The Transformers

Let me take your mind off the truth with some fake boobs, botox and make up for a couple hours.

Let me take your mind off the truth with some fake boobs, botox and make up for a couple hours.


What is a liar? If I was giving you false information deliberately I would be a liar. Of course I could lie to you by making you believe I believed what I was saying, but the issue isn’t “belief” as Moishe

I believe homos should have the right to live in peace! But Im not one.

I believe homos should have the right to live in peace! But Im not one.

Rivero likes to say, but the issue is “truth”. Jews are the last people on earth who want to discuss the truth! Guess what they will be discussing?

The only way to know who is of truth is by confrontation (and really just to reinforce my own truth). I once called Moishe Rivero of “” and asked him how he could be a Jew. Imagine the gall someone asking a Jew that question, but I did because I was seeking the truth regardless of offending anyone. You see Jews will use every excuse in the book to keep you from seeking the truth including sympathy.

Moishe said he was a “Judean” and not a Judahite or member of the House of Judah and that he did not believe in the Bible, but where did the word “Judea” come from? I then asked him if he believed there was an Israel and it was as if I had hit the eject button in one of those Hollywood moon landing vehicles. Arnold Schwarzenegger was transforming back into his native skin in Total Recall.

If Mikey is pro gay so am I. Wherever my Daddy goes I go too even if he takes a big poop on you.

If Mikey is pro gay so am I. Wherever my Daddy goes I go too even if he takes a big poop on you.

What is a liar? Well that is pretty easy, a liar is someone who deliberately spreads untruth. You can say this person is telling the truth all day long, but the truth is they wont be confronted because they will self destruct right in front of your eyes so they must destroy truth and run. They have no memory because truth is in the past, present and future, there is no avoiding it, although that is precisely what they do day in and day out.

Is David Duke lying when he says white people don’t come from the Middle East, Asia and or Africa? You would have to say “yes” because his phones are shut down and he refuses to listen to anyone, but people like well Michael Rivero, Gilad Atzmon, etc. Kevin MacDonald or anyone in this guys entourage are no different at all. Yes, folks they are all LIAR’s! Dont be fooled by titles because the Jew schools only want Jew fools.

Take a look around at folks like Jordan Maxwell, Icke, Tsarion, all of these Jew paid shills, they are no different from Hollywood and the Jews. They are in on the Jew lie or they would have their phones open folks. Please tell me you are with me.


John Kaminski and Gordon Duff are praising Bruce Campbell, do you sense anything wrong folks? These people are ravenous antiChristians why? Because Jews have transformed them or they are Jews themselves.

I think we need to take this all the way to the dikes on the Supreme Court.

I think we need to take this all the way to the dikes on the Supreme Court.

I am going to tell you the truth right now, if I can’t talk to them they are not of truth. Some tell me I hide behind a website so take me on? Let your truth shine through and line me up for the show. Lets let it all out.

It aint gonna happen folks and you need to snap out of your Jewish trance. Just because someone appears to be telling more truth than someone else doesn’t mean they aren’t still liars. Someone of truth has their phones and or comments wide open to truth because truth seeking is perpetual. Anyone claiming they are of truth who claim they refuse to be confronted with anyone is crucifying the truth. So what do they do, they create a Hollywood atmosphere to use it for an excuse to cut all truth out. What do you expect folks, they are liars! Don’t ever under estimate the Jew and his lies, they are not human and have no morality. Liars know the truth and know they are never going to be considered of it- ever or they hang themselves! They have to hide like rats in full view.

I simply don’t provide information that gives my enemy any ability to attack me or my family (because we all know we are dealing with reptilian nutjobs). Jesus himself avoided the nutjobs because it’s the Gods honest truth! Was Jesus a coward? Only people of truth know the answer. It is also a safety precaution for them too!

Sidenote: Guess who told David Duke who did 9/11 after at least 10 years? Of course Moishe said “Israel did it” and Duke “believed” of course Moishe wouldn’t know a people from a land mass if he even read the book because they are “liars” folks. Damned right!

I don’t sell books, I don’t lure you in with stories about UFO’s, I don’t sell supplements for overweight people or try to sell Go Burkee water softeners or oil additives that dont do anything, I am here for truth- period! Bring it to me if you got it.


