The truth about Jews is there is no truth about Jews. On one hand we call the Ashkenazi’s Jews because of their religion, we call Ethiopian Jews Jewish because they have Jewish ancestry and one can’t help but get caught up in a whirlwind of Jewish pilpilism.  If you have ever seen a dog chasing its tail it is what most non Jews are doing when trying to figure out what a Jew is.

We all know there is a major difference between Ashkenazi Jews and so called Sephardic Jews today because so called Sephardic Jews and Ashkenazi Jews mixed in with people who today are called “Spanish” when they are in fact Mestizo’s and various Indian tribes.  For instance an Ashkenazi Jew could marry a Puerto Rican Indian and be known as a Sephardic Jew because Puerto Ricans speak Spanish and was a Spanish colony. Sephardic Jews claim they came to Spain from the time of Solomon, but the problem with that is Jews (the people of Judah) didn’t call themselves Jews (or even the House of Judah) then, they called themselves Israelites and somehow disregard the other brothers altogether conveniently. That in itself ought to have you investigating this further, but Jews have made it so you have to go on a wild goose chase to get to the truth. That is basically the tactics of Jews in a nutshell. They will tell you Sephardic or Sefared means Spanish in one place and say it doesn’t mean Spanish in another like here:


There they say (above link) Sefared is a biblical location, but it isn’t Spain because the Israelites called Spain Tarshish as shown here:

Early history (before 300)

Some associate the country of Tarshish, as mentioned in the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, I Kings, Jonah and Romans, with a locale in southern Spain. In generally describing Tyre’s empire from west to east, Tarshish is listed first (Ezekiel 27.12–14), and in Jonah 1.3 it is the place to which Jonah sought to flee from the Lord; evidently it represents the westernmost place to which one could sail.

If Tarshish was indeed Spain, Jewish contact with Iberia may date back to the time of Solomon. The relationship would likely have been one based on trade. Ezekiel 27.12 describes such a connection: “Tarshish did business with you out of the abundance of your great wealth; silver, iron, tin, and lead they exchanged with you for your wares”, and as much is demonstrated in I Kings 10.22: “For the king had a fleet of ships of Tarshish at sea with the fleet of Hiram. Once every three years the fleet of ships of Tarshish used to come bringing gold, silver, ivory, apes, and peacocks.”

Here is another view of definition of Sefared:

An example of this practice is the use to which the term Sepharad has been put. In Israeli Hebrew, the current Spanish state is called Sepharad; but Sepharad never corresponded to what is nowadays known as Spain, either in antiquity or in the Middle Ages. The first appearance of the term Sepharad is in the Bible in the Book of Obadiah, verse 20. In this fragment, Sepharad refers to a place in Asia Minor. For unknown reasons, from about the time of the Gaonim of Babylon, this name began to be employed to refer to land on the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule. Later its use was extended to include the whole of Axelrod-Moustache_sham-725x505Castile. However, it was never used to refer to the land of the Catalan-speakers. The territory that in the present day is known as Spain was not known by this name until well into the sixteenth century. From then on the word Sephardim has been used to refer to all descendants of the Jews that were expelled from the Peninsula. For a long time, researchers from abroad (Kauffman, Benedikt, Septimus, Schwarzfuchs, Toaff, Dinour, Assis, Touati-Wachsstock and so on) and from Catalunya (Feliu, Riera, Maravall…) have demonstrated, published and otherwise spread the idea that Sepharad is the term the Jews used in mediaeval times to refer to Muslim lands on the Iberian Peninsula. Among other sources, these writers based their assertion on numerous testimonies of mediaeval Jewish authors that perfectly distinguished between Catalunya and Sepharad. Rabbi Yitshaq Sheshet Perfet, Isaac Lattes de Montpellier, Avraham ibn Daud and Maimonides himself are some examples. The failure to accept that the Jews of the Catalan-speaking territories of mediaeval times were not part of Sepharad is to falsify history. Such an act leads to a series of errors that are hard to justify.


Obadiah 1:20 (NKJV) “And the captivity of this host of the children of Israel, that are among the Canaanites, even unto Zarephath, and the captivity of Jerusalem, that is in 512HBxG+ByL._SL500_AA300_Sepharad, shall possess the cities of the South.”

