I Know What You Did Last Summer

….and I’m not afraid to say it.

Year after year we hear the experts on internet radio strain to break the news to the lemmings that
it was indeed Jews who did 9/11 and that alone should prove to every honest soul in the world that
the power of the main stream media Jewish brainwashing is of biblical proportion (Satan is the prince of the air). There is no reaction to it,
although the reaction to attack anyone our Jewish main stream media directs them toward seems to be the only reaction
they will ever have. As the Jew Dr. Spock liked to say “fascinating”.

To think that we grew up with such lemmings, such suckers is hard to comprehend, but it’s real life
and the movies have become real life to these people who have never really even had thoughts
of their own. Life is the system, you go to Jew school or go to the Jew military, get a Jew job and
bring up Jew slave kids.

What happened to God, duty, honor, country?

Another year goes by and another year we fear being called a name after 3000 innocent people were blown into pieces
by the only people on earth that could ever do such a thing. They are the same people who did Katyn, the same people who
killed over 60 MILLION white Christians in Russia, start and profit off the wars we fight against each other (you should be
fired up by now but you are numb), brought Black slaves here in chains like farm animals to use against us
and blamed it on us, control our media, all of our so called entertainment, our monetary usury system of absolute
perversion, they have riddled our lands with porn, homosexuality, child molestation and things I probably can’t even
imagine in my wildest dreams or yours . Arent you a bit overheated? Flat line!

I’ll tell you what has to be done and it has been the same thing I have said from day one. I am still here folks and
I am never going to change my mind.

The truth is you are going to have to get tough. You are going to have to tell the truth and quit the small talk.
If you are talking about 9/11 you are talking about Jews, not Arabs not Al Queda and not Zionists. If the Irish did 9/11
we would call them White people because if they’re Irish they are White and it isn’t incorrect to call them Irish if they indeed
are. If they are Blacks they’re Blacks and if they’re Jews they’re Jews. Is that clear?

If you are talking about the Kosher hoax you are talking about Jews, the media you are talking about Jews and on and on and on. Do you not think every Jew in America knows about this total kosher hoax in all our food stores throughout our God forsaken country today?
They want you to fall for the same pilpilism they have pulled for centuries (hair-splitting nonsense). Why can’t you just state
the facts and stick with them? Call it as you see it not as they want you to. They are Jews and by now you should know they are destroyers or working their way
inside to get to the main beams to demolish you and everything you stand for.

When it comes down to it you are going to have to get severely P’O’d because just whining aint gonna do it folks.
These people are the authors of the whine and it wont work with them. We aren’t good whiners. What we need is straight talk, total free speech
and wherever free speech is not allowed it needs to be attacked as anti Christian and anti-American. Call them what they are
and if they can’t handle the whole truth, tell them to get the hell out of the way. You may think I am inciting retaliation, but trust me on this, you are going to be arrested if you tell the truth eventually and you know it. So tell it now. You should have told it decades ago.

We have this internet media that wants to keep their networks going, but they don’t want to upset our Jewish syndicate criminal organization so what the hell good is it? How dare you insult my Jewish guest they say? Ehhh I had no place else to?

We even have USS Liberty survivors knee deep in Jews (it’s disgusting). Makes me worse than sea sick. Ladies and gentlemen, 2 things and 2 things alone..

Truth and Separation.

Separate from Jews, why? Because they can’t be trusted (are you dense?). Truth, because it’s all you have.

Happy 9/11! You Alex Jones shills favorite day out there to lie, lie and lie.

If not for yourselves or your kids, do it for the people who were bombed and murdered by these hideous and pathetic creatures throughout time with absolutely no “blow back” as Ron Paul likes to say. The “blow back” needs to be blown back where it belongs. You are not going to stop them with shame because they don’t have it folks. Wake up! You need to get the truth out to our own. To hell with what Jews think. They are destroyers!

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2 Responses to I Know What You Did Last Summer

  1. melgibstein says:

    G_d was watching over the Jews on 9/11

  2. melgibstein says:

    Chicago – The Chicago White Sox have switched the time of their Sept. 25 game against the Cleveland Indians from 7:10 p.m. (CDT) to 1:10 p.m. to avoid a conflict with Yom Kippur.

    The White Sox said they reached an agreement with the Indians to change the time after fans expressed their concern about the conflict with the Jewish holiday. The holiday begins at sundown that day.

    White Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis, who is Jewish, told reporters Tuesday the switch was a good move for the playoff stretch because now he would be able to play on that day.

    ~Jews need time on this day to swing chickens and release their debts to all non Jews before they can place their bets on the big ball game. Its just so American, like Ma and apple pie.

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