The Illusionist


Can’t say I have seen this movie, but you can change it to Houdini, The Prestige, Capturing the Friedman’s or any other Jew magician movie because they all are. Magic is another profession that has always been dominated by Jews. Every kid growing up wants to know “Hey how did he do that?” The key to magic is to take your mind for a ride and deceive you. Like Hollywood it is deception and everywhere deception thrives there also is the Jew. If you are watching or listening to the Jew and trusting (it) you are simply going to be deceived in a plethora of ways. The only way they can make you come and watch is by dominating everything you see or hear. Some come willingly for entertainment and completely duped as to what is taking place (I have seen it time and time again). They will come out of pure boredom to get their ears tickled by the great deceiver and the deceiver’s fake deceiving audience.

How can anyone claim they are of the truth and bring one of these deceivers inside to have another avenue to deceive us? Anyone who does this obviously has not learned from history or what is happening right in front of their eyes this very minute. “This is not a Zionist” they tell us, “this is a Jew who has come to give us truth”. We must all ask ourselves how this will benefit us at all. Have you ever heard a Jew debate with a Christian who has read the Bible about what exactly the Jew even is? You have never! Brother Nathan isn’t coming this time. A Jew is a Jew (the people of the book) and it can’t be debated.

Why is it that a Jew who claims to be of the truth is never challenged on the entire spectrum of Jew lies? Why is it always focused on the suffering of the Palestinians only or whatever the Jew soup de jewr is? These people killed 60 million Russians and God knows how many Germans, Poles, Armenians, etc. before the so called Zionist state of so called Israel began. If you go back during any time in history it is always the same people every time. Don’t be that surprised they are killing Palestinians because they killed a hell of a lot more white Christians that most seemed to have forgotten about.

Jews bring their proselytes in to introduce them to you for the final magic act (the same con game every time- your souls). The masses get suckered every time because they drill it into you that you are a hater if you go against your own spirit with perfectly good reason. As I’ve said many times before, you are a hater if you do trust Jews because you are putting innocent people in grave danger. If there is an honest Jew out there he would have to agree with this logic that they can’t be trusted, but they move ahead like it is absurdity to think that way (we are then Nazi’s you see?). I have never heard a Jew say, “I know you probably don’t trust me because I am a Jew, but”. They obviously have no clue the massive lies Jews have polluted the world with or just don’t care. Just think of them all, many of which go on still and not one Jew is speaking out about the massiveness of it. How can they go on as if it is not there?

Jews are in control of everything today, the people who should be trusted the very least. The turkey you eat on Thanksgiving involves Jews, the money you buy it with involves Jews, yet Jews had nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Jews will pervert anything we consider a holiday and deflect our attention to them one way or the other. Oh thank God there is a cease fire so we can enjoy our festive dinners-not. They cannot lose their audience’s attention and have them listen to their own truthful spirit. Jews will blast us with porn to keep us off balance, blow up buildings, whatever it takes to manipulate you away from the direction you should be going. They are always on the offensive simply to keep you on the defense. Most are waiting for Jews to throw the next punch and believe their shorts are down around their ankles. What Jews want is that you don’t make a move and stay frozen.

I can always tell a Jew magician and their proselytes by their pitch. It is always stolen and you are supposed to assume someone who has never been anywhere or done anything can give you so much wisdom and information they have never actually seen or touched. They operate on words and words alone that they don’t even understand. Their pitch is to lead you in to sucker you in the end every time. They pretend to give you wisdom they don’t have and then ask you to trust their entirely illogical solution at the end (trust his friend Gilad, give up your religion and don’t call Jews kikes, etc.). All of which benefits Jews and only Jews.

My pitch hasn’t changed one iota for 20 years. I tell you to separate from Jews, I tell you Jews are ravaging our world, I tell you we must expel this alien from our land. That is always my final solution. I don’t contradict myself and if I am being hypocritical I want to know so I can correct it, but I will never change my mind about the solution to this problem. If you hear someone talking about Jews or so called Zionists and they don’t offer you a solution they are part of the problem.  Jews are in control of everything today because we have no media and the alternative media is almost as Jewish as the main stream. These people are going to say everything under the sun to keep you from going on the offense and turning their magic acts into rubble. We are facing a blood bath either way we look. My advice to everyone reading this is to counteract the Jewish BS and call it what it is like the first Christians did all at once. Jews are contrary to all men and cannot be trusted living amongst us.  That is what will wake people up more than anything (the unfettered truth). After that we will implement the final age old disappearing act (the real thing) and get back to what is important to us and not what is important to these God forsaken vile demon Jews. We need to put them where they can never escape again. You think that is hateful? Then it is you that have been mesmerized by the Jew, not me. I have always said the war to end all wars is the war against Jews. That is the only war there is ever going to be and the only war there ever was.




