GOMORRA (2008)

Being Jew in Italy: The Ghetto of Venice

Stanislao Pugliese (September 25, 2012)

A short history of the Ghetto of Venice with original pictures taken by an Italian American professor who visited the spot this summer.

In March 1516, the Council of Ten of the Venetian Republic decreed the formation of the first ghetto in western world.

“The Jews must live together in the houses that stand near San Girolamo. And so that they donot go about at night, let two gates be made, one on each side of the Old Ghetto where there is a small bridge, and one on the other side of the bridge—that is, one gate for each place. And let these gates be opened in the morning at the ringing of the Marangona [the main bell of St. Mark’s Basilica] and locked at midnight by four Christian gatekeepers, appointed and paid by the Jews themselves at a rate that our Council decides fair . . .”

So began the history of one of Europe’s most melancholy and tragic institutions.  Many people today know that the ghetto of Venice to be the first of its kind; they may not know that the history of the Jews in Venice predates the ghetto.

Documents prove that Jews were trading in Venice as early as the 10th century.  There is some evidence that Jews had lived in the Giudecca quarter (formerly called the Spinalonga) between the 11th and 13th centuries.  Oral tradition in the Venetian Jewish community holds that there were two synagogues in the Giudecca (demolished as late as the 18th century), and a plaque with Hebrew inscription was found in the Giudecca near the church of the Zitelle in the 19th century. Despite common prejudice and anti-Semitism, medieval political authorities soon came to recognize that the Jews could bring invaluable commercial ties with the near east and important revenue into the city-state.
In 1385, the Venetian Senate invited German Jewish moneylenders to the city. This was soon followed a year later by a

concession of land on the Lido for a Jewish cemetery.

But the relationship, even if mutually beneficial, was fraught with obstacles.
Jews were permitted in the city only for fixed lengths of time and obligated to wear a yellow circle sewn onto their coats. Increasing numbers of Jews arrived in the first decade of the 16th century, stimulating an increase in bigotry antisemites flamed by the certain orders of the Catholic Church. Hence the formation of the ghetto in 1516. (The Papal State, not to be outdone, instituted its version of the ghetto in 1555.)

There is still philological debate over the origins of the word itself. Many hold that the word derives from the Venetian word “getar” (to throw or smelt) because of the old foundry that had been on the site. Others hold that the word comes from the German “gitter” (iron grill) or the Hebrew “get” (divorce).  All agree that the area was far from ideal: there were prisons nearby as well as the monastery of San Girolamo (whose monks were responsible for the burial of executed criminals).

The ghetto was created not just to separate Jews from Christians while permitting the Venetian Republic to enjoy their financial contributions, but also for a theological reason. According to certain currents of Christian theology, the Messiah’s promised second coming would not transpire before the mass conversion of the Jews to Christianity. Hence, the ghetto also saw the practice of the “predica forzata” where Jews were forced to attend sermons – often given by converts – that demanded their conversion to Christianity.

Venetian Jews not working in the financial sector, printing or medicine (Jewish doctors were permitted to leave the ghetto in the evening under escort) were reduced to the “strazzaria,” hence the stereotype of the Jewish rag-pickers dealing in used textiles and clothing.

An influx of Levantine Jews in the mid 16th century, bringing different customs of worship and dress, created a contrast with their more modest Ashkenazi brethren. They were followed by Roman Jews in 1575 and Sephardic Jews in 1589. Soon the ghetto was so crowded that authorities and scholars estimate there was only two square meters per inhabitant. Denied permission to build outward beyond the ghetto, the Jews built vertically, with the result of eight- and nine-story buildings, most of which were not structurally sound. The Ghetto Vecchio was expanded into a Ghetto Novo and eventually a Ghetto Novissimo (1633). In such a small space, there are actually no less than 5 distinct schools or shuls: the Scuola Tedesca (1528), the Scuola Canton (1531), the Scuola Levantina (1541), the Scuola Italiana (1575), and the Scuola Spagnola (1580). Today, a visitor is struck by the presence of Lubavitcher Jews and images of Brooklyn’s Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, who died in 1994.