Were Jews taken captive in Spain? No folks, didn’t happen.


The mediaeval Jews that lived under Christian rule on the Iberian Peninsula, which they referred to collectively as the ‘Land of Edom’, or specifically with the name of each kingdom, possessed characteristics that included their vernacular, social customs, political organisation, liturgical rituals and so on that were not Sephardi but rather Catalan. In the same way that a Christian from Castile showed special traits that distinguished them from a Christian from Catalunya or Galicia, so did the Jews. The supposed unity of the Jews at the time of their definitive expulsion in 1492, seeing them as a well-defined, compact collective known as Sephardite, is mere fantasy. It makes no sense to allow it to continue to exist. What is more, this myth does not help us to label the Catalan Jews that fled around the time of the events of 1391. Neither does it help to answer why the Jewish communities installed in Africa and various points around the Mediterranean before 1492 also came to be known as Sephardis once their fellow Jews from the Peninsula joined them.

The Jews, like the Christians living under the Catalan monarchy, developed their own activities in an independent territory that was neither Tsarfat (contemporary France), nor Sepharad (modern-day Spain). These were the lands where Catalan is spoken: Catalunya, 220px-Shimon_Peres_by_David_ShankboneMallorca, València and Roussillon (as well as a part of Occitania), Provence itself and the Languedoc. It consisted of a Jewish Occitan-Catalan nature, giving rise to a uniquely Catalan variety of Judaism. An awareness of a Catalan identity (which, as we have seen is by no means solely political) is well-documented in Hebrew texts of the period. We see how they are maintained throughout the early period of the Diaspora, until a point is reached where, while never ceasing to be Jews, those in exile lost the memory of their Catalan past at an unknown period of time. A subsequent distortion of history led them to believe that they and the rest of the Jews expelled from the Peninsula were Sephardis. The intention of this falsehood was to consolidate a supposed political, cultural and linguistic unity that never actually existed. If we wish to be faithful to history, therefore, when we wish to refer to mediaeval Jews that lived in Catalan-speaking lands, we must be precise and speak strictly of Catalan Jews.

What I am doing here is trying to find the quintessential Jew that is the prototype of all these other Jews even though the Judahites and all Israelites were based on a 100% pure race. That is the fact of the Bible whether you believe it or not it is what Christians must believe and it is what Jews must believe. The only thing one could conclude is that both disregard the Bible altogether and or disregard Biology altogether. You can’t do it folks. Either one is lying and the other is asleep or both are lying.

As I have said since I started in the Jew subject is the basis of all the answers about Jews3852218297_659c1a64f3 begins with the word “Jew” itself. It needs to be investigated from the inside out and not the usual way because they are not usual people (species of people). What makes a Jew a Jew? If Ashkenazi’s were converted Jews, who converted them and who converted the Jews before that? Race has absolutely nothing to do with it; it is a seed line that passes through anyone it comes in contact with, male or female. Jews then change their names, their locations and their genetics to slowly infect their prey. “If they can’t get us out they will breed us out”. That was not something an English king said about the Irish because the Irish and English knew they were of the same race. They are not trying to breed out the Chinese, but they will use the Chinese to breed the white race out of existence if Blacks or Jews cannot do it on their own.

People hate the race subject, but it’s obviously an important subject when Jews can turn whites, Indians, Blacks etc. into Jews and Jews can never be turned into whites. White people have to understand that looking the other way means a slow death. Jews will never tell us who they are in a debate because they will contradict themselves and lie. You are going to have to rely on your own research. I suggest you start with the so called Sephardic Jewish canard. When you pull out that card the whole Jew house of cards comes down with it. Jews won’t give you the truth and I would prove it to you every day on national radio if I could, but Jews have our media completely controlled like we are just visitors on their alien planet.

