From Hell

This movie went from suspecting a Jew to blaming White Masons. This is still going on today with some of our so called truther websites. Aaron Kosminski (a Juwe), however is still the main suspect to be Jack the Ripper. Jack or Aaron took organs out of the bodies and kosher slaughtered his victims with a slice across the neck. If we didnt expose Jack the Ripper being the Jew he was, how many other murders have also been covered up the exact same way? Isnt it one of the reasons why the Juwe crime continues?

FLINT, Mich. — A man charged in a series of fatal stabbings in a Michigan city in 2010 will face no additional trials in the state unless his first murder conviction is overturned, a prosecutor said Friday, citing the high cost of bringing each case to court.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said the decision was a practical one: Elias Abuelazam already is serving a life sentence without parole, and additional trials would cost “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Abuelazam was convicted last spring of fatally stabbing a man after the Israeli native tricked him into believing he needed help with his car. Two more murder cases and six attempted murder cases were pending in Genesee County, 60 miles north of Detroit.

Those cases are now suspended. Leyton and assistant prosecutor Tamara Phillips will bring Abuelazam to trial again only if the Michigan appeals court or Supreme Court finds fault with the first murder conviction and upsets that guilty verdict.

People convicted in Michigan of first-degree murder are entitled to an appeal. Abuelazam’s is in the early stages.

The agreement was signed by defense attorney Ed Zeineh and presented to a judge Friday. Abuelazam, who was transported from prison for the brief hearing, said he understood the deal.

“In the interests of justice, this is appropriate,” Zeineh said in court.

Abuelazam, 36, was linked to 14 stabbings in and around Flint in summer 2010, although he was not charged in every incident. Five people died.

He presented an insanity defense at his first trial, the death of Arnold Minor, but the jury rejected it. He faces a separate attempted murder charge in Toledo, Ohio.

Is this another so called Zionist? Was Loughner a Zionist?  These people want people dead whoever they are and whatever they are thinking. The truth is these people have it in their genes to do such acts to begin with.

We wont be hearing any more about Abulezam’s past or Loughner or Breivik. We wont be hearing any more about who did 9/11, the Lavon Affair, the Beirut bombing or who killed Kennedy, McKinley, Forrestal etc. because it may start a riot against the Juwes. Maybe it’s exactly what this world needs.

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One Response to From Hell

  1. Barney says:

    Slightly off-topic, but one thing that’s always irritated me, whether the perpetrator is a jew or a Human Being, is that there exists the “lesser” charge of “attempted” anything.

    If I attempt a crime, am I less guilty because I bungled it?

    If I make a serious attempt to commit a crime, I should be charged as if the attempt was successful, whether it was or not. To TRY to kill someone is to INTEND to kill someone, so how is my crime LESS evil just because I happened to trip over my shoelaces at the crucial moment, or simply because I was incompetent?

    An ATTEMPTED murder should be treated as an ACTUAL murder, regardless of whether or not the attempt was successful.

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