The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Berlin – Germany Expanding Compensation for Holocaust Survivors

Published on:   Today 08:12 AM

News Source: AP
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In this 1943 file photo, a group of Polish Jews are led away for deportation by German SS soldiers during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto by German troops after an uprising in the Jewish quarter. (AP Photo, file)In this 1943 file photo, a group of Polish Jews are led away for deportation by German SS soldiers during the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto by German troops after an uprising in the Jewish quarter. (AP Photo, file)

Berlin – Sixty years after a landmark accord started German government compensation for victims of Nazi crimes, fund administrators and German officials say payments to Holocaust survivors are needed more than ever as they enter their final years.

Most Holocaust survivors experienced extreme trauma as children, suffered serious malnutrition, and lost almost all of their relatives – leaving them today with severe psychological and medical problems, and little or no family support network to help them cope.

In acknowledgement of that, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble was to sign off officially Thursday on revisions to the original 1952 compensation treaty, increasing pensions for those living in eastern Europe and broadening who is eligible for payments. Contributions to home care for survivors already have been increased.


“Survivors are passing away on a daily basis but the other side is that individual survivors are needing more help than ever,” the Chairman of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Julius Berman, told The Associated Press.

“While a person came out of the camps very young and eventually developed a life of their own over the years, the impact of what happened at the beginning is now coming to the fore. Whether it’s mentally or physically, they’re sicker than their peers of the same age.”

Germany has paid – primarily to Jewish survivors – some (EURO)70 billion ($89 billion) in compensation overall for Nazi crimes since the agreement was signed in 1952.

In one change to the treaty that Germany agreed to earlier this year, the country will provide compensation payments to a new category of Nazi victims – some 80,000 Jews who fled ahead of the advancing German army and mobile killing squads and eventually resettled in the former Soviet Union.

They became eligible Nov. 1 for one-time payments of (EURO)2,556 ($3,253). The amendment also formalizes an increase in pensions for Holocaust survivors living in formerly communist eastern Europe to the same as those living elsewhere – (EURO)300 ($382) per month – from the (EURO)200 to (EURO)260 ($255 to $331) they had been receiving.

Schaeuble said on Inforadio ahead of the signing ceremony at the Jewish Museum that once Germany and the Claims Conference had identified the additional victims living in the east, it was only natural to include them in the compensation agreement.

“We still do not know the names of all of the victims,” Schaeuble said. “The crimes of the Holocaust were so inconceivably enormous that you can’t know all of the victims or those with claims, so you have to adjust it again and again.”

Germany already increased payments this year for home care for Holocaust survivors by 15 percent over 2011, and has pledged to raise that further in 2013 and 2014.

Compensation has been ever evolving since the 1952 agreement, with annual negotiations between the Claims Conference and the German government on who should receive funds and how much will be paid.

Still, even 67 years after the end of World War II, there is much to set right, said Stuart Eizenstat, the former U.S. ambassador to the European Union who serves as the Claims Conference’s special negotiator.

“One of the things that drives me is that with all of that, the best surveys out there are there are probably 500,000 survivors alive today worldwide and half of them are in poverty or very close to the poverty line,” he told the AP. “This is an ongoing responsibility – this is not the end of the road.”

Eizenstat said it is a tribute to Germany and officials there that the country continues to acknowledge responsibility for Nazi-era crimes – both with the compensation payments and also in its actions.

“I was very much taken by the degree to which they had come to terms with World War II and were dealing with its consequences, through mandatory Holocaust education; through seemingly small, but important, things like putting plaques in front of homes of Jews who had been expelled; by building a monumental above-ground Holocaust memorial right in the center of reunified Berlin,” he said.

“It’s a very sharp contrast to what Japan has done in recognizing their responsibilities… it’s quite striking.”

Conference chairman Berman said the fact that the German government decided to host an event to announce the latest results of negotiations with the Claims Conference at a Berlin event shows it remains committed.

“To me the most significant part of this event … is that the German government wanted it … telling again not only the whole world but more importantly telling the German people that it’s not over,” he said.

~ It will never be over folks and it began before we even got here.

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18 Responses to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

  1. melgibstein says:

    Jews can do a lot of things when they are the Judges, lawyers and jury’s. They can pin child molestation on anyone and walk away scott free.We already know when it comes to child molestation they are not supposed to report it to us or our police when it is a Jew caught. Just imagine witnessing a Rabbi molesting a child and a Jew not reporting it to the police. Its not human folks. You will never have to report a Jew if you can fix the crime on someone else.