Although rather small compared to other centers of Jewish life in Europe, the Jewish community of Venice was intellectually and culturally distinguished for centuries. Among the luminaries are Elia Levita (grammarian), poetess Sara Copio Sullam, and the rabbis Leone da Modena and Simone Luzzato. Venetian Jews were permitted to study at the prestigious Università di Padova and Venice became a center of Jewish scholarship and, with the arrival of Daniel Bomberg from Antwerp, the printing trade. Meir Magino was a famous glassmaker from the ghetto while Margherita Grassini Sarfatti was a noted journalist, critic, patroness of the avant-garde (and Mussolini’s mistress).

Setbacks were common: bubonic plague passed through several times (a mass grave in the Jewish cemetery on the Lido says simply: “EBREI 1631.” The Counter-Reformation proved particularly difficult, as when Pope Julius II ordered the destruction of the Talmud in 1553 and Venetian authorities responded with a mass bonfire in Piazza San Marco. The messianic movement of Sabbatai Zevi in the mid-17th century divided Venetian Jews and by 1737 the community was forced to file for bankruptcy.

The Enlightenment and Risorgimento improved conditions within and outside the ghetto. Napoleon’s soldiers literally pulled down the gates of the ghetto (1797) and emancipation permitted the Jews to participate fully in the Risorgimento, especially the Pincherle, Treves and Pesaro families (whose monumental tombs are easy to find in the Cimitero Ebreo.)

The first decade of fascism saw an uneasy truce between the new regime and the community; this was shattered in 1938 with the passage of the Racial Laws. By that time, the population of the ghetto had dwindled to a mere 1200. World War II was to bring tragedy. When, in September 1943, Italy switched sides and the Germans occupied Venice, almost all Jews, including the elderly and almost blind chief rabbi, Adolfo Ottolenghi, were deported to concentration camps and murdered. [Even the writer is a crypto]

Today, the community numbers some 500 and the ghetto’s most striking features are the two monuments to the Holocaust by Arbit Blatas and the omnipresent Carabinieri. But with a vibrant intellectual and cultural life, a kindergarten, a retirement home (casa di riposo), a bakery, a library, a museum established in 1954, and numerous thriving shops, the ghetto of Venice is a living monument to over 500 years of history.

Information for this essay was derived from the website of the Comunità Ebraica di Venezia at www. Jvenice.org and the Museo Ebraico di Venezia at http://www.museoebraico.it

Stanislao G. Pugliese
Professor of History
Queensboro Unico Distinguished Professor of Italian and Italian American Studies
Hofstra University

~Giudecca and Spinalonga sound like two of our shill talk show hosts on Oracle and RBN. Of course everyone knows that GIU means JEW. Funny how everyone believes everything Benjamin Friedman says but that. Jewish Italians are destroyers just like any other people (Jewish Germans, Jewish Russians etc) they destroy everything in our name. They hate Christianity, they hate our founding fathers, they hate our very existence. It isn’t hard to find them. They gravitate to microphones so they can do as much destruction as possible and if they aren’t running their pie holes they are out and out murdering people with ice picks in the back of the head. They have no souls and there is no truth in them because they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. You will know them if you can question them, but most have their phones cut off to all truth and wide open to their Jew friends. All you have to do is ask a talk show host you don’t trust if they have their phones cut off to someone and ask them why. Who is against free speech? Who is afraid of the truth?

How about this guy Danny Aiello- running around Hollywood making once White Italy and Italian heritage into a sewer. If you see someone who looks like this, he isn’t White folks. If he talks like a Jew, he’s a Giu.

They do this in our name folks. Jews will light your house on fire and get you to sit with them and watch it burn. There is no way out of this without confrontation, it is going to happen whether you want it or not. It’s the only way we are ever going to have peace and prosperity again. What these people (Jews) do in our name is the biggest crime of all and they have been doing it right from the start!

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23 Responses to Gomorrah

  1. AK says:

    Of course, Catholics kept Jewry walled in, away from humanity, for the safety of the world. Ghetto is a Catholic word and term. Protestants later free them from the ghettos-ala French Revolution, but you wont ever blog about that, will you Mel?

