He Died With a Falafel in His Hand


Every so often I hear people I don’t trust warn me about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and most of these people don’t believe in Christianity and actually help Jews destroy Christianity by claiming it was all a Jewish lie to begin with. In other words Jews actually love Christianity and they even lie to themselves in their own rule books when they write about destroying Christianity. It doesn’t occur to non Jews that Christianity is for the truth more than anything. I have found that every Christianity basher I have ever met always have a pitch that they have convinced themselves is key that Christianity is a farce and find out after that first pitch that they contradict themselves and have zero understanding of Christianity, Jews or even their own history. It’s one thing to not believe something, but another to debate your side after you go around bashing Christians while Jews are out pillaging the world.

Many radio hosts now spend all of their time bashing Christianity as if it is Jewish and there was nothing ever anything good about it and oddly enough these same people bash the founding fathers of America and claim they were all criminals, child molesters, etc. Nothing was ever good, no belief is good, in other words believe in nothing not even your race. Another oddity with these people who say this is they are either Jewish or mixed racially. Why wouldn’t they feel that way about these things?

If the Frankfurt school Jews set out to make the West stink, which they have, how would they go about it if not to attack Christians core beliefs? What would Jews want to attack if not the white races religion, the white races history and the white races morality? Why would Jews want to attack a religion they supposedly already control? The main intent of the Protocols is to break you down to nothing and the main people doing it are Jews (the people we are warned about in the Bible over and over again). Anyone that knows anything about Jews knows that Jews use hype to make you look abnormal in your beliefs.  One only has to ask themselves if living in a Jewish controlled country is better than living in a Christian country like all European countries once were and like America once was.

Jews obviously have no need for Christianity whatsoever. Just look at Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened.com he hates anything Christian. He will bash everything regarding Christmas there is because he is a Jew and he actually thinks there was no Judah and that he is a Judean (there is no Israel then in his “beliefs” too). What I am saying is once you cut into what these people believe you find that they can’t believe truth because they aren’t supposed to anyway, it wasn’t for them. He will be bashing the Pope for a year now because he hates Christianity more than anything whether the Pope is good or bad it is Christianity itself he hates. The Pope has done nothing to him and his Jewish people are molesting his own Jewish people on a daily basis. Christianity doesn’t control the media and suppress child molestation, but Jews do. I am not defending the Catholic Church, but the Catholic Church is like a fly on a dragon’s throat when it comes to the Jew problem we have. Mr. Rivero does not believe there was a so called “Israel” so why isn’t he constantly bashing the JEWISH religion? It is something to seriously think about folks. I don’t mean trash the Bible because Jews aren’t the people of the Bible, but why not expose the Talmud and the allowance of child molestation for one? Catholic s dont have anything about child molestation in their book or that they urinated and defecate on someone in hell like the BABYLONIAN Talmud says. Why isn’t Rivero spending his time telling us what a Jew is? What is their racial makeup? What classifies as a Jew? Rivero calls himself a Berber Jew (another mix of people) because his ancestors lived in Judea and in North Africa. Then they lived in Spain which makes him a Sephardic Jew somehow and looks like a Mestizo. Folks, this guy wants nothing to do with the US Constitution, the Bible or anything else White. You have to be crazy if you think otherwise. Try to call him and ask him what a Jew is and he will go on Jew auto pilot with nothing but green slime BS. There is no truth in hypocrisy folks; it is like being given a bounced check. There is no substance and nothing but destruction of “belief”.  Jews don’t want you to believe anything including true history. To tell someone not to believe is to tell someone not to seek truth not to mention the most ridiculous and Jewish thing anyone can say. Jews don’t believe because they get punished for their crimes one way and do not the other. Which way do you think the Jew is going?

Think about it, Rivero says he is a Judean and a Sephardic Jew who doesn’t believe there was ever an Israel (person, people or landmass given to Jews) yet he knows they are all Jews living there who are obviously liars and he spends his time on Christians? It is obvious that in either case Jews are spearheading this huge lie and the basis of all the other so called beliefs. It makes no sense folks and there will never be any change (exactly what Jews want).

