Last of the Mohel’s


 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

If you had to pick the Jews M.O. what would you say it is? I would have to say that God himself put it best in Revelation 3:9. Not only does God say Jews are liars, but he adds the number one lie that you should be aware of and that is Jews claim they are people they are not. He could have said Jews steal, but he thought it was more important you knew who they are first before anything else (most simply dont). Knowing what Jews do is extremely important, but the most important thing is to know who they are first.

Different people have different ways of trying to get you to listen to the truth, but the Jews control the media and much of the internet to broadside you with lies.  They are in the truth movement to derail it and that is what God is telling us in those very short lines.image00330 Does this mean Jews lie all the time? No, you have to put on an act to get someone to buy a lie. One of those acts is convincing you they are the people of the Bible God loved over all others and oddly the people he hated are nowhere to be found today. Nobody wants to act that part I guess. God was not referring to the movie screen when he said what he did he was referring to real life. He knew Jews were actors even without a Hollywood.

Why is it we have Jews all over historical movies? Does anyone believe anything good can come out of a movie done by people who have been locked up in ghettos half of their existence for lying and cheating us? Does anyone think Jews want to give us the truth about your history or mine? Why can’t Indians do their own movie or why can’t whites give their side without a Jew? If you think about it we have movies about every people on earth all done by Jews including Jesus Christ movies. Did God say “not all Jews lie”? Did he say you can trust some Jews? No, he said the people who call themselves Jews (people who say they are related to Judah and himself) are lying. There are really only one people that do that today. Why would Jews disregard their own flesh and blood brothers (the Israelites) altogether? So it is obvious that someone is pretending to be what they aren’t yet nobody ever wants to discuss this. Anyone who reads the book can see how this fits in and is totally ignored by the Judeo Christian churches. We had liars then in Jerusalem as we do right now and you need to know who they are to avoid them, period.

I don’t write novels here or do movies like Jews I try to give you a fact to grow on. People tell me it is dangerous to even watch Jew movies because even I can be snookered by the Jew and I agree to a point. I don’t pay for movies and the last time I was at a movie theater I went to see “Jaws”. That45-tony-curtis_2441139k was some time ago (30 years?). Odd that the last movie I went to was one letter away from my life study. To be as smart as a serpent you have to know who the serpent is first. We all have to do our own study on this serpent like a jigsaw puzzle. Nobody can teach how to put a jigsaw puzzle together, it has to be started and put into place piece by piece. There is no starting point, but eventually you see the picture it forms. When you see the picture you can’t go back and trust Jews nor would anyone that actually knows the truth and see’s the picture. It’s just a fact of life and anyone still trusting Jews should be disregarded completely for their own good. Trusting Jews when they control the entire media is just plain pathetic. You want to see the Indians side of this movie, you will get their side, if you watch the white man’s side you will get their side and if you watch the Jews side you will get their BS as usual. It’s pretty cut and dry to me. So if you know who the liars are you will never be suckered by their lies. If you want the Jew side of things you might as well stick with the main stream media and Jewish publishing houses. It’s no different under the sun folks.

Some info on the leading actors of “Last of the Mohicans”

Madeline Stowe

Her mother, Mireya (née Mora Steinvorth), had come from a prominent family in Costa Rica. Her father, Robert Stowe, was a civil engineer from a “poor Oregon family”.  One ofpromo4--3080493266311838891 Stowe’s maternal great-great-grandfathers, politician José Joaquín Mora Porras, was a younger brother of President Juan Rafael Mora Porras, who governed Costa Rica between 1849-1859. Another one of Stowe’s maternal great-great-grandfathers was Bruno Carranza, President of Costa Rica in 1870, albeit briefly, as he resigned three months after taking power. His wife, Stowe’s great-great-grandmother, Gerónima Montealegre, was the sister of President José María Montealegre Fernández, who governed Costa Rica from 1859-1863. One of Stowe’s maternal great-grandfathers was a German immigrant to Costa Rica.

Yes, she is married to a Jew. Costa Rica, by the way has always been a hot spot for Jews. Their first flag of Costa Rica was the Jew star. A jew subject in itself. I took Brittney Spears (and a lot of other Yenta’s) there to my summer home once- not.

Day-Lewis was born in London, the son of poet Cecil Day-Lewis and actress Jill Balcon.daniel-day-lewis-daniel-day-lewis-27638563-1155-1222 Daniel’s father, who was of Anglo-Irish background, lived mainly in England from the age of two and later became the United Kingdom’s Poet Laureate. Daniel’s mother was Jewish, and his maternal grandparents’ families had emigrated to Britain from Latvia and Poland.

So what we have is the Jews portrayal of American Indian history and our own (with a little truth to build on). This movie may as well have been a bar mitzvah turned into a movie with all the usual synagogue of satan lies and director. Hollywood is in a way a good thing because anyone that knows the truth knows Jews are never after giving us the truth except to set us up for a whopper. Their goal is and always has been to lie. That is what Revelation 3:9 should have made perfectly clear to you. They hate the truth so they will dance and sing and act to keep you from finding the truth on your own. If there are a people on this earth that are Gods chosen people we must also believe God has a least favorite.  Isn’t it important for all of us to know who that is? In a way we have been Katyn’d by Jews by not being able to say who that is. Every day that goes by that we don’t speak theb83aac23b9528732c23cc7352950e880 truth about who the liars are someone will pay the price and we will be cursed as Franklin once said from the graves of the dead. Jews know that true movies (really true movies) will crush them. The history of Jews goes a lot deeper than just Fagin in Oliver Twist and the truth is true history about Jews would send them right back to the ghetto where they sadly still belong. You can’t say we never gave them enough time to change, they simply never do. They are who they are even if they play someone else in the movies on screen or off.