In some cases the Ashkenazim are said to have a priestly class that go straight back to Aaron, who was a Levite and not a Jew. He was a Levite because he was of the male lineageGolda sandler-adam-photo-adam-sandler-6204247 of the Levites, however there is no male lineage directly related to Aaron and if there is please show it to me (it’s another Jew hoax). If the Ashkenazim were the Khazars they can’t be any pure race of Jews or Levites and ridiculous to claim they are with no proof. The proof is in racial purity and I don’t know one Jew alive today that is not mixed more than any other people on earth. That is what they are, the antithesis of a race. Interesting that this fits in with everything else they stand for.

I cant download this into your brain and I cant word this like a poem or a song. You are going to have to do the study.

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11 Responses to Species

  1. melgibstein says:

    He knows its Jews and he knows what Jews plan and he just cant say the word.

  2. GTRman says:

    BBC1 The 2013 Baftas …predictably a total jew-fest ..

    Presented by queer jew Stephen Fry ( of course )
    with voice-over by jew Claudia Winkleman
    and script by jew Ivor Baddiel…

    jew Sarah-Jessica Parker presents best actor award to
    jew Daniel Day-Lewis in
    jew Spielberg’s latest re-writing of history (Lincoln) ,

    jew Ben Affleck gets best director AND best film for his propaganda flick Argo ,( also starring jew Alan Arkin and jew John Goodman , produced by jew Grant Heslov , edited by jew William Goldenberg )

    best British film goes to Skyfall directed by
    jew Sam Mendes , best adapted screenplay goes to
    jew David O Russell….
    here’s jew Joaquin Phoenix ..

    Obituary tributes feature lots of dead jews such as Micheal Winner ,Norah Ephron ,etc ,elsewhere lots of jew name-dropping eg jew Harvey Weinstein ( who produced White-hating Django Unchained )
    half-jew Helen Hunt ,
    jew Helena-Bonham-Carter ,etc ,
    now here’s singer Paloma Faith (Blomfield)
    and predictable smattering of queer luvvies like Ian Mckellen and Kevin Spacey..biggest cheer goes to professional black man Samuel L Jackson ..

    Hmm , just seen kike Eli Roth’s head ripped off in ‘Piranha’, a ‘fish and tits’ movie .

    Directed by French jew Alexandre Aja ( real name Alexandre Jouan-Arcady ) he has made several blood and gore soaked shit films and is presumably a friend of gore-obsessed kike Eli Roth ( who earlier appears in the flick hosing down some scantily-clad ‘shiksas’ )
    The film is written by jews Pete Goldfinger , Josh Stolberg and Alexandre Aja , produced by the jews Alexandre Aja ,Mark Canton and Marc Toberoff
    for ‘The Weinstein Company’ studios .
    Movie opens with jew Richard Dreyfuss – one of the two jews to survive the Big Bad White Shark in jew Spielberg’s fish-flick -the goy Robert Shaw was not so lucky)

    The standard reality inversion / Anti-White Male Jew Rules are clear in this POS film :

    Authority figures :
    Female – Police Chief/ Sherriff
    Bad-Ass Black Man ( Ving Rhames) as Deputy Sherriff

    White People :
    Dumb , beer-guzzling , booty shakin’ wiggers and hos. They just want to paarday .
    And of course pornographers .
    (” Derrick Jones (Jerry O’Connell), an eccentric pornographer “)

    One rule is broken though – the “learned sage” figure , in this case an elderly marine biologist – is played by a White Man !
    Perhaps Morgan Freeman* was not available .

    Former pornographic actress Ashlynn Brooke, and pornographic actress Gianna Michaels make cameos in the movie as partygoers who meet extremely gruesome, piranha-related demises.

    Lakeshore Records released the soundtrack album of Piranha 3D which included mostly rap, dance, hip-hop and R&B music.

    Easy-on-the-eye Brit Brain-Donor and Daily Mail fave Kelly Brook gets her bits and bobs out .


    * Morgan Freeman did however play a man who made prosthetic limbs for wounded soldiers in the family movie ” Dolphin Tale ” , based on a true story – an injured dolphin is given a new tail .
    At the end of the movie there is footage of the man who he played – a White Man .
    The White Man who runs the Marine Hospital is played by jew Harry Connick jr.

    Comments at The Telegraph :


    “Of course BBC question time is biased.

    The questions are vetted and they don’t allow people to ask spontaneous questions.

