Back to Katyn

Where is Sean Penn?

Whenever one of these school shootings occur or mass killings of any kind I think of a plethora of other killings that only one people are capable of throughout time. I could start with Jerusalem and the murdering of the first born of the house of Judah there during Christ’s time, but too many people have this totally upside down when in fact it was Herod the Jew who had the first born Judahites killed and knew not to kill anyone else. Through Jewish subversion and our unwillingness to seek out the truth most of us believe it was a non Jew murdering Jews and nothing further could be from the truth.

We could then move on to the Armenian genocide perpetrated by Jews and again Jews have this completely subverted. When we think of Russia or Bolshevik Revolution in America as a whole we never include the Jew Factor to Communism or the millions upon millions of people who died as


They didnt wait for him to speak.

the result of this Jewish psychotic behavior. Black slavery completely controlled by Jews and we don’t even care they blamed it on white Christians. We could look at Germany, the IRA in Ireland, the so called Italian and Russian Mafia controlled by Jews, the USS Liberty, the Beirut bombing, 9/11 and on and on and on. You would think by now we would know who it is and where to start looking immediately and most importantly EXILING EVERY DAMNED ONE OF THEM!!!

I don’t know why, but the incident over all these other than the one in Jerusalem that I keep thinking about is Katyn. 30,000 innocent Catholic Poles murdered one by one execution style by the Jewish NKVD and it seems the world does not even care. This incident proves that we are not living amongst normal people called human beings, these are ruthless, gutless, mindless murdering psychotic freaks and there is not one single movie about this or any of the other incidents portraying the true side of history. All have been subverted by the very same people and yet we have people who still want to trustArmenian_Genocide_27-447x263 these people and bring them into our fold. Anyone that has seen the part in Braveheart when William Wallace see’s Robert the Bruce against him will know how I feel, like someone ran me with a sword. Maybe thats exactly what they want.

When I see shootings like this in Connecticut, killing women and children I know we aren’t talking about white Christians, but the synagogue of Satan. Nobody else on this earth is capable of such evil and nobody on this earth is even on the radar for 2nd place (look at all of these incidents together). They seem to be behind it all directly or indirectly every single time. All the facts are already out there and the strangest facts about them all is we do not make a single move to organize against this psychotic entity together as human beings. If we are waiting for our government to do this for us we are as psychotic as the Jews. This nonsense has to stop, but you and I know it is going to go on until we mount against it all at once. We have a Frankenstein monster on the loose, folks and our kids are walking targets. You know it’s the truth and so did over 100 European city states before you. Guns are our best friends against this species of alien beings.red_terror

For me it is Jerusalem, but for people who don’t believe in Christianity correctly or at all you need to look at Katyn. You will hear a lot of innocent voices who were killed in cold blood that cannot even have their tale told by the living. You will see another Katyn before you ever see this on the History Channel. Don’t turn the channel because Jews control it completely and all the others, that is until you snap out of your coma and admit enough is enough.

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3 Responses to Back to Katyn

  1. Mel Gibstein says:

    In 1989, with the collapse of Soviet Power, Premier Gorbachev finally admitted that the Soviet NKVD Jews had executed the Poles, and confirmed two other burial sites similar to the site at Katyn. Stalin’s order of March 1940 to execute by shooting some 25,700 Poles, including those found at the three sites, was also disclosed with the collapse of Soviet Power. This particular second world war slaughter of Poles is often referred to as the “Katyn Massacre” or the “Katyn Forest Massacre”.

    Most people say 20,000 Poles, so I made up for the 5, 700.

  2. melgibstein says:

    The Sandy Hook Jew Factor

    But I only wanna, I only wanna, I only wanna help


    But I only wanna…


  3. melgibstein says:

    All of this recent talk about Poland and the Holocaust would be wiped out if just one leader stepped up and said “Katyn” (ahh Juicy fruit), but they didnt and means “they wont”, therefore all of the hype is just another Jew act and Poland will be apologizing (the PM I mean) and we will all “come together” as one big happy family again just in time for Saint Pattys Day and a new Jew shooting.

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