You will see half breeds like Mark Glenn and his friends who now claim they are part Indian backing away from truth because they can’t go with the truth all the way. I don’t want to have to say this, but when they are pointing you away from Christianity or blaming Whites for murdering Indians, etc. it is part of the Protocols. If Jews were a decent honest people I would never criticize their religion and let them live in peace. What would I care if they didn’t bother anyone? The truth is these Christianity bashers and white bashers are wasting their time on people who have done nothing to take away their freedoms as Jews would. They aren’t spreading porn around for your kids or trafficking in drugs to destroy our country etc. We all know this, but the Jews and their ilk know they must attack. To waste time on Christians when Jews are pillaging the world is criminal folks. Think about it, these people are blaming whites and Christianity  because Jews have duped some of them. These same shills have no idea what Christianity is and won’t ever have a debate on it in an open forum and if one tries he gets crushed right in front of everyone on how much they don’t know about what they “believe” with basic word definitions. They are the same people who blame whites for being duped by the Jewish media as if it is whites faults that they trusted the Jew media. Do you attack the gullible whites who believe Jews or the Jews doing the lying? That is the only case you should never “believe” when Jews are involved (ironically that is what the Christian Bible says too). If you hate Christianity and attack it is somewhat important to know what you are attacking and why. Shooting your mouth off on a closed phones show is simply Jewish trash folks. If someone is trashing Christianity with their phones cut off they are the enemy. Anyone that would waste their time calling Christianity evil in this day and age when Jews are trashing the world is the enemy. You must think I am the enemy because I am a Christian and I am more anti Jew than anyone I know and have been at this a long long time, before many of you even showed up. Am I your enemy because I believe in Christianity? It’s totally Jewish nonsense if you think this and you have been snookered not me. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction except when it comes to Jews (that is what Jews want). They want to classify us all together in one boat all headed into oblivion without a paddle. I am going the other way folks if I have to swim. Good luck with Rivero in your boat.

These people who want to say the founding fathers were all Jew controlled and everything is false, all history is fantasy want you to join them so just sit back and let the Jews continue to reign on. This kind of thinking is exactly what Jews hope you will do, but what is much more important is that in the end you will be left holding a falafel in your hand, suckered by the very Jews you claim you are against. Your country will be ravished and your kids will be under complete Jew control (even more than today). My question is “who will be your leader?” Who will lead you into this world of disbelief, Mikey Rivero? Better get another falafel or three. If that is what you believe you are a complete fool. Jews and their shills want us to believe nothing as if they really only want to help us. How many times are you going to be suckered?

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  1. melgibstein says:

    You already claimed that Saxons werent Irish and now you want me to believe more trash? When does it end? You call your own ancestors bad so why on earth would I ever go along with you? if you want to hate whites and cause mayhem between different white religions go with the Jews, they would love to have you.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Saxons and Celts are the same people- white people are the same people. Do you understand? Get your head out of the Jew cloud.

  3. melgibstein says:

    The Bible says “Love thy neighbor (kinsman), why arent you doing that? There is no church, ecclesia is not a church. Find me the word church in your Bible. Catholics dont know the difference between a Jew and a Judahite, they dont know the difference between Israelites and Jews. In fact they think Jesus was a Jew, therefore it is you that follow a Jew not me. True Christians dont believe in abortion and many Catholics believe in it because their pussy priests wont tell them it is out and out MURDER!

    The churches are controlled. If a CI pastor says something wrong or gets caught in the jew cookie jar it will go on without them. There are infiltrators in everything which is why you follow the message only. If you cant speak out and understand what the Bible says and get called an antisemite if you do, as the Catholic church does, it is not seeking truth- period.

    Im done with you, you are set in your ways and your church has done nothing about this Jew problem for 200 years at least. They disowned Williamson just because he denied the Holocaust. The Catholic church can go to hell for that.

    Thats all I have to say about the Catholic church or the Methodists or Episcopalians, Baptists etc. The fact is, they didnt screw up this world almost beyond repair, its the same people its always been, JEWS! And you are wasting my time now.

  4. melgibstein says:

    Take my advice- go get a Concordance and look up the word “church” in Matthew 16;18

    Tell me what it says. The word is ecclesia, it does not mean “church”. Look up the word ecclesia and ask yourself how that word got changed to church and why.

