The Apostle

Praise Jews!

Praise Jews!

I didn’t see this movie, but I am sure it had nothing to do with the Bible. First of all I am not a Biblical scholar. What is a Biblical scholar anyway? I am a seeker of truth; therefore I must question everyone and all things. When I was a kid I trusted my father for truth, but he wasn’t a historian and he wasn’t a priest so I trusted my father for what he knew was true and experienced himself. I trusted my priests, but I didn’t know enough to question them on their knowledge. I frankly didn’t want to be involved with them or History teachers because I had to go and listen to them not because I wanted to.

If I knew what I know now back then I would have rocked this planet. Imagine someone twenty, thirty, forty years ago telling their entire church that Jews are not Judah? Judeo pastors, CI pastors, atheists, Jews themselves know today that these people had nothing to do with Judah or Israelites, but they continue to use the word “Zionist” taken out of that book, the Bible, that was written for Israelites and not Jews (Sephardic or Ashkenazi’s).

When you say not Sephardic or Ashkenazi’s people cringe and say, “How could you know even more than say Texe Marrs knows?” Texe is praised by everyone on the internet (that’s why).

Damned fools dont know enough to get out of the Jew rain.

Jew put me in here.

There is a reason why I don’t use my real name. I do it to tell the truth and I know who hates the truth and I know even my own people will sit back and watch me die a thousand deaths and they won’t say a word while I rot in jail.

David Duke says white people are from Esau and at the same time says white people don’t come from the Middle East. That’s called an

I got my own show so what?

so Im a Cajun Jew. So whaddya want from me?

Emeril (he’s a Louisiana boy too) “BAM” moment. Doctor Duke has no idea in the slightest of his hypocrisy or does he? You look for the hypocrisy folks. Hypocrisy is a nice way of BSing your pants off. These jaw jackers are not there to give you truth when they know they aren’t giving you it.

CI pastors, CI radio      hosts who pontificate 5 nights a week, Rick Adams for instance likes to praise Brother (not my title) Nathanael Kapner. Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out folks. Kapner is a Khazarian who thinks he is a Judahite or member of the House of Judah that came from Palestine. Every CI member I have ever known knows this to be one the main pillars of Jew lies in itself. Rick Adams and CI pastors praise Kapner because he rats or pretends to rat all the secrets on his own people and now pretends to be a Christian when every CI member knows a Jew, whether it be a Khazarian Jew or a Sephardic Jew, an Indian Jew, a Chinese Jew, a Peruvian Jew, etc. can never ever be a Christian EVER. They know this yet they continually drag you back to Kapner and that stolen word “Zion” or now known as “Zionism, a complete theft. Must I explain it to you?

we trust jews, we dont trust jews, we trust jews... why Rick Adams trusts jews.

we trust jews, we dont trust jews, we trust jews… why Rick Adams my hero even trusts jews. Maybe he forgot.

Must I drill it into your brain that Jews stole this word and perverted it? Truthfully, 99% of the people can’t see this because they are in some kind of foggy delusion. Truth isn’t always reading History books or even the correct History book, its common sense!

Why do these simple minded so called “warriors” continually drag you straight back to the Jew and sell you books? They want you to keep positive, calm and whatever you do don’t retaliate in any way, why? You want my answer? Because they are no different from those priests you thought were telling the truth, those main stream radio hosts you once thought were telling the truth, those History teachers that told you they had PHD’s you thought were telling the truth (who BS’d you ever day of your life in school). The truth is they are either gutless cowards who are far from standing for the truth with their pictures all over the internet or they are Jews themselves.

The Jew liars are always there up at the forefront as usual. Nothing has changed. The apostles never used the word Zionist, they never said we were from Esau, they never even used the word “Jew”. You are going to have to figure out the truth all the way to the bloody end folks. Once you understand that Jews can lie about ANYTHING you will learn one huge thing. Never trust a jew- ever and most importantly, don’t trust people who trust Jews! Separate yourselves from them or you are blind to history and trying to blind us as well. True history is truth and if people knew the truth they wouldn’t be praising Jews who make up 2% of the population knowing that 2% of that same population is destroying the rest of the world’s population. Its schizophrenic Jewish gefilte.

As I have said many times, Herod and Caiaphas were from Esau and they conspired to kill Jesus among the other Edomites. David Duke must believe we, whites conspired to kill our own messiah. Now I want you to go find a quiet place and meditate on how ass backwards that really is and he wants to be your leader? The last thing in the world you need is a leader that doesn’t know the difference between what a Jew and an Israelite is. You need truth first. You can say I can’t prove things, but you can’t say I am a hypocrite because I’m not set in stone and don’t deliberately lie or misinform. If I am being hypocritical I figure out how I am not going to be and adjust. The further on that path you get you can see everyone you left behind and you will see those liars doing their Hollywood acts trying to protect how little they really do know. Their image is far more important than the truth. If Jews steal words and pervert them the only reason they get away with it is because of the people we look up to for truth. I am here to tell you often the people you look to for truth end up never progressing with it. There is only so far they can go with the truth. If they finally admit something like Texe Marrs, who finally realized Ashkenazi’s are no relation to Judah, they have to admit they were wrong about how they used to preach to you for so long even after selling you book after book. The only way things will ever change is if we have a congregation of truth. If you claim you are a Christian, let us all expose our own hypocrisies openly for the overall truth and not ourselves and not look back. If someone is out there telling others that white people are from Edom like Dr Duke they should never be praised by true Christians or even people who pretend to be.

