Buried Alive


Jewish Rabbis Fail at Stopping Child Abuse

Good people cannot accept the evil and sick deeds that are done by some in our community.

On Sunday we published an article by Rabbi William Handler, warning against automatically turning over cases of suspected child abuse to the authorities, where he argues that said authorities had been incompetent at handling these cases and, in fact, had a vested interest in spotting abuse where there may be none. The discussion of that article has been exemplary in terms of the civility and seriousness of the comments. Not one reader agreed with the author’s opinion, and still the discussion was—and is—being conducted among adults, who are able to distinguish between message and messenger. It made me proud to serve our readers. Since we encouraged response articles, we received a few, which we’re in the process of processing, so to speak (line editor, heal thyself?). The one you’ve clicked to, was submitted by Moshe Handler (no idea if the two authors are related) who hosts a weekly talk show at jewishtalkradio.com. Interestingly, while this author rebukes the yeshiva system for 40002shuffling their “perv” rebbes from one location to another, his recommendation is to improve and enhance the yeshivas’ ability to dig up their bad apples, rather than to turn abuse cases to the authorities. To be fair, he was focusing on the failures of the system, but it is interesting that calling in outside agencies is not part of his solution. Your submitted articles are welcome, and I urge everyone to continue and maintain the civil conduct which have become synonymous with The Jewish Press online. Too many Jewish Rabbis and institutions turn a blind eye towards child abuse even when it’s obvious that it’s occurred. I know this from experience not opinion. When I was a young counselor working in Camp Kol Ree Nah (a great camp run by Rabbi Yaakov Greenwald), I was warned that on my days off, when I would visit another popular camp, I should stay away from its head counselor who was a known child abuser. Remarkably, even though it was virtually public knowledge that this man was a creep who should have never been allowed near children, he was not exposed until more than thirty years had passed and parents complained about his behavior around their children. Just last week, that same Rabbi’s nephew admitted his guilt in court as a child molester in a Lakewood Yeshiva. The Sunday before his admission, a very prominent rabbi released a public letter declaring that he investigated the case and declared Rabbi Yosef Kolko to be 100% innocent. Even more, he accused the parents of the child of being the actual molesters and of trying to get Rabbi Kolko in trouble to cover up their misdeeds. I understand how it is that good people cannot accept the evil and sick deeds that are done by some in our community. When you yourself are a good person you think of others as good. Unfortunately, in real life defending creeps without investigating the facts is a dangerous road to travel. When the creeps are not punished and are actually defended, you are not doing anyone a favor. Worse, these people will molest others and those victims may be damaged for life. For the sake of these victims, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Rabbi Kolko used to be a rebbe in a much respected Yeshiva in Brooklyn. When his true character came to light, they got rid of the problem by promising him a letter of recommendation if he would resign. That’s how he got to be a rebbe in Lakewood. This case is not an exception. I know of many yeshivot that shifted their problems this way. It’s sort of like a game we used to play called “Bomb.” You would wind up a Plastic “bomb” and it would start ticking. The game players would stand in a circle and keep throwing the toy bomb to one another. If you dropped the bomb or if the bell would go off while it was in your hands, you lost the game. The yeshivot are, unfortunately, busy protecting their reputations by playing “bomb” with dangerous, live pervert rebbes who are destructive even when they are still ticking. But they quickly pass these rebbes around before it is revealed they have such a person on their staff.

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It’s time for yeshivot to stop the game of Bomb and start playing Whack-a-Mole. Get rid of the rebbes who are perverts right away. Notify every other Yeshiva to stay away from these guys, so that no more children have to suffer.

Our community leaders need to appoint a group of Rabbis who would be trained to recognize true child molestation cases. If a child molester is revealed, he must be kept away from children immediately. If there is unquestionable evidence of guilt, let the molester rot in jail. I must remind the reader that if a man sets out to murder you, you are allowed to stop him by any means necessary. That’s Halacha.

More important, we have to take steps never to allow abuse to happen in the first place. When I worked in Camp Kol Ree Nah, I was amazed that every single bunk had no doors. rabbis-from-the-chabad-lubavitch-movement-of-judaism-pose-for-a-group-photograph-in-brooklyn-new-york-in-2007They were removed to prevent any immoral incidents. Bravo to Rabbi Yaakov Greenwald for recognizing the potential problem and doing everything in his power to protect the kids.