    Tell me the etymology of the word “church”. I am writing on a ferris wheel right now not a computer, you know why? Because thats my word for computer. Ok with you? Now go take a ride on your ferris wheel.
    Write it 10 times “ecclesia doesnt mean church” and you should never take the English definition of words, you go back to the originals that they duh copied it from so you are never duped like you are.

    • irma says:

      Okay Mel, I did exactly what you requested and looked up the world “church” and how many times it is mentioned in the Bible. It’s referenced quite a lot.


      • melgibstein says:

        I just looked at one random link on that page and saw that Proverbs 5:14 (the only one I checked) did not say church at all. The Greek words are kahal and edah (neither one being church). All you or anyone have to do is do a seacrh on the word “church”. It was a deliberate mistranslation into something that never existed.

        kuriakos means of the lords and not the lords house. And even if it meant the lords house it wouldnt mean a controlled set of rituals and beliefs under someones roof. You are working hard for the catholic church and I guarantee you they arent working hard for you. My local Catholic church is having a Mexican shindig in the school gym as I speak. I am not nor will ever be a universalist again.

      • irma says:

        I guess it depends on which Bible translation you are using. The Douay-Rhiems does say the church.

      • melgibstein says:

        It comes down to what Jews (Judeans) translated your book(s). I dont trust Jews with anything and damned sure not translations of Hebrew or Greek.

  5. melgibstein says:

    Go check what the word church is in the Greek before you come back. I am not reading your garbage anymore unless you do.

  6. melgibstein says:

    ἐκκλησίαν- means ecclesia or called out ones. He came for the lost (exiled) sheep of the House of Israel. That is what the Bible is about. He gave the law to one people and only one people and only one people were redeemed and it wasnt Satans kids. I have no more to say to you. If you continue to ramble on I will ban you. I asked you what the word for shurch was and you did not respond so you are here to disrupt.

  7. inbabylon says:

    Good article Mel, something that needs to be driven home to all the Jew wise. Personally, my Christian tolerance has reached its limit with these fools that claim to be Jew wise but constantly attack us. If we are ever able to get something together on the ground to form perhaps a Christian nation or at least remove Jewish influence, I would propose that one of the first key steps would be to purge these rable-rousers from our ranks.

  8. melgibstein says:

    Before you ramble on with a bunch of hogwash answer me this, “where did the House of Israel go?”, Where did all the Israelites go that dispersed for a couple thousand years (all the tribes)? Did they just disappear and only Jews remain? You make Jesus a liar when he says he ONLY came for the exiled sheep of Israel. You make James a liar when he addresses the 12 tribes and you make the woman at the well a liar when she says her father Jacob built that well.

    Jesus called the Canaanite woman a dog and not worthy of what is holy. He did not come for Canaanites or anyone else. Do not give what is holy to the dogs. Think about that. I was on Catholic radio last night and I made the Jewish priest on there look like a moron. Catholics do not believe Jews and Judahites are different because their book does not show the difference. Canaanites were not Gentiles. Christianity is for white people, some Jew convinced you it was for them. It is a book about white people, there are no books about Edomites or Cain that they wrote other than the Talmud and it is contrary to the Bible.

    You are telling me what the Catholic church believes, but where does the church get its information from? It is evident that the church goes along with the deliberate deception of words and will never have an open debate on it in a fair forum.

    If you want to call in and debate I can give you a phone number to call so you can debate with an audience. You game? Your hero E Michael Jones and all the Judeos have already backed out. Thats why I know they are full of shit. We are supposed to be for truth so what is the problem getting to it? Obviously they are not armed with any truth at all. Lets see what youve got.

  9. inbabylon says:

    Just an FYI Mel, I am have posted here formerly as Aservant. I had to change my wordpressblog name, there was some confusion/problem with it accepting Aservant so I had to create another name. Just wanted to let you know cause I have posted here before several times under Aservant and I personally don’t like these cats that go around changing their handles all the time. It looks shfity, like they are trying to fool people. That’s not me. You look solid so I want to be consistent here. Everywhere else I am still Aservant unless wordpress gives me another problem.

    Keep up the good work.

