Fast Times at Ridgemont High

If there was ever a damaging movie to the white race this ranks among the top of its time, yet Sean Penn or Spicoli  is now a self-proclaimed ambassador to human rights around the world (except for white people that is). He isn’t that stoned High School kid anymore; he is as serious as a heart attack even after that mistake of marrying the biggest harlot of our time, Madonna (better known as Louise Ciccone the Yenta pretending to be a white woman and now a Jewish Kabalah princess).

Sean Penn, Bono, Richard Gere, etc. are all very concerned about the Haitians, Africans, Tibetans, Blacks in America and so on, but aren’t these the very same people or grandchildren of the people who brought Blacks here like goats in their slave ships? The destroyers are as usual pretending to be the freedom fighters. I guess we are the Spicoli’s now who dont see the people that are really destroying humanity. You see Jews know how people can be persecuted just like they were by the Germans, Hungarians, Russians, Poles, Irish, English, French, (everyone) who welcomed them in and never have the Jews ever persecuted anyone (just innocent bystanders and not the synogogue of satan as history proves them to be). The truth is Jews are the only ones able to be heard in the media today and anyone speaking out about the true problems the world faces (the Jew factor) is a hater. This is because Jews and their traitorous lackeys control our brains also known as the media. You have to be on drugs to let this media go unpunished or a Jew of course.

Where are our John Wayne’s against Jews today? Where is Clint Eastwood against the Jew slave trade? Where is Mel Gibson against the Jew media? Where is Sean Connery against the Jew wars? I write here on this website and many others that you may or may not know not because I want to be popular like one of these obvious homosexual punks (that’s right Clint), but because I want the truth to be where someone can find it so a John Wayne on Jew crime can lead us against it. I don’t want the actors who want fame and fortune I want the real McCoy who is willing to lead for the truth and the truth alone. I want to reach people who know first who their family is, who their race is and who their God is. It is all one and the same. Everything else will fall in place and anything outside this is destruction. The longer the delay the longer Satan’s kids murder us, literally.

There are many writers and orators out there today who tickle your ears and nose with sweet smelling perfume to cover up their hypocrisy, but I am not going to give you anything new. As I have said for years, maybe decades “expulsion is the only answer”. You want answers? (as Jack Nicholstein said in “A Few Good Men”) I’ll give you answers, but I will give you true answers and not watered down David Duke, Mark Glenn, Alex Jones answers (all the same disinfo). These people want to separate you from your God, your people and your history. Forget people who will not discuss any of these subjects with a true Christian Identist because they know the words they use will no longer be valid (such as Gentile), thus they will no longer be needed (back to the Jew tool shed they go). They are so far off the truth that there is no way they can be on our side. You don’t preach religion unless you know religion, right? You don’t preach history unless you know history and you don’t preach race unless you know what a race is. Jones, Duke and Glenn have many guests, but none of them take open calls, why? They dont even call other shows to correct other hosts. It is because they can’t go with us and the truth all the way. Their own popularity is more important than the truth. Oddly they all have all the time in the world to become more popular too.

Anyone reading this today knows that High School was a lard of bunk just as Sean Penn and his Jew cabal wanted. Seek the truth is an individual commandment, you seek the truth with your own mind and only you can find it. No one can find the truth for you and it goes on for eternity because for every action of truth there is an equal and opposite reaction to it by Satan’s kids. Nobody can explain this to you because it has to be sought to be found by you individually. We can give you reason to seek the truth, but nobody can make up your mind for you. You have to put the pieces of the puzzle together on your own. You may not be meant for the truth because some people are simply not of it and will never find it. All they will find is modern day fables that have covered up truth for eons. The same ear tickling, the same perfume smell covering up the stank of a High School locker room is what they will find, but the truth is natural as a tree or a river (you will know it when you see it and smell it). It will get your attention because it is as it was designed and the true truth seekers will smell the foul odor permeating from beneath the impostors perfume. The only education is the truth; everything else is its adversary. You aren’t getting the truth from Jew High School or Jew Hollywood ever. You are only going to get the truth from the truth himself. At least that is what you will ultimately find out after you get through all the Ridgemont High Jew BS. It is part of true school to learn that people are here to deliberately cut you off from the truth. All you have to do is figure out why.

