Never Forget



Never forget that Jews control your media and have free speech completely cut off right now!

Never forget Jews controlled Black slavery and brought them to America and while you are watching this Jewish controlled Zimmerman trial that fact will never see the light of day in this completely Jew circus media.

Never forget how our financial system, a usury system we were never supposed to take part in, is in total control of Jews.

Never forget that Hollywood has always been controlled by Jews whether you like a character or not, it’s an act!

Never forget that Jews have run organized crime in America since it was organized in America.

Never forget gambling rackets are all Jew controlled.

Never forget Jews run porn. No Christian could ever run porn in any way or he wouldn’t be a Christian, yet Jews openly control porn and they are still thought of as G_ds chosen.

Never forget Jews have been behind all the major wars because of their control of fiat money.

Never forget Jewish Ritual Murder and towns like Judenstein and how they got their name.

Never forget friends and or family you have lost to the drug industry. Jews have always run the drug trade. Feel free to prove me wrong.

Never forget the Jews who run the organ harvesting rackets, one of the most hideous acts of a human being (of course they aren’t human beings).

Never forget their Holocaust BS stories that idiots believe because of constant Jewish propaganda and no free speech to prove their lies.

Never forget Jew terrorism such as the Beirut Marine bombing, King David Hotel, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, the Baruch Goldstein’s, the Adam Gadahns, etc.

Never forget how Jews have infiltrated our churches claiming they are the racial House of Judah when they have Chinese Jews, Indian Jews, Turko Mongolian Jews, Idumean Jews, but not one pure racial Jew and not one member of the House of Israel that separated from the House of Judah ever mentioned.

Never forget that the word Jew is an oxymoron. Words have to have specific meanings and not 5 or 10 meanings. The word Jew is hypocrisy in ITSELF!

Never forget the Jews showcasing Christianity as a bunch of child molesters while they have the largest population of child molesters of any people on earth that goes unscathed in their Jewish media.

Never forget when a Jew is reading from the Constitution he or she has NOTHING to do with that Constitution.

Never forget when a Jew is reading from the Bible that the God or Messiah they speak of did not come for them, but was put to death by them (the Judeans in this case).

Never forget that Jews have been booted out of every country they have ever lived in or on their way out.

Never forget when you shop at the malls or the grocery stores it is all totally Jew controlled extortion.

Never forget the marranos in the churches who make sure truth never sees the light of day.

Never forget the race mixing Jews project to our women to defile us and eradicate us.

Never forget Jews who run the abortion mills who claim they are awaiting their messiah who will in no way be an Ashkenazi or an Idumean/Sephardic Jew according to the Bible.

Never forget that Jews will never engage in a full debate on what the Bible says because they will be caught in a thousand lies.

Never forget that the truth cannot lose ever to these lying sons of Satan. Never forget!

When people in the internet media tell you that it’s not ALL the Jews behind these perversions, lies, wars, thefts, etc., tell them to take a hike with the Jews out the door and out of the country because they are just as guilty. Jews are behind every perversion to the white race (and to every race God created) and Jews happily still identify as Jews and do NOTHING to stop it or identify the problem, what they do is stop you from throwing the whole lot of them out with a few who the lemmings just can’t separate themselves from. Be ye separate! That means ALL of them.

Most Jews call Jews by another name when discussing their fellow Jews such as, the money junkies, bankers, the Illuminati. Well folks, whether Fr Coughlin, Henry Ford, Lindbergh, the founding fathers of America knew it, Hitler knew it, Longshanks knew it, Jesus knew it and that’s good enough for me and should be good enough for you. If you dont know it by now all the tireless effort was all for naught. If you are not focused on the Jews knowing all the above you don’t belong anywhere near a microphone unless you are our enemy as well.

Quit looking for a Jew for truth because when you do it shows you are an ignorant fool for the entire world to see. It isn’t the time to look for Jews for truth, it is time to take Jews to the camps for their crimes already committed and that continue to be committed.

