The Secret Jew Garden

Garden to honor 1.5M children killed in Holocaust


CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – A garden that honors the 1.5 million children who were killed in the Holocaust is being planned at the Charleston Jewish Community Center.

The Post and Courier reports ( ) that the garden will be the only Holocaust memorial in the Charleston area dedicated specifically to the children.6a00d83451b71f69e201675fd06723970b-400wi

The center’s existing atrium garden was funded 50 years ago to memorialize the 6 million people killed in the Holocaust. But that garden but has been neglected and needs restored.

Fannie Appel-Rones notes a memorial in Marion Square now honors the 6 million. So she wanted a memorial to focus on the children.

She is unsure of the project’s total cost. About $13,000 has been donated so far.

Any history of slavery in America begins with Charleston.

During the Transatlantic Slave Trade, about 40 percent of enslaved Africans brought into the country passed through Charleston Harbor. Often these slaves were sold around the South to supply the plantation industry with the cheap labor it needed to be profitable. But a great number of those slaves remained in South Carolina.

middle passage“This place is absolutely central to telling the story of slavery,” said Bernard Powers, a professor of history at the College of Charleston. “I’m still amazed by how many people and their families are rooted here in South Carolina.”

Many slaves, interviewed by government writers in the 1930s, described brutal beatings for the smallest offense. Some were sexually abused by their owners; some young enslaved girls were bought at least in part with that in mind.

Spielberg and Matthew McCohenny

Spielberg and Matthew McCohenny

By 1860, there were 4 million slaves in the United States, and 400,000 of them — 10 percent — lived in South Carolina. African-Americans, enslaved and free, made up 57 percent of the state’s population. Charleston was the nation’s capital of the slave trade, the place where many of those enslaved people first landed in the New World.

The history of slavery begins with Jews (they left that little tidbit out- funny how that always happens throughout history, no?) and this history has been subverted and pinned on the white man (which Jews are not) as usual.  Jews are remembering the false history of their own persecution by whites and completely eradicated true history regarding their history of blaming whites for their own crime. How do we let this stuff go on folks? It must be that Jew TV (will we ever break that mold?).  At the same time we have a so called truth movement full of Jews blaming Nazi’s, Masons, banksters, Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, etc. even on alternative uncensored internet radio (its pathetic folks).  What the truth movement needs is for everyone in it to actually tell the truth. You can go after a Catholic priest that was accused of touching a young kid 40 years ago, but the truth is Jews are behind every major organized crime racket in the world today and completely control our media so they can continue to rape, rob, pillage and steal (and enslave) and disarm us because there is enough crime to expel them all for what they have already done a hundred times over. The problem is the magnitude of the crimes just have not been told with any passion and sincerity (we need a white Al Jolson with a microphone). There is no way the truth movement even knows the truth or they would be completely outraged by all this Jew crime and the fact that it’s always blamed on others. The only conclusion to this is most of the so called truth movement isn’t the truth movement at all. If you aren’t ready to march Jews out of our countries (all of them) you don’t know a thing about truth! You are either on the take, a Jew or in a coma. There is a good chance you could be a lemming too. The Jews don’t learn folks. They never learn and you are going to have to face it.

Jews not only deliberately brought Blacks to America to destroy white culture (I can’t say they destroyed black culture because blacks benefited in actuality), but they also brought them into our religion and eventually our schools and government. The damage in case you havent looked around lately is a powder keg that already went off and you are still waiting for the blast. All of you folks out there that wanted all the Jew wars are going to soon see them up close and personal. No doubt in my mind that is the Jews evil plans. They’re not here to help folks. They don’t want us to lose our guns they want us to use them on ourselves.

In War of Independence.

In 1779 a special corps of volunteer infantry was composed largely of Israelites Jews who resided on King street in the city of Charleston. Among its Jewish members were David N. Cardozo, Jacob I. Cohen (Rodney Dangerfield?), and Joseph Solomon. This body subsequently fought under General Moultrie at the battle of Beaufort. Among others who served in the field may be Raging Bull 1mentioned Jacob de la Motta, Jacob de Leon, Marks Lazarus, the Cardozos, and Mordecai Sheftall, who was deputy commissary-general of issues for South Carolina and Georgia, but who must be considered as a resident of Savannah rather than of Charleston. Major Benjamin Nones (Pvt Benjamin), a French Jew in Pulaski’s regiment, distinguished himself during the siege of Charleston and won the praise of his commander for gallantry and daring. Mordecai Myers was also prominent at this period. Mordecai was prominent (God only knows what havoc he brought).

The Civil War- another Jew genocide altogether. It is a bottomless pit of Jew murder and mayhem, but the lemmings can’t get it into their fragile eggshell minds. These people are cold blooded murdering devils.

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  1. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
    God Bless you, and all who sail with you.


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