Bat-mitzvah Man

 (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File) (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)

New York – The prison-bound brother of Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff (MAY’-dawf) has attended his granddaughter’s bat mitzvah in New York.

Peter Madoff was sentenced in December to 10 years in prison for his role in the massive Ponzi scheme. The judge delayed his lockup date so he could attend the Jewish ceremony.

The 67-year-old pleaded guilty in June to charges that he created false documents while he was chief compliance officer at his brother’s firm.

Madoff will report to prison Feb. 6. His brother is serving a 150-year sentence in North Carolina after revealing the fraud in 2008. Thousands of investors lost about $20 billion.

The New York Post ( HTTP://BIT.LY/10SQHJU ) reports that Peter Madoff said a brief prayer in Hebrew and touched his lips to the Torah during Saturday’s ceremony.

bat mitzvah

A religious initiation ceremony for a Jewish girl aged twelve years and one day, regarded as the age of religious maturity.

~Can you imagine one of us asking to delay our jail sentence so we could go to our sons or daughters, excuse me ehh ehh grand daughters confirmation? A bat mitzvah is such a holy event for a Jew to miss and the food just isn’t right for Jews in prison, better change that too. What the hell has happened to us? I don’t give a damn if he ripped off another Jew, the fact is the other Jew ripped us off and if this Jew didnt rip off other Jews he would have ripped us off if he hasn’t already. This stuff isn’t going to end until we make it end and you are going to need guns when that day comes. Trust me on that!

These so called holy days are nothing more than the initiation process into the family crime business. A bar mitzvah is supposed to be a day when Jew boys become responsible for their actions. What a joke!

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5 Responses to Bat-mitzvah Man

  1. BMan says:

    I can certainly imagine a troll like you with a jail sentence for sucking the baby penis, Rabbi.

    • melgibstein says:

      You ask the question “WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE HATE JEWS?” and then you answer the question yourself. Don’t you think you ought to hear what we have to say? That would be the normal thing to do, but we know you aren’t normal by any means. If you disagree with something, tell us what it is. I guess we just make things up about you and we love your kosher syndicate in our grocery stores, we love your terrorism, we love your media monopoly, we love your diversity, your crime rackets, your abortion, your controlled money system, etc etc etc Whats not to love about you?

      Like your Jewish rock star sings “Oh the times they are a changin”. This time it aint gonna be good, Hymie. This time the world is coming for you.

  2. melgibstein says:

    Trump endorses Netanyahu and the little jewboy karate actor endorses him. We ought to karate kick these traitors out of America.

    This is why the Rivero, Alex Jones crowd loves Norris (the little punk).

  3. Barney says:

    Slightly modified from an old (Polish?) saying.

    The jew screams in agony as he stabs you in the back.

    They attack us and then call US “haters”! Any normal person would hate a despicable creature that does him harm, especially when the creature isn’t even Human, and is motivated by pure hatred.

    We throw the bastards out because of their behaviour, NOT because WE are mentally ill. ONLY the completely crazy could tolerate the jew. Completely crazy. Doesn’t that describe the jew? They want to destroy everybody who’s better than them, and they know that even the lowest IQ black is better than them. Even a slug is better than them. Slugs may not be everybody’s idea of an ideal pet, but as far as I know they don’t harm other creatures out of spite.

    Let the jew have it’s way and it will destroy the White race, then the blacks and other non-Whites. When they’ve destroyed the whole of Humanity, they’ll start on the wildlife, and then the plants. The ideal jew-world would be a lifeless smouldering cinder, and then the jew itself would die, but they can accept that because it means they return to their father, the devil, as identified by Jesus Christ.

    Taken collectively and judged according to their actions, the jews ARE the devil, and it’s time for the final battle between good and evil.

    All races are ok in their own countries. The jew is not Human and so chooses not to have a country (Palestine was never theirs until they STOLE it in 1948). Parasites infest the homes of their victims. They belong nowhere. That’s where we must send them, back to nowhere.

  4. melgibstein says:

    You know my opinion and it is that it goes even deeper than that. It goes all the way down if you know what I mean. Nothing else even makes any sense to me how a people (whatever the hell they are- a seedline) can keep coming back to destroy over and over and over again. I am for complete banishment of these people, all of them. They have our top people bought off or blackmailed and we need to light fires under their arses too.

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