    The issue is a good one, but where I severely fault you is your reference to Spinalonga. Trying to imply RBNs radio host is tied in due to her name, (Which you dont even know its meaning) is-totally bogus on your part.

    “According to Venetian documents, the name of the island Spinalonga originated in the Greek expression στην Ελούντα stin Elounda (meaning “to Elounda”). The Venetians simply called it spina “thorn” lunga “long”, (Long thorn).” It as an island, a leper colony and salt was mined from there.

    Do you know how disingenuous and fraud like you come across in doing this BS?

    • melgibstein says:

      I dont trust Spingola and it isnt her real name. She banned me from her show after one phone call to her Jew guest “Gates” of Veterans Today. I dont trust her when she defames whites as murderers of the Indians and claims Andrew Jackson was a con man working for the Jews. Certainly America has had some good men, but to these shill hosts all the founding fathers were child molesters, all Catholics are child molesters, white people are devils and then they rant about Hitler 24/7 more than likely to discredit him too by siding with him. Im not buying it.
      I dont hate Catholics nor does anyone I know in CI except for maybe Rick Adams of RBN and I dont trust him either. I believe the Catholic people are good people as I believe white people in general are good people, but the Jews got in at an early time and ransacked it. Most CI people I know are ex Catholics. Of course some can be cryptos, but the reason why I like CI is there is free speech to learn more of what hasnt ever been taught. The more you dig into the truth the more you get it.

      As far as mixed looking Italians go, there is no way they are Christians. I grew up in a very Italian populated area and none of them had an ounce of Christianity in them. They were too busy figuring out what they wanted for Christmas and ripping folks off as if it was the American way.
      If you read the post again I said it sounded like an RBN host and there is another Spinola without the g who was a well known Jewish German doctor, the name is also related to Breivik of the Norway bombing who is without a doubt a Jew. Behring and Spinola, look it up. You can believe there is no connection, but Edgar Steele used to say “there are no coincidences” and I tend to believe it.

      I have read what you have had to say and you tend to disagree with most everything I say and have not given me one fact where I am wrong. Put up or go back to your sandbox.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Mighty white of you to assume I was the A hole without even listening to me go after a venomous lying Jew. She even welcomed Abramoff on to get his radio show kicked off. I dont expect you to be as advanced as me because frankly you have been nothing but a student since you got here.
    To make white people out to be cold blooded murderers with all the Jew crime going on in the world right now today is reckless to say the least. You have a thousand issues right in your face today and what do you do? You go after white people. Its not acceptable to me pal. If I had you in my Army I would ship you to the front. You are living in America are you not? Why dont you move out and give your land to the Indians as if YOU were to blame because if you are indeed white, no matter what religion you are related to those people by blood. If you believe your own people would murder anyone just for the sake of murdering you are a gutless puke! If its not Indians you will go to the Protestants if not the Protestants you will go to the Polish or the English or the Crouts (slang) etc. You are the problem pal and from what I have learned in life, the jew is always the problem and always in the woodpile.

    I figured out John Kerry was a Jew a long time ago, nobody told me. I judge people by their fruit and when I see Jew fruit I let people know. No radio show is reason to sell out your own people unless of course you are a crypto.

    You can always go after the free masons and blame the founding fathers for our rotten country too, after all we are all cold blooded murderers, just read Mike Rivero’s site. You can claim its the Nazi’s too like the faggot you are. Dont come back here and stink my site up.

  3. melgibstein says:

    You are full of crap. You are banned. This isnt your little Protestant, Mason, German, everyone but Jew busting place anymore. Happy travels to you.

    • inbabylon says:

      But where in the hell do people like this AK get these figures and facts? In the many, many sources that I have read over many years, it has been stated time and time again that there probably weren’t anymore than 3-5 million Indians in North America at the time of the arrival of the European. Most of these sources have even been from the political/social left. Others have even estimated as low as 500 thousand.

