The Terror of Tiny Town

I didn’t want to get into the Newtown thing, but someone sent me a video and I heard some Jew names that took me off to a completely different direction. I also took a look around to see what the usual shills were posting. Everything out there, but a few honest people left have discounted the Jew connection to Sandy Hook, but we know we can never discount the Jew connection from any crime. If you do you are a fool. Don’t tell me everyone is on anti-depressant drugs because Jews were poisoning the wells long before anti-depressant drugs came to be. Crazy people take anti-depressants and some crazy people are crazy even before they take those drugs, whatever drugs they may be.

I constantly hear people say “I am so sick of hearing about Jews Jews Jews”; well I don’tELT200804300417305932170 ever listen to those people again because that is totally ridiculous. Jews are indeed always involved in some way or the other in crimes like this, nobody even comes close to Jews in the crime business (they are the crime business). You just have to find the door and look around without any of the shills screaming in your ears. You will find them I guarantee!

The questions I have are not related to the shooting itself right now, but all the crime connected to it. It always seems to lead to a Jew with a Mein Kampf book and then it all goes away as if it’s unimportant. So we are all left with Nazi or White Supremacist taste in our mouths that we can’t swallow. Then the shills throw out lies from all angles turning the whole thing into a circus. Look at the Loughner case and you will see the same disinfo from the same people (hello Ugly Truther’s). They told you no way Loughner could be a Jew (he had a Mein Kampf book too folks and a very very odd looking tent in his backyard called a sukkot). The Mein Kampf book seems to be the new Catcher in the Rye conspiracy theory book. We never did hear from Mr. Loughner again about going to a synagogue either (any synagogue whether the same one Gabby Giffords went to or not). Just gone!

This time we have a bunch of shills who do speeches on an Iranian TV show (some of them the very Jews the Ugly Truthers brought in) and are now in a catfight about Israel carrying out the shooting. If they said Jews I might believe them, but no, they said Israel so it is untrue in several different ways. They of course suggest Israel is a land mass and a land mass can’t shoot anyone folks. Yes, they came in to discredit and the Ugly Truthers respond by saying its nonsense and that they have the truth. Their story is it was a lone white kid on drugs who did the shooting and had nothing to do with Jews at all. You tell me, which one sounds more Communist to you?

I say Jews were involved and indeed they were. The Ugly Truthers are essentially buying everything the government/media wants us to hear and that in itself is obtuse. I remember PressTV did a story on the Marines involved in Haditha all taking anti depressant drugs to commit suicide (total hogwash). It is nowhere to be found on the net anymore. I have not erased one of my threads ever. If I am wrong I am wrong. It stays up.

First go here and read about Christopher Rodia and his crime family. This guy is just gathering facts about Rodia and the facts can be checked, It has nothing to do with the poster himself. I never heard of him before.

Then go here and check out the Uzar family connected to Rodia who is tied up in gun running, porn sites, ecstasy and heroin trafficking. I think we all know who controls the ecstasy and drug world here.

The name Uzar

Another theory that also seems to gravitate towards Ukraine is the myth of the Khazars which I find particularly alluring and romantic. ‘Khazar’, also, is not far off ‘Uzar’ and the shift is quite smooth:

Khazar –> Azar –> Uzar. Hey, presto! What I love about the myth of the Khazars is that the whole civilization/culture is shrouded in mystery. By some they are seen as one of the lost tribes of Israel, by others a people whose king was petitioned by Muslims, Christians and Jews to convert to their religion and this choice ultimately sealed their doom. There is so much mystery surrounding these people that it’s difficult to pinpoint who they were or where they came from and why they disappeared – a kind of Eurasian equivalent of the Mayas/Incas who allegedly disappeared off the face of the earth.

If you read the thread “The Tribe” I recently posted you will see how Jews love the Barbie doll (you will have to read the links above). This guy Uzar was passed off as a Nazi or White Supremacist. Why then was he selling guns to Blacks and Latino gangs? We know oftumblr_lzeus496sS1rn52wxo2_500 only one type of Nazi that sells guns to Black and Latino gangs in white countries and they are not the Nazi’s they are the Ashkenazi’s.

The Newtown rabbit hole just goes deeper and deeper into Jewry and as every shooting that goes down the memory hole it always involves Jews. Notice I didn’t say Israel, I said Jews.

Oh and by the way if you are wondering if Rodia can be Jewish it isn’t hard to put two and jew together. Rodia is the name of a Province in Messina, Sicily. Take a good look at Dennis Rodia and you will see he is not a White man. Muslims and Jews mixed together indennis Messina and elsewhere, but you can bet they don’t consider themselves Muslims anymore. They don’t refer to themselves as Aryan either you can bet. Only one place left to go.

Sicily is chock full of neophytes- crypto Jews.

Jews make up less than 2% of the population in America, yet they are always all over these events. Whether Adam Lanza did the shooting or not he has a Jewish name, Uzar is a Jewish name, Rodia tied in with the Uzar family in the guns and ecstasy business, porn, child molestation, Barbie dolls, a Mein Kampf book, swastika’s, arming minority gangs all point to antichristian, anti-American, anti White people any way you cut it.

I don’t care what Jews say, I don’t care what anyone says, and no crime like this nowadays should ever be passed over because someone says “its conspiracy theory”. Conspiracy theory to me is everything else so ask me for the track record of evidence I have, I’ll be more than happy to give it to you. There is still much more to be discovered in this case, but the main thing is we have the regular shills throwing everyone off the scent of the Jewish community in and around Newtown itself, which is where I would begin my investigation immediately. Some say this was a hoax, some say it was a mass murder, 2 good reasons to suspect Jews. One thing is for sure, the usual shills are up to their usual shill agendas. I recently told you about the name Rappaport (or Rapaport), if you see people using this name as a means for truth you are being taken for a ride.

