Brother Where Art Thou?


I have to say most people out there in the so called truth movement must really like to have the smoke blown up their behinds. There must be at least a dozen or more so called truthers who only go on shows with people they agree with and there is no debate whatsoever. What I see from these people is deliberate deception because nobody I know that looks out for my best interest tries to overrun me with BS without letting me or anyone else disagree. If I started reading a paragraph from, let’s say “Oliver Twist” and I told you the girl who was Bill Sykes girlfriend was a CIA agent you would believe me if you SW12never read the book yourselves. If I said the Scottish people hatched in Scotland and chased Tyrannosaurus Rex around I better be able to offer you some sort of proof, but if I have the phones cut off you will have to take it as gospel truth. If I told you Khazar Jews were the actual pure bloodline of Judah there should be evidence and if I added in that these Khazars were also the direct line to Moses through the father this would have to also be completely evident and please, I repeat, please don’t insult me and tell me you have the DNA to prove it.

The truth is I would never tell you anything I could not prove, but our so called truth movement does every time I hear them. The Ugly Truthers, Brother Nathan, Duke and MacDonald, Celente, Kaminski, Rivero, etc. are all kibbitzers and never do any of them get into history without being challenged. Take Mark Glenn for instance, he will tell you over and over again that Jews are the people of the Old Testament and never does he mention the Babylonian Talmud. In his latest recording this Easter that is what he claims. Why do they always leave out the 12 tribes? How in the world did 12 tribes all become JEWS? How can you preach a book so blatantly wrong? It isn’t a mistake folks, it’s deliberate. Jews are not Israel, can we at least get that straight? The answer is “no we can’t” because they won’t.

David Duke talks about the Jews in bondage in Egypt, but John chapter 8 the Jews say “we were never in bondage to any man”. You see anyone can spew words to fit their agenda unchallenged. It’s obvious that these people who claim to have read the Bible consider Jews and the 12 tribes to be the exact same people. Forget the fact that they never even try to understand what the word “Jew” even means. The truth is they cannot have possibly read the Bible AT ALL!

I’m gonna get the whole $9000, I mean it, on my fatha’s grave. I seen everything there is, I seen the 2nd Louis Schmelling fight, I won a bundle. I seen the Kentucky Doiby tree times duh, and I seen da homerun that Bobby Thompson hit that killed the Dodgers.

“It’s better to sell your eyes than to lie deliberately to so many.” That is my quote.

Brother Nathan, Duke and MacDonald all believe the Khazars were not only the Jews of the Bible, but all the 12 tribes of Israel. Now you may not even believe the Bible at all, but all I ask you to do is read the book and you will see this is just lame misinformation. It’s no wonder why Brother Nathan cannot and will not be debated (by anyone but idiots). We wouldn’t want to catch Jews in their lie about being related to Jesus Christ, we might lose a lot of our listeners and offend poor poor Jews (and forget what Jesus himself thinks and said). Advice to anyone starting a blog out there, if you want to be popular, if you want to get a fat head about how many people are reading your posts just link to the Gerald-Celente-300x375-290x310Ugly Truth, Brutha Miltie Kaplan, Mike Rivero, Celente, Kaminski, Duke and all of MacDonald’s BS and you will someday be famous.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have no intentions of being famous, my intentions are to be right with my creator and to seek the truth and tell it. You can take fame and stick it right up your back side. I look at these young fellows coming into the movement and because they jumped into a crowd of people with a sign and took pictures of themselves and plastered them all over the internet that we now have new great leaders. No folks, in my honest opinion a great leader would not want to be even seen with most of you. A great leader is for free speech to make room for hundreds of great leaders. Ladies and gentlemen, this truth movement as you call it has no free speech. We, the true truthers need to be corrected just as we need to tell the truth as we know it. Two or more people agreeing with one another isn’t flushing out truth it is programming. Claiming you have the phones cut off because people are calling in to curse or say profane and stupid things is baloney. If you are telling the truth there is absolutely nothing to fear. Because you stick your face all over the internet doesn’t mean you tell the truth. You want the truth you’ve got to let it in. If you don’t demand the truth you won’t get it. There are a ton of things people aren’t talking about so it’s obvious to me people are too chicken to or they deliberately mislead. You better not fear the truth and you better not be helping Jews with their lies and that’s exactly what these so called truthers do every time they open their owned bagel holes. You’re either my brother or the Jews brothers.

If pro white leaders aren’t discussing where whites came from and disregarding pertinent white history they aren’t white leaders folks and why they have so much in common with Kapner and the others here. There are lots of Jews who tell the truth, the problem is they dont tell the whole truth and have a history of being untrustworthy. Trust is only gained with time and time has proven Jews can NEVER be trusted!