  2. melgibstein says:

    This story was written by some faggot Irishman who makes my blood curdle (sold his own white people out to the Jews) This was an attack on German people beyond belief. The Jew director Mark Herman picked it up and ran with it. This is scathing hot evil propaganda. It has no historical basis whatsoever, just a complete attack on German people unfettered. Try doing a movie about Jews like this. Everything is open season, but the Jews. As usual Germans have not said a word.
    We are living in the Outer Limits folks.
    Just turn on that video on What Really Happened. com and it will be in your face. These Jews can lie and chew gum like it was second nature. We are supposed to have an alternative media TO JEWS and guess what folks? Jews are all over the alternative media TOO!

  3. GTRman says:

    Still reading , Mel . You might get a little traffic from Incogland .

    • melgibstein says:

      If they’re Mark Glenn lovers tell them to get their heads unwired from their arses first.

      • The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

        This jew puke of a film in conjunction with Wiesel’s crap is becoming a brainwashing combo plate for the youth enrolled in the Public Fool System. Weasel’s garbage has been a staple for long time.

  4. T Bone says:

    I saw that movie. I can clearly see the jew manipulation in it.

    For instance:

    The smoking chimney when the woman says “Not that…” with an underlying implication. They never say that the jews are being burned though. Its a jew hedge. If their hoax should be proven to the masses, the jews can weasle their way out of the suggestion in that particular scene.

    Also, when they watch that footage of the ‘concentration camp’ and it shows jews having a good time. I think that the jews behind this flic know that the masses are discovering the inconsistencies of the holohoax and they are trying to make the masses think that what was really happening was really just German propaganda. The jew understands that the truth is getting out and they want to harness it and re-navigate it to their best interest. Its all jew propaganda when you take a good look at it.

    And the ‘locked door’ of the ‘gas chamber’ at the end. You hear jews making noise and then it stops as if to suggest that they died. But they never never come out and say that that is what happened. They leave it to the viewer to make his/her own conclusions.

    In fact, I think that the jew wants the masses to come up with the holohoax storyline all by themselves. The jews plant a few seeds and they get non-jews to do the legwork.

    • melgibstein says:

      Exactly! They found a great crier didnt they? Its all perception and Jews are masters at it. The doors opened from the outside in this too.
      What struck me the most was when the Jewish kid ended up cleaning glasses in the German’s kitchen and the German kid was made out to be a natural born sell out who would lie at the drop of a hat when there was absolutely no reason to (they are kids). Then they show the Jewish kid with two black eyes back in the camp because he was caught eating a cookie from the kitchen that the German kid gave him. This is the most venomous part of the movie in my opinion.
      It also appeared that the camp commanders mother was a hooked nose too. Why they would depict the commanders mother as a hook nose is beyond me. She was not German looking in the slightest.

      And the old man Jew who worked around the house was incredibly evil stuff too. They piled it on thick as molasses in this one.

      • T Bone says:

        I’ve noticed that the holohoax movies get jew actors to play Nazis and sometimes they get White actors to play jews. ‘Swing Kids’, a movie I once watched, had Noah Wyle playing a Nazi. I believe that jews do this to cloud the minds of people so it becomes harder to distinguish jew features/characteristics. A camouflage of sorts.

        Sometimes, jews put little hints about their corruption in movies. I watched ‘The Piano’ (Pianist?) with Adrian Brody.There was a segment about a quarter the way thru when he and another jew were talking about jew involvement in bolshevism, technical stuff that would go over most peoples heads. It was like an admission. I understood it quite well and thought, “Damn! these scumbags are becoming more brazen by the minute”.

        They dont even camouflage their surnames anymore (Sarah Silverman,Jesse Eisenberg, Seinfeld,etc…) unlike the days of John Garfield, Tony Randall, Tony Curtis and Wynona Ryder…all jews.

        Because the jews dominate Hollywood, they represent the remaining 99+% of the world population via their historically re-written storytelling. They have opinion shaped us and then some. And now every law any move that people make, any endeavor, needs jew approval first. If one were to resist this, they become ‘anti-semetic’.

        Freedom of speech, freedom of expression- No such thing in a jew jew world.

  5. melgibstein says:

    Yes T-Bone you are quite right. The question is how does a small minority of people do this so systematically on the same page with such stealth? The more it shows itself the more underlying evil it brings. In my opinion, no human beings (real ones) can lie, cheat, murder and pervert like these people. Jews want to make it look as if Whites are born as evil because they are usurpers. Whites need to learn and any non Jew needs to learn the only way out of this is to expel the jew. Secession is not the answer, expulsion is. These people that bring in jews to teach us about jews are traitors. The only thing you really need to know about jews is they can never be trusted and history tells us this, today tells us this and if you are a Christian, our God tells us this.

    They want mayhem and at this point they are going to get their way with that. We are on the verge of some kind of a Jew diversion and mayhem all due to JEWS ONLY!. They cant allow this truth to go on. The Michael Rivero’s cant hold the jew dam from breaking all by his fat self. People are going to have to trust only their own and if their own are telling them about so called good jews, they need to be hanged. Our ancestors were smarter than us and figured out that being human to other people is a good thing, but you cant be human to a seedline of demonic devils who are here only to destroy us.

