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New York – Subways To Display Controversial Ad Calling Jihad ‘Savage’

New York – Transit officials say an ad it initially rejected for its “demeaning” language is expected to appear at 10 subway stations next week.


Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Aaron Donovan told The New York Times (http://nyti.ms/QYLCE6 ) “Our hands are tied.”

A Manhattan federal court judge ruled in July that the MTA violated the First Amendment rights of the group seeking to place the ad, The American Freedom Defense Initiative.

The ad states “In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.” It adds, “Support Israel. Defeat Jihad,” in between two Stars of David.

Donovan said the MTA might consider revising its ad policy at its board meeting next week.

New York’s Council on American-Islamic Relations called the ad an attempt to “define Muslims” through hate speech.

~”We’re not your problem, the Palestinians are your problem” -Jew caught on G. Washington bridge on 9/11.

How is it people fall for this Jewish trash? How is it anyone on earth trusts a single Jew? You have to be a masochist if you do.

I think Jews should be allowed to write whatever they want, wherever they want. In fact they already do. The problem seems to be the rest of the world cannot. If I could make a sign on a subway it would say “Separate From These Kikes you Morons, Are You Bloody Stupid?”

Jews brought Blacks to America and all the islands in the Caribbean and never called them savages until they weren’t able to profit off them anymore. That s what they plan on doing to the dumb whites who trust a single word they say. We are the biggest savages of all to Jews because in the end (their end) we will savage them and they know it.

Savage definition – lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings.

Lacking the restraints to expel savages is also a form of savagery.

People contrary to man are not human beings. Isnt that what contrary to mankind or all men means? Contrary to all men is a Jew savage….. period. No human beings blow up buildings with innocent people inside and try to pin it on someone else. It’s always the Jew. You can’t fight the truth and if you run from it, it will hunt you down.

Some people claim to hate Jews for their religion and don’t know what their religion is even though many Jews couldnt recite two words from the Bible. Others call Jews a race even though they are not a race. Some will call them an ethnocentric entity of some sorts even though they have no clue what the word means or where it came from. Some people will never change their stance and are not moving an inch because it takes more courage to stand for more truth, but what all these people will agree on is that Jews are polluting our world once again and on a massive scale and that we need to start discussing what we are going to do about them knowing  we all know that we must. Whatever these people are they are against the rest of us, some more than others, but against nature itself. It’s time to talk about Jews and I mean what we are going to do with them and then I suggest we do it quickly. All of these pro’s on the internet seem to do is bring more Jews in. Ladies and gentlemen, if they are bringing Jews in and you are following them, you are headed for the pit.

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