Look around to these rookie sites and see who they are linking to. It all leads back to the Jew (Duff, Rivero, Atzmon, Bro Nate, etc etc etc). None of them will link to a Christian Identist and not one of them ever win a debate against one. The backstabbers will slander CI to kingdom come, but never have an actual debate on it with one. Christian Identity knows the Jew and their game better than anyone there is in all areas, but not one of them are ever linked to any of the rookie sites who are linked to Jews, Satanists, Atheists, Muslims, etc. You really have to find that a bit odd (what do they hate about CI?). CI knows that the Jew has to copy the truth to run it off the track and it is what they were born to do. The Jew has to create hype to win you over just like they do a Spielberg movie. They don’t want to win you over to their side, they just want you kept from the true side (they want you ruined). There are CI people in all areas now and it is getting bigger every day. There is nowhere else you can go and get the whole truth. The Judeans and seed of Cain wrapped around the true people of the Bible during their apostasy, but now they are coming back just like Ahnold Schvartzenegger. John Cohenner doesnt make it this time.

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10 Responses to Fast Times at Ridgemont High

  1. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Finally, someone speaks my language.

    Every blog I’ve looked at for years is a jug of perfume with a fly in it. With their powers of promotion, they take the truth and they pollute it ever so subtlely. William Pierce never said anything Wesley Swift didn’t already say, and a whole lot less, but who gets showered in the limelight? He completed the scribe mission by turning everyone off. Last I saw of David Duke, he was promoting the 19 goat farmers did 911 conspiracy theory, along with a whole lot of judeo christian diversity group hugs. One blog will pay some regard to the holy hoax and then put his black hole in your face. Another will reverse it. Always a fly in the perfume. Infinite ways to spoil it.

    It’s that dial-a-dialectic star they have. They blur and downplay the pivotal junctures, when they bring attention to them at all, which leaves them free to spin bullshit 6 different ways. ‘Fogs’ is a better word for most of these blogs. Or Lincoln blogs. It seems the explosion of knowledge and the smoke from the pit, of the last days come together. Nothing there about wisdom. Just knowledge and no discernment because these people who are just so enlightened can’t spot an indoctrinated behavior in themselves. Why do they avoid the scriptures with such an obstinance? When they’re obedient to nonsense, they should spot some obedience to the jew’s indoctrination in themselves.

    For every truth, there are infinite bullshit stories. For every plumb, there are an infinite number of out of plumbs. You can have a frame standing up, looking solid, that may as well be demolished for all the nigger rigging other carpenters will have to do on it. Writing punch lists on frames, I found some done by mexicans so f*cked up, not one door would fit in the openings they had, and the openings were the right dimensions. wham bam, they had that shitbox up in 2 days and were fixing it for a week and couldn’t come close to making everything right. I quit that job out of embarrassment for what that whole industry has become. But you sure learn about truth and the corruption of it, in the lab every day. No wonder He was a carpenter.

    I just read “Programmed to Kill”, by David McGowan and he has convincing proof that these people have sold their souls to satan, and they’re not coming back and they’re not giving up their comrades in that. John Wayne Gacy didn’t act alone, but he took the fall. That story repeats with so many others. JonBenet Ramsey was probably a sacrifice at a party the night before that that DA and police chief attended. No canaries coming forward. They don’t dare betray demons they sold their souls to. Manson’s victims were all satanists, child sacrificing pedophiles and dealers in sorceries (drugs).

    And then heroes like Charles Lindbergh were part of it too. He was almost Charles Mansson, exept his granddaddy changed their name when they immigrated here in 1860. His grandmother’s maiden name was Land and his wife’s maiden name was Morrow. He was tight with the Rockefellers too, the patriarch having that lizard disease of all of his hair falling out. He faked the kidnapping of his son and pinned it on a patsy, who was probably a satanist too. And then Mansson went and got in bed with the Nazis, tainting their credibility too. The decepetion would be so great …

    You can read the laurel canyon series by David McGowan and get a clue about what’s above and the psyop hippie movement at

    The scriptures test that crap by smashing it against the rock. There’s only one thing left to believe.

    • melgibstein says:

      I was with you up till the Lindbergh part. Im gonna need some proof of that. As far as McGowan goes… I like his stuff, but he leaves a huge factor out, the Jew Factor. To me, you might as well be talking about telephone poles if you aint completely and totally zoned in on Jews. I am sure Wesley Swift knew exactly what I am talking about and no doubt about Pierce and Duke. In my opinion, I think they know and knew the truth about Jews and they are operating on a higher level of BS to quash anyone like a Swift. They have to say “Zionist” and use dozens of words they have no clue about to keep people confused. You see Zionists are mostly Jews that have already been exposed and regular Jews arent the same liars as the other ones (in other words- trust Jews until they screw you). People think because this guy Duke has been so well known for so long, surely he should know about Jews, but the truth is he is a new comer on Jews. His deal was Blacks for the most part until he was passed up. He had to pump up his game and start on Jews somewhat, but he will never take it all the way and why you will never hear him in an open forum with his own so called white people (like me) challenge him on the words he uses. When people see he is just pushing the same BS lies with zero understanding of words he uses he is toast.

