Body Double

I’ve pointed this out before, but it obviously wont sink in so I am repeating things again and will continue to till it sinks in. Ever notice how the people who don’t believe in the Bible (or Old Testament) in the so called anti-Zionist movement are the first people to compare Jews to the people in the Old Testament? King David, who was the king of ALL Israel used this term “Zion” and it was never for so called Jews- ever. The hypocrisy of this that most everyone doesn’t get is right in your face if you simply read the book and think. These are the same people (the so called truthers) who use the word Zionist when referring to Jews and at the same time disregard the fact that the Bible was about the Israelites and never the Jews. Why do people who don’t believe in the Old Testament use the word Zionist for Jews and at the same time protect Jews who they believe are not Zionists, but obviously still believe they are liars who claim to be from fictitious characters in the Old Testament (one character-Judah)? Yes it’s complicated.

When these people accuse me of believing in fictitious history at least I am consistent in what I believe and not twisted by Jewish age old lies. For instance the atheists in the so called anti-Zionist movement (which I’ll get to later) love to use inconsistencies in the Bible to make it hypocritical, but they never touch the fact that there has been a corruption of the word Jew. They will never admit that Jew also means the mixed peoples of Judea. If you are going to expose corruptions in the Bible you must first expose the words you use that were corrupted to begin with. Why won’t they ever uncover that particular obvious hypocrisy? Because they would then be admitting there was a mistranslation and they don’t want people to check into any more incorrect translations. Whether you believe the Bible is a fairy tale or not you cannot debate things in the Bible unless you have read it. For instance, if you claim to have read the book “The Hobbit” and say that the people in The Hobbit were all tall people you would have to defend it by going back to the book, but these so called anti Zionists never will. It’s just that simple.

Zionism has a definition if you look and before that “Zion” had another definition (two entirely unrelated entities). Firstly, you have to be an Israelite to use the word and the Jews of today are not Israelites. The anti Zionists will never go back to the book to sort this out because they don’t believe in it (it’s a one way street). So they call all Jewish criminal behavior “Zionism” now. Jews don’t call bank robbery “Zionism” or organ harvesting “Zionism” or blackmailing the entire food industry “Zionism”, the atheist anti Zionists do (for several different diversionary reasons). Everything Jews do badly is called Zionism today and what does this do? It firstly identifies it is Jewish, although it is very careful not to blame ALL JEWS (those people who the atheists won’t say believe in fairy tales and think they are related to Judah). You see, this is what jews love the most, the double-headed lie. Some people see one thing and others see something entirely different and all you (Jews and their sayanim cabal) have to do is shut up the side you don’t want heard (the truthful side). I have never heard anyone say, well it’s not all white folks when they speak about whites- ever. We either have a lot of bleeding heart idiots in our midst or they are simply crypto Jews that need to be investigated. Suddenly you will find that all of these folks are part Indian (a safe house) and they use this fact to keep whites from doing anything at all. These people need to be disregarded altogether because they will never do anything but get in the way.

Ever notice how the Christians are the first to be bashed for believing the Bible (Old and New Testaments) and Jews are never blamed for believing the Old Testament falsely even though they follow nothing in the Old Testament? They attack Abraham who was not even a Jew in any sense of the word. In other words Jews are never exposed for their hypocrisy of acting on behalf of the Old Testament when they swing chickens around their heads, suck baby penis, etc. These so called anti Zionists want to keep Jews known as the people who wrote the Bible even though they had nothing to do with it in any sense of the spectrum you are coming from. To the atheist so called anti-Zionist this is legitimate Judaism and in accordance with the so called Old Testament. You see the Jews are expected to behave in this psychotic way and Christians get the blame for it somehow from these idiots in the truth movement. Is it any wonder why these hypocritical anti Zionists can never be reached in a phone conversation to expose this obvious hypocrisy they spew day after day? They wont even take comments on their websites. Why fear comments? It is like fearing this phony terrorism that is entirely a jewish construct. Only Jews fear the truth folks and simply cannot coexist with it. This entire Jewish media is anti free speech and nothing but Jews talking to our own traitors for us to follow along. No folks, no free speech for even the least of us and it is not free. When people say they would fight for my right for free speech it is horse crap (they lie). The truth is they would fight for lies and Jews just as quickly as the white soldiers abroad they cut down on their websites long before they allowed free speech.

