Oh G_d!


When I hear Jews bashing the US Government, America, Europe or Christian groups one cant help but be totally awed that they never get to the root of what actually destroyed these once great entities. They have totally removed themselves as the cause of the impurity and make themselves into the victims of it. They make the destruction then sit in the audience and throw tomatoes at it when it is their stench that has destroyed everything to begin with.

Here is a list of well known Jews who destroyed the Catholic Church (this was just one organization of hundreds they destroyed simply by infiltrating). There is nothing on earth that these people haven’t made into a polluted stench and still the good people who are supposed to be triumphing over evil are deathly afraid to point this out. It will continue on forever until we stand up together and do what must be done.

Keep in mind, this is just one organization where Jews were given the green light to enter and look at the outcome (just in our time alone today). This has been going on for thousands of years and we still don’t get it. You still trust these people no matter how much you are taught and warned about. What do you think the outcome is going to be? I’ve been saying this for over 20 years folks and I will say it till I croak, you cannot trust these people under any circumstances. Everywhere they go they destroy. If you havent figured that out yet you are an amateur or a shill. Jews are contrary to mankind, he didn’t say Zionists and he didn’t say everyone except Ben Friedman. You want to be known as someone caring and loving? Start loving your own non Jewish people first, the ones who have been victims of Jewish lies all their lives. Care for them and let the Jew parasite off someone else.

Jews who have infected the Catholic Church and Christianity:

Sean Penn – actor, movie star (devout Catholic mother; non-observant Jewish father)ostreicher_penn_web

Fritz Lang – famous German film director (Catholic father; mother was Jewish convert to devout Catholicism; Fritz raised as a devout Catholic)

Roger Corman – famously successful and prolific independent/low-budget feature filmmaker (half Jewish; raised Catholic)

Erich von Stroheim – famous Austrian-born actor-director (both parents Jewish; convert to Catholicism while young; lifelong active Catholic)

Roman Polanski – film director (both parents agnostic Jews; Roman converted toRoman-Polanski-Sharon-Tate Catholicism at age 10, active until age 15; has some Jewish ethnic identity)

Oliver Stone – film director (lapsed Catholic mother; non-observant Jewish father; raised Episcopalian; converted to Buddhism as adult)

Adam Goldberg – actor; Saving Private Ryan, etc. (lapsed Jewish father, lapsed Catholic mother)

Barry Gifford – poet, novelist, playwright, screenwriter (Jewish father; Irish Catholic mother; anti-Catholic as an adult)

Fiorello LaGuardia – progressive, liberal, powerful Republical mayor of New York City (served 1934-1945) (son of Jewish and Italian immigrants)

Douglas Fairbanks – actor, silent screen legend (Jewish father, Catholic mother – both lapsed; Fairbanks was never active in either faith)

Helena Bonham Carter – actress; Planet of the Apes (2001); Fight Club (1999); Howards End (1992); other Merchant Ivory films; etc. (mother was a Jewish convert to Catholicism)

Robert Novak – conservative columnist and TV commentator (Jewish convert to Catholicism)

Harrison Ford – actor; “Han Solo” in Star Wars; Indiana Jones, Witness, Air Force One, imagesetc. (Jewish mother)

Courtney Love – grunge rock singer (one grandparent was Jewish) (another gift)

Bill Maher – comedian, commentator, previously hosted TV talk show Politically Incorrect (Jewish mother, Catholic father, he is a Vegan) (he is a reptile to be more specific)

Marcel Proust – influential novelist

Billy Joel – singer, songwriter (both parents are Jewish; raised Catholic and identified himself as Catholic; now atheist)

John von Neumann – mathematician and physicist whose work led to development of modern computers (yes he invented the internet too)

Gabriela Mistral – Chilean poet, educator, diplomat; first Latin American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (first Latin or first crypto?)

