The Departed

My brain has completely departed.

My brain has completely departed.

Bill O’Reilly is earning his keep with the Jews this week; he just claimed that the Tsarnaev Brothers were Jihadists and that no other people in the world has a religion that bombs other people. He actually said Iran has a whole nation of Jihadists and threaten the entire world.

You see big Bill has no clue of the two Jews right down the street from his studio who threatened to blow their building up and were caught with the explosive material to do so. He didn’t hear of billoreillythe Jewish High School kid who threatened to blow his school up last week either. He doesn’t want to know the backgrounds of anyone, but non Jews like Tim McVeigh who did not do that crime at all and wont dare try to look at any other angle involving you know who. He will go after Irish veterans, Irish Catholic priests, but never his Jew masters.Take the kids who shot up the school in Columbine, not a word about their heritage or religion. Nobody even dared to go into Jared Loughner’s past who is now long forgotten even though he sits in jail and for some reason is unable to be interrogated by such great journalists like Bill O’Reilly. Bill would just claim Loughner was a Nazi and move on to the next case. Not a word about the Jews who were caught on the George Washington bridge on 9/11 with explosive residue in their van. “No, it’s not us you want, it’s the Palestinians you want.” We can’t forget about the 3 19 year olds who went on a church torching spree in Alabama some years ago which was never considered terrorism either, but Mr O’Reilly has.

Whether we go to the alien murders of Jeffrey Dahmer, Irv Rubin, Baruch Goldstein, the Dr. Shipman murders, Levi Aaron with Lieby Kletzky’s mutilated body in his freezer, nobody in the media ever wants to go into their backgrounds and look at the overall big picture of who they are and what drives them to such psychotic acts of terrorism. We could look at the Lavon Affair, the WTC, USS Liberty, Beirut Marine bombing, Russian Mafia and who controls it, the so called Italian Mafia, Murder Inc., the Purple Gang or the JDL on the United States terrorist watch list (and it is very much has to do with their religion, but not the religion of the Bible, but of that other book the media will never mention, the Talmud). OReilly would jump off a cliff before he exposed even a fraction of the gargantuan Jewish child molestation sickness going on in every Jewish neighborhood in the world. He will not even hint a single Jew may have had a hand in this latest Boston bombing. That’s really all the news you ever need to know about anything he says.

No, no other religion bombs other people, but Jihadists says Bill O’Reilly not even the Bolshevik Jews in Russia responsible for multiple millions of white Christian deaths, enough Armenians slaughtered by Jews to be considered genocide, Bill looks the other way.levi aron

Another obviously bad country full of Jihadists was Hitler and Germany who murdered 6 million Jews and he’s stickin to it never the crimes Jews committed before during or after that time. He has never looked into the Katyn massacre because 13000 Catholics which Bill happens to be may not sit right in his little speech about Muslims being the only bad people on the earth. He wont dare look into it, in fact he doesn’t know of any Catholic saints who were ritually murdered by the folks he now protects.

Rabbi’s forging documents for tens of thousands of illegals to enter America has never made the O’Reilly show or the kosher slaughterhouse which at the time was the largest illegal alien bust in America.  A Rabbi was recently caught smuggling cocaine into England in kosher syrup barrels; I don’t know any Muslim groups that can even hold a candle to the destruction Jews have wrought to white countries with their drug cartels. The damage done makes every terrorist act look miniscule in comparison. I could go on with this post for hours pointing out the crime, the monopolization, the swindles, the financial system, the schools, the churches, wars, food and gas prices and I only see ONE people behind ALL of this and that is Jews.Roman-Polanski-Sharon-Tate

Bill O’Reilly isn’t the only one in the media that doesn’t see this; in fact nobody in the media or politics sees this today. You could say the entire media has been transformed into brainwashed aliens or they are the Jew aliens themselves. It is so obvious that a crock pot pressure cooker bomb is the least America has to worry about now because the whole thing is fixing to blow and all I ask is that you save this traitor O’Reilly for me. There is nothing more in the world I hate and puts me in danger than a sold out, traitorous liar who will not allow any opposition to prove he is as dangerous as any terrorist on the earth. There comes a time when they have to be physically removed and nobody in the world is more complacent to the real terrorists than this media. The American people will eventually be labeled Jihadists and terrorists or they will be killed in one of the dozens of ways Jews have been killing America and every other country they have ever inhabited throughout time. Pick your own poison. That is what it’s come down to and in the end it wont be whats good for the Jews. You will act or you will die!


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3 Responses to The Departed

  1. bin dead awhile says:

    Hi Mel,

    U so right its damn scary. This video with billary showing about mooslem something, comes just about the right time as the boston bombings. I am tired of these things.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Looks like my pictures are being resized now. The jews just cant leave things alone.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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