the same time. Paul said “Jews (Idumeans) are contrary to mankind” he never used the word “Zionist” ever. How many so called leaders do we have out there that claim to be smarter than Paul? Admit you are wrong, admit you never read the Bible, admit you don’t know what a Jew or a Zionist is or simply admit you are a crypto Jew. Whatever your reason for using the word “Zionist” or “Zionism” is you are wrong! You aid and abet Jews in their biggest lie of all.

If you claim to be or want to be a so called “white European leader” it is essential you know where the word “Europe” came from. It came from the Middle East. Why on earth is this being swept under the rug by these “leaders”? Admit you’re wrong or take a hike otherwise you are simply deliberate disinfo.  Nobody has a lock on the facts, but anyone that wants you to believe they have a lock on the facts and don’t see their own hypocrisy are Jews in my book. Be smart as a serpent and know what the serpent does. No Christian is a hypocrite if they seek the truth because it enables you to see the hypocrisy of the Jews. Dont rely on anyone for the truth that you havent checked out. If they don’t care about their own hypocrisy they are Jews or fools. If they don’t want to know their hypocrisy they are Jews.



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