The Taming of the Druze

A people without a heritage are easily persuaded
– Karl Marx

You know, I hate to do this folks, but I hate lies and if I am lying I want to be corrected. After all we are supposed to be the truth movement so let’s get to the truth shall we? I do this knowing that whoever I criticize will never take me up on an open challenge discussion. I do this knowing that people who lie have to keep people like me away from their audience altogether so they will stone me from afar without allowing me a single word.

When I mow my lawn I like to listen to some discussion of Jews and I don’t pay for any subscriptions to networks that have one Jew on it so I am usually listening to any program or discussion that practices what they preach. Today I was fresh out of new discussions so I had to check and see what other so called truthers (the Jewish truthers) were discussing. The Ugly Truth network is so deep in lies it is really difficult to discuss it all in one sitting here, but it is in my opinion nothing but Jewish Communist trash. I am talking about Mark Glenn and all his co-horts, none of which will ever discuss what a Jew is or what Zionism is or how a people stole this word. I want you to listen to this rant of Mark Glenn’s and then his Communist friend Max later on in this show (just below). Not one of these Ugly Truthers will ever have a single debate with a Christian Identist because it will prove how much they really know about what they preach. Think about it, who is it these liars hate to hear the most? It isn’t Jews because they have on more Jews than they do anyone else. Ladies and gentlemen, is this the route you want to take? You are either with the truth or you aint.


I want anyone reading this to know that I take no part in this totally nonsensical crypto Bolshevik trash. Here is a mixed race individual who calls our founding fathers his founding fathers and claims to be a Christian and does nothing but distort Christianity. Listen to this Mark Glenn recording and I will explain why. I wouldn’t even say something like this, but I am not going to sit back and allow this rat faced midget to degrade my ancestors and religion. How his guests allow it is anyone’s guess, but my guess is the whole network is nothing but crypto Jews from top to bottom with some Druze.

Mr. Glenn says that there was no such thing as the Talmud during the days of Jesus. Ladies and gentlemen either this is simply a direct lie or someone simply just talking out their anus. Anyone that knows anything about Christianity knows this is blatant nonsense, yet you the listeners are to follow along like blind fools right into his Jewish Communist net of hogwash. Just think of all the so called Christians he is aligned with such as Dankopf, E Michael Jones and all the other so called crypto plants that are never in an open forum to be challenged. Mark Glenn guards his phone like a hawk so absolutely no lies they spew can be challenged.

In one side of his mouth he will call Jews Zionists and the other he will say that Ashkenazi’s were not even in Palestine so the question is “How then can they be so called Zionists?”  How can you return to a place you have never been?

The truth is Jews have stolen this word “Zion” and turned it into a Jewish cesspool. If you actually read the Old Testament you cannot possibly claim this is not a book about the race of a particular people (a pure people straight back to Adam) and this, ladies and gentlemen, can never be Jews because Jews aren’t a race. Race mixing was prohibited straight through to Jesus and beyond. To deny this is simply to deny Christ himself and all the prophecies regarding his coming. Mark Glenn has no problem with Islam however, you see he believes the Old Testament Islam version, yet still proclaims to be Christian. The leaven of the Pharisees is hypocrisy folks and everywhere this guy sets his foot is hypocrisy.

Glenn admits that the Ashkenazi’s were never in Palestine now so who are they? Will his Ashkenazi friends admit that they are not Jews as well publicly? The truth is Mr. Glenn does not care because he will never expose all the lies just the lies that keep the same older and more important lies safe and intact. Glenn has an excuse to never discuss the Old Testament with his opponents simply by saying he doesn’t believe any of it, but it doesn’t keep him from individually spewing his hatred for it whenever he opens his little hole. You see the little people love to spew their lies unchallenged no different from the common Jew. I mean here we have a half breed who hates whites and hates Christianity. Isn’t that what Jews hate? You can find the same folks spewing their slime on Oracle Network. You see their enemy is the white Christian and they will stonewall or cut off any white Christian who is somehow able to get on and speak. Isn’t that what the Bolshevik’s also did? You can simply judge a radio host by whom they allow to speak and who they don’t. Otherwise it is indeed nothing but programming. The very revealing point of this is that none of the regular guests on these Communist antichrist shows is they just dont ever see the hypocrisy which can only lead me to believe they are cryptos as well.