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14 Responses to The Illusionist

  1. T Bone says:

    Happy turkey day to all at Mel Gibstein.

    • melgibstein says:

      You too Mr T and all. Be thankful for what little we have left that hasnt been stolen by Jews. I myself cant think of anything, but the truth. America is Jerusalem now (I’ll let Europe and other continents speak for themselves), not the new Jerusalem, but the same as the old Jerusalem, complete with an alien as our leader, aliens in control of our government, moneychangers and a Judas in every truth movement. Even non religious people have to see the similarities if they look at it from the correct perspective. It’s almost to a T, Mr T-Bone.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m sure you’ve listened to this. Very good.

    • melgibstein says:

      I used to listen to Fink when he was with Eli James, but Fink became pigheaded by some ridiculous disagreement and now is webmaster to some of the biggest antiChristians on the internet (of course they agree on other things, however). Fink is a smart guy, but must have little common sense. Honestly, I dont think he wants to get too popular and may have good reason for it. It’s a shame because he has a lot of good knowledge no matter what his skeletons may be. Putting a fellow Christian through the meat grinder for such a little reason or minor disagreement is not the answer. There is enough of that going on already. Some things tick us off and when the dust settles we need to look at the bigger battle and agree to disagree on some things. This should never be about ourselves individually and some people often think because they have more knowledge than another in one area that they are better equipped to fight the fight. The fight is going to have to be unification more than anything and pigheaded disagreements are going to have to wait till the war is over.

    • melgibstein says:

      I will say about Fink after listening to this (I heard it long ago though) that Fink is probably one out of about ten people I know that truly knows the magnitude of the Jew problem that is alive today. I include myself in that 10 too. People that keep digging always find the jew. Everyone else is talking about water fountains as far as Im concerned.

  3. NO QUARTER says:

    Hey MG – I’m sure you have noticed that a lot of our folk have ADD. – Yes the kikes are cruelly killing palestinians, but the jewstream media only enforces the “we can get away with anything” shit and at the same time give NO coverage of our people in South Africa getting slaughtered daily, and the minimal coverage of the murder of our own here, with the formulated script featuring the “buzzwords” totally random, no apparent reason, youths, teens, respectable black reporter, and “shocked” ghetto nigger being interviewed. Now it’s all gaza gaza gaza, and while they are pulling of their crap there they are pulling off their crap everywhere else.

    BTW – happy thanksgiving

    • melgibstein says:

      I could add on to that tenfold too. Jews use Palestinians to get what they want. America wont go against the Jew state or a lot of Americans will wind up dead in fires, explosions, etc. Why isnt there one church, school teacher or media person telling the truth (the whole truth)? Because they will get whacked one way or the other.
      Not long ago Jews poisoned the water of archaeologists in the Jew state. They arent protecting the sites, they know the truth will be revealed about the past so they laced the water with Ex Lax. Next, they delivered envelopes via kids and the letters said “next time this wont be just a piece of paper if you stay here”. Just imagine what these nutbags are doing with the churches, media, teachers, etc. in Europe and America. They cant do this unless they have lots and lots of Jews on board with them. That is why they all have to go (expulsion) and all this BS Zionist talk has to go with them. We have folks like David Duke, Rense and others who want to be our leaders and they cant even say the word Jew and pretend its the media alone that wont allow free speech, but it is they themselves as well. Duke shut his phones off entirely because i asked him why it took him 10 years to say Jews did 9/11. He waited until Michael Rivero told him. Its pathetic. Then you have to look at all the people that know Duke is a shill, yet stay on board with him as if he is going to become our leader. He shouldnt even be our laundry boy. He says the words “White European” a thousand times every show or “European descent”. He will not go back in history one inch further. His professor, doctor pal MacDonald doesnt even know where the word Scotland came from, yet he distinguishes himself far apart from the Irish as if we arent all white people. His Scottish descendants were descendants of Ireland, Spain, France, Greece, Miletus in modern day Turkey and SCYTHIA, Parthia and Northern Palestine, not to mention EGYPT. Could you imagine one of these guys saying we are of African or Asian descent? After all it is us who named these places. African wasnt always Black and Asia wasnt always slanty eyed and the Middle East wasnt always Arabs. We left them so we could be separate and the Jews know it.

