The Great Race


Did YU’s Harry Ostrer Cook The Genetic Books To Support False Findings Of Ashkenazi Jews Origins?

YU LogoAn Israeli researcher alleges that a Yeshiva University professor manipulated data to reach the “false” conclusion that Ashkenazi Jews have a predominantly Middle Eastern genetic origin when in fact their genetic signature is predominantly from the Caucus region of northeast Asia. And even though this Israeli researcher published his study debunking Ostrer and other geneticists more than 6 months ago, none of them will respond to the questions about their work.

The Forward has a report on Israeli researcher Eran Elhaik’s 2012 study, “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the KhaI will sue you for that.zarian Hypotheses,” on the origin of Ashkenazi Jews. Elhaik found that previous studies were

flawed and contradicted each other and was able to use their data and create a hypothesis that rectified them. And then the data matched. Unfortunately for many of us, what Elhaik may have proved is that most Ashkenazi Jews are descended from converts to Judaism – the Khazars.

Elhaik also believes that some of these earlier studies were conducted by scientists who intentionally cooked the books to get the results they wanted – that Ashkenazi Jews predominantly have a Middle Eastern origin – rather than the results that are actually true – that we do not.

Most prominent among those scientists Elhaik believes to be dishonest is Harry Ostrer is a professor of pathology and genetics at Yeshiva University’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the author of “Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People,” which was published last year.

But Ostrer and other geneticists refused to talk on the record about Elhaik or his study, and none of them responded in peer reviewed academic journals where letters and brief comments are published without having to go through the time-consuming peer review process.

Now, more six months after Elhaik’s study was first published (the official publication date was in December, but the paper was released in digital form before that), Ostrer is still refusing to talk and has not answer Elhaik’s paper or Elhaik’s allegations. And this, published in the Forward today, may be why:

…But proponents of the Rhineland Hypothesis also have a political agenda, [Eran Elhaik] said, claiming they “were motivated to justify the Zionist narrative.”

To illustrate his point, Elhaik swivels his chair around to face his computer and calls up a 2010 email exchange with Ostrer.

“It was a great pleasure reading your group’s recent paper, ‘Abraham’s Children in the Genome Era,’ that illuminate[s] the history of our people,” Elhaik wrote to Ostrer. “Is it possible to see the data used for the study?”

Ostrer replied that the data are not publicly available. “It is possible to collaborate with the team by writing a brief proposal that outlines what you plan to do,” he wrote. “Criteria for reviewing include novelty and strength of the proposal, non-overlap with current or planned activities, and non-defamatory nature toward the Jewish people.” That last requirement, Elhaik argues, reveals the bias of Ostrer and his collaborators.

Allowing scientists access to data only if their research will not defame Jews is “peculiar,” said Catherine DeAngelis, who edited the Journal of the American Medical Association for a decade. “What he does is set himself up for criticism: Wait a minute. What’s this guy trying to hide?”…

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~Now if Ashkenazi’s arent from the Middle East you must be also thinking about those Black Jews, those Chinese Jews Bibi is visiting in China right now, those Indian Jews, etc. We don’t have any Eskimo Jews that I am aware of yet. Now what we have left is those so-called Sephardic Jews. You know those people who claim they are the only descendants left of all the tribes (12). I love it when Doctor Duke uses the term “Jewish Tribalism”, but how can only one “tribe” still exist? If race mixing doesn’t matter than all the 12 tribes should still be alive and well. Anyone who actually looks into this cacophony of lies can easily see this is the usual Jewish crap.

There are 3 levels of people today, those that believe Jews, those that believe Jews some of We're Acting!the time and those that never believe Jews. I never believe Jews, but when you can clearly see they don’t even know who they are it should at the very least be somewhat curious to you who they are. The truth is they wont tell you the truth. Its you who has to figure it out. Satan turns things upside down and by now you should realize who the criminals have been throughout time and who the law abider’s have been throughout time.

Time to call Jews out on their BS and quit the ethnocentrism garbage. Jews claim to have the guide of Moses in their Talmud and they don’t know that 90% of them were never in Palestine? They claim their Cohanim go all the way back to Aaron and never lived in that land?  Time to get over this hurdle and understand Jews are none of the 12 tribes and oddly enough none of them will dare try to prove it other than on that controlled Talmudvision taking up space in your living room. The God’s honest truth is these people are so mixed and so ass backward they don’t know who they are, that is you will never get the truth out of them. One card comes out and the whole house of Jew cards is toast because one lie will lead to another.

Unfortunately very few people are unraveling the Jew lies from the very beginning. The regular shills will be pumping this age-old fairy tale back in your faces to keep you completely brainwashed into believing God actually likes these people. Its Jews belief that they are adored by God and it’s my belief that God loathes them. That is what I will always believe and if you want the list why I will be more than happy to give it to you. The so called great race is a fraud and the word “ethnos” should never be associated with them! They are the antithesis of an ethnos and closer to a virus against mankind and nature.