      Apart from this, one only has to read a bit of the true history of North America to know that the whites and Indians lived side by side, nation by nation for at least a couple of centuries. You don’t have to be a historian to understand this. Yes, it was a tumultuous relationship with many frequent conflicts, often with the Indians getting the worse of it, but it was far from the myth that has been perpetrated by the Jew that whites moved over here and just began wiping out Indians non-stop. Basic cases in point to prove this that are quite well known and mainstream are the factual accounts of Atahualpa traveling to meet with the king of England on the behalf of the Iroquois nation, the existence of Pocahontas, the existence of the Metis in Canada even today, and the countless alliances that the Indians formed with the different warring European factions that they favored. We even have the word “brave” today to describe an Indian warrior due to the valor that they showed when they fought side by side with Europeans. Furthermore, it has been very well documented that most of the decimation of the population of the natives was due to disease brought by the Europeans that the Indians did not possess resistance to.

      And even that claim is somewhat suspect because it appears that today there are about a few million Indians living across North America….the same number as when the Europeans came to this land.

      As far as treaties being broken, I know we are told this time and time again by the Jews media….I haven’t ever seen or read an original copy of one of these treaties, so I am skeptical of this claim, like I am about all claims from the Jews media that vilify whites . What I have seen with my own eyes is the Indians of today making out like robber barons from compensation given by the white man. But even if many treaties were broken by the whites, this would be an injustice yes, but the historical circumstance must also be considered before we can just claim that “all whites are devils”. Europeans were pouring into this land at a break neck pace and there was an expansion of the west during an unprecedented time of technological advancement; the industrial revolution. Abuses didn’t just happen against the Indians, they happened against a very large percentage of the common population of all races and creeds. The abused that belonged to the more advanced populace, the whites, were able to whether the storm much better, racially and culturally speaking, as they at least had a somewhat common culture with their abusers and their numbers were being replenished by constant immigration from Europe.

      Besides all that I have outlined here already, there remains another overlaying fact that must be considered, especially from a Christian point of view, before one can label white people exceptionally evil, and this is the fact that migrations of populations and the subsequent conflicts that result have happened all over the world in every culture since time began. And of course, there has almost always been a winning side and a losing side. This doesn’t make it right, but what it does prove is that white people aren’t exceptionally evil at all like they are being demonized to be today. The fact is that humanity in general dwells in an evil realm and evil things happen, period.

      I still find I rather amazing that people who are attempting to debate issues of the JQ at a supposedly advanced level, such as the one that exists at this site, will reveal such a gross ignorance of such basic truths.

      • melgibstein says:

        Good points all around. The Indian subject is not mine and the way I have figured out a lot of things when whites are being blamed for something is ask myself if it is something I would have done and wouldnt go to hell for it. These white men that came to America were Christians and Christians simply arent mass murdering blood thirsty psychopaths they are the opposite. To claim your own people were mass murderers with no proof whatsoever is shameless (and he had no proof). I am sure that the white men in America that were here before the Indians had a thing or two to say too, but we wont be hearing from them either. Its as if whites put the Indians into gas chambers (the same Jewish BS the Jews claim) and how Spingola can go from the Jewish hoax to the Indian hoax one show after the other makes me entirely suspect.
        These people love to claim whites were just as bad as everyone else, that is their sole purpose on that radio to drop that bomb ever so subtly. Then they shut their phones down because they know their game is up and if someone calls them on it their cover is blown. The Jew cant help it and will be right back diverting the next show. Their purpose is to drown all crime into the same blender as the elephant in the room Jew that is making our world a cesspool right this very second. Your house is on fire and these liars are telling you to go help those poor poor Indians with their houses they never even had. These same people claim they want to help the Palestinians, the Iraqi’s, Afghani’s, Germans, etc. and by bringing up this BS that the whites massacred 100 million Indians defeats all those other efforts directed against the Jew and their absolute tsunami of murder and mayhem against every people in this world including ourselves (whether we are ourselves and not crypto Jews that is).

        I call these types of people in what they call the truth movement “sleepers” because they have a final card to play to destroy all truth by throwing in this BS claim that the Whites are really mass murderers. Check out all these folks that have just recently claimed they are part Indian. One well known internet radio host used to remind us every time he was on that his ancestors came over on the Mayflower, never one word of being part Wampawameedoodee Indian once, another said he took his name from one of the leaders of Ireland and ends up in the Mark Glenn camp as a Cherokee (can I get some background music please?) and others that cant for some odd reason jump on the “white” bandwagon. Not only wont they jump on the bandwagon, but they will destroy it if given the chance.

