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Australian Child Sex Abuse Scandal Widens – Again

Chabad kids eyes coveredAnother major Australian Jewish organization is under investigation for child sexual abuse and for covering up the crimes against the children it was obligated to protect.

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Another major Jewish organisation in Australia is embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal, adding to the trauma triggered by recent revelations of similar cases involving students at a Chabad and Adass Israel school.

The name of the organisation, the defendant and the alleged victims cannot be revealed due to a court suppression order.

But it can be revealed that a man has faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on more than 25 counts of child sex abuse, including indecent acts with a minor and sexual intercourse with a child.

The defendant, who is not believed to be Jewish, entered a “not guilty” plea and is scheduled to face court again next month, with a trial date expected to be set for next year.

The alleged sexual abuse is understood to have taken place during an overseas trip around a decade ago.

A spokesperson for the Office of Public Prosecutions also confirmed that there are multiple complainants. It is understood not all of them are Jewish.…

Manny Waks, the lead alleged Jewish victim in the Chabad end of these Melbourne child sexual abuse scandals, noted the following on his Facebook page a few minutes ago:

…I am aware of the organisation involved, and I’m really disappointed to say that here too there are serious allegations of a cover up and mistreatment of the victims. Disturbing.

It’s important to acknowledge the immense courage of the five victims who have endured so much, yet are still willing to pursue justice. We are completely behind you!

I wish I could say that it will stop here. I can’t. Unfortunately there is still a great deal more to come out….

At this time we must stand up as a community to urgently and adequately address this ongoing and far-reaching scandal; for the victims, for the community, for our parents, for us, and for our children.

~ No he wasnt ehh Jewish. When you see his name you will ask yourself how this is so. Then most logical thinking people will say “hold on, being Jewish is not the same as being a Jew”. You see, being Jew- ish means you are practicing a holy religion that is supposed to be the lineage of Judah, but we can see that isnt the case. So basically being a Jew or being Jew-ish can be changed around according to the circumstance. It’s simply a whirlwind of pilpilism (bullcrap!). I have never seen a non Jewish teacher or counselor in a Jewish camp or Jewish school in all my life and 2 of them, one who shot up a movie theater and another who raped children are supposedly not Jews or Jew-ish (just in the last 2 or 3 months alone).

Folks, this is why they all have to go. They know this is tripe, but these so called good Jews cant go into detail or they to will be exposed as liars just by claiming they are Jews too.

~Here’s a Black Jewish pedo. He is wearing a yarmulke so I guess that makes him a real Jew.

SEATTLE — Earlier this week an arrest warrant was issued for 25-year-old Lydia S. Katz, a synagogue school teacher and past camp program director. Katz is wanted on three counts of third-degree child molestation changes for molesting a 14-year-old girl he was teaching. According to reports, the victim’s mother found love letters written in Hebrew sent from Katz via e-mail.

According to charging documents, “[Katz] sent [the survivor] an email titled ‘You’ that contained a Hebrew love poem, the English translation of which includes the statement ‘I am drunk on your kisses.'”

View slideshow: Lydia Katz

According to Seattle Police Det. Donna Stangeland, Katz didn’t deny the allegations, stating:

“As things stand, I am at your mercy,” and continued “My career, my freedom, all I have ever worked to build; these things you can destroy with one simple call or email.”

After reading the letter the the mother notified her synagogue, which immediately fired Katz. The question remains, was there any type of background check prior to hiring Lydia Katz?

A disturbing aspect of this case comes up very quickly after doing a quick search on the net on Lydia Katz. It is easy to learn that Katz was involved in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance/submission, and Sadomasochism). Back on April 27, 2011 Lydia Katz posted on his blog “New Israel Gospel”, that his article “Leather, Chains, and God: An Exploration of the Relationship Between BDSM and Abrahamic Religion” was his “senior project for my BA in Religious Studies” at Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Katz’s name also pops upon an article written for Modern Poly Magazine, titled “Poly & Religion: Poly and Jewish” in which Lydia Katz talks about his own personal struggles with being Polyamorus to the point he seems to glorify the concept of having being in multiple relationships at the same time.

Another clue in which questions should have arose that Lydia Katz might be a potential sexual predator would be by watching Katz’s YouTube videos, which started appearing in 2011.