      Its pretty evident that you have to know the Bible to know what a Jew is. You can choose not to believe the Bible and claim none of it ever happen because you didnt read it correctly or you just dont believe any of it and wont read it, but then you are calling people words you believe never existed or you dont believe. Either way ignorance is no excuse. Either you read the Bible and know whats going on correctly or you spew out words like a hypocrite with the phones cut off to people who do. Who is more credible? If you dont have free speech with someone, odds are there is a reason. I used to be able to call radio stations all over the country, but now that I have learned what words mean and eager to debate people, knowing full well they are clueless, I cant get on for a single word. Its not an accident. Its obvious they are scared sh**less of truth and you have to ask why.

  2. Ray Zerwitt says:

    Looking up the names of the tribes of Rechab (rider, same as Gen 49:17, horsemen of the apocalypse too?) in 1 chr 2:55 for the Succathites, Tirathites, and Shimeathites, you get ‘loud speech’, ‘hedge’ and ‘gatekeeper’. In other words; noisy loudmouthed minorities (the squeaky wheel gets the grease), censors and media monopolists. That’s the blueprint for the mainstream media today. It’s not a new thing. In other times, their poison came from the temple pulpits, and it was just as homogenous then as it is now. That’s one way to spot them. Are you thinking ‘the catholic church’? It fits the blueprint.

    How did the canaanite get in the temple? It’s interesting to see that David had 7 brothers, but only 3 of those brothers and himself were inspected by Samuel for King. It seems 4 of his brothers weren’t racially eligible. His nephew (described as crafty) instigated and set up that rape of Tamar, which started the war with Absalom. David gave them jobs in the temple. Chameleons that they are, they fit in well. One even killed a giant. Also described as locusts, they do blend in with a culture at first, until some pheronome invokes a swarm mentality. (they used to think a swarming locust was a whole other species until they noticed that the peaceful lone locust actually metamorphoses into the swarming locust) Blacks have that swarm mentality too. Peace loving, until they feel safe in their numbers, when they revert and just go ape (are they a genetically engineered servant race? Jabal was a merchant of cattle. Too dumb to question their masters, but smart enough to follow orders). It gets weirder and weirder. The truth is stranger than fiction. Anyway, why is there always a canaanite in the temple, always a jew in the woodwork? Yahshuah put one on his staff, knowing full well.

    Dave McGowan wrote that book in 2004, when noone was naming the jew. I got kicked off AOL (another house of scribes) permanently for that. Alex Jones and Jeff Rense were even buddies then, linking eachother. Surely, the usual suspects are the baal priests in those satanist cabals (Anton Lavey), but they have a lot of goy in their service. As for Lindbergh, it was news to me too. The details of that look awfully conspicuous. I’ve only taken that under advisement for now. When you wake up and jump ship, you’ll see that jews are the captains of the lifeboats too. I fell into the arms of those WN fakes at first, but not for very long. You have to let the non spirit-man go. There’s no convincing them. The difference is Yahweh’s breath that he gave to Adam. Do I have that? I don’t know. It’s probably a vain and trite thing to worry about. Does a fish know it’s wet?

    They don’t have any proud family heritages. Their Israelite names are fake, too. They just have to be the priests in the temple. How long have they had christian names? Ultimately, you can only know them by their fruit. Do you want one beside you or worse yet; in the rear with the gear and a bead on the back of your head? Tares are indistinguishable from wheat until they each bear their fruit. They’re bearing their fruit now.

    • melgibstein says:

      Very good stuff. You ought to be a writer like me-not. I didnt know McGowan wrote about Jews, but thats good because he is another really good writer (are you he?). It may sound paranoid, but I am suspicious of the name McGowan, I knew some growing up that ended up being McCohen’s.
      Do fish know they are wet? That’s a good question and come to think of it I never asked one. I’ll bet a Jewfish would say so.

  3. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I’m not Dave McGowan lol. That’s what I’ve had my snoot into lately, so I’m probably a little bit jazzed up about it. You DO have to suffer some flies in the perfume when you read his stuff. That same old regurgitated vomit about Hitler is referred to, too much. But, the guy can root out some odd details.

    I have to believe there were the usual jews in the woodwork, concerning Hitler. He looked poisoned there at the end. Chronic flab and fishbelly white, his metabolism was catabolic. He could have been slowly poisoned with lead ot mercury, or something like that, while his food tester could chelate that out of his own system. His generals lost confidence in him. Something was surely not right. It’s a big part of their job description to be able to get to people. A naive goy can’t even imagine the ways. Always a canaanite in the temple.

