Play Moishe For Me

Have you listened to internet radio lately? The more truth comes out the more the lies and shills spread their obvious Communist propaganda. The whole reason for alternative media was to get away from the Jewish sack of lies, but we just aren’t capable of going through even a one hour show without them even on the internet. We have to listen to all the fine details of how Israel (Jews) pulled off 9/11; however they will never say it was Jews. What do you expect them to do, tell the truth? You have to be numb.

We have Fetzer, Sabrosky, Duff, Mutt and Geoffrey Jew everywhere we look telling us about Israel and never Jews. Can’t these people take a hint? Jews want to be the judge and jury of the Jews who did 9/11 and it is absurd. They are going to get Judge Hellerstein for a retrial I assume. This is about Jews folks and if you’re a Jew it’s about YOU! Are there any people on the face of the earth who work against the rest of us the way Jews do? Have you seen the movie Jud Sub? It took one Jew to slither in and what did he do? He brought all his Jew friends in too. These people are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people (no exaggeration) and you are listening to them, subscribing to them for truth?

Just look at What Really All this guy does is link you to other Jew sites and like all the other Jews points over there, over there to Israel. It’s not us Jews who have destroyed your money system and your media and guess what? Here we are again all over your alternative media doing exactly the same thing.

Mr. Fetzer will use his status as being an ex-Marine officer and has wide open free speech. You see he doesn’t care if you are also an ex-Marine, that never enters the equation. My father’s built this country and yours have been working to turn it into a pig sty. My father, brothers and uncles went to war for you psychopaths that you Jews started. You have taken over my media and you want to take over what’s left of the internet media as well. I am an ex Marine and I have no free speech. So much for these shills who claim to be the last bastion of free speech. It’s a bloody lie folks. Free speech will only come after these Jews are tossed.

I don’t want anything from Jews. I don’t care if a Jew figures out every second of the 9/11 ordeal and shows us the thermite used, nukes, whatever. I want Jews gone and I want free speech to expose all your lies. Jews are able to lie every day, all day and they get upset when we tell them Jews did 9/11 and all of these other things throughout time because it’s the gospel truth. These Jews want gratitude and want you to trust them because they were in the military even though they started all the wars. I have a slew of relatives that never say a word about being in the military and don’t want to ever use it other than to shut lying Jews up who do.

Who would be the last person in the world you would want to share a foxhole with? Think about that. Isn’t it why we are in this mess (I am talking to the entire world) because we trusted Jews? You are not a hater for not trusting Jews you are a normal human being. If you trust Jews or even place them into a position of trust you are a destroyer.

Israel today has Jews in it and it is because of the Jews in Israel and the Jews in America why our country has gone to the dogs. I have been banned from just about every radio program there is because I tell the truth. Jews are the problem, not Palestinians, not Iraqi’s, not Libyans, not Germans, not Zionists, not globalists and not Israel. They are called JEWS and if you don’t call them JEWS we know you are one or a coward. If you are a Jew get lost, you wore out your welcome and your due to be rounded up once again with good reason and don’t ever forget it.

If you are using a Jew to give us information you are the problem not the solution! And get that God forsaken Jewish filth out of my grocery stores.

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4 Responses to Play Moishe For Me

  1. mchawe says:

    Only 1 Jew died in 911. Why ? Odigo Instant Messagng Service. (Download Chapter 1 of Christopher Bollyn’s Book “911-The Deception that changed the World”) No Jew reported the fact the something big was about to happen, although 4000 were happy to heed the warning whilst doing nothing to save Non Jewish lives. Says everything about the Jew, doesn’t it?

    • melgibstein says:

      Which is why I dont want to hear Jews trying to help us solve 9/11. I have already solved 9/11 about 11 years ago. It was Jews, who else would it be? The longer people wait the more BS they will be smothered with. Everything in the news today is just more Jew diversion involving more Jew BS. “Look over there”, hold on “look at China”. “look at NFL Football”…………everyone should be dead set on the Jew and be looking for the cryptos they use to keep Jew pillaging diverted. We already have reason to run Jews out on a rail 50 times over. If you use a Jew for truth in days like these you are going straight to hell with them.

  2. bin dead awhile says:

    i could fucking kiss you man.

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