The Towering Inferno of Jewish Hypocrisy

One has nowhere to begin trying to prove the magnitude of Jewish hypocrisy. The lemmings in general have been programmed to shut down the first time they hear anything negative about Jews, but this page will always be here, God willing, when they begin to snap out of their stupor.

Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing about having to buy food with the antichrist Kosher symbols on them. You see Jews have convinced us and continue to convince us that they are a holy people, the people of the book, yet they do not follow that book and created a new book contrary to the original. People often tell me that Jews don’t control all the food in the grocery stores (this is after they see the kosher symbol on 95% of it) because pork isn’t kosher. You see Jews control the porn industry, but won’t control the pork industry because they are a holy people.

Take it from a Cohen. David Duke and the nutty professor say they go all the way back to Aaron himself.

We are constantly told how poor Jews are and how misunderstood they are, yet they are the richest people on earth and run the world’s media. How can this be? Jews are able to use their media to demonize anyone on the planet and they are the demons throughout history, yet people don’t see the hypocrisy. Jews have been able to shut down all their child molestation from the media entirely and at the same time plaster Catholic priests heads all over the newspapers just for being accused, yet the Catholics don’t see this as vicious. No, they accept the hypocrisy and defamation while Abe Foxman sits on his fat rump. Abe isn’t against Jews molesting Jews, he is only against Jews being caught molesting non-Jews.

I could go through every single business Jews are in and show you, put their hypocrisy on a silver platter in front of you, but you will run back to the Jew programming almost immediately after. You see Jews cannot keep their charade going without programming. They must shoot a picture out showing Rabbi’s sucking the blood out of a baby’s penis to make us think they will undertake any measure to please God with traditions that never existed. They will swing chickens around their heads in the park and all the lemmings think to themselves “oh that’s just the Jews, G_ds chosen and their very special relationship with G_d”. They will build sukkots on their lawns, blast us with words like “Zionist” as if they ever had anything to do with that word other than to pollute it. The most common method of programming is to bring in a Jew to prove all Jews aren’t the problem. Poor ole Schmuley never dun nuthin to nobody and the lemmings are tasered back into line.

You can’t deny that the Bible is about race, but Jews aren’t a race. Judah’s lineage went through his own daughter in law because it could not go through his Canaanite children, yet today if ReRun of the “What’s Happening” show has a hatchling with a Jewess it is considered a Jew. Rerun’s daughter could then have a child with Snoop Doggy Dog and have another Jew (of course in this manner of thinking both Rerun and Doggy may already be Jews).

Most truth is anti-Jew and not anti-Semitic because they aren’t Semites and it’s why they claim we are anti-Semites. You see they even tell us who we hate. I don’t hate Semites; I hate hypocritical psychopathic liars who network together against everything pure and good. That is who I hate, but you own the media so you must also own my thoughts too.

We have Jews that claim to be Americans who are against everything America stands for and the lemmings can’t figure it out. They have taken over our free speech. Their sexual deviancy has no part in our way of life. They are the obvious war hawks who have taken over our money, yet we still can’t call it what it is. I could go on all day on the Jews hypocrisies and their blatant in your face Bolshevik media, as Nixon and Graham said, “Jews have a strangle hold on it”. You aren’t going to get back your media by calling into their shows and you aren’t going to get your media back by shutting up. The only way we are going to get our media back is by chucking these Jews out feet first if need be. I don’t believe that is hypocritical in the least.

The Jew house is on fire and they can’t kill us all, not that they won’t try. They are running out of new material in their movies and in their programming all around. There is one area Jews are not hypocritical and that is when truth starts to gain momentum against them and their Jewish media and cryptos on the internet cannot  divert well enough, Jews will start killing in stealth because they are not only hypocrites they are cold-blooded murderers (another thread altogether).

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2 Responses to The Towering Inferno of Jewish Hypocrisy

  1. bindeadawhile says:

    can I get an Amen. Well said. Im starting to warm up you melgibstein. Rout them out we shall!

    • melgibstein says:

      You’re not alone, trust me. Hundreds of thousands of my, our ancestors already knew this. We have just been programmed into neutered cowards. Its not possible that we wont snap out of it because I will make damned sure of it as long as Im breathing. The worse things get the more time the lemmings will have to soak into their gourds that it was the Jews it is the Jews and it always will be the Jews. That may sound cliche to them now, but it is the truth. There are no half truths.

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