Moser Disclosure

A Moser in Judaism is basically a Jew who informs on another Jew to non-Jewish authorities. The law relating to a Moser has evolved over time. Jewish communities that lived in societies that discriminated against Jews, treated Mosers more harshly than those who lived in societies with fair justice systems. For instance, one who informs on a Jewish pedophile or criminal today in the United States, ought not be considered a Moser. The law of Moser is not, in fact, akin to the Mafia’s code of Omerta. The law of Moser was never meant to help criminal Jews escape Justice. It was meant to prevent injustice.

Keep in mind that believing in Judaism does not classify one as a Jew. Most Jews don’t believe in God, most Jews don’t believe in Judaism and most importantly most Jews aren’t even related to the people of the Old Testament. The lies are continual, there is no starting or ending place. They are fathers of liars.

Wife Of Senior Chabad Rabbi Calls Victim Of Child Sex Abuse And His Family, “Massers,” “Informers”

Rabbi Pinchus Feldman 2Rebbetzin Peninah Feldman, wife of Rabbi Pinchas Feldman (right), the Head Chabad Emissary to Sydney, Australia and the head of the Yeshiva Centre there, allegedly called Manny Waks – an alleged victim of child sexual abuse and the head of the anti-abuse advocacy group Tzedek – and his family mosrim, informers or collaborators with the enemy. A moser can be killed on sight if necessary to stop him from informing on a Jew to non-Jewish police or government officials. It was the labeling of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin a moser that led to his assassination by an Orthodox Jew.

What is the halachah of a Moser, an informer?


Q: How does halachah view a moser, an informer? What punishment is he liable for?

A: The Gemara (Bava Kama 117a) cites an incident in which a person wanted to show another man’s straw to the officers of the king who were searching for it. Rav warned him not to show it, however, the informer insisted that he would indeed inform on his fellow Jew. Rav Kahana, who happened to be sitting before Rav while this exchange was taking place, stood up and broke the neck of this intended informer. The Rambam (Hilchos Chovel U’mazik 8:10) and the Shulchan Aruch (Choshen Mishpat 388:10) posken in accordance with this Gemara that it is permitted to kill an informer even if the informer is only informing on another Jew concerning monetary issues.

In Shemos (perek 2), the Torah recounts an incident in which Moshe killed an Egyptian who was beating a Jew (Understand that this Jew disregards that these people were called “Israelites” not Jews). Dasan and Aviram informed Pharaoh, the King of Mitzrayim, of this incident, forcing Moshe to flee to Midyan (Understand that Moses was not a Jew). The meforshim ask why, if Dasan and Aviram were informers, did Moshe not kill them, as permitted by halacha? They explain that the heter of killing a moser is only before he actually informs; one is allowed to kill him to prevent him from doing so. However, once the informer has done the deed, there is no heter to kill him, as stated in the Rambam (halacha 11).

Jews have their own laws inside our countries as you can see and somehow we call them Americans or Germans or Russians when they will never be anything but Jews.

The reason one is permitted to kill a moser is because he is classified as a rodef, a pursuer. When someone is being pursued and is in mortal danger, it is permitted to kill the pursuer and save the life of the one being pursued. (If the pursuer can be stopped by being maimed or wounded, that is preferable. Killing the pursuer is only a last resort.)

The pursuer from the sewer. Jews are free to expose alleged Christian child molesters because there is no fear from a psychotic syndicate of nutcases threatening to knock them off.

Why is it permitted to stop an informer, even by killing him, if he is informing only in regard to monetary issues? In such a case, why is he classified as a rodef? The Mordechai on mesechta Bava Kama writes that when a person falls into the clutches of the government, in order to extract more money from the person, the authorities can turn the matter into a life and death issue. Even in today’s democratic judicial system, being incarcerated with the dregs of society is a dangerous, life-threatening situation.

The dregs of society, I think they mean all of us non Jews and their slaves.

The Mordechai brings the Rabbeinu Simcha, who points out that the opinion of the Rif is that it is permissible to kill a moser even after he has already informed. The reason for this is that we want to demonstrate what a heinous crime informing is, in order to stop other people from doing so. If it is permitted to kill a moser even after the fact, why then did Moshe not kill Dasan and Aviram? The sefer Pninim D’bei Midrashah cites the Rama (sif 15), who writes that someone who does not directly inform the authorities, but rather makes a public announcement of information, which trickles down indirectly to the authorities, he is not classified as a moser. Thus, posits the Pninim D’bei Midrasha, perhaps Dasan and Aviram did not directly inform the authorities about Moshe, but rather made the incident public knowledge, allowing for Pharaoh to find out about it.

You see how they use Moses as the model for this? How does a moser come to have anything to do with reporting a Jewish child molester to the police? The truth is Jews use the Moses story to show Jews are a holy people, but there is no record of any Israelites molesting children only history of Jews molesting children. If I was a Jew I’d be a moser, but I am just a human being telling the truth.


For practical halachah the Mahari Tatz writes that in today’s times, when secular law does not permit us to kill a moser, when someone is moser, a public announcement should be made in every shul that the person is a moser, he should not be counted in the quorum that is needed for a minyan, one should not attend any weddings he makes and one should not participate in his aveilus (mourning of the dead). Moreover, when he dies, the chevrah kadishah (burial society) should not take part in burying him.

Anyone who believes Jews care about so called secular law is someone who fears being a moser or a deluded non Jew. A moser is cut off from the crime family or killed- period.


You will find different definitions for what a moser is to dilute the true meaning. Jews will make the word look like there is a science behind it that takes an assembly of Rabbi’s to make an honest decision about the suspected moser, but there is a very simple definition of a moser and that is any Jew ratting on another Jew without permission.

In other words you can always find the shills on the internet knowing this and why certain radio hosts can never allow you to speak with them in fear of being caught in a moser strangle hold. The only way you will ever find someone truthful is with free speech. Just because someone writes on the internet or flaps his gums on the radio does not mean he can’t be a very good Jew liar who tickles your ear.


Vicky Polin was a “moser”, although she still only reports on Jewish child molestation when there are literally hundreds of other areas to expose millions of Jews. You might as well expose them all, but they never do. Only a non Jew will expose the Jews as a whole and fully understand the magnitude of Jewish overall evil of mankind and nature. I suggest you study true history and throw out those moser books you are reading. If a moser isn’t reporting the truth he is reporting BS. Lying by omission is still lying, it’s their law and they know it by heart. Even non Jews look the other way on Jew crime in fear of the Jew and expect things to change for the better. It is the perfect storm for moser’s and everyone else who looks the other way. You are of the human race or you are with them.

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