We must acknowledge that the problem exists and that we have to keep our kids away from rebbes who are perverts. Not to do so is an insult to the vast majority of rebbes who are dedicated to the welfare of their kids. Our leaders must lead by showing a zero tolerance policy to those who think our children are personal playthings. A leader’s job is to stand up and protect our future no matter how uncomfortable that may feel.

Jewston we have a problem! But our media doesnt have a pair between them all. History repeats itself and its coming around the bend hot and heavy.

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10 Responses to Buried Alive

  1. sschmwp says:

    Dear Mel,

    I went homeless on May 1st by my own choice, but it was coming anyway. It started out rocky, but I cried out to God for help, and my needs have been satisfied for the time being. If I make the best of it, I bet you that I will find myself happier in my current state than previous one, which may already be the case now that I dwell on it.

    My mother read my treatise, but it didn’t help her to come out of her God-given delusion. If anything, it just convinced her to cuddle up to the enemies of God even more so, and despise all “hatred” for the people God Himself hates. She is a former “Judeo-Christian” who has transformed herself into a full blown antichrist about 5 years ago. I’m not sure which of the two is worse, if there is any difference between the two. While her mind was being raped by her Zionist “pastors,” she wanted to change her last name because it is of German origin. Unfortunately, she is probably already dead and awaiting the fate of the delusional, whom God has purposely deluded. You can bring horses to water, but you can’t make them drink. She has been a brainwashed liberal self-hating White for her entire life, and you can’t expect that to magically change. I feel somewhat sorry for her, but the truth is that those of her kind deserve what is coming to them, and I do believe they have it coming, which means a lot of White people are in hot water. I do not have much sympathy for them if any at all, and I am extremely annoyed at these people, enough for me to possibly wish for their just reward. I still talk to her sometimes via FB, but I know she will never love the truth. Whatever small amount of a relationship I have left with her, I guess I am still thankful for, even though I know she is walking the wide path to destruction. I’ll take whatever help God has set before me, and having one parent is still better than having none, which I expected once I sent her my treatise. The door is still open for me to have a small relationship with her, although I can sense that I am now lower than ever in her eyes after showing her my views, and her love seems like a show of appearances and not genuine. I’ll try a few more conversations with her to further “test” this. At least my love is real, because I would not have made an attempt to pull her out of the fire if it was fake.

    I have my own “sins” that I still need to deal with apparently, so I’m not claiming to be some kind of Holy man, which I am not. But, at least I try and care about the truth. I recently got off to a good start in resolving my own issues, and look forward to doing a better job this month.

    Most people lack the courage to stand for the truth either way. In my current view, those who know the truth but refuse to warn others for their own safety and well-being are also guilty and should be condemned. What do you think? As the saying goes, “cowards die a thousand deaths.” Do you want to be one of those counted for as being on the side of the truth, or one of those too fearful to say or do anything? Keeping your mouth shut and not taking action is one of the reasons as to why we are in this mess. For the most part, the baby boomer generation is so pathetic that they make me sick. I’m starting to think that the Bible passage that says most walk the wide path to destruction and few find life is quite literal, while others interpret it to mean that few find the path to life so that the other sheep can follow it and be saved. Whatever the case is, I’m not going to shed any tears if the strongly deluded are damned in this life for their despising of the truth. The “Jews” only have it easy because God has deluded the masses of our folk. For all their boasting, they fail to give God the credit for their high hands, positions, and temporary success in screwing our people up in the head. Anyway, I’ve got plenty of time to read the Bible and I intend to start writing again, so maybe I can further the truth, God willing.