What do you call an atheist criminal who wants to move to the Jewish state? Is he or she a Zionist too? He must prove he has an Ashkenazi mother who has no relation to Judah whatsoever, but the so called truth anti Zionists don’t want to dig into the bottom of this hypocrisy. What is an atheist Jew? Is this someone who doesn’t believe he is related to Judah or someone that doesn’t believe in the Holy Bible? There isn’t a so called Jew in the world that believes in the Bible to begin with. What it comes down to is the facts in the book itself. You can’t try to pick apart the Jew going around in circles, the lies have a beginning and an ending and the truth is if you accept even one of their lies you are road kill. It comes down to race because that is what the Bible is about whether you like it or you don’t. It shows the lineage of Jesus Christ all the way back to Adam through David, Abraham, Noah, etc. The anti-Zionist so called truthers will never admit this either because then they will have to demand that people look into their own history and they want absolutely no part of that. What they want you to do is freeze your ancestry to Europe if you are White or completely skip pre-Europe times straight to their Big Bang theories. They will never equate White people all over the Middle East and Northern Africa. It is not unlike the scene in “Body Double” when the Jew gets claustrophobic in the tunnel chasing after a purse thief. He is all of a sudden frozen and unable to go any further back (the forbidden zone) because everything is telling him he has gone too far and must come back to the so called real world.

Noah did not have Black kids and he didn’t have (obviously) Jewish kids whether they are Jewish religiously or Jewish biologically because the fact is any way you cut it Jews are not a race. Jews love to say they are Hebrews, but who are the Hebrews? Shem supposedly was the first Semite, but he was the same race as Ham and Japheth. They all obviously spoke the same language don’t you think? What language do you think that was?

What is truth? Truth is getting to the very bottom of things. You have to go all the way to the bottom because that is where the liars are. So trying to find the liars without going to the bottom of things is simply fruitless amateur investigation. The hypocrisy must be exposed and what you are left with is truth. Why do we have people in the so called truth movement constantly protecting hypocrites? If you are going to get to the truth of things bring a comfortable chair and a lunch because Satan’s kids has his lies intertwined like a net, but it isn’t hard to find the hypocrisy. You won’t hear a Jew defending Judaism because it is hypocrisy, yet somehow we have Christians referring to themselves as Judeo Christians who don’t know the difference between a biological pure relative of the House of Judah from a mixed Canaanite Judean. It all comes down to race and the use of words. If you call someone a Jew or a Zionist and have numerous definitions for those words you are living in Walter Mitty land. If you claim Jews are a race and don’t even know what a race is you may as well be speaking about Captain Hook or Peter Pan because it is pure fantasy.

There is a network of liars in the truth movement that do not want the truth because the truth does not benefit them just as the lying main stream media benefits from not getting to the root of the lies. They push each other into place if you watch to keep you completely bewildered with hype. If you don’t believe what they believe you can’t be part of their ehhh team. Have you ever noticed that all of these anti Zionists are only steps away from people who are only steps away from the main stream media? Everyone has to have a gimmick so people will trust them such as “I was a Wall Street trader”, “I was in the CIA”, I was a Marine Corps officer”, “I was a Ron Paul supporter” (is Ron Paul that dumb that he doesn’t see the Jews of the Federal Reserve? How could he possibly miss this fact? Its Twilight Zone stuff folks), “I was Assistant Treasurer of the USA under the Jewish Federal Reserve”, “I have a degree in history, although I do not know where I come from”, etc.

Well I wasn’t part of any of these things that I would be proud to say because it is all proof you were snookered by the Jew and obviously still are. I would rather listen to someone who knows the massive scam going on and has been going on for centuries that have held none of these positions simply because the truth has not allowed him to. But in our Jewish world today we want drama and some sort of BS to build more BS upon. The truth is you are frozen in a tunnel, petrified to take the next step toward more truth or you never intended to go all the way to begin with.

There are impostors in this world and they control our media, they want to be overheard by the gullible goy, but never want to be questioned. Good people don’t want to impersonate bad people and truly good people don’t want bad people around. It’s not just about race entirely today, it’s about nature. Those two words were split from the same root meaning and perverted to look unnatural. Those very same people (Jews) are perverting everything on this earth and you still can’t call it what it is. It’s not ignorance it’s cowardice. Jews are behind all the corruption on this planet today (all of it) and these anti Zionists cant do a single show without praising Jack Bernstein or some person they refer to as a “good Jew”. I am here to tell you that there is no such thing if you want a decent place to live on this planet ever again.