      Why wont they ever have that debate? They are ADL plants is my only logical guess. Every white person that studies his roots knows his descent goes past Europe and its high time we corked the holes of these lying lards in that doorway of that truth. This is a huge truth that these guys seem to be desperately keeping us from.

      Macdonald says he isnt christian so he has an excuse not to believe whites came from outside of Europe, but DD has no excuse. He doesnt believe in Adam and Eve so he must believe in some kind of evolution theory. You cant have a little of both or your wires are crossed up your arse. If you are not a Christian it enables you to believe whatever the hell you want and why the hell would you be so proud of the white people that lied to you for centuries?

      HT to you too.

  4. Aservant says:

    Hi Mel,

    I have just recently found your blog and liking it more and more each time I come. I want to tell you why and share a few thoughts.

    What has prompted me to write this response was a comment of yours on the Illusionist thread. From that comment I have gathered that we see things very much in the same light. The same people that you have named as shills are the same ones that I have thought the same thing about for some time now. I call them professional activists, which of course is a Jewish paradigm. I agree with you completely about how deeply the JQ runs, even amongst the so called “Jew-wise”. I recall daily a quote attributed to Nahum Sokolow (sp?), an ex-president of the World Zionist Organization; “I do not exaggerate when I say that Jewish life is made of the following two things: protesting and extracting money”. This to me seems to sum up what most of the so called “Jew-wise” movement is comprised of; constant redundant talk and bickering of the same issues while soliciting donations, but no solutions. On several occasions I have interjected topics of discussion of programs that we could start to counter the JQ, but am always met with dead silence or with excuses as to why it can’t be done. Tell me what would be so hard in starting a networking program between the Jew-wise where we only patronize one another’s businesses so that we know our funds aren’t going to the Jew? Or organizing homeschooling amongst us that explicitly teaches true history without progressive liberal propaganda? Even the “backwards” (as perceived, not in reality) Mormon sects and the Amish are able to do this.

    Will this bring back the country? Well, forget the country, the only answer on that matter, if there is one, is its dissolution, so who cares about the whole country. But just the few things that I am mentioning here would be a mighty fine start to give some of the honest people left in the country something practical and real to sink their teeth into as a beginning to separation. You have stated separation must be the goal if I remember correctly, and once again I agree completely.

    Today, just by coincidence, I met Brother Nathaniel in person. I was curious to see if there was something there or not. It is very different to look a man in the eyes, shake his hand and have a real discussion rather than trading posts on the internet back and forth. People can present themselves very differently behind this screen.

    Today at this meeting there was a man present that just donated $5000 to Brother Nate…..and that was just one of his donations amongst many. With this money, Brother Nathaniel has a plan with his lawyer that will cost an estimated 50-100 grand in court costs to sue for the right to put up a nativity scene at the White House next Christmas. That’s right, he is going to pay a lawyer and the system (basically Jews), all that money to put up this nativity scene, that in his opinion, is going to be a symbol that will intice the country back to Christianity. I once again tried to interject some common sense, like why doesn’t he use this money for trade’s programs or to start a credit union style institution that issues loans at no interest to Jew-wise Christians that need the money. “Great ideas….I love your enthusiasm” was the response……and then a change of subject. I now know that guys like Brother Nate are sitting on ample funds to be able to start the ball rolling on positive change for a healthy, Jew-wise, Christian sub-culture. I recently also met Ingrid Rimland, the wife of revisionist Ernst Zundel; their financial standing is even better than Brother Nate’s. We’re talking many 6 figures here and access to more……

    I have believed my whole adult life that for the most part, good character, proper self-esteem, cultural pride and moral ethics are traits that are developed through a slow process of influences on a person that happen during their upbringing within a society that reflects such values. I had assumed until recently, that almost all decent people in our country, especially white folks, would completely agree with this statement. Obviously, if there is any validity to what I am saying here, it is only logical to conclude that it would then be next to impossible to expect people to suddenly become “enlightened individuals of integrity” simply by seeing a nativity scene at the White House or by watching a few anti-Zionist videos done by David Duke when they have been raised in soul-robbing, degrading, stupefying, Jew filth their whole lives. And why do these traits matter? Well, look around at the Jew-created reality around us that is absent of these traits and observe its citizens wallowing in the Jew pigsty. This is how and why the Jew continues to reign supreme.

