Defending Jacob


OUTRAGE: Judge Confiscates Additional Properties from Jacob Ostreicher

rice-harvest confiscatedAt least seven other properties over large tracts of land located in the eastern region of Santa Cruz were seized from Jacob Ostreicher by Judge Aeneas Gentile following an order issued by the Office of Controlled Substances under the Prosecutor Carlos Robles direction.. This confiscation came as a total surprise to Jacob Ostreicher.


**** you, Mel!

Ostreichers attorney Yimy Montaño was outraged and insisted that this court decision is an “abuse of power” that the government and judge exercised.

The seizure was executed after Ozzie Lozadas Dorado, who was previously indicted for criminal organization and laundering of illicit proceeds, was released by Judge Aeneas Gentile, a ruling that was not appealed by the prosecution, but was questioned by Deputy Social Defense, Felipe Cáceres and FELCN. Ozzie’s brother Maximiliano Dorado was deported to his native Brazil where he’s incarcerated for drug related offenses and laundering of illicit funds.

An order issued by the commission of narcotics prosecutors ordered the confiscation of property, and other assets of the Dorado millionaires. In late June, the judge ordered Gentile seizing everything required with order notation with the Real and their respective specifications.

~Looks like our little fwend is gonna have to squeal. Maybe he wont be around to squeal, ju never know.

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