The Island

Will Work For Jews and Against Christianity

Will Work For Jews and Against Christianity

“A man goes on the run after he discovers that he is actually a “harvestable being”, and is being kept as a source of replacement parts, along with others, in a Utopian facility.”

And now poor poor Mel Gibsteins private island complete with Fiji servants (buttwashers).

Mago Island, Mel Gibson's Private island in Fiji

The idyllic tropical islands of Fiji have long been a favoured vacation spot for residents of Down Under, and Australia native Mel Gibson no doubt agrees. Joining other Fijian island owners like the billionaire founder of Red Bull Energy Drinks (Mateschitz), the actor purchased Mago Island in 2005 for a reported US $9M. A member of the northern Lau Group, the price tag sounds like a lot until you take into account that Mago is 5,400 acres, one of the largest privately-owned islands in the South Pacific, and virtually the size of a small country. Almost completely untouched and uninhabited aside from a few Fijian caretakers, one has to wonder what Gibson intends to do with this massive isle? Environmentalists can breathe a sigh of relief, because the actor has stated that he wants to leave the island in its pristine state aside from a modest personal residence.

Your hero who gave Jesus a hooked nose has his own private island with servants. If I had 1/50 th of this guys money I would start a small army against Jew crime. Mel is getting his butt washed in Fiji under a coconut tree with Britney Spears (a Jewess). Jews put things on a screen and you believe them. Even some of the most respected people in the antisemite business are nothing but Jewish shoeshine boys.

Some of you actually claim you are anti-American now. You claim you are anti-American because you are losing all your rights to Jews. Folks if you dont see the Jew BS you need to get out of the house and air your brains out. Without Americans these so called “militia heroes” would never have owned a gun.

As I have said repeatedly for years now “The Truth Movement is full of Jew Liars”. You have so called white leaders that don’t know where white people came from, Christian leaders that dont know what a Jew is, then you have your so called ex military people surrounded by Jews (Jews are on them like flies on gefilte). Ladies and gentlemen if the Jews are all around them they are dead meat. Time to move along to the real truth and let the dead bury their dead on their own private islands.

I want to schtuck Goldie dont you?

I want to schtuck Goldie dont you?

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25 Responses to The Island

  1. melgibstein says:

    Dakar Rally Should Boycott Bolivia Unless Bolivia Releases Jacob Ostreicher

    Target: Bolivian Govt., Dakar Rally Organizers & Sponsors
    Sponsored by: Mayer Berger

    Jacob Ostreicher is an innocent American Citizen who just started his third year in unlawful detention in Bolivia, without being charged with any crime. The prosecutors that had him arrested were arrested for corruption and extortion in his case, but Jacob is still under house arrest without any charges.

    Therefore we call on the organizers of the Dakar Rally and the Amaury Sport Organisation, to exclude Bolivia from its planned route.

    Additionally we ask the Dakar Sponsors who include:

    > Total (motor oil)
    > Michelin (tires)
    > Honda
    > Mitsubishi Motors
    > Red Bull
    > Edox (swiss watches)
    > Karcher
    > Aggreko
    > Maindru Photo
    > Mutual Security

    should withdraw their sponsorship unless the Bolivian Government agrees to release Jacob Ostreicher.

    Jews with their financial strangle hold and the sellouts give in as usual. The cycle of Jew life.

  2. GoldmanbergsteinMoishe says:

    Mel is from Australia, a white nation with 25 mm people.
    Who or what nation exactly should he take up war against?

    I take it youre not familiar with his father Hutton, who spawned the traditionalist Catholic movement either?
    You know, about 1 million people today, who decry Vatican 2, stand in opposition to it and are adament in their beliefs and works, especially those about Jewry.

    Youre a well poisoner. Your blog is weak, as are your attacks on those like Yeager, JBC and others. You want to throw the whole baby out withthe bathwater because YOU as a narcissicist, dont agree with them on 1 or 2 issues.
    There are over 35,000 Protestant sects, all are heretical, all compete and cannibalize one another. You adhere to CI, which has a few merits on race mixing but otherwise is a J E W construct.
    You can argue with the black Israelites on who is biblical Israel.

