How The West Was Won

Here we have a Press TV/Veterans Today Muslim (Jew) who claims he is a White man with the inside scoop on the top echelon of the Vatican itself. This is one of the Veterans Today shills that always refers to the Jewish welfare state as “Israel” and “the Israeli’s”. His good friends are Jews such as Gordon Duff (need I say more?), Barry Chamish and every Jew there is on the internet claiming to be on the side of truth and justice who also happen to spend their time degrading our founding fathers, Christianity, the American government and never the elephant in the room common denominator, the Jew! You see, once they get inside they can point at it as an evil entity without mentioning their kin.

Mr Barret spends most of his time blaming Dick Cheney and Israel for the WTC bombing along with Hymie Fetzer and never ever includes that Jews were involved as they are involved in the drug trade, porn, slavery, snuff, organ harvesting, instigating wars, etc. You see even American Jews are considered “Israeli’s” if they work for the Israel lobby, but they have no intentions of moving to the Jew state at all.

Have you heard Mr. Barret, Sabrosky, Duff, Hymie Fetzer, etc. speak about the monopolization of our food in our polluted Kosher food stores? That isnt Israeli’s folks. They don’t see any problem at all there. Have you heard Barret and Hymie Fetzer speaking of the illegal immigration raid on America that is completely controlled by Jews? Just look at the town of Postville, Iowa if you don’t believe me.

Jews are pointing their fingers at you and me and everyone else except the Jews that are behind ALL the crime in the entire world (and I am not exaggerating) and not just in Israel (the Jew state). Have you heard these Jews talk about the Jewish politicians feverishly trying to disarm us? They obviously hate our way of life too. Jews hate everything Christian Americans and Christians in general have ever done. Jews only know chaos so they can be perfectly comfortable and at home in it. These reptiles can go off on a tangent on all the alleged Catholic church (aka Christian) child molestation cases and never say a word about the Jewish community that don’t even report their own satanic acts that are through the roof (even before this recent epidemic). So you see, Jews have America in a9aeb214563 Ben BernankeRanger choke hold with their crypto Jews deflecting from the elephant in the room Jew epidemic and blaming it on others. When you see this hypocrisy you have to go after it first and foremost. Its like walking into a room with two kids and the room has paint all over the walls, crap all over the floor, broken pictures, etc. and one kid is pointing to the other saying “he did it”. With Jews you never ever trust them and you will know them if you know what they do.

These media outlets like Press TV, RT, Infowars, etc. all start off as “Jew wise” media outlets that are always strangely overrun by Jews. How can this be? Jews have the same game plan in everything they do;

1. Get Inside

2. Gain senority through trust

3. Corrupt and pervert

4. Destroy from the inside and out

They have taken over every entity there is that once stood for “good”. Now they are telling us nothing was ever good and the people (Christians) and their institutions are all childSolicitor+General+Elena+Kagan+Addresses+Georgetown+EPIL9ol6sZkl molesters just like the Jews they forget to ever mention. Bring in the Jews like Elena Kagan and everything will become pure again.

You are going to have to stand for something and if you are standing with the Jews go back to my post on “The Big Miliekowski” (Netanyahu). They have no game plan whatsoever. Their game plan is to destroy and as you can see, they’re doing it (the only thing they are capable of). Whether the Catholic church is being attacked or Christianity itself, we need to unite against Jewry as Christians and on the same page. Divided we fall pertains to all of us in the entire world now unless we want Jew chaos. You will be left with two choices, up or down.

He is just an expert on Catholics isnt he? That’s why he became a Muslim and now making Islam stench too.

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