I want you to bomb everyone you see, see?

The word “destroyer” has a simple definition, it means “someone or something that destroys”.  For a day I would like to ask everyone reading this to think of ways to destroy or the opposite of what you do in a normal day. Instead of being honest with people think of how you can cheat them out of their money (I know its difficult, but there is a reason).

How can you make people stop thinking good or pure thoughts? How can you bring down  Judensautraditions of other cultures? How can you start a war or a fight between two people or two countries? How would you fill the heads of the people with lies? Is it possible you could pollute the water supply or the air or even the sea? How can you cheat someone out of their money that trusts you? How could you make the Boy Scouts perverted? How could you make motherhood into slavery? How can you blame your own slave trade on someone else?

Are you thinking of ways to destroy?

If you see a beautiful pure white girl how could you totally annihilate  her good genes? How do you make true history into a lie? How do you mutilate children before they even get out of their mother’s womb? How do you sheist a sucker out of his own organs and sell them for 20 times what you bought them for? How do you blow up buildings, trains, embassies etc? How do you take down Christianity? How could you shoot up a school full of kids? How could you pump poison into some ones blood stCome with me and you'll be richream? How can you make Daycare Centers unsafe places? How do you possess a money system based on trust and turn it into a complete fraud?

By now you should be thinking of a few on your own and by now you should be asking why the same people are always involved in the destruction of everything civilization stands for whether it is White civilization or civilization itself.  History actually shows this over and over and over again like a broken record and people have been perverted into not seeking the truth for fear of the Jew. People lie to themselves profusely because of this destroyer they trust. They get inside your own head and destroy it from within if you don’t seek and tell the truth, by saying nothing you are being destroyed. There are destroyers and people of truth, one is pure and one is impure. Like a Destroyer ship they have to get in close enough to drop the bomb on you. I suggest if you see a destroyer you keep your distance, but if you know better than history it may be too late for you. If you don’t defend the truth your going down to Davey Jones’ Locker. You can try to bail water as fast as the water is coming in, but you will sink. You’re going to have to fix the leak.

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5 Responses to Destroyer

  1. adamicman says:

    Hey MG – when I read this, It reminded me of my appreciation of, the prophesy of Obadiah.

    • melgibstein says:

      I am not a big fan of letting and waiting for God (the Father) to do all the work. I am much more a fan of letting the sons and daughters do it for him.

      • adamicman says:

        I would have to agree – but as your “old mate” NO QUARTER” I thought I would drop by and say hello – and I appreciate warriors who pray rather than “prayer warriors”.
        drop by and check this out if you would brother, my first article. Haven’t figured out the bells and whistles yet, but the guts are there adamicman was my old account and I didn’t bother changing it to my now “NEW” HAHAHA 4year old monicker “NO QUARTER”

  2. melgibstein says:

    Do what you can to wake people up, but stay focused on the Jew. The Black man doesnt stand a chance without Jews. Dont get sidetracked into an alley- the Jew is the head of the snake and there is no time to waste on Jew diversion. First you take care of the source of the problem then you repair the problems.

  3. adamicman says:

    The jew was the focus of my article – ain’t no denying

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