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10 Responses to The Transformers

  1. sschmwp says:

    Are you referring to JB Campbell? I see him praised quite often by “Jew”-wise folks as well, but I always suspected he was up to no good. He is virulently antichristian, but so am I when it comes to the false versions of it. I sent him a couple e-mails explaining the true version of it, but he was not persauded. So, he is just an antichrist and possibly provacatuer, with a strange wife. I mentioned his contstant Christian bashing rhetoric, non-White wife, and the way he goes about demonizing the White man for what they supposedly did to the Indians to a CI pastor, and he told me that he met JB and appears to be of “Aryan” stock. But, I always suspected he was working for the devil in some fashion or another, either knowingly or unknowingly. I do not bother to read his stuff anymore. I do not hold antichrists up in any high esteem, and his solutions are void without God/Jesus. Also, the fact that he has a foreign wife pretty much destroys his reputation. If he ever met Phineas, he’d be a dead man.

  2. melgibstein says:

    He is anti American so wtf is he doing here? He hates Christianity so he wants us to hate it too. He only talks to shills like Carolyn Yeager. These guys pop in to disrupt and go back under their rocks and we are supposed to praise them like the Jew Yonnie Kaminsky and Gordo Dufferstein.

    You gotte be brain dead. Jews control the media and have their little plants all over the internet. They can be exposed with just a few questions, but you will never have 5 minutes with them. They get shills in place and they get 5 minutes with them.

    I wouldnt trust one of them with their heads sticking out of quick sand.

    All these shills using the word Jew and they never opened the Bible to figure out what “Jew” even means. They talk out their arses is what they do. They either accepted someone elses philosophy from the Jews or they accepted it straight from the Jew or they are Jews. One thing is for sure, you wont hear them debating what the Bible says because they know they were duped into never reading it for themselves. So what do they do? They shoot the **** with others like themselves so more idiots will agree with their unfettered nonsense.

  3. DC says:

    If Carolyn Yeager is a shill, then there really is no one in this movement you can trust! She’s the most straight talking “shill” I’ve listened to, she calls a Jew a Jew, her facts are always 100% accurate (as far as I can tell) and she’ll come after you swinging like a man when you say something questionable (“Tucker” who comments on can vouch for that), which I like about her.

    I can understand you not trusting her. 99% of “truthers” are certainly controlled opposition, but she’s always been out on the right side of the truth whenever I’ve listened to her, however her judgement of character in some of her guests maybe her weakness.

    Having listened to Yeager for some time, I think she likes JB Campbell because of his extreme solution to the Jewish problem and the fact that she favors “hard men” who will take up arms against the bastards while most WN’s are at home siting on their computers complaining about the problem or arguing on petty topics about this or that, however for me Mr Campbell raised a few red flags too.

    He was associated with Gordon Duff’s Veterans Today website (who Carolyn adamantly called out by the way over the course of several shows) which regularly publishes some (to say the least) dubious content. As has been mentioned Campbell also seems to hate whitey, Christianity and CI, brings up the American Indians and calls Americans “inherently evil”, I think his non-white wife is American Indian which may explain his thinking.

    • melgibstein says:

      She doesnt take comments on her site and Ive called her twice, each time she has treated me like someone that set out to ruin her day. She has a mental problem or she is a shill. If she is going to be in the truth movement she has to let the truth in. You cant learn the truth in some kitchen cooking weiner schnitzel or whatevers on the menu that day. Knockwurst or motzo.

  4. DC says:

    Have you tried commenting on She may not accept comments on her personal website, but is certainly open to comments, although it is moderated.

  5. sschmwp says:

    Exactly. When are the “idiots” who praise fools and devils going to get wise in God’s Word, so that we can collectively put an end to the mess that we’re in?

    If JB is one of us racially, I can only hope that he repents, grows a pair of balls, dumps his “wife,” becomes racially strong, stops slandering God, and stops whining about what those of his own kind allegedly did to some foreigners (Indians / non-Adamites). I sure hope he has not been screwing around with his strange wife, because that would make him a fornicator, and such men will not inherit the kingdom of God. Who would praise this man, other than racially unaware antichrists? Just because he talks a few facts about “Jews” and appears to despise them does not make him worthy of praise. Esau is GREATLY despised, even among other non-Adamic “heathen.” Despising these people is only natural, unless you have been brainwashed into adoring and/or tolerating them.