J.D. Salinger – popular, acclaimed novelist for his novel The Catcher in the Rye (Jewish/Catholic family background; adopted Hinduism as an adult, also Scientology and Christian Science)

Neve Campbell – actress (Jewish ancestry on mother’s side; identifies both as Jewish and Catholic) (her first movie, “My Secret Identity”)

John Kerry – Senator from Massachusets; 2004 Democratic nominee for U.S. President (Catholic. Paternal Jewish grandparents converted to Catholicism) (John Cohen or Cohn, but he wants to be known as Irish and Catholic even though it is an outrage he doesnt care)

Nostradamus – French philosopher, prognosticator, (raised Catholic)

Wesley Clark – Wesley Kane Clark was the NATO Allied Commander in Europe; unsuccessfully ran to be Democratic nominee for U.S. President (Jewish father, raised Baptist, converted to Catholicism)

Max Jacob – French artist (Jewish-born; converted to Catholicism)

Frida Kahlo – influential Mexican painter, friend of Leon Trotsky (Jewish father, Catholic mother)

Diego Rivera – influential Mexican painter (he was a “Converso”, a descendant of Jews forced into Catholicism; atheist)

Edgardo Mortara – Jewish Italian seized by Papal authority as a child; became a Catholic priest; famous as catalyst for Jewish-Catholic relations, dialogue

Susan Jacoby – author, (father half-Jewish, converted to Catholicism)

Gustav Mahler – Austro-Hungarian Viennese composer (converted to Catholicism)

Jean-Marie Lustiger – Cardinal and Archbishop of Paris (ethnic Jew, born to a Polish Jewish family living in France; raised Catholic) Said he was born a Jew and will die a Jew- an Ashkenazi.

Edith Stein – Catholic nun, Holocaust victim The BS Tylenol Ghost saint

Uriel Acosta – Potuguese philosopher (raised Catholic)

Theodor Adorno – German philosopher, composer, (ethnic Jewish father became Protestant; Catholic mother)

Simone Weil – French philosopher (converted to Catholicism)

Ludwig Wittgenstein – Austrian philosopher (father’s parents became Protestants, mother was Catholic)

Lindsey Vuolo – Playboy Playmate (Jewish mother, father converted from Catholicism) Such an asset to the church (are you sick yet?)

Bernard Nathanson – former abortionist (doctor who performed abortions) turned pro-life activist; rejected abortion on scientific grounds (Jewish convert to Catholicism) Just what Catholics need

Karl Stern (1906-1975) – neuropsychiatrist and author; author of Pillar of Fire, etc. (Jewish convert to Catholicism)

Israel Zolli – Chief Rabbi of Rome (converted to Catholicism) a Rabbi in the church- you can always trust a Rabbi especially at the Day Care centers.

Jim Croce – rock musician whose hits include “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” (raised in devout Catholic family; converted to Judaism when he married Ingrid Jacobson) Good riddance!

Amanda Bynes – teen actress, Nickelodeon TV show host; All That; The Amanda Show; Big Fat Liar; What a Girl Wants; etc. (Catholic father, Jewish mother)

Anne Meara – actress, comedian; married to actor Jerry Stiller, father of actor Ben Stiller (Irish Catholic convert to Judaism)

Arlo Guthrie – folk singer; composer of “Alice’s Restaurant” (Jewish mother; convert to Catholicism) Another great attribute to Christianity

Dick Morris – former advisor for Pres. Bill Clinton; political author Bite me, Dick

Don Adams – actor best known as the fumbling spy “Maxwell Smart” on the TV series Get Smart (Irish Catholic mother, Hungarian Jewish father, raised Catholic)

Dutch Schultz – prohibition era mobster; real name: Arthur Fleggenheimer (Jewish convert to Catholicism) He might have been Pope if he didnt murder so many.

Franz Schreker – Austrian-German composer (Jewish father)

Harry Connick Jr. – singer, actor (ethnically part Jewish; raised Catholic, practicing Catholic)

Hedy Lamarr – actress, inventor of the first form of spread spectrum, a key to modern wireless communication

Hermann Broch – German novelist; The Death of Virgil

Hugo von Hofmannsthal – Austrian German-language poet and dramatist

Jacques Offenbach – French composer

Jerry Orbach – actor; Law and Order (Jewish father)

Johann Strauss – composer known as “The Waltz King”; Blue Danube, Acceleration Waltz, Emperor Waltz, etc

Jorge Sampaio – president of Portugal (Catholic, but son of a Sefaradi Jewish mother)

Julianna Margulies – actress on TV drama ER (Jewish father, raised Catholic by mother)

Kevin Kline – Oscar-winning actor; Sophie’s Choice, A Fish Called Wanda, Dave, French Kiss, etc. (Jewish father)

Marianne Faithfull – British singer, actress (Jewish convert to Catholicism at her school’s request)

Michael Bennett – choreographer (Jewish mother)

Michael Landon – actor best known as “Pa” on Little House on the Prairie TV series; real name: Eugene Maurice Orowitz (Jewish father, Catholic mother, baptized Catholic)