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7 Responses to Last of the Mohel’s

  1. T Bone says:


    I searched your site for ‘Enemy Mine’. I couldnt find it. So I dont know whether or not you covered it.

    I made a few observations about it:

    Drak=Dracula=bloodsucking jew

    Drak appears peaceful

    Goy Davich is aggressive

    (subliminal messaging)

    Drak gets pregnant hence jew homosexuality

    Davich builds the shelter while Drak relaxes-typical jew behavior

    Draks get sent to work camps


    Davich (spelling?)=David- sounds kind of jew-and who becomes the hero in the end?

    Enemy Mine (Enemy Mein)

    I know it’s a little out there. But I’d figured I’d post it.

    • melgibstein says:

      Not sure I could sit through that one again. They do let out a lot of info in their movies because most if not all they do is an act too. Ive had arguments about Quaid being a Jew before, but Ive always thought the smirk on his face has to be Jewish. I took a chance for study purposes to see an old Jew movie, Richard Dreyfuss in The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Everyone in the movie was a Jew I think and one of the Quaids was in it. The one that says they are being blackmailed by “star busters”.
      One thing is for sure, Jews arent making these movies for our entertainment purposes because they hate every one of us. It’s pretty obvious. They love diversion, but they never just divert alone.

  2. Barney says:

    Do jews lie all the time? Probably they do have to tell the truth sometimes, but even the truth can be expressed in such as way as to give a false impression. I stole the following from

    … a seemingly abandoned website that would appear to have been created by the Appalachian State University (whoever they are).

    Quote begins.

    I adopt an earnest and heartfelt look and state that I give regularly to both organized charity and to the poor and homeless I encounter on the streets. I go on to emphasize that I maintain my giving year in and year out, no matter what my financial situation or pressures may be, and that I will carry similar dedication and selflessness to my career as an elected official.

    In truth, my “regular contributions” consist of my dropping a shiny new penny into a Salvation Army bucket each Christmas, and then tossing a somewhat grubbier one at a homeless guy who’s sleeping under a blanket (while being careful not to get too close).

    Did I tell a lie with my above proclamation? Technically, no. I do contribute regularly, and I said nothing about the amount. However anyone in their right mind and with a sense of fairness would certainly argue that I had not been truthful.

    The author is referring to an imaginary politician, but we know most politicians are either jews or in the pay of the devil’s gargoyles.

    • melgibstein says:

      Could be a double lie too. I dont think a Jew would give anything to the Salvation Army or a goy homeless person. Jews are the ones who created those homeless people to begin with. Jews are most likely running the Salvation Army now to rip it off just like they get involved with Africa to steal their oil.
      These are people who believe or want us to believe that God would approve of them taking one of our organs so a Jew could survive. Ive never once heard a white man say anything even close to something like that.

      My beliefs have stayed the same, there are good people on this earth and there are bad people. Both of those people have been who they are throughout time and unfortunately the good people have to do something about the bad people and are made to look bad in the process by the bad people. The good people risk looking like bad people to stop the bad people.

      One way I look at it is this; I had a close relative who was POW in the Hanoi Hilton and seldom talked to him about it because I figured he was tired of talking about it to everyone else so I didnt, but I saw films of him talking about the good guard(s) and the bad guards. I always thought that if there was even just one bad guard, I would kill every guard in the place if given the chance to escape. If you identify yourself as my enemy (good or bad) you are going down. These Jews control everything in our countries and until our countries are completely returned to us, they are all my enemy.

  3. Barney says:

    Very true, Mel. As far as I can tell, EVERY major “charity” is controlled by jews, and you’ve just reminded me of something I read a few years ago, where a member of the US military serving jews abroad bought a packet of cigarettes (better not call them fags as we often do in England!) from the Red Cross and found a banknote tucked inside.

    The conclusion was that the Red Cross had stolen a parcel sent from home and was selling it’s contents.

    I never give to these big “charities”. I’ll support a small local group or give directly to people in need in my own area, but never to one of the gigantic scams with office blocks, company cars and all the rest of it. That’s not what the donors intended their money to go on.

    Charity begins at home anyway. Why give to keep “the starving millions” breeding like rabbits when they’re not “our people” and we’ve got plenty of needy people (victims of the jews) of our own? Let them sort their own countries out, and we should do the same.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes, I try to help family first, then friends and by then Im broke. Antisemites usually dont make much money. I threw that away a long time ago. I had the best job in the world in my field of work and I told the Jews to kiss my arse. I could have just shut my mouth and gone along with the flow and I’d probably be on a beach in Tahiti right now and a summer home in the Alps. Problem is I believe some day we are going to have to answer to our complicity otherwise there would be no reason for the feeling of guilt. With no guilt what good is money and or what good is anything? We would all be whores.

  4. Barney says:

    I don’t have to worry too much about my income any more. Working for the jew left me crippled and unable to work, which means I’m entitled (after having to fight for it) to significantly more than I ever got working for a living, and now I’ve reached retirement age anyway.

    I’d rather be able to walk again, and to be free from pain, but at least if I see something I want, I don’t have to worry too much about the price (within reason of course).

    When the time comes, I’ll be one of the “rejects” who’ll receive a bullet rather than be sent to the gulag, but until that happens I intend to fight the jew in any way I can. That means using words, but words that help spread the message are never wasted.

    I don’t fear “death”. There is no death. Neither do I want sympathy for the things I can no longer do. I’m convinced we all agreed to certain things when we “signed up” to help free this out-of-control world from the forces of evil, and it may be that I can serve my people better from the computer keyboard than through the sights of a weapon.

    Best of all, when my work here is done. I KNOW I’ve got a Home to go to.

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