    I went on a rant here previously about Muslims, and, while most of us focus on the “Jew,” I still see nothing positive coming from Allah/Muhammad and the past history of the damage these people have caused to us. If all things were created for God’s pleasure, what glory and goodness have they provided to our people and to the Bible God? And, were they created by God, or by miscegenation, which God despises? If they are allowed to exist by the will of God, it sure as hell is not in our lands; their Jihad and god has no place among us. If they want to pick a fight with us and our God, they’re headed for the grave. Our God is much greater than “Allah,” and if they have to find this out the hard way, then so be it. I do not blame just “Jews” for them being in our lands, because they’re there by their own choice. It would be wise for them to get the hell out if they want to live, if that is what God even intends for them. I fail to see how we benefit from “Allah” and the followers of this strange god. Some have suggested that they will help in wiping out Esau, but it clearly says in Obadiah that the house of Israel and Joseph will be God’s instrument of destruction upon the enemy, and not the Arabs/Pakis/whatever. If these people do our job for us, this would invalidate Scripture. I also do not foresee them ever accepting the CI truth and fearing our God, so I expect them only to be adversarial to us. If you could create your own world, would you bring the Muslims along with you and plant them in it, to have a nice cooperative relationship with, and, if so, why? What purpose would they fill, other than to be slaves/servants of some sort? Some in CI have suggested that the “king of fierce countenance” in Daniel chapter 8, who, by peace destroys many, and stands up against the Prince of princes, is referring to Muhammad and/or Islam in general; Islam is allegedly a religion of peace, but not truly.

    Anyway, just thought I’d drop by and say my piece. I’m always thankful for those who are Jew-wise, but even more thankful for the Jew-wise who are also knowledgable with Scripture. I hope some day that we all are, but I suspect that many of our people are in deep s***, so to speak.

    God bless.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Wasnt it the Ishmaelites that sold Joseph to the Egyptians? They may have done something bad, but it ended up saving all the Israelites. You cant control things you can only do your best to spread the truth. The truth is the Jew is the tip of the spear. Dont get me started with the list. Its a gift to see the truth and many obviously dont deserve it or would preserve it if they got it.

    Look around, nobody is talking about the Bible except Bible bashers and sell outs. If you deliberately sell out and dont seek what the book really says on your own you wont get it. It takes courage to accept the truth and life isnt how much Jew money or gold is in your bank account, its whats in your soul. Nobody is without sin, but everyone that doesnt seek the truth and throws up their hands when they are told what the Bible really says is a sell out unfortunately (its obvious). They are going with the Jew fables and there is nothing you can do, they want a miracle without even reading and understanding who the Bible is for.

    Honor thy father and thy mother, things change, sometimes fast. You can sell out too if its too much, but you wont. The book says mothers would be split from their daughters, etc. and that wasnt Dixie he was whistling. You do your best, stick to the truth and things will change as usual, sometimes good and sometimes bad otherwise you wouldnt know the difference. Good luck, plenty of ways to live off the land although Jews have done a good job of destroying much of that arena too. Its getting close to showtime when the men really get separated from the wimps. When I die and money is of no use I am going to be able to say that I understood what he was talking about and that “seek and ye shall find” was commanded of us for a reason. Let the good or the bad times come.

    • sschmwp says:

      Hey, thanks! One thing I’d like to point out is that the commandment to honor my mother does not apply to me.

      Ephesians 6:1-2, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise.”

      She is far removed from The Lord, and nowhere in the Bible does it say to honor antichrists and the enemies of God, which she apparently is. If she was in The Lord, then I would have a lawful requirement to honor her. I’m going to try having a small relationship with her for a time, but I suspect she is never going to come around. All of her friends are also “Jew”-lovers so it would be too much for her to stand for the truth and become an outcast among her peers.

      In Oba 1:2 it says Esau is small among the heathen, so there must be a lot more “heathen.” In Oba 1:15-16 it mentions the fate of ALL the heathen combined. Most people read over these details in their vitriol against Esau.

      I just got done reading Joshua, and I must say that I like his style. He utterly exterminated the heathen and laid waste to their false gods. I probably appreciate what Joshua did more than David’s exploits.

      To me, the whole Muslim vs Jew thing is just a heathen vs heathen conflict, if at that. I do not get caught up in it nor do I morn for the Muslims, and I do not see why that I should. I wonder what the total death toll these Islamists have racked up against the “Jews” is, but I doubt if it is many at all. They would most likely be in bed together if it meant warring against us and our God. There is no need for me to take sides, because they’re all a bunch of heathen. I care not for “Allah” and probably should not even mention the name of their gods in the first place. If I woke up tomorrow and all the heathen went missing, I would be grateful to God. If you can prove to me that they’re not a part of the heathen, I will gladly stand corrected.