    • melgibstein says:

      I am not a universalist like you. The Father is called the Father for a reason. Have you ever actually debated Hutton Gibson? Neither have I you know why? It cant be done. So you want to believe your own fairy tales about Catholic hogwash. I bet you believe Jesus was Jewish too like Hutton and Mel, who gave your God in the flesh a hooked nose. You must be proud of him.

      Read James chapter one and tell me who its written to. I’ll wait.

      If Carolyn Yeager doesnt take comments from me she can jump in the jew lake. I dont like her, she isnt a Christian, she was a Bill White groupie and ugly as sin. She just cant accept Christianity, but she is pro German (not pro white). Its a joke man. Just for the record, there are Jew Germans too, Germany is a geographical location not a people.

      Sorry I attacked your hero. How about her Namibian Filipino guest Andre she is trying to pass off as white? She takes whites as fools and frankly I dont give a dam if you disagree or dont like what I write. The truth hurts sometimes. I bet you are a Sphinctergola fan too, fag!

      Are there no Jews from Australia? Mel didnt make this list

      He is the only non Jew in Hollywood- Sylvester Stallone Lipschitz isnt a jew either (which he is doing a movie with next). Poor poor Mel, its like a Holocaust story and morons like you believe it.

      Jewish citizens make up 0.3 percent of the Australian population.[2] Several Australian Jews are amongst the richest Australians and several Jewish families are the wealthiest families in Australia.[3]

      Gee, I wonder who controls the movie industry in Australia, Aborigines?

      • goldmanmoishesteinberg says:

        There are many Non Jews in Hollywood.
        Or is Jackie Chan a j e w too now? Gina Carano-UFC fighter? Robert Redford? Marlon Brando? Leading Martial artist Jason Straham? Steven Seagall? Jean Claude Van Damme?

        Mel Gibson made it big IN Australia, in a B movie (not a blockbuster high financed J E W production) that he didnt even audition for, he was seen by a producer after brawling in a bar with the aftermath on his face, and dropping his friend off at the audtion, that movie became an International Hit, as women wanted to be with him and men wanted to be Him.
        You condemn those that dont espouse Christianity, but you yourself at critical of Catholicism, except when YOU are criticizing it! You are incredulous and a Cointel shill.

        Hutton is 94 yrs old and you wish to debate with him? He did his part for humanity.
        Brought 11 children into the world, none married J EWs, all raised in the Faith, he stayed married to his children’s mother until her death and helped spawn traditional Catholicism, and saved many souls along the way.
        Australia is nothing like America, as it is 94% WHITE. A few J E Ws, a few Chinese, a few Greeks and a few Lebanese. But 94% WHITE. America swarms with JE Ws, just as England does, Australia doesnt.

        Go ahead Mel. Lead the Charge.
        You do nothing but attack others. Ive yet to see a video of You calling for the arrests of anyone, much less making citizens arrests. Youve got no balls. All talk, no action, well poisoner extraordinaire.

      • melgibstein says:

        Mel gave Jesus a hooked nose, made all his money in Jew Hollywood, starring with Charlie Sheen in the movies now and headed to a Stallonovich movie next, divorced his wife with 7 kids for a younger Jewess, hangs out with Jews, has Jew bodyguards, Jew publicists (Rahm Emanuel’s bro), blamed the Catholic church on Protestants and Masons (not Jews), has money out his ears, costarred with every Jewess in Hollywood, made Jews a ton of money, cried out “Jesus” between Goldie Hawns legs (upside down), tongue kissed a Jewess after saying the Our Father in “They Were Soldiers”. He certainly was no soldier they cut and run to Australia, the other Jews ran to Canada.

        If thats your hero well you are just brain dead.

        As far as all the other folks you listed, Id say 75% of them are Jews at least. The UFC is a Jewish hoax too. Whats that pathetic demon looking Jews name that runs it?

        Tell me what their mother’s names are or take a hike. Are you saying Hollywood isnt Jewish now? You are pathetic!

        Oops almost forgot, he apologized to Jews for saying such an awful thing- the truth!

        You are a fool!