    • melgibstein says:

      No problem, Ive heard your name before elsewhere. No idea where Ive heard it, but I have. You willhave to pardon me, I dont get involved with people I am unsure of on the internet and there are a lot of them out there who want to forget I am even here. I trust people who seek the truth and allow 100% free speech to be questioned only. Folks like AK came here and tried to degrade me with nothing but false info. I am for the truth and can always accept I am wrong on something. I didnt just sit under a coconut tree and fall into what I believe without a hell of a lot of study. I wont call it work like David Duke so I could hint I should be paid either. Seeking truth is not work it is life. You seek truth for one huge reason, to spread it around.

      I dont care what name you use, the apostles didnt have last names, but we know who they are and were. If I know who you are I know you can be trusted or not trusted through your deeds. Not everyone wants to put their families in danger sticking their necks out, but when the bugle blows I’ll be there unlike a lot of these guys with their faces plastered all over the internet that will run away as quick as they came.

  10. melgibstein says:

    To AK whom I had to ban for disrupting. There is no word for church in Aramaic and if there is please submit it to me. You claim CI is British Israel and you are completely mistaken by that. I agree, British Israel believed Jews were the Judahites (absolutely ridiculous), but what better way to deflect than to make something up at the end destroying all their credibility. CI does not believe Jews in anything, but the fact is you do. You think Jesus and all the apostles were related to people like Alan Dershowitz or Mikey Rivero. Face it, you are here to disrupt or you are trying to convince me of something you are clueless about. If Jesus said “church” in Aramaic prove it right now or go away. I promise to you I will post your link or proof you have of this. Yes, Jesus spoke Aramaic and he spoke Koine Greek as well. What you are saying is the authors of the Septuagint made a mistake by using the word ecclesia (a people) for “church” (the Roman Catholic church that didnt even exist). In other words anyone that joins the church can be “Israel”? I’ll give you one last chance to prove your word in Aramaic, but you are still totally wrong in everything else and frankly I am not your teacher and dont want to be rended or rent (that word is in Matthew too) also known as “schizo”.

    Our English word ‘church’ derives from the Greek word kuriakos which means ‘of, or belonging to the Lord’ (kurios). It occurs but twice in the Bible (I Corinthians 11:20 and Revelation 1: 10) and is correctly rendered as ‘the Lord’s supper’ and ‘the Lord’s day.’ This word kuriakos gradually changed to ‘kuriak’ then to ‘kerk,’ then ‘kirk’ and ‘kerchen’ from which we get ‘church.’

    Why didnt they use the word kuriakos AK? Im kurious to know.

    • AK says:

      I linked an Aramaic Bible once, here it is again. See Matthew 16:18
      There most certainly IS a word for Church which is exactly what Christ said. You lose all credibility arguing otherwise.


      • melgibstein says:

        I am sorry, but that is not an acceptable answer. The Bible was not originally written in Aramaic either. Your list says church, assembly, congregation as if they are all the same words. an assembly is a people and a church is a structure. Jesus did not have a structure, he had a congregation of people (the people he came for specifically). Youre understanding of Christianity is completely distorted on this word alone. It allowed JEWS to come into the “church” and Jews were never part of the called out ones (ecclesia). They were the antithesis of the called out ones. Jesus who was God in the flesh told the Pharisee Jews (Idumean Judeans) that they were not of GOD!!!. Therefore he didnt come for them or anyone else except the ones he said he did a dozen or more times. This you disregard completely so no doubt he will disregard you and so will I.

        You are going to tell me now “church” isnt a structure, but the place you go on Sunday is what? You will say that the church is “the body of Christ” and in that regards I will agree with you somewhat, but you will miss the fact that he was saying that we are all related through the flesh. The Bible is about a specific people, Jesus didnt come for Amazonian Indians or he wouldve told them. If you actually read the Bible (Old Testament) you would see who Jesus came for (the Branch), he came for the same people he had exiled before and REDEEMED them. That is what REDEEM means. Dont tell me the 12 tribes means “spiritual Israel”, dont tell me the Jews will be the 12 foundations and guarding the 12 gates in Revelations because Jews are toast and Jews are not Israelites they are mixed mongrels. Correction 12 Apostles on the latter.

        Face it, the Bible was for White people and the Jew got in as they always do and turned it into a cesspool just like Europe and just like every white country and every other country, thing or idea they can get in to destroy.