    Great blog you have here. Glad to find it.

    • melgibstein says:

      I read McGowans stuff about Corbett Canyon or whatever that yippie place is start to finish. It was entertaining the whole way, unfortunately I am always looking for what they overlook on Jews. One correction about Jews to people who write a lot can change the whole thing. I used to be the life of the party, but now when I bring this stuff up I am a party crasher.
      You dont have to be Charles Dickens to know that Jews have to be addressed or else it is senseless diversion. My days of being diverted from the Jew are over. I want to know the Jew side of every issue and there always is one. Laurel Canyon was no exception whatsoever, in fact it is chock full of Jews as you know. How did he miss that fact?

      A good writer is an entertainer and never what I set out to be. I dont want to be a good writer (entertainer) I want to clean this hellhole country up for the next generation (and me) as earlier generations did for me. I see through the Jew BS and I already know there is enough right this minute the toss every Jew out of every white country on earth. I have always said that an honest media is our only hope. If everyone on the internet is writing about how Jews wrecked our countries eventually we will put those words into action.

      People who talk about Palestine all the time or a dozen other subjects are clueless as to what is happening right here. We are talking Bolshevick slaughter very soon. It is inevitable. If they want to talk about Hippies, Frank Zappa etc and leave out the Jew they are very good writing lemmings.

  4. Ray Zerwitt says:

    I got glued to it too, when I read it. He doesn’t name the jew, but he sure exposes some jew fruit I’ve never seen documented like that before. We’ve seen their public locust faces, but we don’t know what they do in private. In that and “Programmed to Kill”, I keep seeing their own children coming up dead, and other human ritual sacrifices like the Black Dahlia. Not mentioned is John Walsh. If you ever saw his pathetic act trying to cry for the news reporters when his son disappeared, you would suspect that clown. And then he finds fame and fortune. They were videotaping child sacrifice snuff porn. Those are only the children that are known about. They have farms of undocumented children just for that. In my natural goy naivete, I was always on the side of Jon and Patsy Ramsey, but now I dare think there are snuff porn videos of JonBenet Ramsey out there, for the consumption of ‘the chosen, exclusively. The case of Marc Dutroux exposes the spiritual wickedness in high places too. He would take pictures of schoolgirls and put them in a catalog, complete with prices, and when he got an order he would kidnap that girl to order. They’ve forfeited their membership to humanity, if they ever had it, and should be put down like dangerous dogs.

    Everytime I see a new facet of these hideous beasts, I puke. I feel something click in my stomach and I know ‘countdown to puke’ has been initiated. It’s one thing to take things like this under advisement, when I see a dingaling talking about it on Oprah. It’s wholly another thing to see definite patterns. My suspicions that we’re eating our own children in the mystery meats that come from the tribe’s meat packing plants, like the Book says, just became more real. It doesn’t taste like chicken. The canne baals call it ‘long pig’. Got nausea? I don’t eat it. It adds substance to my suspicion that there are supernatural beings at the top of their hierarchies that are paid in innocent blood. There are just too many ways for their harebrained schemes to go wrong, without unworldly help.

    Sweet in the mouth and bitter in the stomach. Thus spake Ezekiel about the scroll. When you believe it.

    The only evidence they had against Richard Ramirez was some concocted shoeprint, from a pair of shoes nobody ever saw him wearing because he didn’t have any. He joined Anton Lavey’s church of satan just before he went to Los Angeles. Another pattern. Like Manson’s victims and everyone who was ever killed at Laurel Canyon. When you do that, you’re at their disposal. They put Sean Penn next to him for his little visit to jail. Comparing some notes? Delivering some instructions? The unbelievability of it is one of our weaknesses against it.

    “We only kill eachother” – Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel, owner of Ciro’s which became a venue for those early rock puppets (that Glen Campbell had to play the music for in the studios, because they stunk so bad) and now it’s some comedy club. It has the jew’s fingerprints all over it.

    There are rules to this war. What are they?
    We should be surveilling THEM.

    • melgibstein says:

      They are Satans kids and they are capable of anything. That is what I am trying to convey here. They can skin a 6 year old kid and be funny about it. I had a jew friend growing up that used to feed swans m-80’s and cherry bombs to see them without their beaks swimming around in circles. It kind of makes you laugh and lose your soul at the same time and you only lose your soul one time.

      I am in this for the long haul. The shills will be piled all over the internet and I’ll still be doing my thing wherever I can.

  5. Ray Zerwitt says:

    You’re a pretty good writer. Bold stuff.

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