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6 Responses to The Apostle

  1. sschmwp says:

    I don’t put my name or pictures on a public website. But, I’ve got my full name and pictures on FB. I use FB to communicate with my family sometimes. I also use e-mail with my real name. I’ve given my identity out to a few people on the Internet that I’ve trusted. I know all of my e-mails, FB chats, website visits, and IM messages have been monitored by the enemy and others. I’m sure it goes deeper than that, but that is all that I know for sure has been spied on. They have my identity and I’m not afraid. I know I’ve been spied on and it was rather easy to detect it. One thing I don’t do is throw my name and pictures out across the Internet. If someone wants to know who I am in real life, I won’t be afraid to tell them, but I only talk with my own kind.

    Many people would be too afraid to tell it like it really is, assuming they were enlightened enough to know. They don’t want to lose what they have or put themselves at risk.

    The “truth movement” is a fraud and I don’t even trust the CI pastors, although I have little to suspect with at least one of them. Anyone who is making money off “truth” I automatically suspect. If you were offered a job to learn as much about CI as you can, and then slowly insert yourself into it, becoming a pastor or whatever, there are plenty of people who would take the job to earn money. Even mongrels (e.g., “Jews”) are intelligent enough to learn CI and plant themselves into it. It has already been discovered that at least 2-3 CI broadcasters are not pureblooded White people. It would not surprise me if these broadcasters were all frauds. It was Lenin who said, “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Well, the truth about who the White race is in the Bible and what is required of us is the opposition. Some call this “Christian Identity” because we are a community that identifies who the White race is in Scripture and who our enemies are. But, there are plenty of frauds and false doctrines in CI.

    Allegedly 6 out of 7 KKK leaders/heads were FBI informants, and what has the FBI ever done that benefits the truth? If they’re pureblooded White agents or informants, the chances are that they’re merely getting paid money to be useful idiots and work against the truth. They don’t give a damn about their race, because they have either been brainwashed to accept universalism or they are in need of money or perhaps they like playing around as some kind of “special agent.” One of the CI broadcasters who has been called out as a “Jew” was also in a high position within the KKK at one time.

  2. melgibstein says:

    I wouldnt give that reptile, Zuckerman the satisfaction of joining his data mining operation (Facebook). No doubt there are false leaders and why I dont follow anyone I join them. I always know truthers because they allow me to be around, the false leaders pretend Im not there, a fly in their soup. You either want the truth or you dont. I dont care how it conflicts with your personal Jew fable strudelled mind. When you learn something new it makes a wave on a lot of other things and it seems that most people dont want to follow where all those waves go and whose boats they rock.

    People have been so lambasted with BS they are afraid to look at the entire picture and that picture always looks the same way in the end throughout time “Jews are destroyers” and when you trust Jews you go directly against God himself and he will give you double delusion that just multiplies. Anyone with a microphone needs to be constantly checked for truth. That is precisely the way, as you mentioned, that they get in. The lemmings throw themselves over each other to find a Jew to believe if that isn’t the most idiotic thing one can do I dont know what is. They should be saying “Who gives a rats arse what Jews say?” How many times does one have to drink polluted water to know it is unsafe to drink? It is psychotic! They are still under the cloud because they fear the truth in its entirety. If you stop seeking the truth you stop finding it and or being helped along with it. The hard questions need to be asked right here and now. No need to be calling Jews Zionists because that connects them to our own holy books. How educated do you have to be NOT TO SEE THAT? All of these PHD’s are programmed, they got their certified papers from some Jew controlled school. Obviously no schools today teach true history. What school have you ever known that teaches that Noah had 3 white children? Instead the believe Noah had a Chinaman, an Indian, an Asian, a Black, a White, etc. The book is about the genealogy of Adam and shows that Cain is not of that genealogy. I guess that isn’t suppose to be discussed. We can only discuss what Jews are comfortable with and that’s the key to everything. Why should we worry what Jews think after all the mayhem they have caused and continue to cause?

    They have their faces all over the internet, but they still don’t spread the truth claiming they are Christians. Well unfortunately you have to read and understand the books first. We deny our own book to please Jew nutcases. I don’t know which is more pathetic. You either believe the book through understanding it or you believe the book with your own private fantasies. We can’t all have our own private fantasies we have to all work together for the bottom line of it. Anything we disagree on we should be more willing to discuss and not fight over what we believe the book says, but what the truth is. The truth can be nailed down. You dont know the truth if you believe hypocrisy. Lets find out who the hypocrites are and get past it.

