1. (Christian Religious Writings / Bible) Old Testament a desert demon to whom the scapegoat bearing the sins of Israel was sent out once a year on the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16:1-28)

2. (Non-Christian Religions / Judaism) (Non-Christian Religions / Islam) (in later Jewish and Gnostic writings and in Muslim tradition) a prince of demons.

This is a rebuttal to the Ugly Truther’s golden boy, Jonathan Azaziah who was with Mark Glenn for close to 4 years known to be the most militaristic Muslim on the internet who not very long ago came out of the closet as being the son of a Jewish mother (an Iraqi Jew).

I don’t want Muslims to feel I am attacking them here because it has nothing to do with Muslims. Let me first say that I very much liked Dr. Hesham Tillawi when I first heard him many years ago and thought of him as a genuine human being in search of truth and to speak on behalf of his Palestinian people. I have never once known him to shut his phones off to anyone even regarding Christian Identity which really should not even be brought up with him. Tillawi is a Muslim and I am a Christian, however we come from different people and different religions we can agree on most everything else. It was not until Mark Glenn came along and started bashing Christianity while claiming to be a representative ofimages it with Tillawi did I no longer listen to Tillawi for any information. Mark Glenn used Tillawi to push his own version of Christianity and then included others such as Azaziah to further degrade Christianity by telling us what Christian Identity is in his latest BS rant here:

So we have a so called Christian, Mark Glenn who does not believe in the Old Testament and has his very own private Idaho belief in what the New Testament says and has a so called Muslim on his show who told everyone he was Iraqi and never said a word about being a Jew (whether by blood or religion- who knows?) through his mother for 4 years. Neither of these two will debate on anything they spew. Ladies and gentlemen can you smell it? Again this is not to bash innocent Muslims or their religion because I don’t bash someone’s religion unless they are bashing mine and I truly believe both of these characters are Jews because Jews are the only ones who do such things as I pointed out with Kevin Barret in the previous post.

He has his Palestinian hat on, but whose side would he be on in Palestine? The only way we would ever know whose side he was on is to put him to the test and history teaches usja1 that the Jew never passes the test- ever. Honestly, would you be willing to put your family at risk with a Jews word alone? We don’t even know if this is his real picture.

Here are some of the things Azaziah (now Azazel from now on) says about Christian Identity after he openly tells his listeners that he won’t be taking any calls from CI people while he bashes their religion. So now we have all descent out of the way while Azazel goes off on a tangent deliberately misinforming his listeners as to what Christian Identity is (among other disinfo) he can begin. Anyone still listening to this character after you read this has to be deluded to say the least.

Azazel starts off by saying CI is British Israel. This is like saying the Muslim religion is the same as Mormonism and of course is absolutely ridiculous if you know about these religions. You have to ask yourself why someone would get a microphone and deliberately lie or talk about something which is blatantly false and not have any wonder why the phones must be cut off. Mark Glenn was guarding the phones as he always does and in fact nobody called in at all. British Israel would actually love Jonathan Azaziah because he is a Jew so it blows his theory out the window immediately. CI will have nothing to do with Jews whatsoever so let’s get that out of the way right now. Then Azazel says how much he abhors the British, all murderers and taken over by the Rothschild. You have to ask if Azazel hates all the Americans too because America too was taken over by the Rothschild’s as was Iraq. He goes on to say that the only reason he is in America is because these British (Rothschild) sacked his homeland and you have to ask which side of the family he is talking about, his Jewish side? Actually we don’t even know if both his father and mother are Jewish, but we know his mother is because he said it himself.

So here we have a legal Jew speaking for Muslims against White people in general stirring up the bee’s nest as Jews have done throughout history and the idiots that follow this guy and Mark Glenn actually believe it. He claims he is an enemy of Zionists and not Jews because it would be even more schizophrenic if he was against his self. Let me ask you Muslims out there whose side he is on, is he on your side because he claims he is? He saysfcollin himself at the very end of this show that Jews are from Shatan and I totally agree with that statement, but he obviously doesn’t believe Shatan was racially related to Jews or he would be one himself. So you see a Jew has plenty of options to wiggle in or wiggle out of racial groups and religions in their own grand scheme of things, but it really has to do with what you think as a Muslim or a Christian and what you believe a Jew is. A Jew tells you that you must take him by his word and many of you are still too foolish enough to do it. The truth is you can’t take them for their word because it is a racial trait (a seed line) and a religious obligation to LIE (it’s called The Talmud).

You find the truth by exposing the hypocrisy and anyone is open to expose mine right here at any time. I am not going to say someone’s religion is evil with my comments or the phone shut down because I am after the truth and the truth is wide open folks. There is never a reason to be afraid of learning truth and every true Christian knows this. If you claim to have all the truth with your comments and your phones shut off you are not after truth you are after the same thing Jews are in their BS media, no difference whatsoever.512830e829 They are birds of the same feather.

The reason why I side with Christian Identity is because it looks into history of our own ancestors and not the Jews. It has nothing to do with Jews whatsoever and everything the Bible says about Jews is truth. Of course you will not know what I am talking about until you know the difference between the Revelation 3;9 Jews and the 12 apostles and 12 tribes. There is obviously a difference between Jew #1 and Jew #2 any way you read that book because it says there is. Jews are imposters, they have to get in to be heard and you shouldn’t trust them or the people who let them in. Best way to avoid Azazel is to know who Azazel is and that is by their hypocrisy. Those words about the leaven of the Pharisees are still true today as they ever were.

Hypocrisy can only be exposed with free and open speech (freedom) and Jews want no part of freedom. It’s Jews who have always hated our freedoms and both Muslims and true Christians know this. Freedom means being able to walk right up to the king and call him a George-Washington-41viperous snake exactly what the first Christians did and they weren’t calling their own people “a brood of vipers” they were talking to the people we refer to as Jews today. Nothing has changed, they have the same agenda, to destroy and to pervert truth and crucify it if need be because they simply cannot coexist with it. You can choose one or the other, but one has no intentions of debating for fear of truth and not the fear of the Jew at all.  Go ahead and see who fears whom.

Who are your fathers?

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