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13 Responses to Brother Where Art Thou?

  1. Ivan Shatov says:

    Mel, I’m trying to understand what you are saying but you speak so cryptically it’s difficult to put it all together! I take it you are referring to the 9-11 Truth Movement. What exactly do you object to? I agree that their assertions are preposterous but what specifically are you referring to?

    Also, you don’t flesh out your points about what specifically constitutes a Jew. What happened to the 12 tribes? Ten (?) of the tribes became the Indo-Europeans? It would really be helpful if you added a section to your web site, a reference section, where you laid out your basic ideas so that people like me could get up to speed.

    As it is now, I have a very difficult time getting my head around precisely what it is you are trying to say and I suspect that you have a lot to say of merit but I cannot understand it much less test it.

    • melgibstein says:

      Another of Mark Glenns blasphemy, when he speaks of the Roman Centurion having no greater faith in all of Israel it is proving that the Romans were also part of the lineage of Israel and if you follow that lineage it all leads to the same white place. Of course whites are supposed to hate their race while everyone else loves theirs. There is a very very good reason for this that only satans kids could devise.

      I dont care what people think, I dont care what the status quo is, I care for the truth and only the truth. You will never in a million years hear about that white race from MacDonald or Duke.

      MacDonald doesnt know what a Milesian is and he claims to be Scottish. This is a guy who supposedly knows the history of the white race. He is a fat lard in the doorway of truth along with David Duke and all his pals.

  2. melgibstein says:

    It appears that I am speaking cryptically because if I say something the wrong way it gets taken the wrong way and thrown out with the bath water.

    What do I object to? The freedom to correct the blitz of never ending Jewish BS repetition from people who jump in front of the parade deliberately to lead it into a back alley.

    As far as this website goes, much of it does what the hell it wants to on its own. Comments just popped on to the main page without my doing- it did it on its own. The print shrinks with time and much that is completely out of my control.

    You ask me what a Jew is. Well there is something called a concordance that anyone who preaches from the Bible should own. Look up the variances of the word Jew yourself and then include Black Jews, Mongolian Khazar Jews, Chinese Jews, etc. to the mix and figure it out from there. You have to dig into it yourself, that is how it is designed and why you were commanded to seek the truth. That doesnt mean trust Bobby down the street or Miltie or Yonnie Kaminski it means seek the truth yourself. If the truth was so easy to give you everyone would have it, but you only get the truth if you love the truth and crave it and never dream of corrupting it. Why would anyone want to corrupt the truth and help Jews? The truth is so anti Jewish it is the only beauty left on this earth.
    What happened to the 12 tribes? Read James chapter one verse one. Pastor Chuck Carlson once told me I was reading from the Scofield Bible when I told him of this, I was reading the King James version (his Bible). Who do pastors and priests trust if not the book itself? Its why they wrote it down. Some lies are impossible to wipe out and impossible to overlook, but all these folks do it without any second thought. The 12 tribes were scattered all over abroad and he wasnt talking about “spiritual Israel”. The Bible refers to people or lineages as tree’s. Does an orange tree grow acorns? The grafting back in was the white race in Romans and “the branch” was God himself as man in the flesh of that same tree aka “the Father”. These words arent minced only Jew words are minced. Jew doesnt mean the pure offspring of Judah, it is a trick word that the synagogue of satan made up. Like people believe Brother Nathan they believe their crypto priests and pastors and do exactly what Jesus said not to do. He called the Jews “fathers of liars” and not of God (they werent of him- God in the flesh). “Jews who say they are Jews and are not”- they can be anywhere and throughout time. You arent hearing this because the truth has been completely outlawed and these shills are in on it obviously because they arent allowing any talk of it whatsoever. At least allow someone to prove their point of what the book really says.

    Mark Glenn finds lines such as “new wine into new wine skins”. This does not mean the Old Testament has been done away with it means you dont open an old wine skin and put new wine into it AND RUIN THE OLD WINE and the new.

    I could write about Jack and Jill and these liars could claim Jack and Jill were running a bookie joint on the top of the hill WITH NO OPEN DEBATE.

    It’s perfectly normal to be confused, but look for the hypocrisy from people. If they tell you things that are untrue simply because you havent looked into the facts yourself you are being HAD! I have not lied to you and if you disagree you can tell me and if you have the truth we can discuss it. I am for the truth 24/7 no exceptions. If you talk about a subject and you have people claiming you are wrong you either confront it head on or you are a Jew or a paid shill- PERIOD!

    Seek the truth and trust no one but your spirit if you have no one else to trust, but never ever never trust a Jew or people who trust Jews unless you want delusion.

