The Man Who Knew Too Much

VIDEO: Bolivian Judge Refuses To Release Jacob Ostreicher

(Tuesday, December 11th, 2012)


A Bolivian appeals panel has refused to immediately release a New York businessman, despite evidence he was fleeced and extorted by prosecutors who have had him jailed for 18 months without charges on suspicion of money laundering.

Instead, the two judges sent the case of Jacob Ostreicher back to the trial judge.

They ordered her to reconsider favorable evidence she previously threw out at the urging of an official who is now under arrest.

Ostreicher’s case led to the uncovering of a shakedown ring allegedly run by the No. 1 legal advisor in the Interior Ministry, and including two prosecutors. It came after actor Sean Pean interceded with President Evo Morales.

Penn was at the hearing but did not comment. He has praised Morales’ decisiveness in pursuing the ring.

Click HERE to watch this video on a mobile device.

Wait for Jacob to talk.

One Jew doing his best to wreck a country. That’s all it takes.

I’ll tell you what I think. I think Jacob was involved with the mob (making coca into cocaine and exporting it) and he offered the Bolivian government names for a plea deal which they didn’t agree to and Jacob gave it anyway. Now Jacob is trying to squeeze out the side door as Jews always do (not that he didn’t implicate other Sephardic Jews because he almost certainly did). Sean Penn has not said a word because he has nothing he can say. He is there purely for stage and screen until Jews can figure out how they will squeal out of another act of organized Jew crime. Certainly Jacob was not alone in this case, a small time flooring contractor tied into a 25 million dollar rice deal. Ask yourself the question “Is a Jew more apt to be involved in a low-grade rice deal or a high-grade cocaine deal?

Jacob knows too much because he was part of the operation.

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5 Responses to The Man Who Knew Too Much

  1. melgibstein says:

    Joan Rivers Joan RiversVerified ‏@Joan_Rivers

    I was walking down the street in NYC in the rain one day not paying attention to the old lady in front of me, she eventually turned around and it was Joanie. She scared the living crap out of me.

  2. melgibstein says:

    American-Jewish contractor Jacob Ostreicher—jailed in Bolivia without formal charges or bail since June 2011—has been released on bail, leading congressional advocates for his freedom announced Tuesday.

    Ostreicher had traveled to Bolivia in December 2010 to oversee rice production and was arrested the following year on suspicion of money laundering and criminal organization. He had been denied bail this August.

    U.S. Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Nydia Velazquez (D-NY), who visited Ostreicher this month as part of a congressional delegation, said in a press release that Ostreicher was released Tuesday after a hearing. The legislators commended the move as a “positive development in Jacob’s case,” but re-emphasized that Ostreicher was imprisoned even though there was “no evidence of any wrongdoing” presented in his case. Smith said he was angered “that the process has dragged on for so long and Jacob and his family have had to endure so much suffering to simply get bail,” adding that Ostreicher had developed symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and “lost the entirety of the rice farming business he operated.”

    Ostreicher’s release, therefore, is “only the beginning of the end,” Smith said in a statement.

    “I urgently call on the Bolivian judicial system to act swiftly to completely exonerate Jacob of the baseless accusations against him and grant him his freedom,” he said. “And I hope the Bolivian Government continues to follow through on the investigation of and charges against the real criminals in this case, so that other innocent persons do not have to suffer or continue to endure the same fate.”

    “Going forward Jacob deserves the opportunity to clear his name,” Velazquez said in a statement. “He should receive either an immediate, fair trial or, failing that, be released to his family.”

    Jacob is out on bail. He paid 14000 dollars in bail. 14000 dollars is a lot of dinero’s (bolivianos) in Bolivia. What this means is Jacob is definitely still tied into something very big, something that is so big it is bigger than Bolivia itself.
    The average income for a Bolivian is about 5000 US dollars a year- Jacob’s bail was 3 years of a Bolivians salary. Still all through this time we have not heard the other side of this- only Jacob’s side. If you believe the Jew side you are hopeless.

  3. melgibstein says:

    Jacob is out of jail with a police helmet on and a bullet proof vest. “Theres gonna be another 10 people in jail when this is done” ~Jacob

    Oddly much of this video is cut up. Anyone think something strange is going on that we arent hearing?
    Here is another blacked out video! Jacob is saying some stuff the media, or someone does not want us to hear. Jacob has a very very BIG MOUTH.

    Scarface or the drug cartels dont stand a chance against Jacob it looks.

    This is loco and redicoolas! Can we get one more shot of Jacob coming out of the ambulance please? A little less shaking in the hands this time and “action”.

    Why isnt the Jew wearing his beenie this time of year?

  4. melgibstein says:

    A Security Detail of Fifteen People Protecting Ostreicher
    Today 11:26 AM Leave a comment (0) Go to comments

    Jacob Ostreicher who was imprisoned 18 months in Palmasola prison, helped bust a network of corruption and extortion run by disgraced government officials, dozens of people involved in an alleged extortion and corruption were arrested, and Ostreicher has now been released to house arrest with high security for fear of reprisals.

    More than 15 people guard the perimeters surrounding the house of Jacob Ostreicher. Four intelligence members control the outside of the building, while the yard and garden of the house are secured by members of the Delta Police and U.S. private security guards secure the area of the second floor.

    Montaño, highlighted the contribution of the Ministry of Government to come up with some members of the network of extortion to which he was subjected Ostreicher. “I remember very well that I tried to talk to Elizabethan Gomez, but his secretary would not let me and so were many obstacles in the process. We denounce this Jan. 9 and all this time there was not much progress, until three weeks ago”, stressed the defending U.S..

    Yimmy Montaño, Jacob Ostreicher’s attorney assured that the first thing they’ll do is apply for the return of Ostreicher’s property that was seized by the disgraced officials. He added that if it is confirmed that their property suffered some kind of damage, he will expand the charges against those responsible.

    In other news today, the Bolivian Government vigorously denies that any amount of Ostreicher’s rice was donated to Cuba as was previously reported here. Minister of Productive Development and Plural Economy Teresa Morales, said that “It is intolerable rumors, it is absolutely false, there’s a clear record where the food that was donated to Cuba came from, it is totally baseless slander,” she said.

    Yimmy Montano? Tony’s brother?
    So Bolivia stole the Jews rice and wanted to donate it to victims of Hurricane Sandy? In the meantime 300 million worth of cocaine shows up off Panama? Something stinks in Bolivia.

  5. melgibstein says:

    The Corruption Investigation in Bolivia has Reached the Presidential Palace
    Yesterday 1:54 PM Leave a comment (1) Go to comments

    On Christmas Eve the investigation into the alleged extortion network in Bolivia has raised to a new height and it seemed to have touched the gates of the Palace of President Evo Morales.

    An announcement was made declaring the involvement of ministers of the Presidency Juan Ramon Quintana, Nardi Suxo, and former Minister of Government and current ambassador of Bolivia to the UN Sacha Llorentty of being part of the network of Corruption, and the inquiry is expanding to ministers and deputy ministers of at least two ministries where Prosecutors Fernando Rivera, and José Manuel Villegas Boris Antezana have worked, they were all allegedly involved in collecting large sums of money and pressuring judges and prosecutors to raise charges against some people, including Jacob Ostreicher uh oh.

    Not one word about this in the mainstream media yet. One jew is taking out the government of Bolivia and it hasnt made the jew Talmudvision as of yet.

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