Paulo Costanzo – actor; sitcom Joey; films Road Trip, 40 Days and 40 Nights, etc. (Jewish mother)

Phoebe Cates – actress; Fast Times at Ridgemont High, etc. (real name: Phoebe Katz)Phoebe-Cates-1

Pierre Salinger – white house press secretary, 1961-64 (Jewish father)

Tom Baker – actor; played the Doctor on BBC series Doctor Who from 1974 to 1981

Wolfgang Pauli – discoverer of the Exclusion Principle and the neutrino (Jewish father, half-Jewish mother, converted from Judaism to Catholic, but later left Catholic Church)

Yves Montand – famous French actor/singer

Robert De Niro – actor (lapsed Catholic father and an atheist Presbyterian-raised mother; possible Jewish ancestry)

Christopher Columbus – explorer who led Europeans to American continent (possibly part-Jewish)

Famous Jewish/Catholic Couples:

George Burns and Gracie Allen: George Burns (a non-observant Jew) and Gracie (a devout Catholic) were regarded as having one of the great marriages of Hollywood history

Alan Alda and Arlene Weiss: Alda (actor best known as “Hawkeye Pierce” on TV’s M*A*S*H), was a devout Catholic when he married Weiss, who was an observant Jew. AtAlanAlda_ForAtari the time their first child was born, Alda ceased Catholic Church activity and his wife mostly lapsed from Judaism. They raised their children in “a loosely associated ‘free thought’ style of religion, the family nevertheless celebrates religious holidays–both Catholic and Jewish”

Fred Zinnemann and Renee Bartlett: film director Zinnemann was essentially a non-observant Jew. Probably partially because of the influence of being married to a Catholic, he made some profoundly Catholic films, including The Nun’s Story (1959) and A Man for All Seasons (1966). His films The Seventh Cross (1944) and Julia (1977) are considered great Jewish films.

Francois Truffaut and Madeleine Morgenstern: film critic/director Truffaut was a non-practicing Catholic. His wife was a Hungarian Jew.

Mel Gibson made the mother of Jesus a Jewess (Morgenstern) in his movie, but she didn’t have a hooked nose like he gave Jesus.

Martin Scorsese and Laraine Marie Brennan: Before studying film at New York University, film director Scorsese had dropped out of Seminary where he had intended to63rd-annual-cannes-film-festival-2010-martin-scorsese-45424 become a Catholic priest. His first wife (Brennan) was Irish-Jewish. They were married on 15 May 1965 in a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Patrick’s Cathedral soon after Scorsese’s graduation from NYU. They had 1 child before they divorced. Scorsese has said his marriage had a lot to do with his rejection of his parents’ values and his turning away from formal activity in Catholicism.

It doesn’t matter where these people are, wherever they go they corrupt. When you hear a Jew complaining about anything make them name names who they are complaining about. If its someone other than Jews it is you that they are complaining about and no one else. If you are of truth they want you gone.

Jew converts who changed the church


I dont know any non Jew who could go in and change the Jewish religion for the good or the bad because no one knows what the hell it is.

Kevin Barmitzvah the Jewish Muslim reports:

Oy Vey Oy Vey!

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6 Responses to Oh G_d!

  1. gjonah says:

    Good Article, Mel.

    This link below is probably the best Historical work in the subject, naming all the names of cryptos, and written in multiple languages by High Ranking Catholic Clergy, as a forewarning to attending Vatican 2 Bishops of the Jews Plot..Jews still carried out their plans.


  2. Chris says:

    Good article as always Mel.

    ” Jews bashing the US Government, America, Europe or Christian groups”.

    One comment I would like to make without detracting from your article is when I hear people like Bill Finck saying Greek is a dead language because the people in Greece are Turks and don’t speak the language of old. When I hear things like that I’m reminded of what Jew kissinger said regarding Greeks & Yuri Bezmenov on demoralisation.

    That’s just a BS narrow perspective and down right lazy. Which as far as I’m concerned attacks European and Christian groups. Raises a red flag for me.

    What next, all Americans are Jews or negros because of the damage they have done at the behest of their master.

  3. Like every other dupe who mentions her, you’ve given Heddy Lamar, who was arrested multiple times for shoplifting in her lifetime, credit for the invention of “frequency hopping” spread spectrum technology, the precursor to today’s wireless technology. She was married to the Austrian mischling arms dealer Fritz Mandl (Hirtenberger Patronen-Fabrik) before immigrating to the US. You don’t suppose she shoplifted the idea or the actual plans for this invention from him before splitting, do you?

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