        Marlon Brando, a so called Italian, played a Jew mobster in the G_dfather. No, nothing suspicious there at all. He kissed Larry King on the lips. Yikes!

        Do you have any idea how antichristian the Estevezs Sheens are? It doesnt matter, you are obviously too far gone. Maybe you, Mel and Billy Crystal can go to a Knicks game and watch the bros they brought here like goats.

    • DC says:

      GoldmanbergsteinMoishe: I hear the claim that CI is a Jewish construct get thrown around a lot, but what PROOF is there that it’s a Jewish creation?
      A lot of SHILLS in the movement certainly, but an invention of the Jews is a stretch! (although I put nothing past them). Do you have any evidence to back that up?

      • melgibstein says:

        Who said CI was a Jewish construct, not I? Why would anyone in CI believe anything coming from Jews? That is the most appealing thing to CI there is other than it actually investigates the Bible other than shoveling Jewish fables to their sponge brained audience.
        Do I have evidence that Jews are an invention? Im not quite sure of your question, but the word “Jew” itself was a Jewish invention. One word cant have 10 meanings, you are going to have to limit it down to what fits in with the truth. Herod and Caiaphus were Judeans, Paul was called a Jew too, but he was the lineage of Benjamin, he was also referred to as a Jew because he was of the racial House of Judah and he was referred to as a Jew because he lived in Judea (where other non racial Israelites also lived). Why isnt this being explained? Is this not true? It most certainly is true and CI is the only group of people discussing it.
        If you want BS there is plenty of it out there. Are some CI people plants? Jew plants are everywhere, but when you discuss Jews you need to know wtf you are talking about right out of the shoot or you are a fool.

        Anything else?

      • DC says:

        Mel, the question was directed to GoldmanbergsteinMoishe. It was he who claimed CI was a Jewish construct.

        I am far from an expert, but my understanding of CI is what you said, that it is the study of the original scripture to get to to the truth which reveals it to be the religion of the white race and debunks the claim that those who are called “Jews” today are the true Israelites of the Bible. Why would the Jews “invent” something that works against their agenda? It doesn’t make any sense. At least on the surface it doesn’t.

        The ADL and other Jew run censor groups despise CI, but it’s still a JEW creation right? But what would I know? If CI is a Jewish invention, then let’s see some evidence.

  3. melgibstein says:

    If Gibson understood the Bible he would have given Herod and Caiaphus the hooked noses, but you never read the Bible either.

  4. Chris says:

    You have a way with the truth ‘Mel’.

    Excellent as usual.

  5. melgibstein says:

    Thank you Chris. We wont hear the truth from liars or people sold out to liars. If they cant break free of the Jew lies they are toast. Try talking to anyone about who Herod and Caiaphus were (just to mention two) and their brains just cant handle it. They have been whooped by Jew fables and write books, have TV and radio shows. What can you say about people who amplify Jew BS and never accept any challenge that they could be wrong? They dont work for us as they claim (“its work”). They call “work” BSing their gullible listeners. Seeking the truth isnt work it’s love, a complete opposite.

  6. moishegoldsteinberg says:

    The Shroud of Turin, IS Jesus and his nose is rather hooked, his features are more Semitic (Shem) and Arab like. Discount it all you like, science has not yet been able to, try as they might.

    Mels’ break was Mad Max an Australian B Movie, Sheen wasnt in that film, It became an international blockbuster.
    2 decades later, as the biggest star in Hollywood, Mel couldnt give 1 studio to finance The Passion, he invested his life savings, but you claim he is a Jew? This film made him $700 million. He stayed married for 30 years, raising 10 children, none have married Jews, as jews typically do. He lives in a pig pen, and got mud on himself. He has Jewish partners, true enough.
    HE is in Hollywood. Hello!

    He isnt a soldier, he is a thespian, a trained actor, and has done more to expose Jews and promote Christ than any human on the planet.
    You dont think Shabbos Goy Luther, who started Protestantism, had anything to do with dividing the Church and weakening her power?
    See, You cant handle the truth. Mel and Hutton have openly been critical of Jewry, The Holohoax, World Wars, Judeo Masonic plots for decades. The world knows this. All but you.
    What have YOU done? A crappy blog with a few dozen hits? Where are your videos of street activism? Citizens arrests? Put your money where your mouth is.