    But just like you stated Mel with your experience of Duke shutting down the phone lines when you asked about 911, I get the same response each time I bring this subject to the table. I am coming to the conclusion quickly that the vast majority in the Jew-wise community don’t want a change in the status quo. I think there are two reasons for this: First, what I am proposing is work that will take much more effort than posting and writing on the internet. Not just work, but physical, emotional and financial investment. Let’s be honest, almost all of the material on the JQ that is posted by most in the Jew-wise movement comes from existing sources. The heavy lifting was done long ago. These self proclaimed “anti-Jew-crusaders” aren’t great investigative journalists traveling to Russia on their own dime and digging through government archives over years to uncover the truth. Fred Leuchter did that, not these people. No, from what I can gather, most are sitting in their comfortable American homes and reading on the internet or reading books bought on Amazon. I know for a fact that even some of them are grown men living in their parent’s basement still.

    So I think that in true Jewish fashion, most of these people that respond with silence or negation to my proposals, and it is bascially everyone, are greatly repulsed by honest work and are controlled by narcissism that prevents them from giving to their community. This can even be measured by the time they spend posting material on the internet. I’m a successful trade’s person and work in management. I read daily on many blogs, but frankly, you won’t see too many comments from me because I AM WORKING 60-70 hours a week as is demanded by the labor environment today if you wish to be successful as an ethical gentile in management. Sure, I could get by with half of those hours if I wanted to work as the Jews do and sluff my workload on to my employees……but I’m not a Jew, I am a proud European Christian. I often ask myself when I see the ridiculously long threads on the same ole, tired issues, like, “are the Jews a race or not”…..don’t these people work? Couldn’t they spend this time opening a business or working to save money to open one? Couldn’t they spend some of this time learning a useful skill, like a second language or a trade? I mean, even if some of them are retired and don’t need to work, what better time to actually contribute something of value to your community instead of just babbling on the net for hours on end? I guess the answer must be that running the mouth and collecting donations is far easier….how more Jewish can they be? I think the ADL monitors must be busting their guts with laughter as they see this childish charade play out amongst their “so-called detractors”.

    The second reason that I believe the Jew-wise that run sites in this movement don’t want a change to the status quo is because they have basically created themselves a small industry, just like the holocaust industry, and a steady source of income by keeping things the way they are, which or course lends credence to the “narcissist” observation. They have become their own gatekeepers from solving the Jewish Question. This obviously is the epitome of corruption and mendacity, which again or course, are two disciplines that the Jew excels at. If the JQ is solved, how are Brother Nate and David Duke among many others going to enrich themselves and keep the spotlight on just them? I don’t know that either of these two examples have any real marketable skill. No trade, no profession……And counting Duke’s book as a trade or a profession as a writer doesn’t count. If one were to archive all the essays and letters that I have written, or perhaps that you have written Mel, and then slickly package them and pimp them out on the Jew “mass sale” network, I could have a best seller too and so could you. This whole idea that dominates our modern western society that someone can write one book, or record one song, or paint one painting, and then mass market it and live off the proceeds for the rest of their lives and call themselves a “success” is again the hallmark of the financially extractive Jewish mindset.

    Anyway, those are my thoughts for now……as I said before, I earn my money as a skilled trade’s person and don’t try to scam handouts “fighting for a cause”, so I am going to keep it short as I have work to do.

    I’d like to hear what you think……..

    Good blog, keep it up…….

    • melgibstein says:

      You have enough here that I could spend a couple days trying to answer so I’ll make it as brief as I can. When I say I want total separation from Jews I mean from them, their money, basically everything but their own news against themselves. I will use that. I dont trust Brother Nate because he thinks he is a Jew and he is a Khazarian. Think about it, he is a Jew who thinks he is a Jew who thinks Jews are Judahites. He actually believes he is the pure offspring of Judah, but wont ever have a discussion on this. Yes, he will get the big donations because Jews know that if we agree with just one Jew it saves the lot of them from expulsion or worse. I dont trust one of them and consider trusting one of them harmful to mankind.
      If someone wants to write a book nowadays for the cause of white people or non Jews in this day and age with the internet means to me they are for profit and not for ridding this vermin from our midst. Someone like Eustace Mullins I give much credit to because there was no internet and writing books was the only method of getting the word out and the guy never really profited at all. The guy bought his clothes at the second hand store so the Jew wouldnt get his money. Now that is living your words. As you said, the book work has been done and its time to act. Cut the Jew off (starting at home).
      Money or Jews need to be removed from our society if we ever want an honest place to live again. I think you can figure out which needs to go (first Jews then fiat money). Then we need to get our minds straight on what is important to us. Is it having a lot of money, being left alone, bringing up a family, etc? The Amish that you mentioned arent after money, they are out building houses for their friends and kids or farming with little money involved. That is what I believe we need to be doing. The Jew has corrupted all aspects of the life we are supposed to be living and its going to take some time to get that back even after the Jew is gone (and they will be gone eventually). In Russia they still had farms to live off for a time. Most of us have no means of providing for ourselves and will be starved out the quickest obviously. There is one small caveat, we still have guns and hopefully the guts to use them when the time comes.