        This doesnt mean I hate Indians it just means I hate when people omit little things like that for years. If you are going to be a radio host you tell people who you are up front and dont let them assume you are a White European for years and then come out as part Indian when you are on the battlefield (oops forgot to tell you my great grandfather was Two Turtles Digging and cant, wont go a step further). These people dont look like Indians and Indians frankly have much more honor than these people. They are not Indians they are lying Jews. I cant prove that because I didnt see them slide out of their Jewish mothers side, but I do know Jewish deeds.

      • melgibstein says:

        I was in the service with a very well known Indian in the Sioux tribe today and from the family of Sitting Bull (big Indian). He looked like chief of One Flew Over… but tougher. The guy had zero animosity towards me whatsoever nor I towards him. We shared a foxhole many times and I trusted him more than any one of these talk show hosts that just forgot to say they were part Indian for 10 years. If my Indian friend heard these guys say they were part Indian he would laugh his ass off. Not once in more than a year of being with this Indian in my platoon during severe times did I ever hear him say whites murdered his people. The guy wrote to me for years after my time in the service to come up to the Dakotas to visit him and I just never got around to it. I guarantee you this guy tells the truth and never utters his mouth about the white man. id bet my life on it, but there was no doubt he was an Indian and I am white and if the SHTF we knew whose side we would be on. Its called life.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Just as I suspected the troll AK is now claiming the founding fathers were all murderers, child molesters, etc. It always goes the same direction and if I ever hear people saying this in public I am going to do stick a wet bagel in their mouth for starters. It is all Jewish tripe and that isnt coming on this site. I believe in free speech, but Im not going to be pulverized with Jewish BS distractions with absolutely no historical truths. He is now blaming me for Churchill (the Jew). Crypto Jews use their own crypto Jews to destroy white countries, but not around here pal.

  5. melgibstein says:

    It was inevitable European diseases would run rampant through the indigenous populations of the Americas. The native populations of North and South America had no immunities, or genetic tolerance, to any of the European diseases, and not all white Americans had immunities to them either. The estimate is about twenty-five percent of the emigrants lacked immunity to the smallpox virus.

    Stearn and Stearn estimated there were approximately one million Indians living north of the Rio Grande in the early sixteenth-century. By the end of the sixteen hundreds, smallpox had spread up and down the eastern seaboard and as far west as the Great Lakes. Bray estimated by 1907 there were less than four hundred thousand Indians north of the Rio Grande. This precipitous decline was not due to smallpox alone. Other diseases played a role, as did intertribal warfare and conflicts with the United States army.

    Stearn and Stearn? Someone let the Jews in. Maybe Deanna Spingola will cry for us whites too? I doubt it.

  6. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Their were adamite and canaanite tribes of injuns. When you get that mixture you get war. The adamite tribes disappeared, because they assimilated into the anglo saxon culture and nobody was the wiser, although the kikes will say they were genocided.

    Pocahontas had blue eyes and was said to be the fairest skinned in the english court. She’s buried in England as Rebecca Wolfe. Her picture was painted there and she sure looks like a “playful one”.

    See “America BC” by Barry Fell or search “Los Lunas Stone” and those just scratch the surface.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yup, no doubt some of those Indians were of good blood. The Indians I have met, Mohawks, Sioux for two were good people and absolutely no reason to kill them. They want to be separate for the most part and so did we and then the Jew came to town selling trinkets and firewater.

  7. Ray Zerwitt says:

    It was white people who settled the frontier north of the Rio Grande. There was always a border there. The Apaches would kill those squatty Aztecs on sight and white people too, later. The people settling Tejas weren’t getting any support from Spain and later Mexico and split with it when Santa Ana abolished that Mexican constitution. These mestizo squat f*ckheads didn’t clear it of the comanches and apaches and settle it. Rugged white people did.

    If you warred with the comanches and apaches, you saved your last bullet for yourself. The tortures they would put you through, if you were taken alive, would make a jew cream his jeans. And like the jews, they got away with murder for a long time before the white man found his spine. It was THEIR law that if a land was unoccupied for a year, it could be claimed. They were attacking white settlements for a long time, before we went to theirs. Nobody invaded their land, it was empty.