      Does this mean that I actually approve of the ME wars we get involved in? Not really, because Esau has had a big part in manipulating them, and therefore I have called these wars THEIR wars, which irritates me, because we need not be serving the interests of Esau and can do a lot better without them. Not to mention, these “Jews” and their accomplices do a lot of dirty deeds to kickstart the wars. I do not have a bleeding heart for the heathen that get attacked, but I do care about the Whites who die in them. I do hate it when Esau gets Whites to destroy other Whites in war. However, if you read the Bible, you will discover that there was bloodshed in fratricidal wars amongst the Jacobites/Israelites, and Esau had nothing to do with it. In modern times, Esau has had a lot to do with it (WWI, WWII, etc), because they’re in the process of exterminating us, while most of us sit around and do nothing except whine, bicker, pick our noses, and talk about Hitler, all under anonymity on the Internet. How sad.

      I was actually interested in DOING something that actually WORKS, but nobody was up for it. My solution is probably too “morally repugnant” for most of the dumbed down masses, but it is Biblical, and it is going to happen. All other talk is a laughable waste of time, and we are short on time as it is. It is a war to the death, and we are in part losing because of these moralist cowards. I say, No more distractions! Cut to the chase and defend yourselves while you still can.

      I chiefly care about my people only, which are White Americans, and the other Whites come second. But, even then, there are a lot of Whites who really are not worth a damn to care so much about, because they do not please God. This is especially true for non-Christians, and by Christians, I do not mean those of the false/stupid variety, which sadly make up the majority. I hope for some sort of mass conversion, but I think people like my mother are not going to be converted without force. And, once converted, what good will they be if their heart is with the enemies of God, and their intelligence is lacking? Perhaps they can be sent to reeducation camps for rehabilitation, but I suspect they will be damned just as the Bible declares.

      For the time being, I am going to use this period of my life to read the Bible through several times and get whatever sins that I know about (which are just common stuff) cleansed from me. I already have read all of it before, but things go forgotten, and I am enjoying it so far. The only thing that I have to complain about is the damned heat in this area, which is over 90F on average, and it is forecasted to be up to 106F in just a few days. I will come up with a plan to shield myself in a better location outside of my camp site, and the problem will be solved.

      God bless, and farewell for now. I might be back to say “hi” in the coming months.

      • sschmwp says:

        morn=mourn (touchpad typo).

        Just read our communication again and noticed my errors. I type on a touchpad that automatically corrects mistyped words that occur as I use my thumb to punch in letters, which saves a lot of time. I miss using a keyboard, but this works. I noticed that it is equally fast to type on this touchpad with only one thumb, because you can just press your thumb on the letters and make a ton of mistakes and the spell corrector repairs the gibberish that often results in using your thumb at fast speeds.

        I came back to check something on the Internet, and I had something important to add to this dialogue, but I have had a lapse of memory as to what I wanted to say. If and when I remember it I’ll “say” (type) it. While I am recharging my battery, I will add a few things that I just feel like writing of a whim:

        Much of the anti-Zionist/”Jew” crowd hold all sorts of misplaced sympathies to foreigners that they deem to be victims of “Jews,” and often end up demonizing their own kind, assuming that they’re White. I think they use this as a shield to make them seem like people with bleeding hearts for the poor victims, which justifies them as moral, decent people who care so much, and this somehow legitimizes their so-called “anti-Semitism” and makes them out to be “good guys” of some sort. I only care about my own, and the fact is that the “Jews” are merely pathetic actors. Their wars are pathetic, and the way the go about acting like us is also subpar. Only someone with poor reading comprehension skills would think they’re the Israel of the Bible, yet many people take the “Jews” and the false Zionist preachers at their word that they are Israel. You mentioned that Duke goes along with the idiotic assumption that they’re “Israel,” and I do not think he is stupid, so he must be delusional and/or a sellout, and possibly even a kike himself. But, there are plenty of Whites who honestly believe these lies as well. Anyone who associates with ANY “Jew” is not smart enough to be taken at their word, and this includes “former Jews.” So, this means that many of the alleged anti-Zionist/”Jew” writers are quite full of it, or perhaps they have not yet become properly extreme. I could name all of their names, but I will just say that many of those who are highly praised in the alleged “truth movement” are actually spewing out crap. You can’t be a former Edomite if you belong to that tribe genetically. I would never call myself a former Jacobite, because that is who I am by race, and there is nothing that I can do to change my spots. The “former” kike Bro Nate, whom many suckers love, recently put up an article that I found on rense.com, which is a “Jew” website that only a fool would want to be on and get attention from, because those who you associate with says a lot about yourself. His latest article mentions a religious solution to the “Jews.” Of course, it is all another big waste of time, because the only solution is genocide, and his sorry ass is included in this cure. Hey kikes, stop giving us your solutions, because your fate is already sealed, and it does not include any furtherance of your existence upon this earth. When will our people stop loving devils? That is, assuming those who post comments of high praise on Bro Nate’s website are even Adamites. It would not surprise me if all the sheeple there who appear to be in love with this sh*thead are not just fake posters (“shills”), meant to add an air of approval to his messages. In truth, I rarely even bother to read his messages, because it is all worthless stuff coming from an Edomite, and these people would not even be existing if our people knew and accepted the real truth.

        I’m not on the Internet everyday, and it is likely that I will not be regularly on it, but I have been lately so I’ll keep checking up on a few sites. If you have anything to add, I’ll be able to read it possibly today and probably tomorrow, although I’ll be off the Internet on a regular basis eventually. I can get WiFi access for free at two hotels that I travel to, and also recharge my batteries there. I’m actually blessed to be in an awesome location while having no home.

      • melgibstein says:

        Would God (of course he has a name) disregard your mother? Neither then should you. You dont give up on any white person even if they have to be slapped out of their sleep. The truth is only God can do it.

  3. melgibstein says:

    I came back to check something on the Internet, and I had something important to add to this dialogue, but I have had a lapse of memory as to what I wanted to say. If and when I remember it I’ll “say” (type) it. While I am recharging my battery, I will add a few things that I just feel like writing of a whim:

    ~ Irish whiskey and a pint of Murphy’s Red will cure that every time.

    • sschmwp says:

      Unfortunately, I gave up drinking in April. I’ve actually secretly tried with my mother by planting seeds for more than a decade before going all out by letting her read my true feelings. Most people are too cowardly too even risk trying to save their parents, but I did, which says a lot. Most just keep silent. Give me some credit. It is not as if I have given up, I just know that my personal responsibility is over on this issue. She has been involved in persecuting other Bible believers via the Jew legal system, while she herself is an idolater, a worshiper of strange gods, and a hater of Jesus and the Bible. I know that not all Whites are going to be getting “saved.”

      • sschmwp says:

        Getting “saved” in this life anyway. I’ll also mention that her persecution of the before mentioned group is based at least partly on LIES that I can verify are indeed untruths. She received money for being involved in this court battle previously, and she is trying to get more money once again via persecution. I may not agree with the group she is attacking, but I know she is NOT right with God, and is guilty of perjury. Shall I honor this woman? It would be ungodly of me to do so.

      • melgibstein says:

        If you are looking for me to tell you to dump your mother you will be waiting and writing a long time. You are the male, women are easily persuaded. If you let her get persuaded by Satans kids and run away you lose.

  4. sschmwp says:

    Alright, well, I wasn’t running and she has been persuaded a long time ago. I’ve tried with her but there is an impenetrable wall surrounding her when it comes to realizing the truth. There is nothing that I can do to remove any possible delusions that God has given her; I cant fight against God, all I can do is “plant seeds.” This is the way it is for a lot of people. She may have done some bad stuff, but the group she is attacking is also guilty of illegal stuff, so it is kind of irrelevant either way. I’ve decided to go see her. Also, it doesn’t surprise me that she hates “Christianity,” because all she has been exposed to is the false pastors and/or prophets. I’ll just try to go neutral with her if only to salvage any possible relationship. God bless.

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