Don’t try to convert Jews when Jesus himself didn’t. They were not his sheep- period and they shouldnt be yours. They don’t hear the truth or follow the truth, they pervert the truth. There is nothing on this earth that is pure and decent that Jews do not have under attack today. If they say (anyone) “it isn’t all the Jews” think of how that is designed to make you do absolutely nothing when Jews continue to pillage. There is going to come a time when Jews will all take the blame for Jews just as it has continually in the past and if it is up to me it would’ve been done yesterday too!

If you are looking for a Jew to trust you are against the truth and against every good people who already expelled Jews for the best of reasons. Remember who those great people were and what they did for you too. Never forget!

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9 Responses to Never Forget

  1. ihatek*kes says:

    Hi Mel,

    This should be the first page of our constitution after we make it 110.

    Well done. and well explained.

  2. melgibstein says:

    The lemmings think Im a hater for telling the truth and call themselves Christians. They would rather be polite all the way to the soup line and call their own brothers and sisters bums for not being able to find a job. The so called internet media is in place to protect Jews at every turn, all they have to do is all read this list at the beginning of every show to get their listeners and their own minds right.

    Making them dig a hole and fill it in wont work in this case.

  3. aryandawn says:

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. Jew Hater says:

    Never forget jews created chrisitanity to control the goyim. “Love thy neighbor,” “the chosen ones” is taken hook, line and sinker by the superstitionists!

  5. melgibstein says:

    Its love they kinsman. You can say whatever you want, but if you are going to let Jews take what was meant for you (if indeed it was) there is free will. What about Jews is free will? Absolutely nothing. Jews dont follow the laws of God in any way whatsoever, all you see is jew lies. Why would you trust them for anything? If a Jew was standing in front of me telling me he was holding a golf ball and it looked like a golfball I still wouldnt believe him because the minute I trust a Jew I am toast. Jews say they wrote the Bible when they dont even follow it so why would you think it was written for them?
    Christianity my dear pal has been nothing but fighters for good until Jews got in. Be ye separate was obviously not what Jews believe because God said this to the Israelites not Jews. Do you understand? Dont bother.
    Jews have snookered you not me. So lets just leave it there and play our cards out.

  6. Jew Hater says:

    I didn’t write it was written for them dear pally! You do in fact trust the jews because they wrote it unless you have documentation someone else wrote it. In other words, a man wrote it and I you write you do not trust a man?

  7. melgibstein says:

    What in it dont you like about it, the part when Jesus is telling Jews they are the synagogue of Satan? When was the last time a Jew called himself the synagogue of Satan? Ive seen it every different angle there is pally. And I know the Jews have corrupted you from seeing it from the correct angle. There is no more powerful angle against Jews than this one, none. Everything else is throwing the baby out with the bathwater and exactly what Jews want you to do more than anything. Im not going to convince you obviously, I cant give you the film proving Jesus existed nor can I give you film the Romans existed. What every honest man should be seeking is the truth. You have no proof Jews wrote the Bible so you are stuck with truth itself. You are going to have to dig deeper for it and seek it like you were told to. If you dont you wont get it- period. In fact you will get double delusion.

    If you want to believe David Icke or Jordan the fatso Maxwell who are alive today for truth- go ahead, but thats not truth. The truth is there and you have to follow where it leads and where the lies lead. You will see the fork in the road if you seek it. If you dont, face it you dont even know what youre fighting.

    • melgibstein says:

      I’ll approve this BS with JB Campbell who is vehemently antiConstitution as if a document is our problem (that we are not even upholding) because I want people to see that JB agrees Jews killed Kennedy because he wanted Congress to coin the money as the Constitution says. Why would Jews create a document and have to kill people to go against it? I’m not an anarchist pinko Commie, I am pro Constitution for the people it was intended for. If a crypto jew got in under the radar, it happens, but JB gets his news out through every jew shill and jew network out there. He never takes questions and frankly he better not, its best the jew shills kept him in another dimension. If a man cant be questioned he cant be put to the test of honesty, therefore he is a cartoon everybody laughs at just for the sake of the fact they paid to see a show.

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