Last of the Mohel’s Part Deux

This video is instrumental in seeing the difference between the Old Testament that Christians have read and the Talmud that most Jews believe is the true Torah. I assume we are supposed to believe Jews gave us the false one? Why arent the Christian churches standing up to this? Someone must have a good reason.

Start with 19:18 of this show- Aaron leads us into Talmudic Judaism. Savage says this is the first he has ever heard of this and almost threw up several times. No folks, this is Ashkenazi’s and their ethnocentric unrelated Sephardic brethren playing who are the chosen people. The fact that both of these people claim to be Jews and none of them claim to be of the 10 Northern tribes or the House of Israel should give you a huge indication that these people are not studying the same books as Christians are. This is not Rocket Science folks this is as easy to see as the hooked or unhooked nose on your faces.

The truth is nobody will talk about this for fear of the nutjob Jews. They were feared in Mongolia (the Khazars) and they were feared in Judea (nutjob Judeans), but Jesus and the apostles were never feared. Because they were two different people’s altogether.

Sephardic Jews know Ashkenazi Khazars were converted to Talmudic Jewry and had nothing to do with the race of Judah and the Khazar Jews know Sephardic Jews aren’t the race of Judah either. Will the real Jew please stand up?

We might look into the etymology of exactly what a Jew means, but that would be antisemitic in your totally duped eggshell brains.

Its all cartoons and Hollywood.

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2 Responses to Last of the Mohel’s Part Deux

  1. Fantastic post however , I was wanting to know if you
    could write a litte more on this topic? I’d
    be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.

    Appreciate it!

    • melgibstein says:

      If you could tell me specifically what you are interested in I can give you a link. What I do is read everything I can read, I read the jew BS first and then read the BS forums who deliberately try to mislead and then I compare it to all my Jew knowledge of over 2000 years of crime. I can then come to a conclusion about 99% faster than the duped jew masses (one gets away every week or so). People are duped, how do you know? Well when you discuss an issue with someone and they walk away in disgust with nothing to dispute it. They get mad at you for not having an answer so you become the enemy and of course they become an enemy spreading jew falsities unknowingly. Its a lonely world, but the alternative is far worse and simply not an option. Take the blue pill or the red pill now. If you want the truth you have to seek it, it wont come to you unless you prove you are worthy of handling it little by little. Some people have just never been exposed to it and think it and never say a word I have found rare occasions of this. Letting them know we are here is the main goal. Its up to you to prove all things yourself and it is covered up with a world of jew slime…so happy digging, it wont be easy especially if the jews did a number on you as a child. I was lucky, I didnt listen to anyone.

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