    JB has allegedly committed a “felony” (sedition) by advocating for the overthrow of government, yet the Feds leave him untouched to continue his (possible) agent provocateur work. I suppose that if he was arrested, it would make him seem like he was being persecuted for the truths sake, when he is not of the truth. He is also buddies with the “Jew” G. Duff, which means that he is associated with devils. He does not like CI, as evidenced by writings of his I have come across.

    Is JB just a pussy and a sellout, or does he have something in his woodpile? Please Mr. Campbell, if you’re reading this, stop pretending that you’re some kind of leader in a fictional “movement” against the “Jews,” because it is obvious to me that you’re full of s***. Assuming that you do not have some Indian blood running through your veins, get right with God and accept the facts about who we are as a race.

    JB obviously has a lot of catching up to do if he ever decides to get real.

    These pricks get a lot of attention and praise. They must enjoy all of it. They’re probably on somebody’s payroll as well, so they get paid to be dips**** who confuse and mislead people. I actually kind of like it when I get shunned, ignored, and “cast out as evil,” rather than adored and praised, because this usually means that I’m doing something right.

    The #1 tactic to use against the truth is to completely ignore it altogether. Giving it any sort of attention is still making it possible for the sheep to discover it. If it can’t be entirely ignored, the next thing that they will often do is slander the truth and make it seem “evil,” which they are usually successful at. These scumbags lose in the end, so their efforts to mislead people and conceal the truth are only temporary solutions that will inevitably become worthless.

    The truth is not “politically correct.” Political correctness is a “Jew” crime against the White race, and those who are PC are merely too chicken s*** to tell it like it really is, no matter who it offends. In this day it often offends those whom people serve, because most people serve our enemies in one form or another, seeing as though they control “our” monies and have basically hijacked our country. I suppose that it would be wise to just “go with the flow” of outright suicidal stupidity and be PC in order to keep your job and make money, but this retardation and cowardice is not something that I can personally tolerate, even if it means that I must travel a rocky road and temporarily suffer. One of these days, people might follow this example and grow a spine, and, if they’re males, grow back the balls that they have had castrated.

    As for C. Yeager, she is also an antichrist from the info I’ve received. I’m not sure if that has changed or not. Hitler is what she focuses on. I never really bothered to check her out. I know Finck seems to adore her, but that is probably only because the two of them are in love with Hitler, so they share something in common.

    • sschmwp says:

      paid=payed. Just read the comments for a refresher. I make a lot of typos.

      Intend on replying with some more content, but for now I’m just going to add this:

      2 John 1:7, “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

      Folks, if you’re any sort of genuine Bible believer, please just take what the Bible has to say about these charlatans as a matter of fact. If they match the description of the above Bible verse, then they are DECEIVERS! It can’t get any more simple than just taking what the Bible declares as your source of wisdom. No matter how much they rant about “Jews,” they belong to a group of people called antichrists, and they are deceivers. They’re on the losing side.

      1 Corinthians 16:22, “If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema [G331] Maranatha [G3134].”

      331. anathema an-ath’-em-ah from 394; a (religious) ban or (concretely) excommunicated (thing or person):–accused, anathema, curse, X great.

      3134. maran atha mar’-an ath’-ah of Chaldee origin (meaning our Lord has come); maranatha, i.e. an exclamation of the approaching divine judgment:–Maran-atha.

  6. melgibstein says:

    Its like morons cheering a football team that has nothing to do with the town they live in nor will help anything going on in America today. They want us to follow someone who resembles Hitler, obviously and put Jesus on the back burner. Preach some Jesus, some Hitler, some Jesus and make Jesus into a Hitler follower. Im not English either, I am Celtic however and I dont know if Longshanks was a good man or a bad man because there is so much BS about him, but I’ll tell you one thing, he booted the Jews out (more than Hitler even did) and nobody is praising him.

    Jews wouldnt have had trombones and swimming pools in my camps.

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