    Debate isnt having debate with Jews- debate is having debate with your own to keep truth the truth. Debating with Jews will never produce fruit of any kind. If you dont know they lie by now you are too far gone already.

    You think Wolf Blitzer will ever debate with me? I wont tell him he was a member of AIPAC I will tell him he is a midget Khazar demon mongolian liar who wants me to take him for his word.

  3. melgibstein says:

    1 James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting.

    2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;

    3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

    4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

    5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

    7 For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

    8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.
    No Jew could write something like that in your wildest dreams. Every one of your answers is right there.

  4. sschmwp says:

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. These alleged “truthers” are full of it. If you can prove without a doubt that 2 + 2 = 4, it would still not be the truth to these “shills” if it goes against their purposes, and their purpose is to give you half-truths–to cover up and ignore the real Truth. But, then again there is the fact that blindness, delusion, and hardness of heart still plagues our people, and compassion should be given to the blind. As for the Bible Truth, well, it most likely does not benefit to them anyway, because they’re most likely on the losing side of the final outcome, either because they’re a member of “the tribe” or because they have made a deal with the “devil.” I wouldn’t doubt that many of them are also blackmailed due to some abominable iniquity they have committed in the past. The only stuff that I have on my record are those that are common to man, and I would not be afraid to admit whatever “sin” that I do have, because my “sins” are not capital offenses as per what Scripture defines them. Even if one has committed a sin that demands the death penalty, there is still mercy and forgiveness available in this time if grace, depending on the crime that has been committed. I also would not intentionally tell you something that I did not know was the Truth, and I will give plenty of evidence to back my claims up. The last thing I want to do is intentionally lie to people. One of these days people will realize that we were right, but it seems as if those who are telling the real truth are not in the spotlight like most of the attention seeking “half-truthers” that run websites.

    • melgibstein says:

      Well put and I agree. That abominable sin to continue to side with the jew is beyond my comprehension and most others. Those are the only things I can think of too that would cause someone to sell his soul. Its obviously easier with some than others.

  5. GTRman says:

    Agreed. There is never any “debate ” , for sure that would make interesting listening . All we hear is , ” Absolutely , yes , you’re so right , good point , yes ”

    Im bored with all of it .

    Keep up the Good Fight , Mel .

  6. gloriosaedominae1 says:


    You are so correct about Mark Glenn and his blasphemies. I can’t tell you how many times I have deleted his podcasts from my iTunes library. But for some reason, I always go back in hopes of hearing something good. I am always disappointed.

    Glenn has the audacity to call Jesus Christ, “his favorite Revolutionary in history”. How in the world can a Traditional Catholic refer to The Word, which in Greek is Logos, Son of The Father “a Revolutionary”?

    I once heard him talk about Psalm 2. He interprets “you shall break them in pieces like the potter’s vessel” as Jewish domination of the Gentiles. He does not seem to understand that this refers to Christ coming again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

    He also conveniently never mentions all the chastisements the Israelites or Hebrews, or those who God chose to talk to, those 12 Tribes that is written throughout the Old Testament. I could go on, but I know you are on to him in this regard.

    The so-called Jews of today are the Gentiles. The Roman Catholic Church is the New Israel. The Tridentine Mass is filled with Old Testament prayers throughout the Missal. This guy is a fraud and there is no way that he is a Catholic.

    He also has a show on his “network” called On the Warning Track. These two clowns try to deconstruct the entire Bible as if it is part of the Jewish Conspiracy. Yet never a word is spoken against Muslim beliefs. A union of the Crescent with the Cross is as ridiculous as what New Church labels “Dialogue with the Jews”.

    Seems to me that the Truth Movement is very much about getting people of Faith to abandon it. Where is the Movement by the way? Seems like a bunch of gerbils running around a wheel and getting nowhere.

    Nor do I believe that he went to deliver a speech to the Iranian president. I’m too lazy right now to look up the spelling of his name. Where are the photos? He made it sound that due to this visit big things were going to happen to The Ugly Truth. It implied that the Iranian government was going to fund him some how to expand into some kind of mainstream outlet.

    The Ugly Truth is aptly named. It is Ugly, but the only Truth to be found there is his personal Truth.

    If he were a sincere Catholic, he would be calling for the conversion of the Muslims to the Catholic Faith. Or he would be calling out the sellout Churchmen who do not speak for “fear of the Jews”.

    By the way, Mel, did you used to post on Freedom Portal? I was Father Brown there. Also, if you get a chance, visit Truth Militia’s website. I put together a pretty good post there to point out that you don’t throw out the Faith just because you want to expose the Jews. In fact, you embrace it as it is the only thing that will ever save us. And even if we did manage to overthrow our wicked masters, what are you going to replace it with. Seems to me the Catholics had them under lock and key for quite awhile.