    • melgibstein says:

      AK has already hightailed back to Ri Oy Vey Grande. I dont trust anyone who believes their own white people are sadistic murderers. I do believe that if whites are sadistically murdered they are going to pay a heavy price, however. Thats the way its always been. If whites wanted to take out all these people they could have done it entirely a long time ago.

  8. melgibstein says:

    AK posted a reply proving my point that Jews were involved in all of this. I know his type though, it isnt truth they want it is to destroy. That is what Jews do. Nobody else wants to make whites hate other whites, but the Jew. They want the Blacks to think whites put them into slavery, they want the Muslims to think we want their oil, etc. etc. and work it the same way on the other side. Im not allowing this Jew destruction on this site. Your evidence is garbage and your historical facts are twisted. You arent coming on here to distort history so I can waste my time proving you wrong. Your posts will be deleted. If you want to be a troll there will be consequences.

  9. Mark Robinson says:

    Guetta is a Italian jewish surname…

  10. ihatekikes says:

    Hi mel,
    love the way you put these jews in their place. I have been following from the 90’s all this shit. I dont have the balls to start my own site. But I know jews when I read their writings or hear them. I have one simple rule, If they dig anyone i.e. Christian, muslim, black, white, etc, I am weary. I believe that once the SHTF and the dust settles we will know how to seperate. As you sa ‘It’s called Life’, till them we all need to be on one page, and that page reads jew!

  11. AK says:


    1 Story Id really like your take on is Sandyhook.

    I believe clearly it was an OP, as do millions of others upon seeing the video and lies/contradictions.

    Yet, Michael C. Piper, H. Tellawi, Mark Glenn defend the mainstream lies, when its clear for anyone with a high 2 digit IQ, this story is a total fabrication….

    Please comment or perhaps work up a story. It needs to be told as does the truth.

    • melgibstein says:

      Those 3 have to agree on everything together it seems. They are the 3 Musketeers or The 3 Mixedketeers who cant go with the white movement together or the Muslim movement all the way or any movement all the way. They certainly arent going the Hitler movement way with Bernie Piper. Its neither here not there what these 3 say nowadays and I once gave some credence to Tillawi and Piper, but their love for Mark Glenn proves they are dumb as rocks.
      Sandy Hook has Jews all over it. 2% so called Jews in the USA and they make up 50% of Sandy Hook, thats all I need to know. I am pretty consistent with Jews, I never trust them especially when I want to. Loughner, Breivik, the Beirut bombing, King David hotel etc. just another day in the jew neighborhood. How you can exclude the Jew from any crime these days is criminal itself. I dont trust the 3 amigos anymore and when they come around with a bag of potato chips trying to get back in the club I’ll be there to remind them.

      • Josh England says:

        I agree 100%

        You forgot to mention Columbine…clearly a J E W OP just as all the others.
        (Dylan Klebold/Eric Harris-Shul trained Rabbinical assistant at Synagogue)

        Yes, Sandy Hook has Bagel written all over it.
        The 3 stooges must know this but are protecting that angle, when its clear the Js want gun control. Only one group benefitted from that OP-Not White Christians, BNot Muslims, but Js.

      • melgibstein says:

        Josh, why do you have the same email as AK?

        Anyway, nobody can ever remember all the crimes of the Jews and listing them all every time gets people exhausted. Most people that wake up that I have noticed wake up one incident at a time. I cant even remember which incident that was with me because as soon as I discovered one incident a river of all their other incidents flooded in too fast. My opinion on this is the only people that wake up are the people god wants to wake up whether they know it yet or not. You seek truth and you are given it little at a time. If you stop he stops giving it to you.

  12. AK says:

    I use multiple names and emails, Mel.
    Im the same person, however.

    • melgibstein says:

      Ever hear of Billy Milligan? He said the same thing. he didnt have email though. he was the first murderer (multi) to be let off the jew hook for MPD. I think he had a jew lawyer too. Hope you dont have a jewish father like Billy. Im sure he created a new identity after each schlocking he got from his step dad (Dick Jonas)

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