      • melgibstein says:

        You can go ahead and study your Aramaic Bible and I’ll study mine. I bet you think Palestinians are the Israelites too no doubt.

  11. GTRman says:

    Jew influence in UK media is now overt.

    The BBC is pretty much ran by jew Alan Yentob .
    BBC1 controller is jew Danny Cohen

    BBC1 broadcast the Baftas the other night .

    Presented by queer jew Stephen Fry , voiced- over by jew Claudia Winkleman , scripted by jew Ivor Baddiel , music by Paloma Faith Blomfield , featuring scenes such as jew Sarah Jessica Parker giving an award to jew Daniel Day Lewis for dressing up in a movie by jew Stephen Spielberg as jews Ben Affleck , Harvey Weinstein , Joaquin Pheonix , Grant Heslov , Sam Mendes , David O Russell , William Goldenberg ,Helen Hunt , Helena Bonham-Carter , Alan Arkin , John Goodman etc looked on , with tributes to recently deceased jews such as Micheal Winner , Norah Ephron , etc ….

    Meanwhile , on BBC Radio 4s ” Front Row ” were : Ben Affleck , Jonathan Miller , Judd Apatow , Paul Rudd , Stephen Poliakoff..

    or you could have caught, on BBC4 , ‘Danny Baker’s Great Albums’ ,illustrating

    A panel of three .Queer Boy George is a guest ,singing the praises of queer Elton John , queer Morrissey , pedo Gary Glitter , lesbian Dusty Springfield,
    jews Marc Bolan , Paul Simon , Art Garfunkel , Lou Reed , Phil Spector ,Bob Dylan , Carole King , Sparks ( Ron and Russel Mael)

    Maybe read a paper , instead , eh ?

    How about the jew Stephen Pollard ( editor of the Jewish Chronicle ) writing about the queer jew Stephen Fry’s performance at the Baftas ?

    The comments thread is soon littered with jew name-drops :

    Rabbi Lionel Blue , Clement Freud , Matt Lucas , Isaiah Berlin , Harvey Weinstein ,Harold Laski ,Victoria Coren ,Christopher Hitchens , Penn and Teller , Simon Schama ,Ben Elton ,Joseph Pulitzer etc

    The jew Pollard ( presumably speaking for the whole of Great Britain )
    described the jew Rabbi Lionel Blue as ” everyone’s favourite jewish uncle “.

    ” Who he ? “, asked a commenter.

    Well , he’s the jewiest jew there ever was :

    *Son of a tailor
    *Marxist / Communist
    *War Dodger
    * Studied jewism at University
    *Regular on BBC
    * Recipient of honorary degrees and awards .

    A ‘ jews jew ‘ :

    ‘Lionel Blue (born 6 February 1930) is a British Reform rabbi, journalist and broadcaster. He was the first British rabbi publicly to declare his homosexuality.

    He is best known for his longstanding and respected work with the media, most notably the wry and gentle sense of humour on “Thought for the Day” on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme. He is also widely respected in the UK as a journalist, cook and author.

    In July 1998 Blue was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Open University. He is also Honorary Doctor of Divinity & Fellow of Grey College, Durham.

    Born in the East End of London, Blue was the son of a master tailor.

    Blue read History at Balliol College, Oxford and Semitics at the University of London before being ordained as a rabbi in 1960.
    He spent time in the Army but was discharged after a nervous breakdown
    brought on by anxiety over his

    He lost his faith at the age of five
    after petitionary prayer
    failed to remove Hitler and Oswald Mosley,
    he then turned to the Marxism of his uncle.

    Blue was the first British rabbi publicly to affirm his homosexual orientation and published Godly and Gay in 1981. He has been openly homosexual since the 1960s and has had three male live-in lovers. He met his most recent partner, Jim, in 1981 through a personal advertisement in Gay Times. However, his memoirs reveal that he considered marrying Joanna Hughes, a student whom he met whilst they were both students at Oxford in 1950.

    He is an occasional guest speaker of the Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group. He is also a patron of Kairos in Soho, an organisation for homosexuals.