    Look forward to visiting here more often.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes Mr Brown that is me. I was kicked off for not kissing the Jew Rudy’s behind as ordered. You know my beliefs on the Bible, Jews are not Israelites at all, they are no relation to Judah except through Judahs Canaanite kids if at all. We could go into what “Gentile” means, what “Jew” means, what many deliberately distorted words mean and how a single word turns things upside down. Mark Glenn knows this and so do many others on the internet so they are deliberately avoiding any true debate. If they dont debate in an open forum they are “programmers” only. There is a lot they dont talk about and it’s a little too obvious now.
      I dont go near the Truth Militia amateurs who dont know what a “race” even is. The opposition loves to create skirmishes so you will pick one or the other, but theyre both the same Jew snake as far as Im concerned.

      You cant believe there was a Judah (one of 11 brothers) that created his own race. If a white has a child with a Jew it is a Jew. A Jew is a seedline, I dont care if it goes through the mother or the father. Jews are Arabs (mixed) only Jew Arabs are mixed with nephilim seed. Nothing else makes sense. Khazar Jews are Jews who mixed in with whites. Jews mixed in with Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists and every race and religion in the world. Mark Glenn can never speak about that.

      The Bible is about the generations of Adam from the beginning and they aint Jews.

  7. sschmwp says:

    I’m tired of all the fakes/frauds like David Duke. I never read anything from this sellout anymore. I do not want to be referred to as a “Gentile” while our enemies are called “Israel.” You’re 100% correct about Duke. He is either a sheeple or an absolute fraud. He shares some of the limelight on that Jew website, The Truth will win in the end, and all of those on the side of the LIE will be consumed, along with the adversary that they support. Is David Duke really even one of us? And if so, is he blackmailed? The Bible Truth is what will prevail. Duke is not on the side of our God, or is simply not willing to go all the way. It is like in that movie, “They Live.” When those poor resistance fighters were teleported to the alien enclave, you saw plenty of White sellouts working for the enemy, and I’m sure Duke has one of those watches that can teleport him to such a place. If Duke really is one of us, I can only hope and pray that he gets a clue and repents for his lies and association with the enemy.

    • melgibstein says:

      Duke took 10 years to figure out it was Jews who did 9/11 and claims to have learned from Mikey Rivero so he can say “Zio’s” did 9/11 not Jews. He said Zimmerman was a white guy for 3 weeks, said Muslims probably have done bombings and not the Jews. Last week he said Kosher food is better. What is kosher food better than, Chef Oyveyardee Ravioli? Its pathetic.Fresh water is better than fluoridated water too, but Jews are the ones who created that idea of poisoning the water. Is kosher food better than say the food the Irish, Icelanders, etc lived on before Jews got in? Its his bloody opinion and he gave the decision to the Jews. Some white leader, if you would call him that. Nothing Jews do is better than whites, nothing except crime. Duke doesnt know a Jew from a kazoo or he is one.

      As one of the commenters has said about him, he is a fencer to keep the sheep away from the truth, why else would he have his phones cut off to everyone? He says Gentile means “Romans” for God sakes this guy is a twit or a Jew and my bet is he is a Jew bought and paid for to lead the goyim right back into Jew fable land.

      Both him, MacDonald, Slattery (big pussy) and all his jew heroes like Miltie Kaplan, Duff, Gilad etc are all full of dog doo who will never have a wide open debate on Jews or religion. They simply cannot do it. All the clown guests he has know to shut their pie holes too conveniently.

      • sschmwp says:

        Well said.

        Mel, let me be frank with you: Just so you know, I’m not a Muslim apologist; Allah is a false god and an abomination. Too often I see these mongrels refer to “Allah” as the “Almighty God,” which is blasphemy. These Muslims are also responsible for doing harm to us. All who do, and have done harm to us, will be getting theirs as well (Obadiah 1:15-16), and it is not just “Jews.” The Bible God of both Testaments is not “Allah.” The “Allah” worshiping mongrels are going to be on the receiving end of all the harm that they’re responsible for, which includes invading our lands and raping our women. I have no desire to have sex with mongrels, so the only other fitting punishment is, simply, death. And I have no apology for stating the truth. Further, these “mixed” (Arab) people are basically “mixed” with “Jew” blood. I HATE all of the enemies of the Bible God, and you can bet your ass that the Muslims are one of His enemies. There is, after all, only one true God, and it is not the abomination known as “Allah.”

        Deep down inside I think you know this. There is only one God, and it isn’t “Allah.” I am not PC and I know that I offend millions/billions of “people,” but that is how it is.

  8. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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