    The UFC also has Jews involved in financing, not as fighters, you fool. Those fighters went on to become movie stars-like Randy Couture, Gina Carano, Don Frye. None of them are Jews.

    • melgibstein says:

      Walt, are you stalking me again? Whats your plan? Are you going to win me over to “Jesus was a Jew”? It aint gonna work. You are hopeless, but you have your free speech as long as you dont spam me to death. Youre peeing up a tree. You wont win me over with anything because you havent a clue what a Jew is. You dont care what I say or prove, youre lemming mind is made up. Dont expect me to get wrapped up in your babel. Why, so I can play jew paddle pong with you? You love Mel the Jew shoeshine boy, thats all there is to it. Go comment on his website.

    • melgibstein says:

      Mad Max was distributed by Warner Bros.

      1903–25: Founding

      The corporate name honors the four founding Warner brothers (born Wonskolaser [pron. WON Sko La’ Ser] or Wonsal)[2][3]—Harry (born Hirsz), Albert (born Aaron), Sam (born Szmul), and Jack (Itzhak or to some sources Jacob). Harry, Albert, Sam and their Jewish parents emigrated to North America from the part of Poland that had been subjugated to the Russian Empire following the 18th-century partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth near present-day Ostrołęka, Poland. Jack, the youngest, was born in Canada. The three elder brothers began in the movie theatre business, having acquired a movie projector with which they showed films in the mining towns of Pennsylvania and Ohio. They opened their first theater, the Cascade, in New Castle, Pennsylvania in 1903. (The site of the Cascade later became the Cascade Center, a shopping, dining and entertainment complex honoring its Warner Bros. heritage, though in late 2010 all of the businesses have closed and the complex is currently for sale.)[4] When this original theatre building in New Castle was in danger of being demolished, the modern Warner Bros. called the modern building owners, and arranged a 3 way in hopes of saving it, between three men, Warner Bros, and the modern owners. The owners noted the fact that they were taking phone calls from all over the country in reference to the historical significance of the humble building that should be saved historically.[5]

      I bet that Hungarian doing the screen writing of The Maccabee’s was Hungarian too. Is it possible Jews can be Hungarians?

      The guy is up to his 4’8 noodle in Jews. Why dont you mention Mel in womens clothes half naked in What Jewish Women Want? Why dont you watch The Passion for a double header.

  7. moishegoldsteinberg says:

    And Marlon Brando played an Italian/Sicialian Mafia Boss in The Godfather.

    There is organized crime in almost every European nation and not all rackets are controlled by
    J EWs, some are native low lifes-whether Irish, Italian, Greek, Corsican, Spanish, French, America. U say Brando played a Jewish crime boss so that makes him a Jew, in a novel about Italian Gangsters, there were some Italian gangsters, Mel, Red Blooded Italians, of course there were Cryptos as well. That doesnt change 1 damn thing. Youre reaching, yet again.

    The Godfather was based off of Puzos novel. There have been novels and movies on Jewish gangsters but Wise Guy-Goodfellas and The Godfather) were the largest screen productions.

    Note to Mel, there is the Dixie Redneck mafia as well.
    Aint all Jews dude.

    • melgibstein says:

      Do you know the history of Jews in Sicily? Oh yes they are outstanding citizens there, like everywhere else. Take a hike!

      The origin of the Jewish life in Sicily

      The expulsion of 1492

      About the Sicilian Jews gone away

      Surnames of the Jews of Sicily

      Resources for Genealogy in Sicily


      Ask Help to a Researcher (me)

      Youre a Jew protector, get lost!

    • melgibstein says:

      How about your Druze Mafia?

    • Chris says:

      You’re talking out of your backside.

      I’ve lived predominantly in four countries and in everyone of them the political and legal systems are controlled by Jews. Not to mention banking, the media, law enforcement/military, mining ,natural resources etc

      Australia from Tasmania to Darwin is all owned by Jews. Look at the industries I’ve mentioned above. Jew owned. Jew PM, Jew rich list etc etc etc.