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10 Responses to The Terror of Tiny Town

  1. lre says:

    I’m always hearing people say jews only make up 2% of the population . I BELIEVE THIS TO BE A LIE THAT THEY JUST TELL US and then you mix in the half jews , anyways i believe this 2% to be part of their deception .

    Their does seem to be a few jews around this Sandy hook story though . Maybe the report Nixon’s shrink did on jews about how they raise the psycho average up in an city’s that the populate … maybe … was his shrink a jew ?

  2. melgibstein says:

    Michael Moore and Michael Rivero say all of these shootings are because of drugs. Well then, maybe we should look into who owns the pill mills and runs the illegal drug world. I recall in the movie Holy Rollers about Jewish drug traffickers that one of the Jews said “we run the drug business, we have always run the drug business”. Boasting about crime- the only time you can trust them. Here is fat Michael’s take (Moore I mean).

    He thinks there should be an investigation, but not on Jews. Ladies and gentleman, they are criminals themselves when they overlook the Jew factor every time!

  3. Barney says:

    I agree with Ire. That 2% garbage is just another jew LIE. Now that I’m jew-aware, I see them everywhere, mingling with Humanity and pretending to be just like us. I’d be surprised if the true number is less than 10%.

    The primitive savages that call themselves jews pretend to have a religion, but their minds aren’t sufficiently developed to come up with anything a Human Being would recognise as a “religious” belief. Their so-called religion consists of “kill, defile, destroy”. If it isn’t a jew, they want to destroy it, be it a Human Being, an animal or even a plant. They hate all life, and especially White People because we’re the ones with the ability to see through the lies and do something to end their reign of terror.

    As for these jew massacres, they tie themselves in knots with so many LIES that I wonder whether the incidents ever really happened. They do like to murder innocent White People, especially children, but with their control of the press, the police and everything else, they could tell us anything and the majority would believe it.

    Their tel-aviv-zion could convincingly show a rejuvenated Elvis (another jew) landing his flying saucer on the head of the mythical Loch Ness monster, walking on water and singing “Blue suede shoes”, and the sheeple would lap it all up.

    “It must be true. I saw it on the tel-aviv-zion”.

    If it isn’t on that lie box, it didn’t happen. If it is on the lie box, it must be true. That’s how most people have been brainwashed to think nowadays.

    Somehow we need to take control of these brainwashing devices in practically every home and tell the people the truth. The money scam is the root of jew evil, but in my opinion, the tel-aviv-zion is even more dangerous, and therefore more urgent, than tackling even the bankers.

    • melgibstein says:

      2% of a fantasy is still a fantasy. What do these stats classify as a jew? Are they talking about religious Jews, racial Jews? They wont tell and dont want to go into detail what a Jew even is. If you hear the word Jew it is a lie right off the bat.

  4. ihatekikes says:

    Mel What do you make of subverted nation ? have you been there. There was a post by him on ognir. I think last week whitewraite got bluffed by duff and she is all ruffled up. But look at that comments and she leaves a comment saying something about being caught by these ‘truthers’. That was in 2010 if im not mistaken. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • melgibstein says:

      Havent been there in a while so I dont know what to make of him or her. I know I read something about Rivero that was pretty good once, but thought he or her was booted or no longer around. I guess I’ll have to check. I dont like to say whether I like or dont like people because some folks come through different alley ways to get to the truth and could be amateurs or disinfo. I look for hypocrisy and I found it with Darryl Bradford Smith quite often and Ognir was kissing his arse at the time and in turn hates me too even though he broke up with his boyfriend not long after. I am all for Palestine, but Im for my country and white countries first. Ognir seemed to be fumed because of the Palestinians and never for Europe or America. The point he misses is that Jews are teaching us to be focused in the Middle East while saying nothing about their Muslims here taking over all our gas stations, hotels, etc. You will have to give me a link there because I dont know who whitewraite is and want to avoid that fag Lindsey who hangs out there.

      If I am being hypocritical I want to know it so I can correct it. Others dont seem to want to admit to their hypocrisy and if they hate me for that so be it.

    • melgibstein says:

      I told Ognir that Kay Griggs was a Jewess when they were pushing that wench and they both said I was lying out my arse. Well I proved it to them in a video where she says her mother was Jewish- in their FACE! They still hated me for it (Smith and Ognir). Never apologized to me, NOTHING!!! Im not in this for ego I am in this to defend truth and prove jew lies. How must Ognir feel that he cast away someone for telling the truth? I could never do that.

    • melgibstein says:

      Tell Ringo I said “slainte” and not to worry, even though we are both Irish there is no way I am related to him. I saw his pic. Tell him when he coughs it sounds like a toilet flushing (give up smoking, Swiss chocolate or whatever the hell makes you make that God forsaken noise). He’ll know its me.
      Anyone that goes after people who tell the truth and dont apologize are never gonna make it with me. maybe he is hiding something he knows I’ll sniff out. There is no reason why people should hate me if they are of the truth. I know this in person to be totally true, only on the internet that isnt true.

  5. ihatekikes says:

    mike the kike moore, butterball, i called it!

  6. 10$ Bagel says:

    Jews are funny, i like them.

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