  6. T Bone says:


    IMO, there really arent any ‘good jews’. If there were, they would publicly abandon it and explain why they did. The seemingly ‘good jew’ makes acquaintance with a non-jew group. Once a certain acceptance is established, the bigger jews come in via piggyback off the smaller jews.

    The big jew is the fire and gasoline. The little jew is the one who fans the flames.

    And todays environment is so judaized that the so-called ‘good jew’ is already in his element; an unfair advantage and bias. Put that same ‘good jew’ in an unbreached Gentile setting and watch his true colors manifest.

    I dont think that Whites are the usurpers that the jew has made them out to be. Scapegoats, patsies and strawmen, yes. Theres usually a jew behind White individuals/groups with power, hence parasites. And because the jew is in control of widespread storytelling, he gets to demonize anyone he wants to, esp. when it goes against jewish interests.

    As for jews being a small minority who have basically monopolized just about every staple in society, heres my take:

    In a sentence; Cronyism and nepotism thru pervasive networking and storytelling.

    Some people say the jews are very smart. I disagree. They exploit weakness. They are cold, heartless and cut-throat in the business world. Todays business environment is tailor made for the jew.
    It is the jewish collective that is cunning and, for the lack of a better word, ‘smart’. Or better yet, ‘well-planned and organized’. Its in their doctrine and they implement it like a well-oiled machine.

    After they fleece non-jews who may have a few vices/desires/wants, they use the money/proceeds for jew empowerment (i.e. schooling, lobbying, etc…). This leads to entitlement, special treatment, right to first refusal, etc…

    And lets not forget about the nickel-and-dime scam called ‘kosher tax’.

    When the jew gets a top position, they give these entitlements to up-and-coming jews (sometimes a token Gentile as a hedge but not much).
    Just look at Hollywood. I’d say its at least 2/3 jewish; highly disproportionate to the less than 1% of the world population (less than 3% in America).

    (put a gumball in one jar and put 300 gumballs in another. Thats the jew to non-jew ratio as per the world census)

    Then you have jew projection in the holohoax industry. The non-jew masses unknowingly absorb the guilt when really its the jews who have used (and still use) these oppressive objectives against the White masses. White guilt acquired by jew storytelling, enables to jew to further infiltrate. Its their trump card.
    Incidentally, the 70’s tv series ‘Roots’ by negro Alex Haley has mostly jews in its production cast. They shed absolutely no light on the jew involvement in the slave trade. Talk about projection!

    The jew has done everything possible to get in the drivers seat and so far, they have succeeded. But none of it was attained in an ethical manner, although they use their smoke-and-mirrors fine print to give the ostensible appearance of fairness.

    The jew is a self-centered entity. They believe in their ‘choseness’ to the point where they’ll go to inhumane extremes in order to fulfill their corrupt, smug ideology; extremes that anyone with a soul (non-jews) cannot possibly fathom.

    Everything we’ve learned since childhood must be reconsidered as much of it has been one big jew lie.

  7. melgibstein says:

    In regards to your first sentence, whether there is a good jew out there or not, which is highly unlikely in the human sense, trust takes time. These Jews that have been thrown upon us in the so called truth movement arent doing anything but keeping us from throwing the whole lot of them out. I dont know these Jews and I dont want to know them (Ive known enough on my own already). How will I benefit from knowing them? Im not after giving the truth to them any more than Jesus or John the Baptist was “who warned you of the wrath to come?” nor am I after gaining truth from them. I want nothing from them!
    My opinion on the “good jew” theory is there are none, never will be and never has been. Bottom line is trust and if there are any people on the face of the earth you should not trust as a whole it is the Jew (the statistics are the proof). They werent called snakes for nothing and if people want to trust snakes, by all means they are free to do so. They are fools if they bring them into your house and imho you need to get rid of both of them, especially the one who brought it in. Anyone who claims to be a leader in the truth movement and brings a Jew in is a destroyer or a deceiver- period.

  8. T Bone says:

    Right on, Mel!

    I know thats theres a few jews that oppose judaism per se (Br. Nate Kapner, Finklestein, Atzmon,etc…) and the reason I didnt mention them previously is:

    1. If they are ‘good jews’ then they wouldnt need disclaimers mentioning them as exceptions. They would understand the frustration that judaism has caused to non-jews.

    2. I’m caught between a cognitive dissonance of sorts. I have thought that they could possibly be exceptions but I have also thought that controlled opposition could be a factor.

    If they expose jew malfeasance then good on them. I still prefer to keep them at arms length so to speak. I have not looked into them any further than what certain message boards post.

    I’m sure that certain leaders of our society accepted the ‘good jews’ based on the fact that they seemed ‘good’, esp. in a time when jews had difficulty infiltrating the political system (more difficult than by todays standard, anyway).