    For more than 25 years, Blue has been a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4′s Thought for the Day. In September 2006, a return trip to his childhood home in London’s East End to mark the 350th anniversary of Jewish life in Britain was the subject of an evocative audioslideshow on the BBC News website.’ (wiki)

    There was another BBC show last night where a woman helps out small businesses that are struggling , called ” The Fixer” .

    The first episode was…a jewish haberdashers in East Ham , right in the middle of
    “spot the White Man” territory . In fact the only White man we saw was a probably queer interior designer .

    The presenter even went and had ‘Friday Night Dinner’ with the family and ate lox as Hava Naguila played on the soundtrack . Funniest bit was the jews shop getting an infestation of rats ! Its on BBC iPlayer , well worth a watch .

    Not kidding , this is what the BBC is increasingly like .

    Ive got to hand it to them .
    I live in a totally jewish country ( UK ) and yet they remain invisible ,
    hidden in plain sight !

    99% of people here wouldnt know a jew from a kangaroo , outside of ” Schindlers List ”

    ( Which is a hollywood movie based on a NOVEL )

    And the funniest thing is you STILL get jewish commenters on blogs claiming that the BBC or The Guardian , etc , are ” ANTI-SEMITIC ! ”

    There are officially 263,000 jews in Britain in a population of almost 70,000,000.

    When it comes to themselves , re: TV , Radio , Print , etc , their much-loved
    ‘proportional representation’ goes right out of the window !

    More of this type of shit here . Yes I’m a bit obsessed with ‘staring into the abyss:


    • melgibstein says:

      “Ive got to hand it to them .
      I live in a totally jewish country ( UK ) and yet they remain invisible ,
      hidden in plain sight !”

      Without a doubt some people will never see it. It is going to come down to us and them. Too many people are still wrapped up in their lives knowing if they make one bad move their finances fall apart. Somethings gonna give.

  12. Ray Zerwitt says:

    He’s a addicted to the school spirit hormones and his preacher gets him his weekly fix, if he’s not a jew. Considering the best, if he had studied all of it, he would have noticed Yahshua quoting the OT prophets about 80% of the time. Rather then look up the context of what Yahshua was talking about, he lets himself be trolled by a whimsical jew or weenie like himself, picking meanings out of thin air. The scriptures won’t yield any secrets unless you apply the laws stated at the beginning to those stories. This is also why we learn the laws of physics; to solve problems, to innovate and to spot bullshit. If he wants those laws dead on the cross, let him be the first to be accused of child molestation by one witness, just as ONE example of the way this idiot is so willing to put himself in such a vulnerable position. They’ve bent over with their shorts down, let them get it. “My people perish for lack of knowledge” Somewhere In Bible 4:11

    There was a reason Yahshua took his disciples to the side to explain some things. The goy polloi have a propensity to become a fanatical mob, all believing themselves to be so righteous and some of these CI people are not excused. “The heart is the greates deceiver”, SIB 4:11. “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity”, SIB 4:11.

    When you lower yourself to argue with a fool, you will be annihilated. I keep seeing examples of this. They just don’t understand proof or the confusion of truth is the whole reason for their being. They’re so religious, they’re blinded and the canaanites in the temple don’t have eyes to see, anyway. In saner times, you wouldn’t pick the school, the school would pick you, OR not. Today, we have the biggest morons wallpapering their walls with their credentials of mob indoctrination. They will bite and scratch before they part with their precious brainwashing that they worked so hard and paid so much for.

    • melgibstein says:

      No doubt. Unfortunately I have some in my own family that I go back and forth with every day. Every day I point them out things and every day they come back asking me how I arrived at the conclusions I have and give them the proof straight from the book. I learned because I got in the ring with CI people and confronted them because Im going to confront anyone I believe is lying to mislead. They werent lying. Thats the bottom line with me. Nobody has ever defeated CI in a debate because CI’s main purpose is to study the book.
      Yes some CI people have ego’s and I am sure I am one at times, but I am not a pastor and why I will refer someone to a pastor who is more learned to handle specific questions. They always say “why cant you answer the question, you are supposed to be armed with the Bible entirely yourself”. My answer is, you dont just download the Bible into your gourd, it has to be studied from every angle and that takes a lot of time and a lot of seeking the truth. Just because you dont find the answer you want right away doesnt mean it isnt there. That is the beauty of it all.

