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Pennies From Heaven

Real Estate Rumor Says Satmar To Get Huge Williamsburg Property From NY State For Pennies On The Dollar Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration is allegedly set to sell the Williamsburg Armory to Satmar for only $14 million dollars. Exterior, close-up, partial … Continue reading

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Moser Disclosure

A Moser in Judaism is basically a Jew who informs on another Jew to non-Jewish authorities. The law relating to a Moser has evolved over time. Jewish communities that lived in societies that discriminated against Jews, treated Mosers more harshly … Continue reading

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1. (Christian Religious Writings / Bible) Old Testament a desert demon to whom the scapegoat bearing the sins of Israel was sent out once a year on the Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16:1-28) 2. (Non-Christian Religions / Judaism) (Non-Christian Religions … Continue reading

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