Glenn and his crypto commando’s love to use the word “Gentile” all the time in reference to “all non Jews”. One must ask why the Canaanites and mixed peoples of Judea were never called Gentiles. Can you or one of your mixed mongrel friends please answer that question? They were non Jews but they were not called Gentiles, why? Where did the Israelites go? Did they disappear? Let’s hear your brilliant scholarly answers on this Mr. Glenn, can we? You can’t and you won’t.

Take the rough and tough Joe Cortina, he was a Green Beret, trained Marines and Seals and is a pilot and is a Padi Scuba instructor (he has all the bases covered no?), yet he has his head lodged up a Jew named Brother Nathans buttocks. Joe will never have a debate on the Bible with a Christian who knows what a Jew is, but he will beat 10 Marines up with one arm tied behind his back. Folks, this is horse dung. It is Jewish trash! These people are petrified of the truth they claim they are for.

Any of you cryptos want to have a discussion with me on Talkshoe where you don’t have control of that microphone is fine by me. You bring your pals and I’ll bring mine ok? And Joe, pack a lunch because you’re gonna need it. Bring your pal Chuck Carlson who thinks he is a Christian preacher too. I called Chuck once and told him that the first sentence in James chapter one (to the Galatians or more commonly the Gauls or Celts) is directed to all the 12 tribes scattered abroad and he told me I was reading from the Scofield Bible. Are they all lying or just plain dumb as rocks? I think it’s the former.

By the way if you don’t know what a Druze is I suggest you look it up ( all the info on it you can find).

Now Mr Glenn is being the usual hypocrite he always is condemning a Jew for doing the same thing he does every time he opens his mouth (slandering someones religion). Sam Becile makes a pathetic movie about the Muslim religion and who is in the forefront condemning him? Why it’s the little midget rat faced crypto who belittles and slanders the Old Testament every chance he gets. This is the pathetic rat who condemned Terry Jones for doing the very same thing. Folks this is nothing more than Jew attacks on us all. They have no religion based on God, their religion is war, deceit and perversion. When you hear someone degrading the Old Testament it isn’t to attack Jews folks it is to attack the foundation of Christianity and nothing else (and it has nothing to do with Jews). Jews don’t believe in the Old Testament, how many times does it have to be repeated? Jews are the usurers of the world and you think they follow the Old Testament? Obtuse is not the word for you. You see Jews have become the sole people of the Old Testament and all the other 11 tribes and their wives and families just up and disappeared and left us with the hooked nosed liar tribe. It is so pathetic folks!

Again, the entire network affiliated with Glenn cannot be trusted. How can a Christian align themselves with someone who speaks of a Christian book with such slander? How? How can any Christian follow the crypto demons of Oracle network who are focused on destroying Christianity and have Jews in their own families (literally)? As I said, if they don’t debate ALL who challenge them FAIRLY, they are working for the other side. They wont debate because they can’t plain and simple. They treat Jews with the utmost respect and treat Christians like as if they were enemy #1. Wake up! They are not of the truth and that means JEW folks. That is how you will know them!

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2 Responses to The Taming of the Druze

  1. I tend to agree with you, because O’Keefe and his minions, including Glenn, are constantly calling me a Zionist agent, which makes me think they are talking about themselves. And you’re absolutely correct regarding Glenn’s trashing of the OT, which does nothing but smear Christianity. His affiliation with AFP and Piper also smack of Jewish connections, in my opinion.

    • melgibstein says:

      You have to go with your gut, obviously because it is all you have outside your brain. If it hurts your gut, it wont fit in with your brain. Its important you seek the truth and make your own conclusions (be dead straight honest). Never let anyone make conclusions for you. Its like walking down a trail completely torn up by wild hogs (because they like the pathways too). Eventually the path gets smoother and there is no reason to turn back to it.

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