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10 Responses to Body Double

  1. Mel Gibstein says:

    Side note: A little old, but needs to be put in the Gibstein books:

    Beatles’ McCartney marries Jewish heiress Nancy Shevell

    This in his 3rd marriage. McCartney’s first wife, Linda Eastman, was also Jewish. Silly me, I never knew that. The couple married on the 71st birthday of John Lennon

    (JTA) — Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney reportedly spent the night before his wedding at Yom Kippur services.

    McCartney married Jewish-American heiress Nancy Shevell in London on Sunday. They reportedly attended Yom Kippur services and a break fast at a local London synagogue, where Shevell, 51, received a blessing in honor of her upcoming marriage.

    The couple married Sunday in a civil ceremony at London’s Marylebone Register Office, followed by a small reception at McCartney’s north London home.

    McCartney’s first wife, Linda Eastman, also was Jewish. She died in 1998 after a battle with breast cancer.
    Love Me Jew~

    He has a thing for Yenta’s. When I hear this guys voice the crap is going off. His mother’s name was Mary Mohin which I am betting it was Cohin before that. Its just not possible Jews would welcome this putz into their fold for Yom Kippur services no matter how much dough he has. All that money and these clowns end up with Yenta’s?

  2. Chris says:

    Excellent article Mel…

  3. melgibstein says:

    Forgive me, but I dont trust this guy Harold Covington, but he did bring up a good point about Zionism.
    He said whites, whether he is one or not, should have their own Zionism. How dare Whites want to have their own place to live? It is how Whites have been able to remain White all these years. These asses in the anti Zionist movement want that to be regarded as Jewish when the truth is it is impossible for Jews to remain separate when they are mongoloids from every people on earth. They want a High School for criminals, exactly what Hitler said and that is exactly what that hell hole in the Middle East has become. If they dont get their way they kill people- period.
    Whites do need to have a Zionism and a completely non Jewish one.

  4. GTRman says:

    Covington has made a lot of enemies . His Northwest Front novels are a cracking read , especially to people like me who are saturated daily with lefty-lib marxist jew-worship ,black worship , anti-white garbage .Lots of stuff on the net to make one suspicious .Maybe thats the point . White people moving to an already white area seems to be a very practical idea .
    It worked for the blacks and browns . Maybe he’s fake or whatever the latest slander .
    But when I hear him speak I dont detect a liar . Call me naive .

    His last 2 podcasts have been worth a listen , here’s the post-election one :

    • melgibstein says:

      I like the idea of chucking Jews out of America and all White lands and not giving up an inch. Jews want to balkanize us. It is just another defensive move they want us to make. The truth is we need to go on the offense and not one of these guys is saying anything about offense. They jump out in front as if they are going to take a bullet and then they jump out of the way. What we need to do is to take over a main stream media outlet with locations all over the White world and inform every lemming in the White world what has been done to them, totally undisturbed. I guarantee it will be the most listened to program in the world. The sorry fact is we arent even trying to do this. This has to be based on Whites only- not one Jew. All of these internet networks are so full of Jews and shills to deflect all the things that White people and White Christians should be furious over. jews are more pissed when their eggs are served cold. We have to get mad and we have to mean business. Anyone who isnt furious is a joke.
      Why is not one of these networks starting a petition to file for reparations for blaming Black slavery on Whites? Its perfectly legal. Why arent we suing the Jew Federal Reserve and demanding our politicians to do this or hang or Jew porn or Jew monopolization of our media, why arent we making a shitstorm about their holocaust lies, etc etc etc? I’ll tell you why, because our so called fabricated leaders are BS thats why. They wont dare stick their heads out for anyone. We cant keep taking hits, we have to make it look human to stop evil bastard Jews- (because it is) that is all.

  5. GTRman says:

    “Anyone who isnt furious is a joke.”

    Now THAT’S a one-liner .

  6. Barney says:

    I’m taking a much needed break from an infestation of trolls and what Harold Covington refers to as “internuts”. It just gets too much sometimes.

    I know you’re genuine, Mel. Either that or you’re one of Cass Sunstein’s best 😉 , but I haven’t even been here for a few weeks.