    • sschmwp says:

      FB is the only way that I can communicate with some people. I don’t care if they spy on me because it just proves they have no life. I wonder how much money they make by violating the privacy of others? “Zucker” did not even develop the FB code, he ripped it off from some other people. But, his own kind made him a billionaire. Of course I am spied on, because I am allegedly an “evil genocidal terrorist” who cares about my own people (but only those who are not twofold children of hell). In other words, I agree with the Bible.

      You’re right that our enemies also come from the White race. They will sit by and watch you suffer and be persecuted and even clap their hands while it is happening. To me, the only Whites who are worth something are those who please God. Mammon (money) is the god of the masses. You know what is odd, is that we have the phrase “In God We Trust” placed on our monies. This should read “In Mammon We Trust.” This nation has gone downhill and is in rebellion against God.

      Is the White race dead? It seems like there is only a small amount left who care and who know the score. And then we only have a small group out of those who accept the racial message of the Bible, which is the only thing that can save us.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Anyone that uses the word “Jew” or any word from the Bible needs to use the word in accordance with it how it was supposed to be used or it is corruption. Jews do nothing but corrupt words from the Bible. They know who they are. Liars know the truth or they wouldn’t be liars. Think of all the Jews who know there is no chance in hell they are a pure race- just look at them. God created an Ariel Sharon race? A Youssef Ovadia race? God did not create them. Nothing of good created them. Paul said they were contrary to mankind, Adam was the first man, Jesus was the son of man not the son of nephilim. If that doesnt make perfect sense I’m Barbara Streisand.

    I use the word Jew not relating them to Judah or Israelites, but when others do you can see how it is true that they are totally deluded because they dont seek the truth. The word has been able to morph out into people who were never even in Judea or the House of Israel. When you dont stand for the truth the lies morph.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    It’s a good time to review 1 chronicles 2:55. The tirathites succathites and shimeathites of the house of Rechab.

    Like Millers. Coopers and Smiths, those names also describe their functions. Studied back to their roots, Tirathites are associated with loud speech, succathites are hedge makers and shimeathites are gate keepers. So there you have your soap box hogs, your monopolists and your censors. It’s a blueprint for the mainstream media and a plan for taking any media over.

    Do you see them forming a hedge? So now John Kaminski is reaching across the aisle for a tender embrace of Bro Nate. I’ve suspected some collusion going on between them for a long time. They all just love to roll out this “you’re causing division” claim with unabashed hypocrisy, when their whole show is about division. How does such blatant hypocrisy escape scrutiny, let alone go unnoticed. That little mantra nullifies what they claim to want to achieve. Take it over to sow wind.

    You can prove a liar or a jew on these blogs 10 different ways and then you can just buckle up for the tsunami bullshit storm, trolling and scrolling to bury you. It’s all baseless slander and their juvenile attempts at their potty humor. What’s more, if they get you engaged in it, they win. They will manipulate your hot head to keep you engaged in it.

    They create an image in the minds of unsuspecting people and outright morons, and then they manipulate that image. They’re image makers. Think of the Mideast. Do you picture camel jockeys and fanatical people in lockstep? Once that is established, they attack Christianity as a mideastern religion in derision, and then go on to promote some canaanite religion.

    WTF interest would any atheist have in preserving any white race. They love and worship the great equalizer – entropy. More blatant hypocrisy. Hypo = below. Crite = criteria, creed. They’re zombie golem and just look at how they get promoted. Remember funny of face ZCF? Now, some JB Campbell appears out of the shitstorm.

    The Rechabite is also ‘the rider’ of which Dan has the snake to turn all of his power and bulk against him. Probably because it’s just an illusion of power induced into the minds of the masses, only after those minds have been ‘softened’ with their images. Which of their tribes translates to ‘softener’? Is it the sopherim of Nehemiah. I can’t find it again.

    Yahweh’s word is the ultimate blog on this. Look at how much a little obscure record like 1:chronicles 2:55 brings to light. I can’t wrap my head around ‘Hemath”. What is that? I’ve only noticed that the border between Hemath and the land of Jacob is permeable. I have to think there’s a big secret hiding there.

    I’ll be sticking with the ultimate blogger on this, above all others. And, looking for that snake of Dan.

    • melgibstein says:

      Hype and hypocrisy is their game. Get the goyim hyped and you can lead them right into quick sand. The shills pretend to look for inside info from Jews on how to make money while they are pointing their fingers at “Zionist Jews”. They are either Jews or fools. On one hand they are telling you Jews suck and the other they are telling you Jews are bloody heroes. Its like bringing wolves into the herd to protect it from wolves. People have to be brainless idiots. You tell them this and they brand you a hater. Thats how I know they are Jews or working for them.

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