  13. irma says:



    The faithful of the whole world. This broad definition can be understood in various senses all derived from the Scriptures, notably as the community of believers, the kingdom of God, and the Mystical Body of Christ.

    As the community of believers, the Church is the assembly (ekklesia) of all who believe in Jesus Christ; or the fellowship (koinonia) of all who are bound together by their common love for the Savior. As the kingdom (basileia), it is the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies about the reign of the Messiah. And as the Mystical Body it is the communion of all those made holy by the grace of Christ. He is their invisible head and they are his visible members. These include the faithful on earth, those in purgatory who are not yet fully purified, and the saints in heaven.

    Since the Council of Trent, the Catholic Church has been defined as a union of human beings who are united by the profession of the same Christian faith, and by participation of and in the same sacraments under the direction of their lawful pastors, especially of the one representative of Christ on earth, the Bishop of Rome. Each element in this definition is meant to exclude all others from actual and vital membership in the Catholic Church, namely apostates and heretics who do not profess the same Christian faith, non-Christians who do not receive the same sacraments, and schismatics who are not submissive to the Church’s lawful pastors under the Bishop of Rome.

    At the Second Vatican Council this concept of the Church was recognized as the objective reality that identifies the fullness of the Roman Catholic Church. But it was qualified subjectively so as to somehow include all who are baptized and profess their faith in Jesus Christ. They are the People of God, whom he has chosen to be his own and on whom he bestows the special graces of his providence. (Etym. Greek kkyriakon, church; from kyriakos, belonging to the Lord.)


    • melgibstein says:

      Irma- you are not going to convince me ecclesia means the Catholic church. Its just one word of many that the Catholic church has wrong, two of them being “jew” and “gentile”. I will never be dragged back into that nonsense again Irma.

      • irma says:

        Actually Mel, the only reason I posted the link was because Fr. Hardon gives the exact meaning of the words ekklesia, koinonia and basileia. Also you should pay closer attention to the last paragraph.

        1. the Church is the assembly (ekklesia) of all who believe in Jesus Christ
        2. fellowship (koinonia) of all who are bound together by their common love for the Savior
        3. kingdom (basileia), it is the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies about the reign of the Messiah.

        I mean no offense because you are entitled to you own opinions and you are going to believe what you will. I however, will never be convinced that the RCC does not contain the absolute fullness of revealed truth. I’ve been too healed by the sacraments to ever be convinced otherwise. You see I had been away from the Church for a good 30 years or so. After running around in different Protestant denominations, I felt unfulfilled and spiritually hungry. Finally I decided that I was going to study exactly what the RCC teaches. Even though I was baptized a Catholic and went through all the motions of making my first Holy Communion and Confirmation and as a kid never missing Mass, I have to admit, I was totally ignorant about the faith. I had no idea what effect the sacraments have on the soul. One of the biggest myths of Traddieland is that they believe everything was honky dory before V2 and all Catholics were perfectly catechized. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

        To make a long story short, by a miracle God’s grace and great great mercy, He drew me right back into the Church. The most incredible thing happened to me. I had struggled with a certain sin for practically my entire life. Once I went to confession I was completely healed. I’ve never committed that sin since. Just like that, God completely healed me of that spiritual leprosy. So you see, no one will ever convince me that the sacraments God established as a means to help us get to heaven aren’t supernatural channels of His grace.

        Mel, just because there are sinners in the Church doesn’t mean that its not divinely instituted by Christ Himself. The Church is after all the Bride of Christ. The mere fact that She is still here after two thousand years and counting and despite the fact that at times total incompetents were at the helm should tell us something. After all, isn’t that what the Church is, a hospital for sinners.

        One thing that confuses me about CI is your belief that white people are God’s chosen. This doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would God create all the different races if He only intended to redeem Caucasians. Wouldn’t that make Him somewhat of a monster?

      • melgibstein says:

        You better not be throwing Fr Hardon’s name around these days if you know what I mean.

    • melgibstein says:

      You are desperate and you havent said a word to budge me.

      • irma says:

        No, I’m not desperate and I’m not trying to convince you of anything. As I already said, you are going to believe what you want irregardless of anybody else’s opinions.

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