    What I like about HAC is that, unlike everyone else I’ve seen on the internet, he does offer a solution, and his books back it up with (albeit fictional) examples of what needs to be done and how to do it. Assuming he’s telling the truth, which I’m inclined to believe, he’s “been there, done that”, and he tells his readers and listeners how to do it.

    Example. How to extract saltpetre from horse droppings. Black powder may not be very powerful, but it can do some useful damage if used properly, and he even goes into necessary handling precautions in the hope that most people using it won’t blow themselves up.

    Probably he will suffer the same fate as Edgar Steele at some point, and he accepts this, but as far as zog is concerned, the damage is done. His message is out.

    I hope you’re wrong about him, Mel, but even if he is a traitor, he’s done, and continues to do, a lot of good for aware White People in America and elsewhere.

    I’d rather follow him than “that other White leader” who’s always pleading poverty and thinks he can get elected to the office of president in 2016.

    Not knocking you Mel. None of us knows who’s really on our side, but I’m convinced that both you and HAC are.

    • melgibstein says:

      Hello Barney, Doesnt bother me in the least if someone suspects Im a Jew, I think its always good practice to have that in mind about anyone. Im not trying to sell anything however, no books (even if I could), no clarinet music, no Dragon juice, no vitamin supplements, no advertisers at all, not even links. I am just trying to counteract all the Jewish BS and make the world a better place. My benefit is my own conscience.

      Covington reworded my comment about his interview with Mike Harris on his own website, who was an RBN host that had a literal Jew circus of Jewish BS on his show. I am talking venemous fake callers such as whites calling in claiming we should start to become more tribal and then tell the audience that his father molested his sister (stuff like that). Harris was tribal alright (he is knee deep in Jews with Veterans Today). He says there are lots of people on Veterans Today other than Jews such as Russians, Germans, etc…. as if Jews are no different than whites. Unacceptable!!! Covington seemed to know Harris’s game and vise versa. Harold also has a brother Ben- both huge Jewish first names. He seems like a Frank collin to me, although I could be wrong. I go with my gut like you should.

  7. Ray Zerwitt says:

    You should notice that everything the atheists put out is a cartoon. They contradict themselves everytime they open their mouths. According to them, random chemical reactions in a brain will only produce intelligence every 2 million years, like 1000 monkeys typing on 1000 typewriters. Yet, whenever they speak, they speak as if they are that ONE example of probability that only occurs every 100 quadrillion years. Supposedly (and this is bullshit too) the universe is 15 billion years old.

    Long before 9-11-01, I had dealt with ‘atheists’. Arguing in an evolution chatroom, we christians would put these atheists to shame, each and every time. They would leave with a bag over their head, we thought. Soon after, another one just like the other one would come in with the same stupid claims. We would think “are these people made in a factory?”. That wasn’t the case. The least expected thing we would ever suspect was going on. It was the same people we had just thought we embarrassed coming back with the same stupid claims. This was a stunning and jaw dropping truth about jews. They didn’t give one flying f*ck about the truth whatsoever. That fits with the talmud, not their cartoon book of atheism. By default, they’re talmudists. Watch them and see.

    I saw in some book I started to read by Harold Covington, that he treated believers as marginal but useful flakes. “Their claims are tenuous, at best, but they’re an asset”, he said. And then he went on and on and on with some scenario that the atheists are the only intelligent leaders and that niggers jews and mexicans, and white liberals for that matter, would ever be any kind of a threat against an all white army. All we would have to do is sit back and watch them kill and eat eachother when the machines and technology we built for them has deteriorated. I hear he was affiliated with the infamous Frank Collins (Cohen) and the ACLU and holy hoax myth that whole Skokie thing propped up, and I believe it.

    He asked if anyone wanted any of his ancient aryan stories to be sent by email, and I said SURE. Little did I know that signed me up and obliged me to be a soldier, under his generalship. I read his ridiculously presumptuous emails for a while. He dumped me as a non-supporter. LOL. Jew tricks.

    • melgibstein says:

      I have found that I never have to wait around to figure out who a shill is. As soon as they get to know me they know I am a threat. If you expose crypto Jews they tend to shy away from you fast and its best they say as little about it as possible. A non jew who is after exposing jews should love me with all their heart (we are on the same side of this war) and cant win unless we unite on something (the real truth, not the jew truth).

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