      Welcome to Mels kitchen!

  5. T Bone says:


    Thx for the feedback on Bro.Nate. I was never a fan but I was on the fence about him. Many people swear by this guy. My experiences and instincts tell me that because he is a jew, I’d be a fool to trust him on anything important. Other than that, I didnt have much of an opinion until recently.

    I have also considered that he may very well be controlled opposition. I havent ruled that out.

    Duke has a good message and reaches a lot of people but I did email him several times and he never responded. The emails were simple. Nothing about 911.

    In one email, I mentioned something about the world jew population as compared to non-jews with a short rant that followed. I thought for sure he’d answer that one. I mean, it does say something to the effect of ‘Talk to Dr. Duke personally’ at his site. Oh well.
    I do like his vids but I’m not sure if I would support him in any way. Need to learn more about him.


    You asked about exchanging emails, I believe. Let me know if you still want to do that.

    • Aservant says:

      Hey T-Bone,

      Yeah, absolutely, let’s exchange emails……..Maybe Mel can do it for us. Mel, you have my permission to forward my email on to T-Bone.

      And just like you, I was on the fence about Brother Nate. At times I thought it was admirable that he converted from being born Jew, but there were constant red flags coming up, the biggest one being how much he asks for donations on his site. Now after meeting him, he is a Jew, Jew, Jew…..a huge Jew. I don’t discount that he could be controlled opposition, but honestly, just by my gut, I think he is just completely deluded as a “professional activist”. Like I said, a Jew! LOL What I mean is that the Jew mindset is so deep, like I demonstrated by his plan to give 50-100 grand to lawyers to get a nativity scene that is going to miraculously turn everyone into a fundamental Christian, that it doesn’t even occur to him as to how Jewish that is. On one hand I’m not too surprised or even really fault him, for this is how the majority of the gentiles and Christians think in the country as well, which of course is completely Jewish. Now don’t think that by saying I don’t fault him that I am excusing him; not in the least. All I am saying is he is completely gone, lost cause, don’t even consider that he is anywhere even close to being on our side, it isn’t even worth getting upset over. I would go as far to say he is borderline nuts. There are lots more details as well from my meeting that lead me to believe this, but it isn’t really worth the effort on the keyboard.

      I too wrote Duke a few years ago… response, just like happened to you. And at that time I was very supportive of him and wrote him a really nice letter volunteering my services and even still, not even a “thanks for writing”.

      Like I said….professional activists……IMHO, a new measure for me in the Jew-wise community is if they don’t have a job or run their own business, they aren’t worth the time of day.

      • melgibstein says:

        Sorry fella’s, not gettin invloved in the email game. Ive got enough to deal with already in that regards.
        Neither of you should trust any Jews. They will do anything for your trust and it always seems harmless in the beginning, but in the end it is the same Jew snake. The whole Jew subject is about trusting Jews and people being destroyed because of it. I remain separate from them because it is the right thing to do. If there was ever a wrong thing to do it is putting your trust in one of these demons whether they seem to be the answer to all lifes problems or not. They are wolves in sheeps clothing and I am a ram. Im not focused on anything but butting their asses out of town.

      • melgibstein says:

        Duke doesnt write back. Thats how much he cares about “his people”. He is on the radio right now claiming it is Judaism that is the reason why Jews are criminals (and will never debate the Bible because he will get steamrolled) and soon he will claim that many Rabbi’s dont even believe in God or Judaism and then he will claim the Cohanim are related to Aaron and wont go into the Khazar theory showing his total ignorance. This is a guy who took 10 years to admit Jews did 9/11. You have to admit this guy is trying to get into the car to steer it and not to take a backseat as Jews always do. Anyone who takes 10 years to say Jews did 9/11 is lucky to get into the trunk of my car.

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