      Australia, South Africa, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain lock stock and barrel controlled by Jews.

      No follower of Christ, our kin, does what Gibson has done and brushes it off as just acting . 2 John 9-11 will tell you that.

      Sounds like you’re the one with the hook nose

  8. melgibstein says:

    During the Middle Ages there were Jewish quarters, or so-called “Giudecche” in about fifty towns of Sicily.

    and they were all law abiding citizens, not those murdering, ugly, slimebag white Italians according to you. You are a Jew and Im done with you.

  9. melgibstein says:










    Brat – your name and Brandos name.

    Go read the Bible Walt, I dont want to spend my life proving to you who and what a Jew is, you most likely married one or you are one so it does no good. Dont try to schmooze me like a Jew and then stab me in the back when you find something you cant prove. Go read the Bible, first go to Strongs Concordance and look up the word Jew and what it means. Your picture will be on one of the meanings with your hooked nose saviour.

    • Hogorina- says:

      You should never argue with nor try to convince one of agent’s gang. This class and clime of odd-balls suffer from an ineluctable determination to denounce Christ from the cradle to the grave. Please do not give such vagabonds one second of thought, for our Lord calls this a sin. if so, then the guilty one is a partaker of their evil deeds.

  10. melgibstein says:

    Why would the Jews “invent” something that works against their agenda? It doesn’t make any sense. At least on the surface it doesn’t.

    They didnt and they wouldnt.

    When people are unbrainwashed by CI its “Good Night Gracie” for the Jews. Dont focus on me or any individual human being, focus on the shepherd. Im not in this for popularity or friends or money. Im in this for the truth. If the truth will set you free and you dont know what the truth is it wont set you free. You might make a few bucks selling unchallenged hogwash books, however, but the money will run out or you will sell out to keep it.

    • Hogorina- says:

      You mentioned Julius Striecher; An American Sgt. John Smith (?) tied a hangman’s knot to Striecher, in such a way that Julius was slowly strangled to death. Incidentally, Rudolf Hess died in the same manner. Striecher (?) was a school teacher. He opposed the homosexual industry with its method so loosely operative that was incorporating young children to fall into their line of perversity. Christ warned warned that: to corrupt little children one should have a mill stone about his neck and to be dropped into the depths of the sea. My bet is that all sea beds leading out from hell’s kitchen ,( Screen Writer’s Guild ), Hollywood, paved with mill stones, would cover the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
      Incredibly, The late Ronald Reagan, a former Guild operative, cut the throats of his fellow actor’s union as president, Ronnie sold his union officiates out by giving sweetheart contracts under the table. Ronnie packed a 38 under his coat and actually crossed his union lines when picketing was going on. This scoundrel as governor of California, recognized the charter for Satan’s church. Hedda Hopper proclaimed that Ronnie was a full-blown liberal. He has stated this in person to Hedda.
      Ronnie was known as a counterfeit benefactor when president of USA.

      • melgibstein says:

        No Reagan didnt see the Federal Reserve was a Jewish synagogue and knew nothing about Rothschild he was too busy giving stuff to the Jew state and washing jew arse. Nixon was caught on tape basically saying Jews had a stranglehold on the American media with the crypto Jew Billy Graham and he said (“but I wouldnt say it”). We have young kids dying in wars because our presidents and politicians dont have a pair of balls.
        I understand fully why I could never be president nor want to, despite David Duke I know the only thing left to do is to get jews out of our country BY FORCE! He thinks he is going to win the presidency, spank the jews and everything will be hunky dory again.

        You have to be a pretty damned stupid person to believe that or you could be a jew. He claims it would hurt the cause to start rounding up jews who took over our money system, pilfer us with porn, want our borders open etc….but running around in a stupid clown costume is GOOD for the cause?

        There is only one thing left to do and that is what I will wait to do. Unfortunately white people are going to wait till their cities are destroyed, their government perverted (entirely), everything you see, smell and feel will be jewish smut……….and we will be told not to react to it. Yes wait for Donnie Schwartz and David Duke, they’ll be right behind you all the way whispering in your ears and selling books.

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