A League Of Their Own

Kosher at the Super Bowl? You’re Covered!

Food Cart Available at New Orleans Superdome


Read more: http://forward.com/articles/170417/kosher-at-the-super-bowl-youre-covered/#ixzz2JqPzvQKq


Jewish Super Bowl attendees will be able to find kosher food in the Superdome.


A glatt kosher food cart under the supervision of the Louisiana Kosher Committee will be located on the fifth floor concourse, according to the Chabad.org website.


In addition, two kosher New Orleans restaurants deliver to downtown New Orleans and its French Quarter.


There will not be a kosher tailgating party, however, according to Rabbi Mendel Rivkin of Chabad-Lubavitch of Louisiana.


Read more: http://forward.com/articles/170417/kosher-at-the-super-bowl-youre-covered/#ixzz2JqPiEF4C


Question: Do All Jews Keep Kosher?

Answer: About 15 percent of Jews in America today keep kosher.


So based on 7 million Jews as reported in the USA today 15% of those Jews keep (poo!) kosher.

There are roughly  310 million people in America and 1 million Jews absolutely control theKZ Radogosc bei Litzmannstadt, Juden food in our grocery stores because of their (poo! again) religion.

Ladies and gentlemen these people, if you want to call them people, need to be exposed and routed out. We need to tell them loud and clear we don’t want their porn, we don’t want their homosexuality, we don’t want them as doctors, we don’t want them as judges, we don’t want them around our kids, we don’t want their filthy fiat money, we don’t want their wars and we damned sure don’t want them around our food and water. If you can’t say that and stay on topic you are working for the other side.

The truth is Jews are the haters, the perverters and the destroyers. And we don’t want your stadiumclock_175604tbloody football (either kind) now that you have perverted them too!!! It isn’t us it’s you and soon you will know it. Your clock is running out!

For God’s sake folks we need these people out of here. It’s just too much in your face slime.

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