Mrs. Soffelwitz

Get ready to dance: Oksana Grigorieva will be releasing a hip hop dance album and is already making the music video for her first track

Jaffe said Oksana is ‘extremely happy’ with the new direction of her music and it should be released via iTunes in February 2013.

He also confirmed Oksana – who dated Mel for a year before separating amid domestic violence claims – is not currently dating anyone.

The former model has a background in song writing – she has written a track for Josh Groban.

She also released an album in 2009, Beautiful Heartache, which was executively produced by Mel.

Bad romance: Mel Gibson and Oksana dated for a year before splitting amid domestic violence claims

Alfred E Newman and Melvin

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Hip Hop is Jewish Defense League territory.

For an antisemite like Melvin, you have to admit he loves Jews or they secretly love him (they are all around him). He is like one of hundreds of our internet so called antisemites today who call Jews termites, but want to leave a few around your house and convince you they are good termites. It isn’t ignorance folks, it is deliberate destruction. If you had 50 million dollars or 500 million and you knew Jews were starting all the wars that young white men were being sacrificed for wouldn’t you do something to combat this? I don’t have 50 million because I have never been able to keep my mouth shut, but Melvin (gallivanting around LA with Downey, Sean Penn and Jodie Foster- who celebrates Christmas and Hannakuh) is the hero of the Ugly Truthers and crypto’s in the truth movement. Can you ever expect idiots like this to ever really stand up for a complete Jew expulsion? They will never do it folks and that is why they are there to begin with, to make sure that thought gets quashed immediately.

Let me tell you now, expulsion is the only solution to this problem. New money, a gold system, fair tax, etc. Forget it! It aint gonna happen folks! It has nothing to do with gold it has to do with Jews.

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4 Responses to Mrs. Soffelwitz

  1. Chris says:

    Much like Stalin or Mohamed.

  2. Bill says:

    By virute of the fact that Mel inspired tens of millions with The Passion, he socked it TO Jewry. They hated the film, still do. Its Aericas largest grossing film ever.
    And When pulled over he commented ‘Jews are behind all the wars in the world’ to a Jew sheriff, something you can only dream of ever saying to a Jew cop,. Mel.

    Youre just pissed that Mel told the truth about the English Thug occupiers and that Longshanks sons was portrayed as the Sodomite that he was, along with your beloved King James, also another well known Sodomite. England is the Pariah of the universe, next to Israel, and followed by America. Mel told the truth because his grandmother was raped by the English thug Black N Tans.
    “According to Wensley Clarkson’s unauthorized biography, the Gibsons, like many Irish-American families, have always been openly anti-British. Clarkson further cites family friends and relatives who allegedly told him that Gibson’s maternal grandmother was raped by the Black and Tans during the Irish War of Independence”

    Mel married his daughter to a Christian man, not a Jew, same with all of his sons and daughters.
    His father Hutton has done more for Traditional Catholicism than any person living.

    Its not the Christian identity heresy which is a heresy that comes from a Jew.
    Your love of CI, a tentacle of race based love, comes from a Jew, oh the irony.
    Nothing wrong with race, but it is Grace, NOT Race that attains for us our salvation through our works.

    • melgibstein says:

      So you approve of his lifes work in Jew Hollywood and giving Jesus a hooked nose? If the apostles were searching for the 12 (count them) tribes scattered abroad as written in James chapter one verse one…..”he meant it”. Your grace not race BS is crap. Jesus came for the people who were given the law and only they could have broken the law. He then “redeemed” them. Do you know what that word means?

      Mel said Jews were responsible for all the wars and then he apologized. If Mel made the highest grossing film on his own doing “The Passion” why cant he continue on? Seems to me that its where the money is. Mel is a sold out traitor who took the money and ran.

      Ever see a guy who looked like this in church?

      Thats Mels son in law. I wouldnt let my daughter within 100 yards of that loser.

    • melgibstein says:

      You get a hold of Mel and we will see just how Christian he is. His best friend Jodie Foster just came out as a lezbo and his other girl pal and neighbor, Britney Spears (what a piece of work, she has done more damage to the white race than any other woman other than Madonna Ciccone) was running around with a Jew star. Mel was last seen with Sean Penn and his other Jew buddies. Sean Penn was sent to Bolivia by a Jewish organization to bring Jacob Ostreicher home regardless of his crimes. A bong smoking piece of garbage has become Americas ambassador. If thats what you call a Christian- eternity is going to be long and hard.

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