Jacob the Liar II

Prosecutor in Bolivia says jailed American still subject of money-laundering investigation

  • Article by: Associated Press
  • Updated: November 28, 2012 – 5:02 PM

LA PAZ, Bolivia – The Bolivian prosecutor overseeing the case of a jailed New York businessman allegedly robbed and extorted by a ring of corrupt government officials says the American remains the subject of a money-laundering investigation.

Prosecutor Carlos Robles told The Associated Press on Wednesday that his office is still awaiting a Swiss government report on whether funds that a Swiss partner invested in thejacob-6-11-12 American’s rice-growing venture in Bolivia were clean.

Jailed American Jacob Ostreicher and defense lawyer Yimy Montano dispute that. Montano says the report arrived last month but a high-ranking government official prevented it from being entered as evidence. Ostreicher says that official was the ringleader of the alleged corruption ring arrested this week.

Ostreicher has been jailed for 18 months without charge and insists he is innocent.

~This is one of those news stories that just doesn’t seem to make sense.

Brooklyn flooring contractor gets involved in a 25 million dollar rice deal with people in Switzerland (people unknown at this time).

The land that was supposedly bought for rice was located on some of a drug cartels property.

And now 7 Bolivian officials and Jacob Ostreicher are in jail.

A Congressman visited Jacob in Bolivia and has not said a word.

Sean Penn has visited Jacob in Bolivia and has not said a word.

Is this about rice at all? Or is this about Jewish drug trafficking? Every Jewish newspaper there is claims Jacob is innocent, but Bolivia obviously thinks otherwise. The Jews who believe Jacob Ostreicher is innocent know little to nothing as to what actually occurred because not one Bolivian official has officially explained the entire situation to the public as of yet. Right now, Jacob Ostreicher has been charged with money laundering and it is obvious that he was charged this for good reason. A country such as Bolivia doesn’t just up and arrest an American citizen (especially a well connected Jew) and lock him up for no reason. There is always a reason and I seriously doubt rice has anything to do with this. I think Jacob tried to burn someone and threatened to take the whole operation down along with Sephardic Jews who are in every South American government there is.

Will we ever get the truth from the Jewish media? I don’t think we are ever going to get truth from this media about anything again.

It is not illegal to grow coca in Bolivia. Bolivia is the 3 rd largest cocaine producing country in the world. The current president of Bolivia has encouraged coca farmers to section off or limit coca production for more food production and kicked the DEA out of Bolivia. The more you read about President Evo Morales, the current president of Bolivia, the more you see Jews all around him from every angle. He calls his foe “the white man” or “Yankee”, but from what I have read of him all of these so called  “white Yankee’s” are Jews.

The movie Scarface (one of the characters I presume) was supposedly based on the “King of Cocaine”, Roberto Suarez Gomez of Bolivia. His wife Ayda Levy (oy vey!) has just written a book about him.


Some snippets taken out of the Jewish virtual library on Bolivian Jews:

Alto Perú, the region that became Bolivia after gaining its independence from Spain in 1824, had once before been the refuge of people escaping religious intolerance and persecution in Europe. In the course of the 16th century, and during the extended, often brutal sway of the Spanish Inquisition, thousands of New Christians, or *Crypto-Jews – persons of Jewish origin who had been converted to Christianity by force or prudent choice of their own – left the Iberian peninsula; clandestinely or openly, and many sought haven in Spain’s Latin American colonies. Bringing badly needed technical and entrepreneurial skills with them, a number of Crypto-Jews settled around the silver-mining areas of Potosí and in centers of trade and commerce like Chuquisaca (later Sucre), Santa Cruz, and Tarija. Over the years, some of these Crypto-Jews, or their offspring, intermarried with local Christians and were integrated into the Catholic establishment. In the process, the background religious “stain” that had made them identifiable as “outsiders” was blurred if not eradicated. But traces of their Sephardi ancestry survived – discernible both in family names and in customs of Jewish origin that were perpetuated for generations, despite the loss of their original meaning.

~ After reading this one must be confused as to what a Jew is. These crypto Jews intermarried with the indigenous people s of Bolivia and converted to Catholicism, yet still remained “Jews”.  As Clint Eastwood said after being told by the police commissioner in “The Gauntlet” that he had just destroyed a town, I ask the same question, “How can that be?”

It does not matter who the mother is or who the father is in Jewry. What we do know is they are not our fathers.

Interesting that a Jew, Mauricio *Hochschild invested over one meeelion dollars in the early 1940’s on ehhh agricultural development.

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4 Responses to Jacob the Liar II

  1. melgibstein says:

    Let us first examine what a flooring contractor is. A flooring contractor is someone who gets contracts from people, such as individual home owners, companies, corporations, restaurants, General Contractors etc. It doesnt mean you are down on your knees laying tile, it means you are connected with others who are connected. In New York if you are not connected, and I think we all know who we need to be connected to, you simply dont get contracts. So lets get this straight to begin with, Jacob is a flooring contractor who is well connected and this enabled him to acquire enough money to invest in something else he really doesnt get his hands dirty in either (big dough), but contracts. In this case it was rice and or drugs it does not matter to the Jew folks. If its gonna get dirty, its the dirty that we all know is much dirtier than actual dirt.

  2. melgibstein says:


    In this Photo Obtained by VIN News Jacob Ostricher wearing a bullet prof vest at a Bolivian clinic on Dec. 2 2012In this Photo Obtained by VIN News Jacob Ostricher wearing a bullet prof vest at a Bolivian clinic on Dec. 2 2012

    La Paz, Bolivia – VIN News has confirmed that as a result of the latest developments in the Ostreicher case, Brooklyn businessman Jacob Ostreicher is under extremely tight security at a Santa Cruz clinic and has been required to wear a bulletproof vest for his own safety.

    Sources told VIN News that armed guards from both Venezuela and office of Bolivian president Evo Morales have been stationed outside Ostreicher’s room for his own protection. Bolivian police officers have been banned from entering Ostreicher’s room as well.

    The photo was first published By Charedi blogger Yossi Gestetner.

    ~They put the Jewish state slasher, Elias Abuelezam in a bullet proof vest too. Lee Harvey Oswald didnt have a vest on when Jack Rubenstein shot him, however.
    Jacob is still behind bars. Jacob has been required to wear a bullet proof vest for his own safety. This is as opposed to Jacob wearing a vest for his pet dog’s safety (in case someone get’s confused).

    Why would someone from the 3rd largest cocaine and or coca producing countries in the world want to shoot a Hasidic Jew from Brooklyn? For rice farming? Maybe you should watch “Holy Rollers” and you will get some idea. They were from Brooklyn too.

  3. Mel Gibstein says:

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Navy has seized nearly 5,000 pounds of cocaine from drug-running “fast boats” off the coast of Panama, NBC News has learned. Drug enforcement officials estimate the street value to be more than $360 million.

    Chances are about one in three this came from Bolivia. I havent heard of a cocaine seizure like this in years. You think Jacob had something to do with this?

    Top 10 busts worldwide- coming in at #10 by Casey Kasem


    Money wise this bust is in the top 10 cocaine busts of all time, of course inflation is terrible and someone must have the money to afford this cocaine, but who? Crackheads are a dying breed today. Where is all this coke headed?

  4. melgibstein says:

    Sean Penn (Jeff Spicole visiting Jacob) isnt saying much. Odd for the Jewboy!

    A Jew caught up with the mob. That’s an oxymarrano, no?

    Hey bud! Let’s party!

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