    Once the jew establishes himself, thats when he pulls the rug from under your feet. The jew can come across as very humble when he wants something (by way of deception). I’ve learned from personal experience that they are not to be trusted. IMO, not a single one.

    BTW- I have been going to Incogland for the last 2 years. Although I’ve popped in here from time to time, it was GTRman who suggested (and spoke highly of) your site. I would like to thank him (Thx GTR) and you as well, Mel. Thx.

    I really like what I’ve seen here thus far.

    • melgibstein says:

      Yes G man has been around awhile, but he knows i dont give two hoots about being popular. I’m not a writer and what I would prefer is to lead people in battle more than anything. I wish I was Shakespeare for that reason.

  9. NO QUARTER says:

    Hello MG – at long last I have perused a couple of your articles after having arrived here via INCOG man, and though I had a two year hiatus in terms of actual written contributions on his blogsite, I checked in on the articles periodically and checked out some of the blogs/sites listed there. One of the first articles I read here was “They are still here” (obviously this article too) and a couple of others.

    My hiatus was due in part to major moves between Soviet Canuckistan and the USSA.I am back in the USSA. now and have been working on a project to lend a more effective voice to our kindred’s fight to get the truth out to OUR people.

    I appreciated your responses to those of our own, who would uphold the myth of “the good jew” – because as you realize (which most of our people don’t, as per jew perfidy in subverting the scriptures meant for US alone) Genesis 3:15 is the biological foundation of the difference between US and them- literally. Paul wasn’t joking about “the vessels of wrath fitted unto destruction” as per Romans 9:22

    As well as introducing myself here, I would like to say hello to a couple battle axes who post here, that may remember my NO QUARTER moniker from my earlier INCOG days ( in which I hope to resume contributing to again shortly) – namely GTRman and CR. There may be others I know (I have seen a few of your posts there too) – but I have only had a couple of reads under my belt here.

    There may be more whom I immediately recognize (or not). Tbone I recognize – but I can’t recall if he went as far back as I did on INCOG, nevertheless he certainly has been a consistent contributor for some time.

    I appreciate your offerings here and encourage your continued efforts, the time for our folks “learning curve” is diminishing rapidly. I am looking forward to OBADIAH’S prophecy being fullfilled, and the canaanites experiencing a genuine “lake of fire” holocaust for the first and last time ever – AMEN

    • melgibstein says:

      I agree, thank you and welcome to the thunderdome! 🙂

    • T Bone says:

      Thx NQ

      I have been at Incog for about 2 years. I’m assuming thats when you had other obligations to tend to that curtailed your commenting. Hope everything is ok.

      I look for sites/blogs that are likeminded in terms of my ideals. Incog, Newsnet14, Hofflandia, etc…and now here. This is a gem of a site.

      Good to see you here.

  10. NO QUARTER says:

    Thanks for the hearty welcome MG – and cheers T-bone – The GOD of ISRAEL ( the people – not the land mass) has a “reparations” program/pogrom, that the kykels will “never forget”

  11. GTRman says:

    BBC Drama

    A post-war classroom , UK .

    Young female teacher asks if anyone knows another word for ‘evacuation ‘. A German jew kid called Stefan ( see how they give the goy kid a jew name and vice versa ? ) Rosenbaum says”escape”

    Teacher : ” Can anyone tell of any famous escapes from history ? ”
    Sullen kid , Maurice : ” The jews ”
    Teacher : ” What was that , Maurice ? ”
    Maurice : ” The jews . Theyre always escaping. That’s how he knew the answer .”
    Teacher -looking annoyed : ” Why did the jews want to escape? ”
    Maurice : ” They must have been doing something wrong”
    Teacher – stern :” Stand up Maurice …would you like to explain that to the class ? ”
    Maurice : ” The jews are always being chased out of one country or another . There must be a reason .”
    Teacher : ” What would that be? ”
    Maurice : ” They killed Christ ? ”
    Teacher , looking pleased with herself : ” Jesus was a jew , Maurice ”
    Maurice : ” No he wasnt . He hated the jews , he was always fighting with them .”
    Teacher : ” Who told you this ? ”
    Maurice : ” The bible ”
    Teacher : ” Stefan is a jew – do you think Christ hates him ? Do you think Christ hates anyone ? Would you leave the class please I’ll discuss this with you later ”

    The unpleasant , narrow-faced ,mean-looking Maurice leaves the room .
    The teacher addresses the cherubic , angelic , harmless ,pretty little jewish boy :
    ”’s not his fault , it’s just what he’s been taught . People believe terrible things but that doesnt make them true . You’re safe here ”
    Stefan manages a little beautific smile , but says nothing .

    Fade .

    Just another day at the HeebBeeCee.

    @ 27.47

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