    They always have AT LEAST ONE JEW on the panel each week.

    They spoke about the nuclear waste storing on QT and lo and behold after QT the BBC showed the film Silkwood.”

    The Elderking

    ” Funny, but I’ve noticed that a great many R4 “Prayers for the Day” are delivered by Rabbis.

    What %age of the population is Jewish pray tell? ”


    ” My point is that the BBC percentages in population and BBC panelists do not represent the UK population but that QT is very biased.

    It’s a marxist propganda machine.”


    ” When I was bored one day at work I looked at members of the British Communist Party (before it shut down in 91) and then Googled their name to see what they had done, almost all of them were working for government think tanks and fake charities, the rest were journalists. ”


  3. melgibstein says:

    Irish are Celts. They are NOT Anglo and NOT Saxon!!

    How much would you like to wager on that?

    Look into the kings of Ireland some time. They took Saxon wives. Here is one I picked in about 5 seconds. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eochaid_Mugmedon

    You are caught up in the Jewish BS whirlwind. At least admit you are wrong or dont come back.

  4. melgibstein says:

    White people are all related. Land mass, different names make no difference.

  5. melgibstein says:

    The Saxons are the Celts. There were several dispersions of the same people. Look up the P-Celts and the Q-Celts. The Brythonic and Goidelic languages came from the same place.
    Saxons didnt mix in with the Irish they were already mixed in. My 2nd cousin could live in Milwaukee and I could live in Ireland, we would still be related. Whites are whites and if you get suckered into hating your fellow whites its by Jew design.

    • wolf says:

      I agree on the last phrase. However on the british isles and the european continent nobody knows who and how many of other native tribes were there before the celts and the germans + vikings invaded, they did not find empty lands, they mingled too, which makes up for all around discrepancies.

  6. wolf says:

    jews not a race? jews look more as jews do as germans look german. you should read the latest study on the kazhars mel, it is very extensive, you can find in on the winstonsmith/ministryoftruth website 2 weeks ago. Jews are sometimes mixing in communities to go undercover and then mix out marry solely among themselves for decades, centuries to reconstruct their lineage, just as breeding a race of dogs. Personally I detect a jew in any crowd everywhere, that’s my racial instinct. I did not understand nothing about you catalanian rampage, you should tread Katz on jews and the wisigoths in Spain, it was anti jew laws every decade since 600 AC, fact is they have been in south and mid europe everywhere coming with the romans as merchants and slavetraders. So they were probably in Spain befoe the wisigoths who had them retreat to Morroco at several occasions, then, after having been kicked out, bringing back the muslim ennemy within. Just like in 2013.

    • melgibstein says:

      They are not a race, Wolf. When you go to buy a gun or answer a job questionaire you wont see Jewish listed anywhere. They can choose anything they want because they are mixed with them all. Whatever Jews hatch is a jew, male or female. Think about it, jews mate with whites and what is the offspring? Its no longer a white. A Jew mates with a black and its a Black Jew. Its the psycho seed, wherever it goes it corrupts. There is a difference between a race and a seed line. I know all about the Khazars and they are many different peoples put in a blender and blasted out like a bad bowel movement.

      • wolf says:

        The latest suppressed jewish Khazar I mentionend above says it all and confirm this other underlying path :
        This is the only path that makes sence, there is a race war going on between the descendants of cro magnon – homo africanus – homo pekinensis and neanderthal.
        You dedicate ALL your article on soem sephardic meandering, who cares, a couple of hundred thousands, while you ignore how 5 million + (i will not write6) ended up in west russia and poland. The only way this number is explained is by the neander tribe called Khazar. And yes they all have similar noses, underlips, slightly quasi modo figures and dark complexity, the red ones excepted. That is how you recognize a race. People who tell is they are reptiles or religion hide the enemy and the race war that’s upon us.

  7. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Horite: aboriginal Idumean. cave dweller. troglodyte.

    Edom moved to where the horites lived at Mt Seir with his 2 canaanite wives, surely to exploit their ignorance. That makes the amalekites half hebrew, half canaanite and half cave man. Think Jerry Stiller or Madelaine Albright.

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