Anyone who works in the anti-rape field would surely state that Katz’s film clips appear to be very similar to videos created by sexual predators — which are used as part of the groom process in hopes of luring in potential victims. Offenders often use these types of recordings to reiterate the lines they have already used and or to share with other pedophiles to prove to potential victims that what they are saying “is the truth”.

The first youtube clip that Lydia Katz appeared in is titled “It’s Okay to be You. In this film he talks about “finding yourself”, “honesty” and “lying to ourselves and society”. He goes on to talk about “lying about our own personal actions” and acceptance of that.

Katz’s conversation appear very similar to the way experienced sexual predators connect with potential victims, especially when he explains that “if you lie to yourself about who being who you are you will be depressed and miserable”. Throughout most of his YouTube video he appears to be projecting himself into the conversation. A example is when he says: “there is no flaws in who he is, that he is not a sociopath, or illegitimate” — and goes on talking about the fact that he’s Polyamorus and that it’s okay.

On a few other websites Lyida Katz identifies himself as either Rabbi Katz or Rebbe Katz, yet there is no mention anywhere that he has any type of rabbinic ordination.

We all have to be wondering if the allegations of child molestation could have been avoided — if those hiring Lydia Katz at two different synagogues or as the director of Camp Kesher on Vashon Island would have done some sort of background check, even something as simple as Lydia Katz’s public blog or watched his youtube videos? If they did, a red flag would have immediately been raised regarding his ability to work with children.

If you or anyone you know were abused/assaulted by Lydia Katz, contact Seattle Police Det. Donna Stangeland at: 206-625-5011.

~You mean you dont want us to contact his Rabbi?

Jews claim anyone is a jew with a Jewish mother, but the Barak Obama’s of the world are like the Paula Kranz’s of the world- they will lie, bend over or whatever it takes for ehh World Jewry. Yes, I still think Obama is a jew despite all the “Obama is standing up to the Jews” hogwash.

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8 Responses to Hymie Down Under

  1. GTRman says:

    Id recommend a couple of recent newsletters from Icke ( regardless of what one may think of him -he’s been onto these pedo rings for years ) that can be found at his ‘ headlines’ page .

    Another guy thats accused of being this or that is JB Campbell , and I know there are some that say the Khazar theory is bogus – but – enough disclaimers .

    I read this and thought you might like to read it too , Mel :


  2. John says:

    Mel said: “Jews claim anyone is a jew with a Jewish mother, but the Barak Obama’s of the world are like the Paula Kranz’s of the world- they will lie, bend over or whatever it takes for ehh World Jewry. Yes, I still think Obama is a jew despite all the “Obama is standing up to the Jews” hogwash.”

    Glad I’m not the only one who still thinks that Obama is a Jew.

    • melgibstein says:

      She looks like a Jewess to me and Ive studied them for as long as anyone. Michele having a Rabbi in the family is a little too coincidental. I always say, wherever there is a Jew there is a crypto or vise versa. They work in teams.

  3. Frederik says:

    Intermarriage is how they acquire better genetics. As long as you have a jew parent/grand parent, you are still part of the tribe. If you marry a jew, then you become one too.

  4. NO QUARTER says:

    That’s right MG – just because the kikes as usurpers, like their father, go the illegal route of matriarchal parentage, doesn’t exempt them from the laws of GOD or the dna of their father according to his seed. I have had the same challenges as yourself in terms of convincing our biblically “stiffnecked” people – that by giving creedence to the mythical “good jew” they keep them in their ILLEGAL de facto positions of moral and informational authority.

    • melgibstein says:

      most of those people are also shills in place to hype people into believing a jew can be trusted. Jesus said they are not of the truth and their proselytes were twice the children of hell, Paul said they were contrary to all mankind, John the Baptist called them vipers and he was considered the greatest man in that day.
      When you hear Bother Nathan in a wide open debate let me know so I can call in, but it wont happen. No, Nate will be on with Geoffrey the Jew Rense and Gilad and rewrite my comments on his forum like the Jew he is. I dont trust a one of them because that is what my spirit tells me and if someones spirit isnt telling them that, they dont have one- period.

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