We will never have a true discussion on this with so many paid shills blaming the Old Testament- a collection of books they don’t even know what the words mean. Go ahead and ask them and what they base their sources from. You’ll get the same response as Elhaik got from Ostrer. When you come down to it it’s you who must demand the truth. Turning away from lies or shutting your ears means business as usual for the Jews and slavery for your children. It might cost you to tell the truth about Jews, but if you don’t invest in the truth you are on the run to destruction. You better find someone to trust and you better start with yourself. If you go along with Jew lies and don’t oppose them or allow yourself to be opposed you aren’t of truth at all! Why isn’t our good pal Brother Nathanael on open phones with this? Why is this subject never discussed and so huge of an issue? The same reason the Holocaust, Katyn Massacre, Bolshevick slaughter, Jewish Mafia’s, Jewish child molesters, Jewish porn, etc. isn’t being discussed. Because they lie folks. Get it in your heads! Break that brainwashed dam inside your head and prove all things, especially the things Jews don’t want you to. Time to turn the world back on its feet.

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7 Responses to The Great Race

  1. T Bone says:


    I found this to be quite interesting.

    ‘Invincible’ is a jew holohoax movie that is being advertised as:

    “Invincible” tells the true story of Zishe Breibart, a Jewish blacksmith from eastern Poland who travels to Berlin in the 1930s to join a night club cabaret. He is billed as the world’s strongest man — a claim that is not well received by the rising Nazi party. Using his role as the modern day Sampson to defend his own people, Zishe embarks on an inevitable path to tragedy.

    “True story”?

    Compared to:

    Invincible (German: Unbesiegbar) is a 2001 drama film written and directed by Werner Herzog. The film stars Tim Roth, Jouko Ahola, Anna Gourari, and Max Raabe. The film tells the story of a Jewish strongman in Germany. While based on the real-life figure, Zishe Breitbart (aka Siegmund Breitbart), Herzog uses the bare facts of Breitbart’s life to weave fact and fiction (e.g., the story is set in 1932 Berlin, a full seven years after Breitbart’s death in 1925) to create an allegory of human strength, knowing oneself, with honesty also pride in one’s heritage.


    “the story is set in 1932 Berlin, a full seven years after Breitbart’s death in 1925”

    And from another wiki link:

    Breitbart was played by Finnish strongman Jouko Ahola in a highly fictionalized account of his life in Werner Herzog’s 2001 film Invincible.

    “highly fictionalized”

    If one looks hard enough, he can find many jew contradictions hiding in plain sight.

    • melgibstein says:

      Dont know why the comments arent going straight through, but it aint me.

      Is anything true from Jews? That is a “yes” or “no” question. Worlds strongest man? I suppose he had Judge Judy decide that (or Wopner). I’ll try to check it out if I can find it for sure. To watch Jews try and pull of lies is always good for a laugh.

  2. T Bone says:

    I trust no jew, Mel. Its become an involuntary reaction with me. It could be Friday and a jew can say “Its Friday” and I know that somewhere in there is a lie.

    Even self-hating jews like Finklestein, Atzmon, etc…I just cant get myself to trust them.

    It only takes one jew to contaminate moral structure in society. And they ostensibly present themselves as a ‘good’ jew.

    The ‘good’ jew is a mythical figure. It does not, and has never, existed.

    Its like a doctor telling a patient he has cancer but assures him that its a ‘good’ cancer.

    BTW-I saw that movie I posted. Its set in WWII Germany and shows the ‘horrors’ he had to endure. In the excerpts I posted, it illustrates how this ‘strong man’ died in 1925.

    None of it happened, yet the majority of people who see it will believe its a true story.

    Same with all other holohoax movies. We must continue to debunk this fairy tale. Its their house of cards, and when it falls, the jews days are numbered.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Some things are true even though they never happened- Eli Weasel

    In my imagination it was true (and in his wifes too)- Henry Rosenblat

    99% of non Jews are compelled to trust one Jew and 99% of non Jews know nothing about history. I dont care if they’re History professors- they are bamboozled fools!

    Some think Jews can be converted to Christianity and Jesus himself never tried to convert a Jew (99% of non Jews have no idea that “Jew” has more than 3 meanings) and 99& of non Jews believe anyone who says they are Jews are related to Judah and 99% of the people are never going to look into the truth deeper than their bamboozled brains will alow them to. They need a miracle to seek truth and they wont even attempt to see through the Jew lies. Help who you can because a lot of people are going to be mowed down “again” because of their malfunction. If they want delusion they will get it. Free will! They want freedom on the outside but inside they are in yokes and chains. It is surely pathetic!

  4. mighty goy says:

    Amerikwa is going down and will be over for them, they turned the anglosphere into the judeosphere, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn last book about jews, Two Hundred Years Together, is never going to be published in English because jews control the anglo-world

  5. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Since Herod had a price on Yashuah’s head before he was born, what do you think he and the tribe did to the Levitical priests before that? Why were the dead sea scrolls found in caves? Why did the Essenes have to meet in caves?

    Because these people calling themselves jews had prices on their heads too, and the dead sea scrolls were seditious and illegal.

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